14 Day Himalayan Yogini: Cultural Backpacking Pilgrimage

Pokhara, Nepal

10 reviews
Apr 12 - 24, 2021
Group size: 4 - 8
14 Day Himalayan Yogini: Cultural Backpacking Pilgrimage
Pokhara, Nepal

10 reviews

Apr 12 - 24, 2021
Group size: 4 - 8

About this trip

This is a special Devi pilgrimage during the longest ongoing goddess festival on the planet, Dashain or called Navaratri, which is nine nights, and in Nepal, eleven to twelve days of worship of goddess Durga.  The transformative journey begins in the Kathmandu Valley home to still-intact ancient Tantric ways and deep reverence and worship of Goddess. We will visit sacred goddess sites within the old town of Kathmandu and two historic sister cities. 

We will stay in various settings, hotels and a renovated Newar traditional style home. Where we'll have the opportunity to experience firsthand the way of life since the Malla dynasty (12th through 18th century) heralding us back to the time of flourishing arts, architecture and culture.  As we practice daily yoga and meditations and explore the rich heritage and arts of Nepal. 

From here we will then make our way to Pokhara, the beautiful lakeside access point and home to a special Durga temple from where we will leave to embark on a three night and four day backpacking pilgrimage to multiple seats of Goddess.  We will meditate and worship along an ancient trail that is still in use today by local devotees to Devi.  We will stay in tea houses run by Shakti-empowered women and in homestays with kind and inspiring people of the mountains before we return back to Kathmandu to close our time together.  

What’s included

  • 13 Nights / 14 Days
    UNESCO Heritage preserved accommodations, hotels, local traditional homes and mountain tea houses
  • 3 Night/ 4 Day Backpack
    We will trek an ancient trail of Devi worship, visiting various places of ancient meditation of Yogins
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
    Shaktishiva Yoga and deity meditations. We will partake in Navaratri in various ways, one being a daily meditation with the Navadurgas, nine forms of Durga.
  • Partake in Navaratri
    Our pilgrimage coincides with the nine night and what is eleven to twelve days of Goddess Durga worship. We will join a local family to learn firsthand about how this festival is celebrated in Nepal.
  • Visit living Kumari
    The Kumari is a young girl who embodies fully Shakti in Her cosmic form. We will receive her darshan and learn about what she has to teach us.
  • Temples of Devi
    Daily we will visit temples and shrines worshiped and dedicated to Goddess in Her many forms throughout the Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara and surrounding mountains
  • Art Museum
    We will be visiting an exquisite art collection with many Tantric and Buddhist works and local artists at work.
  • Visit Local Artisans
    Nepal is rich in various forms of artistry and we will explore the scope of artistic traditions throughout our journey. Visiting and meeting with various artists learning about their traditions.
  • All Entry Fees
    All entry fees into various sites we'll be visiting
  • Sacred Shopping
    Nepal is a special place to have a chance to procure sacred art for your personal altar and yoga space, honoring and keeping alive sacred traditions around art making for devi worship
  • Daily Breakfast & dinner
    Traditional breakfast & dinners
  • Yogini gift bag
    Full of surprises!
  • All land transport
    airport pick-up, taxis, and buses
  • Trip preparation info
    Once you are signed up you will receive detailed information on how to prep for this transformational journey.
  • Loving guidance
    With care and ongoing assistance I'll help you along as you prepare to come to Nepal (inclusive of flight recommendations and any help to prepare to secure your E-Visa) and throughout our pilgrimage
  • E-Visa for entry Nepal
    Each person will obtain an E-Visa upon entry arrival to Nepal. Details on how to do so will be sent out to each registrant.
  • Personal Passport
    Everyone must obtain and hold a passport valid for at least 6 months prior to arrival.
  • Airfare to & from Nepal
    Each person must arrange their own flights to and from Nepal. Entry points and recommended departure airport will be recommended.
  • Lunches
    This is left open for everyone to sample what foods call to you and to have some food selection autonomy. Budget about $5-10 a day
  • Bottle water
    All drinking water (cost about 5 cents a litter). All water must be treated. Also, everyone is required to travel with a "Lifestraw" water bottle.
  • Sacred items
    For your home or yoga space altar and practice, friends & family.
  • Any extra baggage fees
    coming and/or going
  • Return to airport
    Because of varying personal schedules of departure from Nepal each person will handle your return to the airport. But I will assist as you like and as needed.
  • Travel Insurance
    Travel Insurance is required for this journey. Can be purchased with plane ticket, another provider or from WeTravel.

Available Packages

Early Bird "Double Room"
5 left

 * Shared room for two people when staying in hotels, two twins, with one night homestay we will all be together as a group

* This is a great option. I will pair you up with another woman attending whose also chosen this option-- make a new friend or come with a friend! 

*Regular price $2197 after January 5, 2021

Deposit: $500
Early Bird "Single Room"
5 left

 * There will be a night on the journey we will be staying at a homestay we will all be together as a group in one sleeping area. But everyone will have their own bed. 

*Regular price $2297 after January 5, 2021  

Deposit: $500


Himalayan Yogini
Himalayan Yogini Cultural Pilgrimage

Inner and outer exploration of devi yoga, meditation and ancient goddess sites in the Kathmandu Valley and Himalayan mountains of Nepal. 

Who’s interested

Your Organizer

Mountain Shakti
10 reviews
Stephanie Renee dos Santos passion is empowering people to come into contact and potentially embody one's full Awareness through nondual Tantric wisdom and aligning with natural cycles. She’s known as an inspiring, loving, creative and compassionate teacher with the Hindu goddess Bhuvaneshwari-like quality to create sacred healing, creative-expressive and meditative spaces. Certified in Integrative Yoga and she's been given permission by beloved teacher Sally Kempton to share these teachings of the nondual Shaiva/Shakta and Shakta traditions. She holds a B.A in Studio Arts from Whitman College and is a working artist. In addition, she studies Bharathanatyam classical Indian dance and contributes spiritual writing to literary journal Lalitamba. She is a co-founder of Devidance Yoga with Ganga Devi. She guides Mountain Shakti sacred yoga backpacking pilgrimages around the world.


I had a fantastic trip to India with Ganga and Stephanie. They took us to VERY special places that are off the yoga tourist path. Their Goddess teachings, dance, and yoga are soul deepening and realizing. They went above and beyond to keep us safe and comfortable during our stay. I'm so appreciative of them putting this trip together and sharing the love India has to offer. I met incredible women from all over the world and the friendships we formed with one another will last a lifetime.
By Hailly B for Embodying Devi: Yoga & Dance of Tantric Goddesses on 14 Apr, 2020
Amazing experience with Stephanie and Ganga. Beautifully planned, unique programme of Pilgrimage, connecting to cultural heritage of India and Devi practices. Organisation was impeccable, we felt very supportive and taken care of. Enjoyed every moment.
By Elena K for Continuing Pilgrimage Package: Taj Mahal + Ganges River + Shakti Peeth on 23 Mar, 2020
Thank you to Stephanie and Ganga Devi for the incredible opportunity to connect with the goddesses in all their forms. This trip will be etched in my memory forever! thank you!
By Estelle T for Embodying Devi: Yoga & Dance of Tantric Goddesses on 18 Mar, 2020
My experience backpacking with Stephanie and her Goddess teachings have expedited myself to pure bliss. She takes us high up on top of mountains with spectacular views. Her guided meditations connects your soul to the earth in such a way that it lasts a long time. I've done two trips with her and each one was special and meaningful. Stephanie is very experienced and knowledgeable and I only wish she was my local Yogini teacher! I highly recommend going on a Goddess pilgrimage with her. It's life changing. Namaste.
By Hailly B for 4 Day 2019 Wilderness Goddess: Yoga Backpacking Pilgrimage on 28 Aug, 2019
This was an amazing retreat, you will not regret it. Stephanie was an amazing host and I’m lucky to have met her. We laughed, cried, danced, mediated, did yoga and had an amazing time. It was great to meet like-minded spiritual women and conquer the mountains together. This is what everyone needs in their life. I have developed life long friendships and experiences to never forget! Thank you Stephanie!
By christine h for 4 Day 2019 Wilderness Goddess: Yoga Backpacking Pilgrimage on 10 Aug, 2019
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