Affordable yoga retreats in Europe

Affordable Yoga Retreats in Europe

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By Sonja Bolger

Affordable Yoga Retreats in Europe

With our busy lives today it’s harder than ever to find a moment to reflect and to just be you. Yoga retreats are an opportunity to calm the mind and nourish the soul, but they shouldn’t empty your bank account in the process!

However, for every problem, there is a solution. In this case, it comes in the form of these six affordable yoga retreats in Europe. There’s a little something for every type of yoga practitioner and every type of budget.

Whether you want to relax on the beach or hike in the mountains in between yoga and meditation sessions, these budget-friendly yoga retreats in Europe will fuel your spiritual journey without sending you home broke. And the best part? Cheap yoga retreats don’t have to mean any less luxury. Check out the affordable yoga retreats in Europe below to see how you can go on a luxurious yoga retreat that’s also easy on the wallet!

6 Affordable Yoga Retreats in Europe

Women’s New Year Yoga & Body Soul Movement Retreat in Italy: Dec 27, 2017 – Jan 3, 2018

Start the year off right with a journey of self-discovery and powerful awakening. La Luna del Pozzo (The Moon in the Well), located in Ostuni, Italy, is the perfect place to kickstart a year dedicated to your health and wellbeing. Practice daily yoga and personal development work, visit the nearby beach or charming towns and dine together on delicious dishes of Mediterranean origin from the Puglian kitchen. At €695 this is one of the most affordable yoga retreats in Europe!

Summer Solstice Yoga Holidays in Latvia: Jun 17 – 23, 2018

Embark on an authentic yoga holiday during the summer solstice time in rural Latvia, a country of historical richness and unspoiled nature. Experience daily restorative yoga and meditation sessions, as well as ancient sacred sites, romantic castles, and stunning natural areas. Take part in a Summer Solstice celebration and traditional folk-song meditation. This once in a lifetime retreat starts from €876.

7 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in the South of Spain: Jun 17 – 23, 2018

Take a week out for you at this affordable yoga retreat in Spain. Put yourself in the hands of Mireille and Erwin who have years of experience in organizing relaxing yoga vacations. Enjoy the delights of Andalucia, while deepening your yoga practice and improving your posture, movement, and mental focus. Find new inspiration on one of our most budget-friendly yoga retreats from €725!

Ashtanga & Meditation Spring Retreat, Granada, Spain: Apr 10 – 15, 2018

Learn more about Ashtanga and meditation at this affordable yoga retreat in beautiful Granada, a city of stunning ancient architecture and yet so close to stunning natural areas. Allow yourself to relax in a place where it comes naturally, without any effort. Heal your mind and body with morning Ashtanga sessions and evening Yoga Nidra sessions. Visit the enchanting Alhambra Palace, one of the best experiences in the whole of Spain.

Yoga Retreat in the Algarve, Portugal: Jun 18 – 23, 2018

But affordable yoga retreats in Europe aren’t just in Spain, as this Portuguese experience makes clear. Portugal’s West Algarve Natural Park is an area of natural splendor where you can immerse your senses in the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of yoga. Join Kayla Nielson and other teachers and staff who are volunteering their time at this yoga retreat, so that 100% of the proceeds can be donated to Go Light Our World (GLOW)’s projects across the globe, helping impoverished communities. The Surf Shanti Lodge and Retreat Center is located amongst untouched acres of land in the Natural Park, and you’ll practice daily yoga, and workshops, and have the opportunity to try extra activities like surfing.

Earth & Sky Yoga Retreat, Mallorca, Spain: May 27 – Jun 2, 2018

Surround yourself with nature at this unique yoga retreat on the island of Mallorca, in Spain. The rustic but lovingly restored house sits on a secluded mountaintop, surrounded by nature. Vigorous morning yoga sessions will energize you and improve your practice, while afternoon restorative classes will leave you feeling clear and calm. Spend the rest of your time relaxing in the beautiful surroundings, by the pool, or walking one of the hiking trails. Venture further to secluded beaches and picturesque towns. Meals are made from produce grown in the garden and you can visit nearby Palma for a taste of Mallorcan city life.

These are only a sample of the affordable yoga retreats around the world that we have available. These and many other cheap yoga retreats in Europe provide great value for money in accommodation, fun activities, mouth watering sustenance, relaxation and a chance to improve your well-being. So what are you waiting for? Join a retreat in Europe with WeTravel today!

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Sonja Bolger

Article by Sonja Bolger

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