Past Trips


Kristen led me for a few beautiful guided meditations and yoga sessions. She has a very calm and soothing voice and took me to a whole other level of consciousness. She teaches yoga in a simple way that everyone can follow her, creating space for positive thoughts and transformation to happen. She is amazing at what she does and has the power to change many people's lives. So glad to have experience this with her!
By Lauren C on 14 Apr, 2017
Working with Kristen through private sound healings has been a beautiful experience for me. She is an unassuming person who listens and moulds a session with a strong instinct for my healing needs. The range of energies she has brought to my body through the deep vibrations and sounds of her different bowls and instruments are amazing. She has pure intentions and really cares about your experience and is ready to support you after your session too. After one session with her you will just want another one as you feel the energy move and shift in your body with the music she makes just for you. In my case I was seeking to release some deep blockages and emotions and the sessions with Kristen have allowed me to work on these in a peaceful way.
By Karen E on 14 Apr, 2017
The vibration from the sound healing session with Kristen was powerful. I felt the vibration comes through my body. I felt relaxed and calm. The session was very relaxing and it helped me clear my mind. During the session, I feel asleep and then at times I felt deep comfortable feeling. After the session my entire body felt re-energized. I felt more balanced and harmony. I had an wonderful night sleep and woke up the next day feeling energized. As an Ayuveda Doctor, I believe in Sound Healing as a way to help the body heal. I recommend Kristen and her Sound Healing work. She has beautiful energy and is gifted at using Sound Healing to help people begin to heal their bodies.
By Suresh A on 14 Apr, 2017