This place is magical.
By Robert D for Pura Vida 40th Bday Bash + Retreat on 18 May, 2022
This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The team at Holos is building something truly special. Everyone is dedicated to creating a fulfilling and healing experience and brings deep insight, heart, and mindfulness to their work. Holos sits on beautiful, sacred land, and the team is building gorgeous bamboo structures with the foremost worldwide specialists in that medium. The various practices, activities, and ceremonies are done with great care and talent. Cannot recommend enough! Thank you Shelby and the rest of the Holos team.
By Brian B for Remembering Wholeness: A Queer Men's Wellness Experience on 16 Apr, 2022
This trip has proven itself to be one of the most transformative wellness retreats I've been on. The facilitators did an amazing job at creating a safe space and buidling a community where everyone belonged. I'd definitely recommend this to any LGBTQ+ wellness enthusiasts looking to deepen connection with themselves and our community.
By Kirby D for Remembering Wholeness: A Queer Men's Wellness Experience on 13 Apr, 2022