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This was definitely a trip of a lifetime for our family! We have been to Cap-Haitien with the Haitian Nomad before but this trip was special because we brought our family who included a 77 y/o amputee and a 70 y/o traveler who has never left the US to experience the beauty of Haiti!! Richard went above and beyond to make sure they could enjoy Haiti just as we have in the past! There were challenges that he conquered including securing an ATV to safely get both of them to the top of La Citadelle (no easy feat in Haiti)!! Then he was able to give us all the gift of seeing our dad swim in the ocean after not being in the water in over 3 years when he was an avid swimmer in the past!! This trip was nothing short of a miracle and we truly appreciate all the hard work that went into making it perfect!! We will continue to refer everyone to the Haitian Nomad for a true Haitian cultural experience!!
If you're looking for effortless travel, look no further than Haitian Nomad. Richard and his team's detailed approach to customer experience ensure an unforgettable experience. Haitian Nomad Trips are curated to include cultural experiences to provide travelers with a better understanding and appreciation of your destination. As a Diner En Blan alum, this experience is a planning feat, but in trueHaitian Nomad from everything from tablescape to transportation were handled to allow us the rare opportunity of attending the event without lifting a finger. Thanks for another memorable experience!
We had a blast in Haiti. Richard was an awesome host.
Great trip! Well organized with fun activities and a good group of people. I appreciate that the group was relatively small so that you could get to know each other. Everything we needed was taken care of. I really had a great time.
I had great time . Enjoyed meeting wonderful people , delicious food and comfortable accommodations. Thank you this fantastic experience!
By Cheryl Harden for The Luxurious Escape on 17 Jul, 19
The perfect escape from humdrum life. This is definitely a luxury trip and the home and pool are gorgeous. The itinerary allows for relaxation in the mansion balanced with planned activities. My favorite part was the catamaran excursion! It's a wonderful day on the water. If you want to drink it's best to bring your own bottles as the available beverages are limited but the crew does offer a pretty yummy cocktail, fresh, cold fruit, some snacks, and a meal. There's even an ice cream boat that may happen by when you are out. As with most trips, it's important to be on time so the group isn't held up when we go into town for dinner or to catch a boat or ferry. All the restaurants chosen had great food and our dinner at Fleur De Sel had a specially curated meal, just for us. Monaco was a cool day trip as we learned a little about the country and got to have lunch here as well! The visit to the vineyard was cool, the rosé was delicious and it is a great place to take photos. I highly recommend this trip!
Great time with a great group of people
By James Gilliand for Bonjour Montreal! on 15 Jul, 19
Overall Review: My overall experience with Haitian Nomad’s Saint-Tropez, French Riviera was great! This is my second trip with the Haitian Nomad team and as expected the team continues to improve and grow to ensure amazing experiences for their guests. The trip was well organized and the staff was friendly, helpful, and did a wonderful job of getting together a diverse group of travelers. The lodging selection was a beautiful mansion on a private golf course and the curated activities were thoughtfully selected to ensure a holistic French Riviera experience. I’ll definitely book with Haitian Nomad again. Staff and Administration: Pros: *Detailed communication regarding trip logistics *Ease of payment plan and structure *Quick responses to questions through all available communication channels Cons: *If special attire is needed for photo opportunities, notifying guests prior to trip departure, i.e. vineyard tour Recommendation: Communicate meal daily budgets prior to trip or immediately upon arrival Lodging: Private Mansion Pros: *We got to stay in a private mansion *Clean and spacious rooms *Beautiful grounds and an amazing pool *Rose welcome was a nice touch and start to the trip Cons: *Far removed from town, unable to venture out on our own *Due to the high temperatures there were occasional issues with water and electricity *Inconsistent trash pick-up Recommendation: Communicate with property owners to determine backup electricity during periods of outages Trip Activities and Meals Pros: *Wonderful lunch and dinner selections *On-time departures *Good mixture of activities to meet different interest levels *Trip excursions guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and customer focused Cons: *Insufficient time allotted for exploring before/after activities. i.e, Monaco day trip, Grimaud village dinner visit Recommendation: Allot time for solo exploring
I had a great time would go on more trips with Haitian Nomad.
This trip was to celebrate the wedding of two people who are not only friends but we consider family!! The accommodations were wonderful and the excursions were fabulous! The wedding was perfect and will be talked about for years to come!! We feel honored to have been apart of such a beautiful weekend full of love!! Can't wait for the next Haitian Nomad adventure!!
This trip was nothing short of amazing! Morocco has been a bucket list trip of mine for awhile and I am so happy I was able to experience it via the Haitian Nomad. Between the quality of the experiences, the competence of all involved, and the comradery of all that attended, culminated into this trip being one of my best experiences to date. The Haitian Nomad and his team were responsive, attentive and professional. The wonder of this trip makes me even more excited for my upcoming trip to St. Tropez.
The Haitian Nomad team doesn’t plan trips, they plan experiences, and Marrakech was an experience of a lifetime! If I took all the time to do all of the research and plan out all of the logistics, I still wouldn’t have thought of all the touches that they manage to think of every time. What I loved most was the great range of the days and nights. One night we had local beer in a dive bar, and the next day we had high tea at the King’s hotel. We went to museums curating the history and culture of the indigenous Berbers, as well as Yves Saint Laurent’s career and exquisite fashions. There was mountain hiking and hot air balloons, but also a full day spent at a world-class spa. All mixed in with afternoons in splendid gardens and shopping at stalls in the medina, and incredible meals with new friends. That high-low range and balance is how I try to live my life, and the Haitian Nomad seems to share that philosophy in creating experiences that are magical and unforgettable. Our riads were charming, comfortable, and perfect for staying up late to get together and tell stories about our adventures together. And I’m still not sure how they manage to get the dopest people in the world all together, but they do. This wasn’t my first Haitian Nomad experience, and it surely won’t be my last!
By Mia Cary for The Marrakesh Experience on 28 Mar, 19
I had an amazing time despite the challenges. My flight was delayed, I missed a day and a half of activities and to top it all I lost my phone within 2hrs of being there. It was a beautiful trip, good food, great activities and I’ve met some wonderful people....had fun.
Client-focused curated trips are what you can expect when you book with Haitian Nomad Trips. I booked with Haitian Nomad and trusted them to provide a crafted experience and did they DELIVER! From the founder and CEO, Richard Cantave, to multi-lingual interns, the team takes great care to assure a once in a lifetime experience. My Marrakesh Experience was nothing short of magical, lodging felt like home, excursions seemed tailor made to my interests, and even tourists activities had a personal touch. As a seasoned solo travel usually doing weeks and often months of research, it was refreshing to experience a group so well organized and transparent in their communication. Our Marrakesh days and nights were filled with rich cultural exchanges and delicious Moroccan fare. Our riads, traditional Moroccan homes, rang nightly with hearty laughter with travel mates I couldn’t have picked better myself. I sincerely believe my new-found love for Morocco is due in part to the detail the Haitian Nomad team placed with ensuring we saw different facets of Moroccan life and culture. If you’re a solo traveler or a group traveler, a novice traveler, or an experienced traveler, whatever traveler you call yourself, Haitian Nomad Trips has an adventure waiting for you. Trust me I’ve already booked my next trip with them, see you in Saint Tropez!
It was a magnificent experience. I would travel again with them.
We had an awesome and amazing time. Traveling with the Haitian Nomad is always a guaranteed high class, extremely safe, informative, excellent professionalism, and fun times. I will continue to trsvrlneith them for future trips.
I had an amazing time. Everything flowed smoothly. The riad was beautiful and the roommate selection was well done. The food everywhere we went was delicious. The different tour guides were awesome people and had great positive energy.
My first Haitian Nomad trip; and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The accommodations were FLY and comfortable, not your run of the mill locations. The group was small and a great mix of new friends. I loved having things planned with everything taken care of so that all I had to do was show up and do them or not. There was also enough flexibility or free time where you could do things that you wanted alone or with other members of the trip. The transportation was always on time and in great condition as well as safely moving us around. All of our excursions went off without a hitch and all of the food was amazing. The highlight of the trip for me was the Atlas Mountain Trek to see how and where the Berbers live and then actually going into our guide Mustafa's family home and having his mom prepare a DELICIOUS and traditional homemade meal. I got lots of steps in that day, but I made it and it was worth it. This price point was very attractive to me and I more than got my money's worth on this trip. I will be going on other trips in the future!
An amazing experience with a great balance of education and recreation.
As expected this trip was amazing, Richard went above and beyond to make this an experience to remember. Haiti is a beautiful country and it's great to experience with someone who knows his way around and can take you to places you wouldn't have visited had you gone alone. I always wanted to experience the night life in PAP and i got to do that every night while attending the opening of the Jazz festival which was very well organized; the artists were amazing. This was my 3rd trip with Haitian Nomad and i look forward to the next one. There is no greater experience than the Haitian Nomad experience, book yourself a trip and you wont regret it.
I learned of this trip early last year by my family members and knew that I had to join in on the fun. For a budget friendly individual such as myself, I truly appreciated the ability to provide my payments in installments rather than all at once. Prior to departure - Haitian Nomad & team was always in communication with the group via Facebook & Whatsapp to provide us with essential information related to the trip. No detail was ever left out and if we had questions, they were accessible to answer them.. no matter how many times we asked! Once we arrived to Egypt, logistics were well coordinated and we knew exactly what to expect on a daily basis. I always felt that things were under control. Expect your week to be filled with a variety of activities (from visits to historical sites, restaurants etc) and of course can't forget.......the FUN. I love me some FUN and you will get that for sure on your trip with Haitian Nomad. If you are a person who enjoys to travel solo, this is also perfect as you will get to meet and interact with new lovely souls. Not only will you get to experience a new country, have a great time - but you will also leave with an expanded network (which is always a plus). Overall, I truly enjoyed my first journey with the Haitian Nomad group and will be looking forward to partaking in more trips in the near future. If you are looking for a top quality experience and value for your buck, this is where to find it.
This trip was great! I will use Haitian Nomad again! Well organized and great customer service!
We had a great time. Wonderful people , delicious food and comfortable accomodation. each day was very special with good programming. Thank you for this fantastic , unexpected, unforgettable experience.
Haitian Nomad, Thank you for such incredible experience. Definitely one of the most memorable places I’ve been to. The service was great. The people were wonderful. The trip overall was one of a kind! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
My Christmas/New Year trip to Egypt with Haitian Nomad was one of the most AMAZING travel experiences I’ve had. Egypt is a wonder…a breathtaking country, that afforded many moments of awe, pride, astonishment, and pure joy. But what made it so magnificent was Richard Cantave and the rest of the Haitian Nomad team. From the moment we left New York to arriving in Cairo, to cruising the Nile River from Cairo to Luxor to Aswan, and then back to New York, everything was well thought out and planned to ensure we had an exceptional experience. The care and concern they show their travelers is top notch and I can't wait to go on my next Haitian Nomad trip.
I’m almost at a loss of words for how perfect this trip was. Everything was beyond my expectations everything was organized and scheduled to the minute, our level of security left me feeling like royalty. The knowledge I obtained during this trip, my first African trip, left me with a refreshed view of self and my people, so strong and resilient. On this trip I gained once in a lifetime memories and lifetime friendships and couldn’t be more greatful with the outcome. There is a profound sense of family and togetherness and professionalism on these trips that starts at the very top and will be hard to find anywhere else. So for whether for there Egypt trip, Haiti trips or wherever in the world the Haitiannomad family decides to go next they will always be my first choice.
It's taken me a couple days to try and give a proper review of the best trip I've ever been on! When Haitian Nomad dropped the Egypt trip I knew I needed to be there!! I've been on over 6 Haitian Nomad trips, and this was my 3rd NYE with the Nomad; by far the best hands down! Everything about this trip was amazing! Starting with the price, we honestly did enough that it felt like we underpaid. The safety, FIVE STARS! We were probably safer than the Egyptian president. I felt free as a bird! Though their was a incident while we were there, we honestly wouldn't have known. The actual itinerary was packed with a wide range of activities, and I think that's why I loved it even more, who needs sleep on vacation?! Not me! The tour guides knew what they were talking about. You can tell the entire team worked HARD to make sure everything would work perfectly. We learned the truth about our people and how they worked hard so that we would remember them! AMAZING! Being in Africa bringing in my Jesus year with my Nomad Family is honestly all I could have asked for! Thank you Haitian Nomad and thank you to everyone who came; all 70+ of us meshed like glue! CRAZY! I reconnected with a few of my loves, and definitely added some new loves to the family. I've said this countless times, and I'll say it again! You NEED TO BOOK WITH THE HAITIAN nomad!!
The Haitian Nomad brand will be a household name sooner than you think!! The quality of the trips that are procured is impeccable! Richard always delivers the best in any location and in all situations!! The staff is amazing and dedicated to making each and every trip an experience worth every dime!! We will continue to travel the world with the Haitian Nomad and highly recommend his services to everyone we know who loves to travel!
This was a spiritual journey for me, i felt so at home and connected. I cannot thank Haitian Nomad enough for putting on such an experience, i would travel the world with him
The trip was first class all the way. Everything was planned and executed flawlessly. Accommodations were outstanding and our guides were first ratem


Short Version: Book with him ASAP I cannot recommend the Haitian Nomad enough!! My first trip, we'd returned from Cuba and after the experience, I was thoroughly impressed with Richard's trip. His trips are extremely well planned and a lot of thought and effort was put into ensuring everyone is having the time of their life. Richard pays attention to all the little details, is very organized, and adds a personal touch to the experience that you're not likely to get anywhere else. During our trip to Cuba, Richard organized a wonderful home-cooked rooftop dinner in the city of Trinidad and it was such a fun, unique experience. He made sure to take us around to the sights and helped us if we needed anything while on the trip. Prior to the trip, Richard provided us with all the necessary information leading up to the trip and gave us tips and suggestions on what to expect and other things to do as well. He is also open to feedback on how his service can be improved so he gets an A in customer service from me. Overall, it was the perfect trip and I couldn't have asked for more. So far I've been on about 5 or 6 trips (maybe more) and it exceeds expectations every time!
By Jessica Williams on 16 Jul, 19