Past Trips


I enjoyed a relaxing weekend. The yoga and mediation sessions were very pleasant and offered a variety of levels. Food was very good and made many connections.
Thank for Sara and Tanory (and Josef too!), Once again, this was a remarkable weekend. Full of love, friendship, amazing food, awesome yoga. The time you took to give special attention to the theme of the weekend, the beautiful tote bag, room assignment name design, laminated pages for meditation in our bath, afternoon art project, hiking goes on and on! I even got to do the "Tanory spin" with Tanory at the top of the mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so well organized, from the time you send out invitations, to our goodbyes. Emails with updates, sign up sheets, maps, schedules, keep us inspired and looking forward to our arrival. I will continue to follow the two of you wherever you go......Mexico next?? :) Can't wait until the next one! XOXO, Jill
Sara and Tanory (and Joe) provided an amazing weekend experience. First and foremost their yoga practice is amazing. All asana classes were heart warming and soul rejuvenating. All other amenities from accommodations and food to outside activities were thoughtful and a perfect addition to the weekend. I look forward to attending another yoga retreat weekend with them again.
I attended this yoga retreat not knowing either of the instructors, any of the participants, or even the area. Just found it through a Google search and took a chance. So glad I did! Sara and Tanory are both beautiful, articulate, inspiring, energetic, humble, caring life teachers. The retreat was well organized with just enough activity and quiet time. Structured yet flexible. It was obvious that everyone felt comfortable and that credit definitely goes to Sara and Tanory. The accommodations were perfectly suited for a yoga retreat. The weather and fall colors could not have been any better. Even the rain storm for Sunday morning's meditation was perfectly timed! The yoga was uplifting and their instruction was inspiring. Finally, the food. Oh my god! Joe nourished our bellies while Sara and Tanory nourished our souls. My favorite moment was Saturday night when we were all together in one great room, lights off, Kim singing and playing the ukulele and Joe playing the fiddle. Goosebumps and tears - felt sooooo good! The cherry on top was the mug of warm golden milk. Thank you.
We had a great time. Friendly people, lovely accommodations and setting, delicious food, and yoga for all levels. The hot baths in the spa and the hike in the state park were an additional bonus! I highly recommend the retreat for next year.
The yoga instructors were knowledgeable and very helpful with each and every pose. The highlight though were the amount of effort they put into the preparation for all of the extras in that retreat! We had artwork, live music and amazing food. There was more mindful meditations a living community and a wonderful spirit In Gratitude Amy
Omg this was an amazing trip at the best time ever. Sara and Tanery are amazing yoga teachers and super fun to be around. Joe and Jane cooked the most amazing vegetarian food for the group. The day started with medication and yoga followed by an amazing breakfast and other fun activities. The housing was also great and very comfortable. I already told Sara and Tanery to sign me up for the next retreat :)) the best money spent over the past few months!
We loved this trip so much!! Apart from being amazing yoga teachers, Sara and Tanory are amazing retreat hosts! The houses were beautiful and the activities they planned on Assateague were perfect. I absolutely loved my time at the beach and on the kayak trip. The food was also AMAZING. An amazing time and an amazing time. I'm truly grateful for this experience. Thank you Sara and Tanory!!
I had an amazing adventure with these two beautiful souls. And in addition, I met many other like-minded people. It was a great trip!
I had such an amazing weekend. Both Sara and Tanory, organizers of the retreat, were fantastic with both great yoga, meditation, closing circles, planning activities, the freedom theme for the retreat and choosing accommodations. The food was absolutely delicious and plentiful. My room had a spectacular waterfront view so that I could enjoy the sun setting every evening. I will definitely be attending another retreat with Sara and Tanory.
Sara & Tanory were both great, as usual. Met lots of nice people, plenty of yoga!
The retreat ended Sunday afternoon and it’s Thursday night and I’m still blissed out and full of gratitude for my wonderful hosts Sara and Tanory (and Joe, Jane, and Sierra for everything they did.) The retreat was PERFECT. Gorgeous location, comfy homes, amazing yoga and meditation classes, kayaking, fire and music... But the best part was the tone that Sara and Tanory set - so welcoming, caring. I could go on and on... I can’t wait for the next one!


Chris and I went on our first weekend Yoga retreat with Sara and Tanory to Chincoteague 2019 and absolutely loved it. First of all, the housing was fantastic, comfortable and scenic. There was plenty of Yoga throughout the weekend; both gentle and flow, as well as a peaceful morning meditation overlooking the scenic bay. The home cooked breakfasts and dinners were bountiful and socially fun. The Yogi's arrived for all different reasons which made the weekend as engaging you wanted or as peaceful and relaxing as you wanted. We are not telling you about the evening fire pit activities.... you have to come and experience that for yourself :) Thank you Sara and Tanory - see you at another retreat soon.
By Danny Callahan on 7 Jun, 19