Past Trips


I had such an amazing weekend. Both Sara and Tanory, organizers of the retreat, were fantastic with both great yoga, meditation, closing circles, planning activities, the freedom theme for the retreat and choosing accommodations. The food was absolutely delicious and plentiful. My room had a spectacular waterfront view so that I could enjoy the sun setting every evening. I will definitely be attending another retreat with Sara and Tanory.
Sara & Tanory were both great, as usual. Met lots of nice people, plenty of yoga!
The retreat ended Sunday afternoon and it’s Thursday night and I’m still blissed out and full of gratitude for my wonderful hosts Sara and Tanory (and Joe, Jane, and Sierra for everything they did.) The retreat was PERFECT. Gorgeous location, comfy homes, amazing yoga and meditation classes, kayaking, fire and music... But the best part was the tone that Sara and Tanory set - so welcoming, caring. I could go on and on... I can’t wait for the next one!