Terms and Conditions

Wetravel Sub-processors

Below is a list of Sub-processors engaged by WeTravel in accordance with the Terms of Service for Providers (“Terms of Service”) and Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) for carrying out processing activities on Traveler Data on behalf of you (as defined in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy). WeTravel will inform you, through the dashboard or otherwise, of any (intended) changes concerning the addition or replacement of Sub-processors as included in the list below and update this page to reflect such changes.

Sub-processor Description of the processing Processing Region
Amazon, Inc. We use Amazon for our cloud computing infrastructure, website hosting and data hosting. USA
Intercom, Inc. We use Intercom as a customer support platform to provide centralized customer support. USA
Gong.io Ltd. We use Gong.io for sales conversation intelligence enablement. USA
HubSpot, Inc. We use Hubspot as our CRM for sales and marketing activities. USA
Iomete, Inc. We use iomete for data warehouse and business analytics activities. USA
Persona, Inc. We use Persona for our KYC and KYB orchestration and automation. USA
Twilio, Inc. We use Twilio to send text messages for authentication and other purposes. USA
The Rocket Science Group LLC We use The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a Mailchimp to send emails to current and prospective users. USA
Functional Software, Inc. We use Functional Software, Inc. d/b/a Sentry for cloud-based error detection. USA
Hotjar Limited We use Hotjar for website and app analytics. USA
Slack Technologies, LLC We use Slack for internal communication. USA
Meta, Inc. We use Meta (formerly known as Facebook) to facilitate user sign ins and analytics. USA
Filestack, Inc. We use Filestack for file upload, hosting and view services. USA
Stripe, Inc. We use Stripe for payment processing, card issuance, payout and verification services. USA
Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd. We use Stripe for payment processing, payout and verification services. EU
Mangopay S.A. We use Mangopay for payment processing, payout and verification services. EU
Corpay Solutions Inc. We use Corpay for payment processing, payout and verification services. USA
Emburse, LLC We use Emburse for payment processing, card issuance and payout services. USA
Google, LLC We use Google for email communications, file storage, cloud computing infrastructure and analytics. USA

In addition to the above sub-processors, WeTravel may (be led to) interact with other processors from you (e.g. a payment service provider or other data solution provider). Such other processors do not act as sub-processor for WeTravel due to their direct contractual relationship with you.