200hr Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training April 23-May 7, 2022

Limón Province, Cahuita, Costa Rica

Sara Syed
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33 reviews
Apr 23 - May 7, 2022
Group size: 10 - 40
200hr Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training April 23-May 7, 2022
Limón Province, Cahuita, Costa Rica

Sara Syed
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33 reviews

Apr 23 - May 7, 2022
Group size: 10 - 40

About this trip

Satya Meditation and Yoga School is  delighted to offer their internationally acclaimed and accredited  200-hour yoga and meditation teacher training at Goddess Eco-Garden  Resort in Cahuita, Costa Rica.  

Immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful and healing places on the planet. 

Meet like-minded people from around the world with an interest in spirituality, healing and nature. 

Satya Meditation and Yoga School offers authentic and traditional yoga as intended by the ancient sages. 

Satya means truth.  Connect deeper to your own inner truth through spiritual exploration.

This 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is true immersive learning at its finest. 

Earn your 200 hour professional certification, will be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance


This internationally acclaimed and accredited  200-Hour yoga and meditation teacher training is curated for the  dedicated, spiritual, and open-minded yogi.  In this training, you will  dive deep into your own, personal practice; learn about the depths  of yoga as an ancient science; and you will practice and study teaching  methodologies to safely and effectively share these practices anywhere  in the world as a registered and certified yoga instructor. 

This  program doubles as both a teacher certification course, as well as an  in-depth personal development, self-healing and quantum growth course. 

This 200 hour yoga and meditation teacher training heavily emphasizes the practice and teaching of meditation, which, according to is the ancient yogi sages, such as Patanjali, is the ultimate goal and practice to develop on the spiritual path. 

Patanjali heavily emphasizes concepts of surrender, awareness, breath, concentration of the mind and mediation. 

He lays the foundation for the spiritual seeker to find their way to liberation through the culmination of these practices.

The asana helps keep the body healthy, pure, clean and strong; the breathing exercises keep our energy strong; meditation keeps the mind strong.

This is truly a holistic path.

The  Satya Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training goes above and beyond to  ensure that each student has a working understanding and knowledge of  the ancient sciences of both meditation and yoga in practical and  applicable ways.  

This teacher training program offers some of  the most inclusive, accessible, extensive and authentic information  available on this side of the globe.  Inspiration from this course has  been taken from the lineages of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vipassana  Meditation, with content brought directly from India and Costa Rica.   This course heavily focuses on the yin and yang aspects of the yogic  practices, as well as philosophy and the experience living as a  spiritual human on a spiritual journey in our modern society.  

This  training offers a proper foundation for teaching yoga and meditation  safely, confidently and knowledgeably with its comprehensive and  hands-on curriculum.  You will gain the tools and experiences needed to  carry the torch of yoga into the world. 

This course is  equally appropriate for this who wish to teach yoga as well as for  those who just want to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga  and meditation. 

Upon completion of the training, you will  earn a 200-hour certificate and you will be eligible to register with  Yoga Alliance, the international yoga accreditation board for yoga  teachers, in the traditions of Hatha/Vinyasa yoga.   This program will also prepare you for future study within a 300- or  500-hour advanced yoga teacher training.  Students will receive  life-long mentoring and guidance from Sara Syed, E-RYT 700, lead teacher  of this teacher training program.  

Read on to learn more about Satya Meditation and Yoga School's 200 hour curriculum and requirements for registration.


Yoga Alliance Approved Curriculum

Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Lifestyle and Ethics 

  • In-depth study of the Yamas & Niyamas, the ethical guidelines for living a healthy and more peaceful life
  • Study and learn how to incorporate the philosophy of India's medical system, Ayurveda, into your life and teaching
  • Create a diet and lifestyle that will create optimal health in your life based on the gunas and Ayurveda 
  • Study the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, the founder of modern yoga (2,500 BC)  
  • Discuss ethics of being a yoga teacher, including the teacher's role as a community leader, the value of selfless service, and practicing honesty and non-harm
  • Learn how to live a healthy, vibrant, and spiritually-aligned life that benefits yourself and the relationship in your life 

Techniques, Training, & Practice

  • Safely practice and teach yoga postures (asanas)
  • Learn the therapeutic and healing benefits of the various asanas 
  • Explore modifications for poses and the use of props to make yoga safe & accessible to all students 
  • Identify and cue proper alignment
  • Offer safe and consentual hands-on adjustments and assistance
  • Practice and teach various breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation 
  • Create balanced, safe, fun and meaningful class sequences that emphasize your talents 

Teaching Methods & Styles

  • Experience various styles of yogic practices through experience: Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation
  • Teaching yoga for children, pre / post natal students.
  • Find your voice; practice articulation, word choice, and mindful communication  
  • Customize your teaching to serve special niches or population of choice 
  • Practice savasana massage 
  • Hold space for a class and others; learn how to be the best teacher you can be

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Explore the subtle body energy systems in-depth including the chakra systems, nadis, masculine/feminine energy and more
  • Study anatomy and physiology of the physical body 
  • Learn how to be enhance your teaching with an understanding of the unseen body and how it works 
  • Therapeutics of yoga: learn how to work with pain, injuries, and many health conditions


  • Practice structuring, sequencing, and teaching yoga classes
  • Give and receive constructive feedback to and from peers (in the program and outside of program) to enhance your teaching awareness and ability 
  • Receive personalized feedback from lead instructor on how to teach your best class 
  • Plenty of practice teaching! 

The Spiritual Entrepreneur - The Business of Yoga

  • Legal requirements as a yoga teacher 
  • Basic tax information related to yoga teaching income 
  • Learn marketing techniques, business exploration and more to help start a spiritually-focused and conscientious business model  
  • Learn about the Yoga Alliance registry and membership 

Beyond the Yoga Alliance - Additional Areas of Study: 

  • Teaching silent and guided meditation (Anapana)
  • Basics of Sanskrit & Sanskrit names of asanas
  • Seva - Selfless Service 
  • Create a sadhana that supports your life and practice

Required Texts

Please bring these books to the training either in physical or electronic form.  I recommend reading these books as early as you can to start preparing for the training.  You will also receive a 200 hour teacher training manual.  This manual will be sent to you electronically or you will have the option to purchase. I will email you more information about the manual. 

  • The Yamas & Niyamas - Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice - Deborah Adele 
  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Swami Satchidananda
  • Yoga Sequencing - Designing Transformative Yoga Classes - Mark Stephens
  • The Key Muscles of Yoga - Ray Long 

Other Recommended Books:
(Not required for this training but are helpful along the spiritual path; Recommended to be read during this lifetime)

  • Yoga Body - Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T. 
  • Light on Yoga - BKS Iyengar 
  • The Yogi Entrepreneur: A Guide to Earning a Mindful Living through Yoga - Darren Main
  • The Subtle Body Coloring Book - Cyndi Dale & Richard Wehrman
  • The Bhagavad Gita - Introduction and Translated - Eknath Easwaran
  • The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga - Amy Ippoliti & Taro Smith  
  • Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body and Soul - Sharon Gannon & David Life
  • Yogi Assignment - Kino Macgregor 
  • You Can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay
  • The Alchemist - Paulo Coehlo
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Deepak Chopra 
  • The Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield 
  • Myths of the Asanas - Alanna Kaivalya & Arjuna van Der Kooji 
  • Ayurveda The Science of Self Healing - Dr. Vasant Lad 
  • Yoga & Ayurveda - Dr. David Frawley 
  • Eatern Mind, Western Body - Anodea Judith 
  • A Course in Miracles

Who Can Attend?

On average, about half of our graduates attend our yoga and meditation teacher trainings to teach yoga, the other half attend to deepen one's personal understanding and practice of yoga and will use this training as a personal development course.   

Identifying as a yoga teacher is a commitment to  living the yogi lifestyle (with best effort).  It's a commitment to  continuous learning, practicing daily healthy habits, increasing your  awareness and consciousness, practicing seva and so much more.  It's  a commitment to a life of continual practice so you have experiential  knowledge to pass down to the people you will one day call your  students.  If you are inspired and guided to take this course, please be  mindful of our requirements for serious students:

  • You have experienced the healing and transformative benefits of yoga and meditation first-hand in your own life.
  • You  can work diligently and be self-directed.  Although you will be guided  throughout this program, it is up to each individual student to show up  and do the work.  You will get out of this program what you put into  this program.  It is an investment in yourself.
  • You  can communicate effectively.  As the old adage goes, "ask and you shall  receive."  It is only when we communicate our needs, challenges, and  intent that change and transformation can occur.  The teacher can help  you along your journey, but you must meet the teacher halfway.  

Free Day & Excursions


There will be one free day during the retreat (Saturday, April 30, 2022) for students to either relax, book a massage, explore the nearby town, visit the beach, or take an excursion.
 Excursions are managed by the retreat center. 


Massages are available at the rate of $75/hour

There will be a sign-up list at the retreat center. 


Nearby excursions:

  • Horseback Riding   2 hours - $60                                               

Excursions with transportation costs included:

  • Visit the Bribri indigenous people, chocolate tour & waterfall - $75
  • Kayaking in Punta Uva - $55
  • Whitewater Rafting - $99
  • Zip-lining in the jungle - $74

Excursions without transportation costs included; transportation can be arranged for you:

  • Cahuita National Park Hike with tour guide - $30
  • Cahuita National Park Snorkeling - $30
  • Surf Lessons  2 hours - $40
  • Jaguar Rescue Center  (Sundays closed) - $20
  • Cacao Trails Chocolate Tour - $25 
  • Sloth Sanctuary (Mondays closed) - $30 


All meals are healthy, vegetarian and made with a lot of love. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated, including soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and more.

All food is daily prepared from scratch with fresh organic ingredients and fruits locally grown. It is healthy and delicious food prepared with love and care for our guests.

Read more about the menu here: https://thegoddessgarden.com/about/#cuisine


The Goddess Garden is a yoga teacher training center and yoga retreat center and most of all, an intentional place for yoga, meditation and transformation in Cahuita, Costa Rica.

This yoga teacher training and retreat center is surrounded by huge jungle trees, which follow the path of a small creek. Just a step away, you will find the oldest and most amazing tree in Cahuita. Its roots, as tall as a man, will leave you breathless… in reality it is a temple. This beautiful setting will invite you to practice yoga and meditation.

The Goddess Garden Retreat’s spiritual center has two floors, where the view of the rainforest expands to almost 360 degrees. It is designed to give you a wonderful feeling, putting you in touch with nature during your yoga and meditation sessions.

Costa Rica is a peaceful country that disposed of the army many years ago and has a consciousness geared for peace and taking care of the environment, making it perfect for yoga and meditation practice.

Center Address: 

The Goddess Garden Eco-Resort

Playa Grande 

70403 Cahuita

Limon, Costa Rica

See more here: https://thegoddessgarden.com/contact/#map

Eco-Tours available during your stay: https://thegoddessgarden.com/ecotours/

Goddess Garden Eco-Resort Video Gallery: https://thegoddessgarden.com/gallery/#videos

Goddess Garden Eco-Resort Photo Gallery: https://thegoddessgarden.com/gallery/#/photos

Goddess Garden Sustainability: https://thegoddessgarden.com/about/#/sustainability


There are a variety of ways to get to the Goddess Garden in Cahuita, Costa Rica.  

Free Group Shuttle from SJO Airport to Retreat Center

Most will fly to San Jose Costa Rica (airport code SJO) and take the  group shuttle directly to the retreat center.  

For those wishing to take the group shuttle, it is imperative you do not miss the shuttle leaving at 1pm on Saturday, April 23.  

Therefore, it is recommended students arrive the night before (Friday, April 22, 2022) and stay at a hotel near the airport that provides a free shuttle to-and-from the airport.  

We can recommend two hotels near the airport in San Jose:

1. The Adventure Inn (https://www.adventure-inn.com)

2. Hotel Airport  (http://www.airporthotelcostarica.com)

You can make your own reservation. Just mention that you are attending a retreat at The Goddess Garden and you get a discount. 

You may fly in on Saturday morning, however, please keep in mind that a delayed flight can cause one to potentially miss the shuttle. In the case of a missed shuttle, you will be required to pay for your own transportation, which is listed below in the Alternative Travel Options.  

Those wishing to fly in on Saturday morning should pick a flight that arrives before 11am to be safe.  

The group shuttle will leave the SJO airport on Saturday, April 23, 2022, at 1pm. This shuttle will travel directly to the retreat center. 

The pickup place is at the airport in front of Restaurant Malinche (50 yards right hand side from the exit of the airport).

On the last day of the training, Saturday, May 7, the shuttle will leave the retreat center at 9am to return to the SJO airport.  

It is around a 4 hour drive to travel from the retreat center to SJO airport, so please plan returning flights accordingly.  Most international flights require checking-in at the airport around 3 hours prior to departure.  Flights on May 7 should be planned for no earlier than 4pm.

Alternative Travel Options:

Alternative transportation options are available for those unable to make the group shuttle on Saturday, April 23 at 1pm, or for those coming from elsewhere. 

1. ) Private taxi

~Up to 3 persons:  $140 - $200 USD one way

2.) Private shuttle door-to-door service

~You can make your own reservation directly in the corresponding webpage.  Your pick-up and drop-off place in Cahuita is The Goddess Garden.

3.) Interbus (www.interbusonline.com)    

WhatsApp +506  84402396 

~Departure from San Jose hotels and airport - 7:30am - $57 USD pp

~Departure from Cahuita to San Jose - 6:50am - $57 USD pp

Departure times may change for 2022. Please check with Interbus.

4.) Caribe Shuttle (www.caribeshuttle.com)  

Inquiries sent to: info@caribeshuttle.com

~Departure from San Jose hotels and airport at 5:30 am and 2:00 pm - $55 USD pp

~Departure from Cahuita to San Jose at 6am and 12.30 pm - $55 USD pp

5.) Public bus  

From downtown San Jose “Antigua bus station SAN CARLOS “  

~Departure in San Jose at 6am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm -  $9 USD pp

~Departure in Cahuita at 7:30am, 11:30am, 4:30pm - $9 USD pp

Transportation Company MEPE

Taxi from international airport to bus station or vice versa - $30 USD

6.) Flights to Limon

Sansa Airlines 

Visit  www.flysansa.com or call  +506 2290 4100

Flights from San José International Airport - 6:35am, 1:50pm  

Flights from Limon - 7:30am, 14:45pm

Airfare  $90 USD

7.) Caribe Shuttle

Provides a pickup service from the airport to the retreat center for $22 USD 

Visit www.caribeshuttle.com  or write to info@caribeshuttle.com

About Satya Meditation & Yoga School

This teacher training is formerly known as the Mindful Cleveland Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training.  It was created and developed in Cleveland, Ohio, by Sara Syed.  This training was designed by Sara's international yoga and meditation studies.  She changed the name to Satya Meditation and Yoga School in 2022 when she decided to expand her teachings beyond Cleveland, Ohio.  

You can read more about her previous courses, retreats, and about the wellness studio she owns and operates in Cleveland, Ohio here: www.thestudiocleveland.com

You can read more about her previous 200 hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Trainings here: https://www.thestudiocleveland.com/200-hour-yoga-and-meditation-teacher-training-in-cleveland.html

You can read more about her previous 50 hour Meditation Intensive and Teacher Training Continuing Education Courses here: https://www.thestudiocleveland.com/50-hr-meditation-intensive--teacher-training.html

You can read more about her previous silent mediation retreats, yoga retreats and yoga & Ayurveda retreats here: https://www.thestudiocleveland.com/previous-retreats.html

You can read more about her donation-based Yoga for Every BODY accessible summer beach yoga efforts in Cleveland, Ohio here: https://www.thestudiocleveland.com/yoga-for-every-b-o-d-y.html

About Sara Syed, Lead Instructor

  • Owner, The Studio Cleveland - Wellness Center, Cleveland, Ohio, 2018 
  • 200 Hour Registered Yoga School Lead Instructor, 2019
  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider - YACEP, 2019 
  • 700 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, 2014
  • Master's of Science in Education; Curriculum & Instruction - The University of Akron, 2016
  • Bachelor's of science in Psychology - John Carroll University, 2013

Sara started her yoga practice during high school in 2008, while struggling with drug & alcohol addiction, anxiety, eating-disorders, trauma and depression. After a few years of consistent meditation and yoga, Sara discovered a glimpse of healing while meditating on her chakras and practicing yoga; Sara found herself crying in savasana after every yoga class finally processing emotions left unacknowledged for so long.  

To Sara's surprise, this was only the beginning of Sara's healing journey.    

Sara learned how to use crystals and studied the chakras intensively on her own (she had no chakra teachers as this was not mainstream information yet). Through her study of the chakras, Sara learned how to access the root cause of her addiction, mental disorders and overall mental chaos and suffering.   

Sara discovered that her addiction was simply a symptom for an inability to cope, process and handle hard emotions.  Sara realized she had not allowed herself to feel up until this point in her life.   

She truly experienced an ego death; what she thought was her truth and her life crumbled before her eyes. She used imagery of the transformative process of the life cycle of a butterfly to give her strength--she knew she was evolving from her centipede self to a beautiful butterfly, but at this time, she felt very much like she was in a dark and scary cocoon of the unknown.  Sara realized that yoga helped silence her problematic ego. She used yoga as a means to clear out the baggage she had been carrying around for her entire life. She emptied herself and her vessel to carry out the higher power's will instead of her own.  Sara realized that not being able to do certain poses in yoga was humbling.  She learned about ethical living, making amends with her past and the people she had hurt (including herself). She learned to live authentically and with integrity.   

It was a long, arduous and deep inner journey.  

This path eventually led Sara to attend her first yoga teacher training in Cahuita, Costa Rica, in 2014.  She shared yoga freely (without charge) for a solid year after yoga teacher training to the students and staff at The University of Akron. This helped her immensely as a new teacher so she could have students to practice her newfound skill of teaching what she had learned. Sara believed in giving back what yoga gave to her.  Since then, Sara has spent thousands of hours teaching yoga and meditation at elementary schools, high schools, universities, fitness centers, local festivals, and at yoga studios. Her most meaningful experience has been teaching under-served populations such as in inner city schools in Akron and in Cleveland, at juvenile detention centers, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and at mental health facilities.   

Professionally, Sara worked as a mental health case worker for two different organizations.  She saw that yoga would be a viable solution to help the clients, but these organizations were not yet open to offering holistically-oriented solutions so Sara instead pursued teaching High School English.  Sara found that the high school students suffered from mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. The public schools at the time were more concerned with the common core and standardized testing than with helping the students develop real-life personal development skills, so she left the public sector to study yoga more in-depth.    

Sara knew self-study was an important factor in being able to help and serve others, and she knew she had a lot more she needed to learn still, despite her already adventurous travels and studies throughout Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Sara had spent all of her free time volunteering with children in these countries, teaching English, volunteering with animal rehabilitation sanctuaries, and of course, teaching yoga to locals and other travelers. in 2016, Sara left for a three-month solo journey to India where she completed an advanced 300-hour yoga teaching training program at Yogadarshanam Ashtanga/Hatha yoga school in Mysore, India. Sara also studied at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute under Saraswathi Jois for half of a month. She spent the rest of her time in India studying the culture and practicing to surrender to the divine.   

In 2017, Sara's spiritual development took a whole new route; she started practicing Vipassana meditation in the lineage of the Buddha as taught by S.N Goenka. These courses require its students to practice silent meditation from 4:30am - 9pm, with few breaks throughout the day. This is a completely silent course with the last meal being at 11:00am. Sara lived like a partial monk at these retreats. Since, she has completed three 10-day courses, one 8-day Satipatthana Suta course, and she has selflessly served for one 10-day course, spending a total of almost 50 days of her life in complete silence, introspection and meditation.   

Sara purchased The Studio Cleveland, a wellness center located in the heart of Downtown Cleveland, in September, 2018.  Sara's goal was to extend The Studio Cleveland's existing reach so that more people could benefit from its spiritual and healing offerings. Sara strives to make The Studio Cleveland an inclusive and authentic resource for any human seeking inner peace.  Sara started hosting 200 hour yoga and meditation teacher trainings in April 2019. Since then, her trainings continue to grow and evolve with each cohort. She now offers a 50 meditation intensive and teacher training continuing education program as well as various other workshops & events throughout the year. Sara has a special place in her heart for traveling so she honors that by hosting regular, semi-annual wellness retreats both locally and internationally.   

Sara has also grown and developed an accessible, donation-based yoga for every BODY beach yoga offering throughout the summer months in Cleveland, Ohio, where thousands of students receive donation-based teachings outside in nature in the most beautiful parks throughout Cleveland, where Sara lives.

Read more here: https://www.thestudiocleveland.com/sara-syed.html

What to Bring

Costa Rica is a tropical rainforest and a jungle full of biodiversity!  

The biodiversity creates fauna, plants, trees and an exotic jungle atmosphere. 

Many animals call this region of Costa Rica home, including monkeys and sloths. 

With this beauty comes minor challenges such as mosquitoes, unexpected rain, power outages (not common but may happen), and lots of moisture.  

Here is what is recommended to pack for your stay in Costa Rica to ensure you are prepared for all of the elements and wonders Costa Rica has to offer! 

  • Waterproof phone case
  • Organic activated charcoal supplements to help your tummy acclimate to a new environment
  • Travel insurance 
  • Small, portable charger 
  • Mosquito repellent/repellent wristbands
  • Waterproof shoes (light and airy, yet able to stay comfy in the rain; I recommend crocs or something similar) 
  • Waterproof, underwater camera
  • Hiking shoes
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • A small, water resistant backpack for day travels 
  • Travel towel
  • Water bottle with built-in filter
  • Spare copies (physical and electronic) of all travel documents (passports, etc.)
  • Sunscreen
  • RDIF safe wallet for cards and passports 
  • Travel-friendly debit/cards with low international fees for ATM cash withdrawals and card purcahses 

Print out a fun packing list here: https://mytanfeet.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/201113-packing-list-UPDATED.pdf

What Not to Bring

We do not recommend bringing: 

1. Valuables and irreplaceables

2. Your computer

3. Cold-weather clothing

4. Nice jewelry

5. Fancy clothes

6. Large amounts of cash

FAQs about Costa Rica

1.  Is it safe to drink the Costa Rican water?
It’s technically safe to drink the water in much of Costa Rica, however, many accommodations will still provide filtered water for your comfort and peace of mind. Once you venture into more rural locations you’re less likely to be able to drink from the tap, so bottled water is recommended. Bring along a filtered water bottle if you want to be absolutely sure that your water is drinkable.

2. Are any vaccinations recommended? 

Routine vaccinations for anywhere — measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot — are called-for, and a good idea. 

Additionally, the CDC recommends Hepatitis A and Typhoid if you’re planning to travel to Costa Rica. Other suggestions include Hepatitis B, rabies, and Yellow Fever shots depending on your intended length of stay and if you plan to travel elsewhere.

3. What is medical care like in Costa Rica?
There is a fairly high quality of medical care available in Costa Rica. However, keep in mind that many U.S. insurance policies do not cover some international incidents, so it’s best to check with your provider. Trip insurance is also recommended in case of last-minute cancellations and re-bookings for emergencies.

4. Do I need a power adaptor to use Costa Rican outlets?
Costa Rica electrical outlets run on 110 volts — the same as the United States.

5. Do I need a visa for Costa Rica?
U.S. passport holders do not need a visa to travel to Costa Rica. However, you ARE required to show proof of onward travel. Check the embassy website for requirements of other nationalities.

6. What is the Costa Rican Departure Tax?
The departure tax is a fee charged to travelers leaving Costa Rica by air – it’s typically not charged to those leaving by land or sea. The tax is around $29 and is sometimes included in return airfare if you purchased ahead of time. Check your purchase confirmation for your airline tickets if you’re unsure.

7. What is the weather like in Costa Rica?

DRY SEASON – December, January, February, March, April:

For most regions, Costa Rican dry season lasts from December through April, and features significantly less rain and much more comfortable temperatures. This is also peak tourist season, so if you’re not into crowds you may want to opt for travel during the shoulder season. 

Pack comfortable and lightweight layers so that you can add them and remove them as needed. Fabrics that dry quickly are still important – you may be engaging in water activities, or ones that make you sweat. Don’t forget your hat, reed-safe sunscreen, and sunglasses – the sun is extremely strong when you’re near the equator, so come prepared! 

Temperatures average between 65°F to 75°F (18°C to 24°C) during this time of year, with November through January being the coolest months.

WET SEASON – May, June, July, August, September, October, November:

These months bring rain to almost the entire country – and lots of it! Although the Caribbean region of the country has very enjoyable weather during September and October, if you’re looking to travel during those months. 

The best parts about traveling during the rainy or “green” season are the gorgeous vegetation (hence the term “green season”), the incredible waterfalls, and the smaller tourist crowds that make sight-seeing easier. The rain, however, can take a toll on unprepared travelers. Bring a good rain jacket and dependable hiking shoes that can withstand water. It’s also wise to bring a second pair of sandals or water shoes to avoid having to re-wear soggy shoes. Quick-dry fabrics are crucial. 

Temperatures during the wet season average between 75°F to 85°F (about 24°C to 29°C), though it will feel humid and a little hotter than it really is.

8. What should I wear in Costa Rica?

Casual comfort is the idea here. Breathable, light fabrics will serve you well in this tropical climate. Thin cotton or linen, airy athletic fabrics, and anything quick-dry will be assets on your adventure, as well as when packing since they’re so light and compact. 

Light layers, rain jacket, convertible quick-dry pants, and a pair of good-quality, broken-in (preferably waterproof) hiking boots, will be your best friends here. The idea is to stay comfortable in any of Costa Rica’s climate zones by adding or removing layers, and staying as dry as possible.

Cancellation Policy

  • The deposit is non-refundable.
  • Cancellations made prior to March 10, 2022, may receive a 50% refund (minus the deposit).
  • Cancellations after March 10, 2022, may not receive a refund (minus the deposit).
  • Exceptions: cancellations because of Covid-19 restrictions or Covid-19 illness get a 75% refund (minus the deposit).  Must provide evidence of a positive covid test dated within 10 days of the course start date (dated on or after April 13, 2022).
  • Unable to attend? Students may rollover payment towards a future training (minus deposit) if a notice is given in writing prior to March 10, 2022. After 12 months, all payments will be forfeited. 

Covid Policies & Procedures

Classes are held in outdoor and open-air settings with space for social distancing. 

Vaccinations are not required to attend this training. 

Before You Travel

Requirements to enter Costa Rica

• Fill out the electronic epidemiological HEALTH PASS form, available at https://salud.go.cr.

• If you have been fully vaccinated 14 days prior to your arrival you do not need to fulfill any additional requirement. For accepted Vaccines in Costa Rica visit https://www.visitcostarica.com/en/costa-rica/planning-your-trip/entry-requirements

• If you are not vaccinated you need a Traveler’s Medical Insurance. You can purchase the insurance in Costa Rica through the National Insurance Institute (INS – Instituto Nacional de Seguros) https://www.grupoins.com/seguroparaviajeros, or Sagicor https://tiendasagicor.com/en.

For international insurance policies, tourists must request a certificate from their insurance company, issued in English or Spanish, verifying at least the following three conditions. (This certificate must be uploaded when filling out the electronic epidemiological HEALTH PASS):

• Effectiveness of the policy during the visit to Costa Rica.

• Guaranteed coverage of medical expenses in the event of becoming ill with the pandemic COVID-19 virus while in Costa Rica, for at least USD $50,000 (fifty thousand United States Dollars).

• Includes minimum coverage of USD $2,000 for lodging expenses issued as a result of the pandemic.

Passengers who fail to comply with these requirements may not enter the country.

Upon landing in Costa Rican territory, travelers must wear face protection and comply with the strict protocols of the air terminal with regard to physical distancing, disinfection of carpets, and taking temperature readings, and must follow any other sanitary instructions.

For any other travel requirements that may apply to you, please do not forget to check the official site of the Costa Rican Tourism Board here https://www.visitcostarica.com/en/costa-rica/planning-your-trip/entry-requirements

Re-entry Requirements for your Return Home

The US and many other countries require that returning travelers show a negative Covid test before re-entry (within 3 day of arrival in US). We offer easy onsite Covid-testing, on Thursdays of each week (with results within 24-48 hours) thus prior to flights back on Friday or Saturday. The tests are facilitated by the staff of a local medical clinic and Costa Rican laboratory; so that you can rest assured that you are meeting all the requirements for your travel back home. We are expecting the cost to be around US$80.-. Any other day of the week you can travel to Puerto Viejo (15 min) to get your personal Covid-19 PCR or Antigen test. Follow this link for official Laboratories: https://www.ministeriodesalud.go.cr/index.php/centro-de-prensa/noticias/746-noticias-2021/2042-laboratorios-con-aval-de-salud-para-realizar-pruebas-de-antigeno-de-sars-

Transportation from/to the airport and The Goddess Garden

All vehicles are sanitized before and after use. All our drivers are vaccinated. Private taxis are available upon advanced request.

Your luggage is sanitized before loading it to your shuttle or private taxi from the airport. Upon arrival our helpful staff will assist in carrying the luggage to your room.

Your Arrival and Check-In

You will find a form for registration and a waiver at your room. Please fill them out carefully, sign them and bring them to the office to receive your room key. Please wear a mask and keep safety distance during the check in procedure.

Enhanced protocols during your stay

At the retreat-level, and in an abundance of caution, we have implemented several new policies and procedures beyond our already stringent health and safety protocols. These additional standards follow recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and The World Health Organization (WHO). Additional activity includes:

• All workers are vaccinated.

• Health screenings and periodic examinations of all our employees are carried out.

• Isolation rules on presentation of symptoms of COVID-19 including a high body temperature, loss of sense of smell and taste and continuous dry coughing.

• Personnel uniforms are cleaned in accordance with the protocols and daily changes are provided

• Our employees work with personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves where required.

• Guests’ luggage and belongings are disinfected at the entrance.

• Enhanced room cleaning. Daily disinfection of common areas and the rooms.

• Social distancing in common areas.

• Adjusted food and beverage service.

• All incoming cargo and deliveries are delivered through disinfection process in the goods acceptance area.

• Hand sanitizers available at Reception and the Restaurant.

• Stair handrails and touch points cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals.

• Public areas cleaned in line with protocol. All tables, chairs and hard surfaces wiped down with appropriate chemicals at regular intervals.

• All door furniture sanitized at regular intervals and doors kept open.

• All touch points in guest bedrooms and bathrooms to be cleaned with appropriate approved chemicals.

We are committed to provide a wonderful stay and minimize the risk of a Covid-19 infection for our guests and staff.

Additional measurements

• We recommend bringing your own yoga mat & yoga blanket. If you use our mats, your spot and mat will be marked with your name and only you will use that mat and props during your stay.

• No outside visitors will be allowed on premises to assure a safe and hermetic environment.

If you have any questions about our COVID Policis, please contact us at thegoddessgarden@yahoo.com.

What’s included

  • 200hr certification
    Upon successful completion students receive their professional certification from Satya Meditation & Yoga School – a Yoga Alliance registered school
  • Daily yoga classes
    Explore your true nature with daily yoga classes. The classes are specialized to promote your healing and growth.
  • Clearing Ceremony
    Release any pain and baggage you might be carrying with an intentional, cleansing ceremony. We will start the training with this ceremony to be clear on our intentions throughout the training.
  • Daily meditation classes
    Find silence and solitude within. Discover your innate being of peace within. Long days of meditation helps to clear the mind of built-up stress and fatigue. Leave this retreat feeling renewed.
  • Lodging & accommodations
    Choose from a variety of accommodation options based on your needs. All accommodations are right in the rain forest / jungle so you can hear the sounds of nature at night while you sleep.
  • Daily meals
    All healthy, vegetarian meals to promote digestion, healing and meditation. All meals are cooked with love by a professional chef. Three meals provided daily.
  • Ground transportation
    Group bus transportation from San Jose to resort with return trip at end of training. Must be present at preset departure times to travel with group.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Fast Wi-Fi throughout the property
  • Professional mentoring
    Ongoing professional mentoring with Sara Syed following training
  • Unforgettable memories
    This experience is sure to expand and change your life for the better. You will never forget your time spent here in Costa Rica with Sara Syed!

What’s not included

  • Airfare
    Includes Costa Rica Departure tax. Check with your airline to determine if included in your ticket cost. If not, you must pay 29 USD at the airport prior to checking in for your flight.
  • Personal travel
    Only group ground travel expenses to and from the airport (leaving at 1pm on Saturday, April 23) are included in your investment.
  • Travel insurance
    We recommend the purchase of "cancel for any reason" level of insurance to protect your investment
  • Medical insurance
    Costa Rica requires Traveler Medical Insurance to enter the country. See https://salud.go.cr for details on insurance requirements and to complete your health pass to obtain a QR code to enter.
  • Yoga books
  • Miscellaneous expenses
    Spa services, personal items, laundry, etc are not included
  • Hotels/hostels
    Lodging before or after the training dates is not included
  • Covid test to return
    Many countries require a negative Covid test 48-72 hours prior to entry back home. Both Rapid viral test (65 USD) and PCR test (140 USD) available. PCR tests widely accepted and accurate.

Available Packages

Dormitory - women only

Large dormitory style room with twin-sized bunk beds

Shelving/clothes closet dividers

6 students per room

En suite bathroom with multiple facilities - privacy toilets and showers

Oscillating fans

Large study table and chairs

In-room safes 

Deposit: $500

Triple lodging (3 separate queen beds)

En suite bath

In-room safe

Oscillating fan

Deposit: $500

Double lodging (2 queen beds)

En suite bath

In-room safe

Oscillating fan

Deposit: $500

Single lodging

En suite bath

In-room safe

Oscillating fan

Deposit: $500
One Week - No Certification; Private

Private Room; 

Come stay, relax, practice meditation and yoga without the intense curriculum of a teacher training.  You can pick and choose when you'd like to attend. You can adventure freely at the beach, at the pool, or even take excursions to the nearby waterfalls (additional charge).

Deposit: $500
One Week - No Certification; Double

Double Room; Two Queen Beds.
Come stay, relax, practice meditation and yoga without the intense curriculum of a teacher training.  You can pick and choose when you'd like to attend. You can adventure freely at the beach, at the pool, or even take excursions to the nearby waterfalls (additional charge).

Deposit: $500
One Week - No Certification; Dorm

Shared bunk twin-sized bunk bed;

Come stay, relax, practice meditation and yoga without the intense curriculum of a teacher training.  You can pick and choose when you'd like to attend. You can adventure freely at the beach, at the pool, or even take excursions to the nearby waterfalls (additional charge).

Deposit: $0


Day 1
Start of Training

1pm - Depart San Jose International Airport (SJO) 

5pm - Arrive Goddess Garden Eco-Resort approximately 4 hours later.

5pm - Check-in

6pm - Orientation

7pm- Dinner

8:30pm -Meditation 

Your Organizer

Sara Syed
33 reviews
Sara has been studying and practicing yoga since 2008, and completed dedicated her life to the spiritual path around 2012. Sara is a 500+ E-RYT instructor and Yoga School - an RYS200 & RYS300 accredited school through Yoga Alliance. Sara also holds her M.S in Education, B.S. in Psychology, and attends 10-day silent meditation retreats annually to continue her personal development. Sara has had over 500 students attend her trainings and retreats since 2019. She believes in honoring ancient wisdom to improve our modern living.


Embarking on a Yoga Teacher Training journey is a profound choice, transcending mere physical poses and ancient philosophies. It's an odyssey of self-discovery, vulnerability, and profound transformation. At The Studio Cleveland, under Sara's guidance, this journey becomes a sacred passage, marked by humility, kindness, and boundless wisdom. Sara's nurturing presence fosters an environment where growth flourishes, and barriers dissolve. With an open heart and mind, she curates an enriching curriculum, inviting esteemed guest speakers to illuminate the multifaceted dimensions of yoga. Each encounter becomes a stepping stone, guiding practitioners toward deeper understanding and personal evolution. Choosing Sara's YTT isn't just about learning; it's about manifesting a profound shift in your life's trajectory. Through this immersive experience, you'll forge connections with extraordinary individuals and unearth profound insights into your own existence. So, if you're contemplating this transformative journey, trust in the power of manifestation and let Sara's wisdom illuminate your path forward.
By Michelle B for Cleveland, OH: 200-Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training on Apr 12, 2024
This was such an amazing experience! This course really took me into a deeper understanding of yoga, its philosophies, and other branches that connect to it. We had guest teachers that took us through very informative sessions, and Sara was of course very knowledgeable and cared a lot about the students. She made everyone feel welcome and made yoga accessible. I met some wonderful people in the process and got to participate in some amazing discussions. I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about obtaining their yoga certification. This was an unforgettable experience that gave me the confidence to teach classes without losing my own personality. Thank you, Sara and your team!
By Vanessa M for Cleveland, OH: 200-Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training on Apr 09, 2024
This was a great experience! Sara was excellent, constantly teaching nuances of meditation without using esoteric language. The hatha yoga sessions were great, but might be a bit fast paced for someone unfamiliar with the basic postures. The facilities were located in a beautiful setting, the staff was excellent, and the food was absolutely wonderful. Being silent for a few days was an interesting experience!
By Edward H for Southern Ohio: Fall Healing Silent Meditation & Yoga Nature Retreat on Nov 15, 2023
Sara hosted a fantastic retreat! It exceeded my expectations in every way and was exactly what I needed to hit the "reset button." The lodging was spacious and extremely comfortable. The food was incredible. The Yoga & Meditation sessions were super insightful and accessible to even the newest meditators. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an experience like this. Thanks again Sara!
By Joshua S for Southern Ohio: Fall Healing Silent Meditation & Yoga Nature Retreat on Oct 18, 2023
Amazing trip, and very well lead. Sara did a great job of leading us in meditations and yoga. The location itself was beautiful and just what was needed for a very introspective weekend. The food was AMAZING!!!! Chef Blake killed it, the whole retreat was great, but the food was probably my favorite part. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a nice detox from the digital world and looking for a nice reset.
By Dalton R for Southern Ohio: Fall Healing Silent Meditation & Yoga Nature Retreat on Oct 18, 2023
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