I’m still struggling to find words to describe just how amazing this retreat and hosts were. It was challenging, insightful, inspiring, exhausting, honest, beautiful, relaxing, and painful. I signed up unsure what to expect and it allowed me to let my guard down and commit 100%. It was exactly what I needed and provided it in the right setting and timeline. On my own I never would have gotten out of my comfort zone or my head in such a way to fully allow for peace and clarity. I know myself more now and how much truly lies all within me. Chi has a sincere lightness to him and I hope he writes a book someday. Chia should too, of all her delicious recipes!
By Ashlee S for 10 Day Life Transformation: Detox, Silence & Meditation in Portugal on Jan 05, 2024
I signed up for this retreat because I was sick of several of my coping mechanisms. What I met was both a challenge to meet myself guided by the dynamic daily rhythm designed to facilitate walking that path, while confronting the sneaky and comfort seeking ego. Thanks to the yin and Yang guidance of Chi and Chia for providing exactly the setting and practices that are needed in order to acknowledge that which no longer serves me. The hard part is realizing that the years of hard work put in by Chi and Chia provided such a setting and space that is only seemingly effortless. I am grateful and humbled by the experience, and I recommend for those that are eager to sit with the truth.
By Stefanie v for 10 Day Life Transformation: Detox, Silence & Meditation in Portugal on Dec 26, 2023
The 3 month online mentoring program with Chi has been in valuable. Through these sessions I have gained a practice to take into my everyday life that I can use daily no matter the circumstances. I recommend this to anyone who wants to do a deep dive and discover what is holding them back from living their life to the full. It has truly been life changing for me.
By Natasha K for 3 Months Online Mentoring Program with Chi on Nov 01, 2023