10 Day Personal Growth Quest with Detox & Meditation in Portugal

3420 Tábua, Portugal

Yigal Lenman (Chi)
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Duration: 10 days
Group size: 2 - 5
10 Day Personal Growth Quest with Detox & Meditation in Portugal
3420 Tábua, Portugal

Yigal Lenman (Chi)
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1 review

Duration: 10 days
Group size: 2 - 5

About this trip

Are you feeling burnt out, anxious, or dissatisfied with life?

If you're caught in a cycle of complaining, judging, or criticising, it's a clear sign that you're not fully addressing your inner pain.

Om Maya Om warmly invites you on a transformative 10-day quest of awakening, where you'll confront, embrace and transcend your life's challenges.

If you're feeling disconnected, at a crossroads, or if you've lost the drive, motivation, and energy to move forward, this retreat is tailor-made for you.

Are you ready to face your life's challenges head-on and transform your fears of physical, emotional, and mental pain?

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner, this retreat will provide unwavering support as you embark on a profound journey of personal growth and transformation.

Break free from the limitations that prevent you from living life to the fullest.

This awakening retreat will enable you to slow down, reconnect with your body, cleanse your mind, and embark on a unique and empowering process that addresses the neglected and unresolved aspects of your life.

Our retreat is dedicated to cultivating awareness in both body and mind, incorporating conscious movement, detoxification, cold water exposure, meditation, breath work, sound healing, self-inquiry, holistic life mentoring, and inspiring talks on awakening.

True change starts with awareness. Through conscious living you'll discover how to overcome and transform your entire perspective on life.

Unleash your untapped potential and shatter the limiting beliefs that have held you back until now.

Reawaken your body to the joy of living and move through life with renewed energy, vitality, and enthusiasm.

Join us on this extraordinary retreat, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

How to get here

Arrival by airplane

You can book your flight to arrive at either Lisbon Airport (LIS) or Porto Airport (OPO). 

We advise you to fly to Lisbon, as there is a direct bus from Lisbon to Tábua, that takes 3 hours and 15 minutes to arrive and will arrive just on time for the retreat. There will be a taxi to pick you up from Tábua to the center free of charge. 

If you arrive from Porto, you will be required to change buses in Coimbra to arrive to our center in Tábua (2 hours and 15 minutes drive in total). A taxi will be waiting for you at the bus station to take you to the center.

We will guide you further after making the reservation with us.

Please make sure to arrive on time at the retreat center (2:30 PM). 

It means sometimes flying a day early in order to catch the bus on time (Please be aware of that when making your travel plans.)

What’s included

  • 9 nights accommodation
    in a private room
  • Detox Plan
    Raw salads, juices and shakes
  • Holistic guidance
  • Meditation sessions
    x3 Daily sessions
  • Conscious movement
  • Breath work
  • Transportation
  • Visa
  • Flights
  • Insurance

Available Packages

The Reflection Room

Welcome to our shared double room, a serene haven designed to accommodate friends, couples or two separate people of the same gender. With two comfortable single beds, this cozy retreat offers a perfect oasis for your stay. Relax and unwind as you immerse yourself in the tranquility of this charming accommodation. Enjoy the soothing ambiance created by the soft natural light streaming through the window. Embrace the silence and sense of community in our shared bathroom facilities. The booking is for one person (if you wish to arrive as a couple or friends, you can book the same room separately or together by marking 2 people in the booking page.

Deposit: €300
The Cave Room

Discover a serene escape in a private cave-shaped room, free of windows but featuring a door and a gentle curtain to let the air flow freely. Unveil the mystery of cave living with this extraordinary, meditative experience. Retreat into this timeless sanctuary—a cave-shaped haven that nurtures contemplation, reflection, and peaceful exploration.  A rare opportunity for those curious about the ancient dwellings of our ancestors.

Deposit: €400
The Illusion Room

Discover tranquility in our private single room with shared bathroom facilities. The room welcomes you with a comfortable double size bed, and a cozy sitting area for contemplation and relaxation. Unwind in a peaceful ambience with cozy amenities, and breathtaking forest views. Your perfect retreat awaits. 

Deposit: €400
The Awaken Room

Indulge in serenity within your own private sanctuary, complete with Private Bathroom. The room welcomes you with a comfortable queen size bed, and a cozy sitting area for contemplation and relaxation. What sets this haven apart is a picturesque window that frames a breathtaking view of the lush forest outside, inviting you to connect with nature's beauty and find inner tranquility.

Deposit: €600


Retreat Program
10 Day Personal Growth Quest with Detox & Meditation in Portugal

The intention of the retreat is to fill your day with presence, connection, and mind-body awareness.

You will wake up to the sound of the gong.

We will meet at 7 am for a stillness meditation session, followed by a conscious movement and breath work session, and finish the practice with a conversation to encourage change and stimulate the mind.

After the morning practice we will have breakfast and then you will have time to rest until we meet again for a stillness meditation session and an awakening talk.

If you are interested in receiving private guidance, now is the time for a holistic mentoring session, and self-inquiry.

A detox juice will be served in between the sessions.

Before the 3pm salad, we will meet again for a dynamic meditation and awakening session, talking about life challenges and how to cope with them.

We will have lunch and then you will have a longer break. After the break we will have our last stillness meditation session.

In the afternoons, we will go for a hike in nature followed by a short yoga or qigong session. There are many beautiful hiking trails around the center to discover.

In the evenings we will have a vegetable broth, and we will close the day with a reflective practice. 

Your Organizer

Yigal Lenman (Chi)
1 review
Chi is a mentor who dedicates his entire life to being present and aware. Working with Chi makes one see and experience that everything begins and ends with oneself. Being guided by him is a dynamic, refreshing, and enlightening process. For years he has challenged himself physically and mentally, in order to make a real change in his life. Today, he has the tools to challenge people around him, and support them to make a change in their lives, leave their comfort zone, ask the most important questions about life and be truly present.


If you wanna meet yourself and go back to the purity of the essence and enjoy the silence, this is your retreat! Chi and Chia are excellent hosts, and everything is well taken care of. The days and the program are well balanced. And the raw food well prepared. The group is small, so that contributes to personal experience. I learned a lot!
By Liesbeth S for 10 Day Personal Growth Christmas Retreat with Detox & Meditation on Aug 31, 2023