Past Trips

7th Annual DharmaPunx NYC Fall Retreat
7th Annual DharmaPunx NYC Fall Retreat
Won Dharma Center, Claverack, New York
24 Oct, 19


I look forward to this trip more than any weekend in the year. Gorgeous views and trails and delicious Korean food and -- oh yeah -- pretty decent dhamma talks. Just kidding. Awesome talks and wonderful somatic work. I even recommended Won to my acupuncturist for a getaway with her husband and kid.
Perfect Setting and great teachers food and accommodation. Would definitely recommend it!
Was an amazing retreat - beautiful location, food was amazing, and teachers were inspiring! Highly recommend!
This was a wonderful and rich experience. The organizers created a schedule that was rigorous yet gentle and supportive. The facilities were absolutely gorgeous, comfortable, and welcoming. The food and dinning facilities were absolutely wonderful. I felt so very graciously cared for during this retreat. I can't express my appreciation enough. Thank you DharmapunxNYC and thank you Won Dharma!
The hosts at Won are wonderful. Much thanks to Kathy Josh and Lisa for the seamless weekend. As usual - consummate professionalism. A weekend I look forward to every year.
As always, I feel the NYC DPX teachers and community is the sane and compassionate voice of the local dharma world. Kathy provided tool after tool of meditation practices and the way in which she teaches with her full and attentive heart makes the room feel safe and the container one that I can trust so I can 'do the work.' Deep bow and thank you. Josh's teachings continue to be clear, accessible and full of so much thought-provoking information. His genuine authenticity and humbleness help to create a really deep and (*again) safe experience while simultaneously guiding sangha through difficult or confusing feelings with a responsibility to the practitioner that feels so void in a lot of local dharma rooms as of late. Giant hug and gratitude for that. Won Dharma center is a magnificent place but it is Kathy and Josh's guidance and heart that make the space truly sacred.


Kathy is exactly what's needed in a retreat manager – she's ON IT like a true New Yorker, but also has a deep practice, and is a skilled teacher and facilitator. She has a great sense of humor, a warm heart, and zero BS. And Josh? A fantastic teacher, with great knowledge, kind wisdom, and a down-to-earth quality sorely lacking in many meditation teachers. Josh and Kathy are actual people living actual lives filled with joys and challenges.
By David Hart on 15 Aug, 18
Last year I went on my first retreat ever with DPX at the Won Dharma Center and could not have asked for a better experience. From my early conversations with Kathy, I felt very well taken care of and I knew the retreat experience would be organized and well run. Since it was my first retreat, I did have quite a few questions beforehand about what to expect and Kathy was a great source of information and very helpful with answers and suggestions. The center itself is absolutely stunning- if I had done nothing except stand there I probably would have been happy. But there was a weekend full of meditation, dharma talks, hikes and delicious food to be had. I can’t recommend a DPX retreat enough.
By James Lawson on 15 Aug, 18
I have been sitting with Josh, Kathy and the other teaches of Dharma Punx in Brooklyn for the last 6 or 7 years. I have been on three Dharma Punx NYC retreats over the last few years. It is a fantastic experience. Everything is well organized, welcoming and straightforward. The teaching is wonderful with a perfect combination of depth and accessibility and as always humor, lightness and humility. Josh and Kathy have also brought in incredibly gifted and insightful teachers from outside of the immediate community who have been of great benefit. I absolutely love sitting with these people and the community that they have helped to cultivate.
By Reuben Lorch-Miller on 16 Aug, 18
Attending the Dharma Punx fall retreat at Won Dharma has become my favorite local NY mediation retreat experiences. A welcoming, supportive community and the beautiful Won Dharma grounds, rolling hills and wooded trails in autumn is a peaceful place to develop one's meditation practice. I enjoy the simple, wholesome, mostly vegan Korean fare at meals (they grow their own garlic!), and the sleek, modern meditation hall and dorms have a calming effect on my mind. Getting there may be a little tricky (you need to call a cab from the train station in Hudson,), but otherwise, it's relatively easy to get there via public transportation from NYC.
By Terry Romero on 17 Aug, 18
Being on retreat with Kathy and Josh is a wonderful experience. They are extremely caring and intentional in how they create an atmosphere of safety and connection, even when the retreat is held mainly in silence. I have been on retreat with more than 15 different teachers, and Kathy and Josh stand out for the amazing job they do of offering the authenticity, down-to-earth approachability, humor, wisdom, support and care that helps practitioners to get the most out of the experience.
By Arden Pennell on 18 Aug, 18
I could never share enough kind, loving words about Josh / Kathy / Dharmapunx. In this amazingly positive community + with these specific teachers, I feel so completely held + supported to continuously make a deeply sincere effort to enrich my spiritual practice + understanding of the dharma. I always feel an extremely genuine invitation of calm welcome in any interaction, and the beautifully insightful, very well studied + keenly personal interpretations that shape their multi-faceted teachings always land so clearly for me. I am endlessly grateful to be both a student + friend to these wonderful humans, and I am so lucky to be allowed to practice, retreat + commune in the same spaces with them. My heart is full of boundless love + mega metta for how much they've given me along this path. Any time here is time well spent.
By Leslie Burnett on 29 Aug, 18