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This was a wonderful retreat in a beautiful place. The accommodations and food at Stowel Lake are always superb. I treasure both Melissa and Sofia as skillful and wise teachers and leaders.
By Naomi M for Spirit of Zen - Meditation & Yoga Retreat on 08 Jul, 2021
I have been very fortunate to attend 3 retreats with Melissa. Each of them have been an incredible source of wisdom, an opportunity to dive deep within myself and to pause from a busy life to find stillness. Her teaching and guidance of meditation (walking, sitting, standing) and movement practices (yoga, somatic work, sometimes dancing!) weave effortlessly and skillfully in a way that make me hungry for more in my own practice each time we close a retreat. The community that gathers together on these adventures is remarkable and it is such a joy to leave making new dharma friends. The location of the retreats are always breathtaking and healing with terrific food (Stowel Lake Farm, Costa Rica). She really knows how to pick em!
By Jaclyn G for Spirit of Zen - Meditation & Yoga Retreat on 08 Jul, 2021
This was an extraordinary experience at an exquisite location. The meditation schedule was ideal for both first-time retreaters as well as seasoned practitioners looking for a gentle reset. Both instructors brought a different flavour to the teachings and balanced each other well as we worked with our own minds and bodies in movement and in stillness. The food was perfect- local, fresh, organic and vegetarian and the rooms at the farm were simple and charming. I highly recommend this retreat and these teachers to anyone looking to make contact with movement and meditation in an accessible way- but also push themselves to try something just a bit outside their comfort zone. I loved it and will surely return.
By Jill B for Spirit of Zen - Meditation & Yoga Retreat on 02 Jul, 2021


I’m so grateful to Melissa for the thoughtful and powerful way she leads retreats, meditation, and movement practice. I particularly appreciate her trauma-informed approach to yoga. I’ve learned so much from her and I look forward to what the future will bring. I treasure Melissa as a wonderful and highly skilled teacher, chaplain, and leader.
By Naomi M on 08 Jul, 2021