Past Trips


Haleh has organized multiple trips that I have been on and it was an absolute delight. She provides the perfect balance of activities and relaxation. I never felt stressed about the plans she put together. The accommodations she selects are always above and beyond anything I could imagine. Her attention to detail is incredible. Some of my most joyful and fulfilling travels have been with Haleh. I cant thank her enough for allowing me to share in those experiences. Highly recommend !
By Nadia Loney on 23 Jan, 20
Haleh has been my life coach, mentor and friend since 2009. I’m so excited for her retreat in Milos for many reasons. 2 years ago we went to Milos on a trip that she had planned for us. Our main priority was to research the perfect place for Modern Women Retreats. It’s such a beautiful thing to watch Haleh in action in her favorite place in the world. They way she melts into the culture as if she’s Greek herself is impressive. We were treated with such love and shown the most hospitality and beauty that I’ve ever experienced during a trip. The way the local people respond to her and the respect that is both given and received is a reflection of her integrity and appreciation. Another main reason to be excited for this is her unique approach to “wellness retreat” I know that it will beyond any expectation we all may have. Travel and healing with Haleh is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself.
By Aubree hill on 24 Jan, 20
OMG! I can’t wait to attend this retreat! Haleh is an uber professional and has impeccable taste and class. She was my life coach for many years and when I heard about modern women retreats, I knew it would be the trip of the year! As a modern professional, working long hours in a chaotic corporate world, this retreat is a must. I do not take enough time for myself and need to find peace within and need to create more balance. This retreat will serve as an awakening and will allow me to wrap up 2020, heading in the right direction. Haleh, thank you for your commitment to excellence and for elevating my life in ways I did not even think were possible. See you in September!
By Tara Young on 25 Jan, 20
Wow, what am amazing retreat. Haleh, you are one of a kind. Your knowledge, guidance, and compassion, are invaluable. This trip is just what I need and deserve. Count me in! Looking forward to a week of self exploration and the endless beauty Milos offers!
By Trinity Cooks on 25 Jan, 20
What an incredible opportunity to travel to Milos! Milos is heaven on earth! As a modern women myself, Modern Women Retreats is exactly what I need. Haleh, you have been an angel in my life! A dose of Haleh in Milos is going to be fantastic. I will see you there.
By Julie Meads on 25 Jan, 20
Looking for a retreat that will feed your soul, in all your uniqueness? This is it. With Haleh, I’ve learned what makes ME thrive in life. I stopped following what global motivational speakers told me to do, because it didn’t work for ME. Haleh will help you discover what works for your nature and you’ll be surrounded by other women that will lift you up simply by being around them. This reTREAT is for you. Discover yourself.
By Charlene Melchor on 2 Feb, 20