I enjoyed a relaxing weekend. The yoga and mediation sessions were very pleasant and offered a variety of levels. Food was very good and made many connections.
By Joanna F for Healing Waters Weekend Yoga Retreat with Sara & Tanory on 06 Nov, 2019
Thank for Sara and Tanory (and Josef too!), Once again, this was a remarkable weekend. Full of love, friendship, amazing food, awesome yoga. The time you took to give special attention to the theme of the weekend, the beautiful tote bag, room assignment name design, laminated pages for meditation in our bath, afternoon art project, hiking goes on and on! I even got to do the "Tanory spin" with Tanory at the top of the mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so well organized, from the time you send out invitations, to our goodbyes. Emails with updates, sign up sheets, maps, schedules, keep us inspired and looking forward to our arrival. I will continue to follow the two of you wherever you go......Mexico next?? :) Can't wait until the next one! XOXO, Jill
By Jill L for Healing Waters Weekend Yoga Retreat with Sara & Tanory on 05 Nov, 2019
Sara and Tanory (and Joe) provided an amazing weekend experience. First and foremost their yoga practice is amazing. All asana classes were heart warming and soul rejuvenating. All other amenities from accommodations and food to outside activities were thoughtful and a perfect addition to the weekend. I look forward to attending another yoga retreat weekend with them again.
By Courtney E for Healing Waters Weekend Yoga Retreat with Sara & Tanory on 30 Oct, 2019


Chris and I went on our first weekend Yoga retreat with Sara and Tanory to Chincoteague 2019 and absolutely loved it. First of all, the housing was fantastic, comfortable and scenic. There was plenty of Yoga throughout the weekend; both gentle and flow, as well as a peaceful morning meditation overlooking the scenic bay. The home cooked breakfasts and dinners were bountiful and socially fun. The Yogi's arrived for all different reasons which made the weekend as engaging you wanted or as peaceful and relaxing as you wanted. We are not telling you about the evening fire pit activities.... you have to come and experience that for yourself :) Thank you Sara and Tanory - see you at another retreat soon.
By Danny C on 07 Jun, 2019