Past Trips

Crestone, Colorado, USA
08 Mar, 2020


This Pranayama retreat was a game changer. Kevin has a deep knowledge that he shared with us over 5 days of an intensive inner journey. We were guided with compassion. The Qi Gong classes by Thomas were the bomb - erasing my etch-a-sketch! Erin's oils were an important component to my growth experience. Erin's yoga starting our week in such a gentle way. Susan's yoga was a special nighttime excursion. Kacey's sounds throughout the week came exactly at the perfect moments to stir my soul. A week after I'm back home, I'm living my life with more awareness. I'm also blessed to have had the privilege of sharing this special place with all of the most loving caring people, all on their own journeys. There's so much respect shown everywhere, every day. I'm definitely in for next year and for the rest of this series.
By Kathleen C for THE EIGHTFOLD PATH | PRANAYAMA on 31 Mar, 2022
The entire experience was amazing! The support with signing up, travel information, Menla with the housing, very comfy bed and pillows! The food, the service, the employees were a total delight! The grounds and buildings were perfect for the teachings not to mention beauty full!
By Stephanie B for THE EIGHTFOLD PATH | PRANAYAMA on 28 Mar, 2022
I would like to start by expressing my gratitude to Kevin for his vision and continued energy into the 8 fold path. As I have made it known before, it is Kevin's humility, heart and commitment to his study and sharing of the practices that keep me coming back. Secondly, I thank everyone on the 8 fold path team for their devotion to supporting Kevin and his vision as well as bringing their own talents into the retreat. I loved Menla. I loved Blazing Mountain. They are different but both perfect for this retreat. I appreciate the talk and distinction about a beach destination for another type of retreat. I stayed in the Snow Lion house. I loved the walk that I had to take between the main building and conf center. And I had the most perfect cozy den of a room. :) The staff was delightful, the grounds, the fire pit and the barn. The food delicious and healthy. What variety! I appreciated the silent table options during meals, even though this time I around I did not take advantage of them. I think that is important. I thought the schedule each day was well balanced. I liked the meditation at the start and end of the days. Thomas was a lovely addition. The insight questions are also good for self study and reflection. I had a hard time with Susan's Yin offering. I was looking more toward Kace's sound bath than movement that night. I loved the combination before and so maybe this was just a preference that night. However, I did feel a lot of people moving around, not participating and some even left. And not because Susan isn't lovely. I participated in a couple poses and just laid there and then the sound bath seemed to not last very long. I was secretly hoping that Robert Thurman was the special guest. A sort of welcome...but at the same time I wondered how would he be wrangled not to talk forever, ha! The cello was beautiful as is one of the instruments that creates a visceral experience for me and I am sure many others. Thank you all again. Until we gather again! xo Anne Savery
By Anne S for THE EIGHTFOLD PATH | PRANAYAMA on 28 Mar, 2022