Past Trips


We had an awesome time
I had a fantastic time in the DR. The resort was beautiful and the staff were excellent an responded positively to any need or question. The rooms were beautiful and spacious. The organizer had planned group activities but also left time for you to do your own thing. I highly recommend you plan to take your next getaway in the DR.
Let me take a minute to talk about the most professional Travel Agency I have encountered in a while. The name of the agency is Black Will Travel. I was invited by a friend of a friend of a certain travel group in South Carolina to the Dominican Republic. I didn’t really know the members of the group, but that didn’t matter because every question I may have had, every concern I may have thought about was answered by this travel agent. I think I may have received 30 or so emails from the first payment ALLLLLL the way to the day of takeoff. Step by step instructions from how to make a payment, who we were dealing with on the trip, what types of activities were going on at the resort and off the resort, where and when to check-in, how to keep in contact, where to look for our transportation, places to eat, etc. I literally didn’t have many questions because everything— and I do mean EVERYTHING— was handled. Thank you to the travel group for opening the invitation to friends of friends, but a Special Thank You to Shondra Cheris for going above and beyond on this trip! There are three women from Georgia who were so happy you were there! We will be emailing you in August for our Girls’ Trip! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 If y’all are ever looking for a professional, friendly, and fully detailed travel agent, see Shondra!!
Black Will Travel made this trip the most enjoyable. Very professional from beginning to end. I would definitely travel with Black Will Travel again.
We had an awesome experience on & off the Chic resort. I really enjoyed the all inclusive amenities!! The hotel staff was very helpful & made my stay enjoyable!! I look forward to our next adventure!!