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Arabian Nights 2022
Arabian Nights 2022
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4th of July Getaway
4th of July Getaway
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
01 Jul, 2021


The trip was meticulously planned out and everything was as stated.
By Rhoda B for Master Agents - Palace Resorts FAM on 16 Nov, 2021
1 Star as there is no option for Zero Star. I learned the day before, while landing in Mexico ( for the first night on my own ), that I was not on the Fam list , there is no Room for me , regardless of the emails from the Fam organizer Sade Pimental that: 'You are Good to Go ' ! And: 'BDA knows your dates and flight info '! She even singled me out in one of her email, praising me as 1 of 3 people who filled up the Form by Oct 5 deadline. I wanted to go and talk to the BDA but was told she was not working on Sunday, Oct 31 neither Monday Nov 1 ! The Day Before the Fam, she was not reachable by email or phone by Ms Pimental ! !! This shows how important that Fam , if it was even a real Fam ,was for this hotel, The Moon Palace . I was extremely upset , but apologized to Ms Piemental for not reconfirming my attendance ( it was HER responsibility too) as I was still trying to find the constructive solution to that . Was asking her to approach the hotel and try to fix it. As a result she offered me Agent Rate of $199 that I agreed , but an hour later that rate was raised to $250 ( on tripadvisor the regular rate for these dates was $269!) , so I stopped trusting that hotel , could be that on the arrival the rate would be already 300 or more. I was very upset, spent half day looking for my own private accommodation for the next 4 days and exchanging emails with Ms Pimental . At the beginning , she did not even wanted to fix the problem, she sent me 2 short sentences email: simply said- there is no room for you , you can come on the next Fam, then was screaming at me, why did I came the day before. Well, I asked her on Oct 27 if I could add 1 extra night ,she answered right away, that that would be too much trouble, trying to reach the hotel ( so even she had problem with hoitel connection and she was there !!) . So I arranged my first night on my own, to be rested for my working Fam. The Fam handler., Ms Pimental obviously never checked the attendance list ! I asked her many questions before like tentative itinerary , she was answering me till the last moment , like I was on the Fam ! My mistake was , that I did not reconfirm everything few days before, but I have been a New York Travel Agent for the last 30 years, I was always on the Fams organized either by Tourists Board or Tour Operators like Sandals and Beaches ,Gogo, Club Med and similar . I should not trust a Fam run by unknown small ,3 people agency. While sharing this horrible experience with other agents in New York , everybody said it was probably a scam. I will think the same way , until I get my $100 refund from the hotel, that I paid in June. I can share all emails reg that Fam upon request.
By Central Park Travel for Master Agents - Palace Resorts FAM (Nov. 8-11th) on 06 Nov, 2021
Ivona, I am sorry to see that you feel this way. However, there were some basic instructions every agent was given in order to attend the FAM: 1. Complete the Palace FAM application, 2. Register for Palace Pro, and 3. Show up on your allocated dates. Not only did you fill out the incorrect form, you also misspelled your name, which caused the resort to not have you listed & booked when I sent my list over. As I did not have access to the Palace direct form, I was not given your misinformation. As a seasoned agent of 30+ yrs, you had hoped to attend a FAM of a brand you never took the time to even register for. So imagine my surprise and embarrassment when Palace stated they could not accommodate you, as you had never signed up in your 30+ yrs as an agent. Not to mention you showed up a day early, after being told not to do so, as it was not approved by the resort. Once you arrived unregistered, early, and over a holiday weekend, the approval to stay at an agent rate had to be approved by the main office, which was closed for the holiday weekend. The resort was at capacity due to COVID measures and had you reviewed the Palace COVID policy, you would have found both understanding and value, as to why they strictly adhere to their COVID policy. At the end of the day, after trying to publicly bully me, you wanted me to force the resort to let you stay within the FAM group, which you did not register properly for, nor took the time to register for the resort agent portal (also a requirement for the FAM). Unfortunately, your behavior was on display for the entire FAM to see in our group chat. I did not yell at you or display unprofessionalism towards you, as that is the treatment I received from you in the group chat & your emails. Not only that, but you stated in your email that was linked to a group list, that this "FAM was not a priority" for you, and that your "time could be better spect servicing (your) clients for winter bookings." So, you want me to 'fight' for you to have a room when you just told me and the BDM that their brand isn't important to you...? You can't display unprofessional behavior, insult the hotel brand, and then expect them to move mountains to accommodate you. I cannot give you a rate that was quoted months ago, or make room for you at a resort if the resort is saying no. Because of your lack of professionalism in the group chat, I was not able to find another agent willing to share a room with you. Which meant you would have to pay the market rate that the resort offered. Why would I take the time to scam 1 agent and all the other agents arrived and received the training they signed up for, once they followed the application directions? And to scam a fellow agent for $100 seems to set the bar rather low... So we are all just to believe that everyone (but yourself) followed directions and made the FAM, had a good time, got to learn more about the resort brand, get the media training that we all paid for, BUT I am singling you out in an effort to scam you out of $100...? But I do understand that you are upset, just upset with the wrong person.
By TravelHolics LLC on 23 Nov, 2021
Every thing was excellent. The FAM was very educational and we had a small group of people which was FAMtastic for taking pictures and videos! Thank you for organizing this FAM
By Deborah M for Master Agents - Palace Resorts FAM (Nov. 8-11th) on 06 Nov, 2021