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A Tour of Italy
A Tour of Italy
Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
17 Mar, 20
Essence of a Fly Girl 2020
Essence of a Fly Girl 2020
New Orleans, LA, United States
2 Jul, 20
Blissfully  Bali
Blissfully Bali
Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia
1 Oct, 20

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Cuba gave is culture like never before. So glad I was able to go with this great group of people. The trip was well thought out and allowed a total experience from the casas in Havana to the sights and sounds of Trinidad. Well done!
The NYE in Cuba trip was simply awesome! Another excellent Well Diva trip! Renee and her team (Gina and Tyra) did an outstanding job in selecting trip options to give our group a full taste of Cuba and the culture. They also provided a high level of onsite support. The group of people attending this trip were friendly, fun and adventurous. This trip kept us busy and close to the people of Cuba. It will always be memorable to me. Thanks Well Diva for an outstanding adventure! This trip exceeded my expectations on all levels!
Once again Renée, Gina and Tyra have brought together great people and amazing experiences! Cuba is a beautiful country filled with wonderful food, music and people. I was blessed to experience so much of it with old and new friends.
This trip was an experience of a lifetime. Each city visited, was uniquely different. The level of professionalism, tour guide expertise, and the travel planner’s knowledge all made for an unforgettable vacation. From Hot air ballooning, camel trekking in the desert, spa treatments to a cooking class, I could not have asked for a better travel experience.
It was a trip of a lifetime. So many fun adventures, new experiences and learning opportunities about the culture and the people. It was definitely a busy, busy trip. So much to see and do. The accommodations were beautiful. The glamping was amazing. Renee and her team put in a lot of effort to ensure we had a rich and full experience. If you ever get a chance to go take it! Lasting memories and great like- minded group of ladies. I was right where I needed to be at that time and on this trip. Thank you. I'll remember it always.
My first Well Diva travel experience was Hands Down EPIC!. From the cultural tours, beautiful accommodations, five star dining experience and the self care moments, the love and the passion Renee Simpson has for The Well Diva Lifestyle definitely showed. I’m looking forward to booking my next Well Diva trip and have referred two friends already. Thank you Renee for an amazing and memorable experience.
Renee Simpson put her heart and soul into planning this trip to ensure that we were paired with a compatible roommate, stayed at top notch Riad's/Hotels and was able to experience the culture of the country! Glamping in the Sahara was mind blowing that many may never experience! Suggestions: Travel gift item with travel groups name so each participant can assist with advertising the company during the group tours such as T-shirts, lanyards or drawstring back sacks. Tour Guide Flag to hold up during the walking tours. It will assist in group identifying tour guide/group as well as advertise on behalf of the travel group.
I enjoyed the Moroccan experience! Met some nice ladies in the process.
It was an amazing experience. All of the accommodations were beautiful and the food was delicious. Our tour guides took very good care of us. Enjoyed the cultural emergence of the cooking class. Renee was absolutely amazing and I will definitely be traveling with her again and recommend her to others.
The best travel experience I ever had! Accommodations were exceptional, the itinerary was perfect, and women we traveled with were amazing.
By Tiffany Bailey for Ooh La La, Paris on 16 Oct, 19
This trip was amazing.!
By Virshawn Love for Ooh La La, Paris on 14 Oct, 19
My first solo trip and I could not have picked a better place to visit than Paris. Ooh La La is an understatement. Renee and her staff were on their game from the pre-planning, constant communication (before, during after), fun filled and historic planned itinerary, hotel accommodations, etc. etc. Paris and London is great! The hotel and excursions were excellent! i really enjoyed exploring Paris and London with some wonderful and energetic women. The group size was perfect. One of the most enjoyable pre-birthday celebrations filled with a lifetime of fun and everlasting memories!
By Detra Terrell for Ooh La La, Paris on 14 Oct, 19
What a fantastic trip! Ooh La La was definitely all that 😀. Renee and team did a fantastic job planning everything with no lack of attention to detail. From the hotel to its proximity to everything to the planned events - perfect! This is THE way to do Paris!! I had a great time with all the ladies - what a wonderful group! So glad to be a part of the Well Diva traveling family. I’m definitely looking forward to my next Diva adventure!!
By Sherrie Artman for Ooh La La, Paris on 14 Oct, 19
Words can barely describe this experience! It was beyond my wildest dreams. Renee curated a truly wonderful adventure. The vibe of the group was great. Our accommodations were stellar. You will not regret taking a trip with Renee and her team. I am not sure I can go back to traveling any other way!! -Marcie G.
By Marchelle Green for Ooh La La, Paris on 11 Oct, 19
I had a wonderful experience! The food, fellowship, and my fellow travel partners were exceptional. The tours were very good and educational. The accommodations were centrally located, and the staff was friendly and courteous. The tour of the Louvre and lunch at Angelina’s Restaurant could have been a little more organized if a tour guide would have met our group and escorted us to the restaurant, since the Museum is so large. I really enjoyed my experience and will cherish it and remember it forever. Renee was very organized and very time conscious, which I appreciate. I look forward to my next travel experience with Well Diva.
This trip surpassed my expectations, the hotel, food, excursions and shared experience with a wonderful group of women was beyond exceptional! Thanks to Renee and her wonderful staff I’ve manage to accomplish one of my biggest dreams...traveling to different countries! I truly look forward to future trips, thanks again.
By Dana Kimble for Ooh La La, Paris on 9 Oct, 19
I had an absolutely fabulous time on this trip to Paris! Renee did a great job communicating and providing a comprehensive itinerary. Everything was well planned and we visited most of the tourist spots. (Eiffel Tower, L'arc Troimphe, Boat tour down the Seine River, Visit to Champagne, Luxembourg Park, Champs D'Lysees shopping, ect...) In addition, there was a free day and a few free hours. I filled these times with additional activities (visit to Fashion Museum, cooking class, perfume creation workshop, jazz club, dinner at the Eiffel Tower and window shopping at the Lafayette Galleria) I really appreciated the emphasis on black influence in Paris. We met the first black woman to create a Champagne brand and were accompanied by black tour guides who gave us insight into live in Paris as black people, ect... The roommate matching was perfect - I really enjoyed my roommate and all of the ladies of the group. I only wish that I had another couple of days in Paris - 10 days would have been perfect! There is so much to see and to do. I am looking forward to going back.
By Kenya Carl for Ooh La La, Paris on 8 Oct, 19
I had a wonderful time. This was my first group trip, not only with Well Diva, but with any travel group. And this trip really set the bar high for any others I plan to take in the future. I highly recommend this Travel group to anyone that wants to travel, but doesn't want to go alone. It was fun and full of Black Girl Magic! There were activities scheduled for every day of our trip, except for one free day. There was just enough activities to feel that you were experiencing Paris, but not so much that you were overwhelmed and overtaxed. You were able to savor an experience and not feel that you were running from one session/experience to another. Highly Recommend Well Diva! I Loved it!
By Staci Smith for Ooh La La, Paris on 7 Oct, 19
I had a great time. Meet some nice ladies. Food options were delicious and plentiful. The Venetian is beautiful and spacious. Activities were good. Great opportunity to dress up and feel like a diva. Nice combination of fun and relaxation. Bruno Mars concert was excellent would see him again. Renee works really hard for a grand experience. Thank you for all you do.
This was my first trip with the group! Everyone was very receptive and nice! I enjoyed meeting everyone and i am looking forward to my next trip with the group.
I had an Amazing time In Vegas at the Venetian!! This trip was Everything....organized ,detailed and lots of fun. Renee did an Awesome Job!! This was my 1st trip with the group And 1st time experiencing the roommate option and I had a great experience! I can't wait for the next trip😊
My experience was wonderful. I enjoyed everything about my Vegas trip. I had a wonderful roommate. The restaurants were unbelievable. The customer service was so good. My hotel!!!! 5 stars!!!! The best!!! Renee and her team are the best. Thank you again Renee for a wonderful first trip to Vegas.
This trip was amazing!! The hotel suite was beautiful and all of the activities were fun. We were spoiled and treated like royalty. The best part was meeting Renee and all of my Diva sistas. Thank you so much, I can't for the next adventure.
This was definitely the ‘Fly Life’. Renee and her team made sure we were treated like divas. From our luxurious suites to the private pool and cabana, to the four hour brunch, everything was top notch. This is how Vegas should be done.
I had a great experience, in NOLA. I also met some Boss Ladies ❤️❤️ I wasn’t impressed with the concert. Looking forward to my next adventure.
I had a great time, met some wonderful ladies that I’m sure will be life long friends, we are actually in the process of planning our next trip. The hotel accommodations were disappointing, especially for the amount of money spent. Other than that, overall it was a fairly good trip.
We had fun, the food was amazing except for Mulates. I enjoyed trip
I had a wonderful time! I was nervous meeting new people from other states - But.... Renee , Gina and Phyllis made it so easy. The accommodations was very nice and who know we had the "hot hotel" with the cast of Queen Sugar and others. Our meet and greet was a big relaxation point! My next trip is with a roommate and I met no one that didn't get along. Nicely planned and hopefully, if they make new arrangements for Essence 2020, I'll be in the next group. I'm looking forward to my next trip in Sept, and I encourage anyone to try it and come Live your Best Life!
I had an amazing time with the divas. I enjoyed the activities that were planned for the group. The hotel was quite comfy, but the parking was expensive. Can’t wait for the next trip with the divas. Developed many lasting friendships!!! Kudos to the organizing team Renee, Gina and Phyllis!!!
Overall I enjoyed the Essence of Fly Girl 2019 Trip. POSITIVES: The group of women on the trip were GREAT. I believe I will be maintaining friendships with several of the women. Gina and Phyllis were fantastic. Whenever I had an issue Gina was on top of it. They both were extremely friendly and engaging. Thank you ladies you were wonderful. The location of the hotel was prefect and was within walking distance of many events. NEGATIVES: The cost was too much for what came with the trip. For $900 the ONLY thing included in that price was the reception meet up, that came with wine, cheese, bread and a variety of meats and a T-Shirt that wasn't a high quality fabric. EVERYTHING else was an add on, and if you wanted to participate you had to pay an additional charge. The hotel rooms weren't full cleaned when we arrived and we had to have house cleaning come up and clean our room. Also there wasn't a refrigerator in the room so if you wanted one there was an extra $25 fee (I was told at one point it was per day and then I was told it was for the entire stay, but all said and done, I wasn't sure which information was correct so I didn't order it). There was also a $75 a day deposit ($300 for the entire stay) that was billed to your credit card and we weren't notified of this charge in advance. I had more contact with Gina and Phyllis than I had with Renee, so if you're the type of person that needs interaction with the main person, I'm not sure you will get it.
I had a Fabulous time, good food and fellowship! I would recommend and will do again. Thanks for the invite, you'll did a Great job!!!
Great experience, Lots of fun. Met great women and roommate was fun. Renee and team did great job with this trip.
This trip was very well planned and organized. We totally enjoyed the welcome event and meeting everyone. We had a great time and would definitely book a future trip with Well Diva. Thanks Renee and Gina!
This was an amazing trip. I meet some incredible women who love to travel as much as I do. Another destination checked off the bucket list. The Well Diva team put together an unbelievable trip. I can’t wait to travel with you all again. ❤️😁
What an awesome time we had!! Greece was my second trip with Well Diva/Fly Life Travel. My first trip consisted of a smaller group, so it felt very personable. I was a little reserved about booking Greece because it was a much larger group of ladies that I didn’t know. Well Diva/Fly Life Travel exceeded my expectations. Everything was very well planned.. giving a great balance of group activities and free individual time. All of the ladies were very kind and considerate. It felt great to travel with a bunch of ladies that made me feel like we had known each other for years. If you want to experience traveling without the hassles of planning the details, Well Diva/Fly Life Travel is a great option. This was reassuring for my family as well knowing that there’s someone looking out for their loved one in a foreign country as well. And you’ll create new friendships that will most likely last a lifetime. Stop waiting for the right time to “Live your Best Life”!!
I had an amazing time during the My Greek Summer Getaway!!! The food, excursions and accommodations were fantastic! I definitely plan to join Well Diva on other destinations!
This was my first european vacation. I enjoyed "My Greek Vacation". The group was friendly and very caring. The welcome and farewell dinners were wonderful. Each day was packed of fun. I really enjoyed our stay in Santorini because of the hotel, restaurant and shopping was within walking distance. I look forward to the Tour of Italy in 2020.
OH my, still reliving this wonderful trip. Everything was planned properly, accommodations was great. Already planning for the next trip.
This was my first trip with Well Diva but I promise it won't be my last. Everything was 1st class and I met some amazing women. Thank you for a job well done. All my friends are eager to find out how to become a part of this dynamic group. Renee you and your team did an amazing job! This was a trip I won't easily forget.
Excellent experience with group traveling! My friends and I usually plan our trips but we will definitely use WeTravel again! ❤️
This was an amazing trip. I was looking forward to it all year and it didn’t disappoint. Renee did a fabulous job putting it all together, so all I had to do was enjoy. Everyone was lovely all the ladies, and I think it turned out great.
Fantastic! The Host’s Renee and Tyra phenomenal. The trip to Greece was well organized and full of beautiful adventures. This was my third trip with them, and it won’t be my last. I met so many wonderful people on this trip.
An amazing time with great women. Renee and Tyra were professional, friendly and very patient! Even with the large group, the trip was run well.
I had a great time everything was well organized. And, I met some amazing women. I'm looking forward to the next trip.
I had a great time in Sedona. I met wonderful people, scenery was beautiful and the food was excellent. Thank you ,Well Diva for the wonderful weekend in Sedona. Elizabeth Caldwell
This was my first encounter with Well Diva Lifestyle! I am impressed with the attention to detail, professionalism, and the warm and kind interaction of host, Renee, and assistants. It was well planned and executed with the highest quality and care. I recommend joining Well Divas on any trip that you might be interested in to experience a relaxing, enjoyable, and engaging event. I look forward to sharing in the experience again in the near future.
This was my second trip and I had an awesome time. It was really spectacular. The trip was very organized, classy, informative and you can see the team took pride in putting the trip together. Met a great group of women, Loved the personal touch that was put into the goodie bags. Was not disappointed. Looking forward to going on more trips.
The retreat was more than I expected. I met great women and had a fabulous time making new friends, The trip was well planned, organized, professional and executed with care. I look forward to many more trips.
I had a great time and met some really fabulous ladies. The accommodation were really nice. My favorite event was learning about skin care. Looking forward to my next event.
This was my first adventure with Renee and the Well Divas, and it will not be my last. All events were well organized, and our hosts Renee and Phyllis were knowledgeable and welcoming. I met wonderful like-minded women and learned about nutrition, skin care, and self care. The spa experience was a fabulous bonus. It was the perfect wellness weekend. If you are thinking about joining a FlyLife trip, just do it!
The places visited were a great experience. Overall, the group was interesting and enjoyable.
Renee, this was an awesome trip!! Everything was very well planned and super fun. All of the ladies were very welcoming and friendly. Classy across the board!! I look forward to joining you for another trip in the near future.
This was my first time going on a Well Diva Lifestyle trip and it was spectacular. I enjoyed this trip tremendously. From the pairing of the roommates, the activities planned, the hotel, the personal touch by Renee (making sure everyone was having a great time). I would definitely book another trip with Well Divas and recommend to others.
The trip was epic! I loved the choices of venues. The wine tasting wirh Karaoke was a blast as well as the Diva brunch. The ladies on this trip were very pleasant and everyone enjoyed themselves. My only comment was the hotel although very nice when we got to our room the pillow cases were dirty and when we called housekeeping they took care of it immediately which was great! Thanks again for a fun trip. I'm looking forward to next year.
I enjoyed this trip and definitely want to attend next year. My favorite parts included brunch and the wine tasting. I also love the sense of community afterwards with people posting pictures, recipes ect.
Awesome. Great group of ladies
Wow. Can’t wait for my next trip! I had a blast from the first event to the last while at The Essence Fest. The team (Renee, Gina, and Phyllis) was wonderful, the accommodations were the closest you could get to the Convention Center, and it was so refreshing to be around the group of traveling ladies who know how to have fun. We started as strangers, but we left NOLA as friends.
We had a great time, first time for me visiting New Orleans. The ladies were friendly and inviting. Look forward to countless adventures as we journey the world together.
Where do I start. This trip was introduced to me, by my friend Natasha. After she showed me her zillion emails of questions to Renee, we booked the NOLA/Essence trip. This was an amazing and organized trip to see New Orleans and experience the Essence Festival 2018. My first time in/at both. The organizers preparations and planning was time consuming, I am sure, but not one planned itinerary had a glitch. I applaud these ladies for being upstanding, honest and fun. This trip led to meeting so many others from other states, varied work backgrounds and our military veterans. I will definitely go with this team again. Renee Farrell
Where do I start. This trip was introduced to me, by my friend Natasha. After she showed me her zillion emails of questions to Renee, we booked the NOLA/Essence trip. This was an amazing and organized trip to see New Orleans and experience the Essence Festival 2018. My first time in/at both. The organizers preparations and planning was time consuming, I am sure, but not one planned itinerary had a glitch. I applaud these ladies for being upstanding, honest and fun. This trip led to meeting so many others from other states, varied work backgrounds and our military veterans. I will definitely go with this team again. Renee Farrell
Very well organized...since it was my third time attending the Essence a Festival and 5th time in New Orleans I didn’t really need anyone to coordinate my activities. I enjoyed the W.I.N.O. And Hattitude Bruch and enjoyed going to the concerts with ladies from the group!
Renee is the consummate host! She planned activities and restaurants to perfection. Add this in with her gracious and friendly personality and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!
The trip was nice. Her coordination of activities was just right. The hotel was very convenient to all activities. I am.looking forward to 2019
By EUNICE HICKS for Essence of a Fly Girl on 11 Jul, 18


I followed Fly Life Travel & Well Diva on Social Media for quite some time. Her trips looked absolutely wonderful! I decided to do “Fabulously Dubai 2019” and it was one of the best travel decisions I’ve made to date! I was celebrating 6 years as a BC Survivor, so I wanted to do something to celebrate life! Renee, Zahra, and her team did an AMAZING job. It was all in the details. The activities for each day were perfect, the sites/tours/attractions were awesome, the food was amazing, the hotel accommodations were lovely, our tour guide and driver were simply the BEST! Most importantly, the connections I made with the women on this trip (28 of us) were priceless! I took a chance with this trip because I didn’t know anyone... I am so glad that I did! The experience, the laughs, the memories will last a lifetime for me! I look forward to doing it again with Fly Life Travel! Renee & her Team are the BEST!! I’ll never forget my 6 Year Survivor Anniversary!! ~Dr. D. “Fabulously Dubai 2019”
By Yolanda Draine on 30 Mar, 19