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METHOD 100 Hour Module
METHOD 100 Hour Module
Playa Negra, Costa Rica
17 Mar, 19
Pura Vida Retreat
Pura Vida Retreat
Playa Negra, Costa Rica
5 Feb, 19


Selena is steeped in knowledge, compassion, and the art of teaching. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to deepen their practice and their way of thinking.
Every training I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information presented wondering if I'm going to retain any of it. The next class I teach though, I feel more confident, more present. After every training I feel like I have more to offer my students. That's a feeling you can't buy.
I want to personally thank Selena Garefino for providing an amazing immersive experience. I booked this program not knowing what was involved, nor expecting to ever teach a yoga class, my goal was to grow my personal home practice. Thank you for helping me do that, challenging my comfort zones, and opening my eyes to so much more. I still don't know if I will ever teach a yoga class, but I do know without a doubt that the option is now well within reach. I feel I have only scratched the surface of my yoga journey, so I definitely will be pursuing additional yoga trainings and retreats, as well as different schools of yoga moving forward. On my personal journey of knowledge and self exploration I am beyond grateful to have crossed paths with Selena Garefino and for the opportunity to learn from her and Hali Love. I truly feel blessed to have met both of these amazing women and to have shared this unique experience with a limitless group of women from all over the world.
It was a great training as usual Selena delivered. Space we practiced was lovely. Thanks
Such a great experience. I gained so much knowledge and walked away with tools that I can easily apply in my day to day life and practice. Thank you for time, energy and space.
Learned quite a bit and had a great time.
Selena's teaching reaches so far beyond asana - it grabs your heart and elevates your mind. Presence and power is the perfect name for this workshop and her trainings. Selena teaches us how we can show up in this world as our authentic selves. She is giving us the inspiration, the motivation, and the TOOLS to do so. She's learning alongside of us, and that is so powerful. The traditions that Selena teaches move me. They move me closer to Self. They move me to cultivate a life that I am proud of. They move me toward revelations. Thank you Selena.
Another life changing workshop that pushed the limits of my brain. Looking forward to the next one!
By Kyra Hall for The Tantric Vision on 24 Sep, 19
An amazing journey involving so much more than just yoga training - a full experience for the mind , body and soul . Helping to Inspire the motivation, strength and passions we all have from deep within to conquer the battles we create for ourselves and instead change our mindset and choose to make our dreams a reality . A valuable experience lead by an extremely educated teacher , along with exceptional assistants .
Unbelievable life changing 200 hr. Training at the Ewam Garden. Dive deep into the Philosophy of Yoga and its rich history. Pranayama, Bandhas, Meditation and Anatomy are covered in a way that gives you the tools not only to instruct a well-developed Yoga class but to enrich and expand your home practice both on and off the mat. I am grateful for the Personal and Professional Development that I received; feedback was effective though sometimes hard to hear. KISS (Keep - Integrate - Stop - Start) was a useful and effective tool for feedback. Selena and her team of instructors (Brandon, Cami and others) give it their all. The wealth of knowledge and experience this team has is refreshing. They walk the walk and talk the talk. Ewam Garden is the perfect location for this training. Mountain views, sheep and cows grazing in the fields surround the Garden of 1000 Buddhas. Yes, there are 1000 Buddhas. I highly recommend this training if you are looking to build a home practice that rocks and be an awesome instructor.
Learned a lot, excited to learn more!
The word I keep using is life-changing. The program was incredibly informative, transformative, challenging, fun and beautiful.
It was a life-changing experience with amazing women from all over the world (okay Canada, US, and Europe ;)) and especially amazing teacher who taught us not only the yoga practice but also important things for everyday life. The accommodation was very nice, super clean and super helpful and friendly personal and we had healthy yummy food ;) Selena is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. She taught us a lot about anatomy (in a way everybody can understand and practice it), and she brought us to a state where we could actually enjoy a meditation. She is like a living encyclopedia, no need for google anymore when you need something to know about Yoga History. Full of love kindness and knowledge of philosophy (real good stories about the Indian Gods ;)) and life in general. If you are looking for a high-class​ yoga teacher training, for a place where you can reflect and learn about, then this is the place! I will definitely come back here if I will do my 300-hours advanced teacher training in the next couple of years!
Hands down, the most amazing adventure of my life! The people, the food, the guides, and the landscape were extraordinary. Selena is an exceptionally talented teacher, both in yoga and in life. Her knowledge of the Nepali people, customs, traditions, and language make her uniquely qualified to lead this trip, and her storytelling kept us thoroughly entertained. The hotels/lodges, transportation, meals, and scheduling were well thought out and as perfectly delivered as one can expect in a place like Nepal. This is the first time in my life I really can't come up with a negative thought!
First time up in the mountains, first time in a cabin, and first time doing a yoga teacher training. Everything was more than what I could ever imagine. One of the best experiences of my life. Completely aligned with my own wellness journey and future endeavors. There was so much knowledge and passion between Selena and Rhoni. They truly changed my life and look forward to working with the each of them to further my education in ALL Things Yoga. With so much gratitude in my heart, THANK YOU!
It wad an intense experince. I came back with all the information and practice i needed for this next step in life's jpurney! Wonderful people and delucious food!
Amazing experience! Learned so much & loved the location!