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Stephanie Renee dos Santos

About Me

Stephanie Renee dos Santos passion is empowering people to fully embody and heal body and soul through nondual Tantric goddess wisdom and aligning with natural cycles so, you can thrive in life. She’s known as an inspiring, loving, creative, compassionate and uplifting yoga teacher, who possesses the Hindu goddess Bhuvaneshwari-like quality to create sacred healing, creative-expressive and meditative spaces. Certified in Integrative Yoga and Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga), she also is a follower of Sally Kempton’s nondual Shakti/Shiva teachings, with a focus in the divine feminine and Kundalini. She also practices and studies Shaktism with Yogini Tantric scholars Laura Amazzone and Madhu Khanna, Founder of the Tantra Foundation in India. Stephanie holds a B.A in Studio Arts from Whitman College. In addition, she studies Bharathanatyam classical Indian dance and contributes spiritual writing to literary journal Lalitamba. She offers pathways to create healthy life rhythms, access your innate intuition, creativity and healing capacity, while connecting with others, the Divine and caring for our Mother Earth.

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Wilderness Goddess: Yoga Backpacking Pilgrimage
Wilderness Goddess: Yoga Backpacking Pilgrimage
North Cascades Mountains, Washington State, USA
Aug. 04, 2017

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