2022 Party Pinguine Canada Tour

      Ottawa & Toronto, Canada

      Victory Travel & Events
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      113 reviews
      Dec 26, 2022 - Jan 5, 2023
      Group size: 25 - 50
      2022 Party Pinguine Canada Tour
      Ottawa & Toronto, Canada

      Victory Travel & Events
      • Email address verified
      113 reviews

      Dec 26, 2022 - Jan 5, 2023
      Group size: 25 - 50

      About this trip


      The Party Penguin 2022-2023 Canada Tour will feature visits to 2 great Canadian Cities:  Ottawa and Toronto. Check out the Parliament Buildings, Unesco World Heritage site--Rideau Canal, the CN Tower, Niagara Falls and the Hockey Hall of Fame....all while enjoying the Ottawa Senators & Toronto Maple Leaf (NHL) home games.   An ELITE Spectator Tour to Hockey Country !!!


      We encourage that the group and individuals to wait until the 2022-2023 NHL Schedule is finalized and confirmed BEFORE you book your flights.    The NHL schedule usually gets confirmed around July 1st every year.  You will have options for booking flights as follows:

      1.  Book Group Flights with Victory Travel & Events.

      2.  Book Individual flights on your own. (we will still provide airport transfers for you!)

      3.  Book individual flights using Points from any membership programs. (we will still provide airport transfers for you!)

      Different Packages and Hotel Rooms

      Typical Hotel Rooms in North America are different than in Germany.  Please note the following:

      --If you are booking a Single Tour Package,  you will receive a hotel room with 1 x Double Bed or 2 x Double Bed.

      --If you are booking a Double Tour Package, you will receive a hotel room with 2 x Double Beds.

      --If a Husband and Wife are travelling together, the husband will book a Double Tour Package and the wife will also book a Double Tour Package.

      --If a Husband and Wife are travelling with a Child under 12.   the husband will book a Double Tour Package, the wife will also book a Double Tour Package and the Child will book a "Child Under 12 staying with Adult".   They will receive a hotel room with 2 x double beds.

      --It is not recommended for 3 or 4 adults in each room unless someone will share the 2 x double beds.  In this case, please ask us for customized Triple or Quad Tour package pricing.

      --We have no hotel rooms with Twin Beds in Canada.

      --Some hotels have extra rollaway beds but many hotels do not because of fire regulations.

      --Anybody over 12 years of age is considered an adult for tour pricing.

      --Children Under 5 are FREE for any of our tour packages.

      Travel Dates

      Tentative dates for the Land Only Package will be December 26/2022 to January 5/2023 (10 Nights in Canada) but we can revise dates prior to booking your flights if the NHL schedule doesn't work well with those dates.   Pricing will remain the same if the dates are changed.

      Important Dates

      Deposit:  Due on booking.

      March 1st:   1st Payment Date

      June 1st:  2nd Payment Date

      July 1st:   NHL Schedule Announced

      Sept. 1st:   3rd Payment Date

      Sept. 26th:  Last day to cancel with NO penalty. 

      Nov. 26th:  Last Day for Name Changes (30 days before)

      Dec. 1st:  4th and Final Payment Date

      NHL Tickets

      Please note that NHL tickets in both cities are very different:

      -Group tickets in Ottawa (all sitting together in regular seats) are possible.  Tickets will range from $65.00 CAD to $250.00 CAD per person.

      -Suites are also possible in Ottawa.   Suite tickets will range from $150.00 to $500.00 depending on location of suite and you need a minimum number of people.

      -Group seats in Toronto are NOT available.  You must buy individual tickets with a 3rd Party Ticket Resellers and normally you can only find maximum 4 seats together.  Tickets will range from $150 CAD per person and higher.

      --Suites in Toronto are sometimes available with very early booking.  Suites are very expensive and will range from $300.00 CAD to $1000.00 CAD per person and you need a minimum number of people.

      --Suites sometimes have food included.

      --Victory Travel & Events can help with bookings tickets and suites.

      What’s included

      • 5 Nights in Ottawa
        4 Star Downtown Hotel
      • 5 Nights in Toronto
        4 Star Downtown Hotel
      • Airport Transfers
        With 48/56 Passenger Coach Bus
      • Bus-4 Extra Days
        In addition to the Airport Transfers
      • Bus Ottawa to Toronto
        4 Hour Trip
      • Ottawa Walking Tour
        In Downtown core
      • Group Dinner
        1 x Special Group Dinner w/ set menu
      • CN Tower Lift Tickets
        Elevator to top of tower
      • Niagara Falls Day Trip
        With German Speaking Guide
      • HHOF Tickets
        Entry to Hockey Hall of Fame
      • Coordinator
        For duration of stay
      • Taxes & Gratuities
        Bus driver hotel room also covered

      What’s not included

      • Breakfast in Hotel
        See Add-Ons
      • NHL Tickets
        See Notes above
      • Flights
        See Notes above
      • Travel Insurance
        Book on your own
      • Other Meals
        Any meals not listed above

      Available Packages

      Price Per Adult in a double room

      Land Package Price per Adult in a hotel room with one other Adult.   Hotel room will have 2 x Double Beds.

      Deposit: €200
      Price Per Adult in a single room

      Land Package Price per Adult in a hotel room by themselves.   Hotel room will have 1 x Double Bed or 2 x Double Beds. 

      Deposit: €200
      Child under 12 Staying with Adults

      Land Package Price per Child under 12 staying in a hotel room with two Adults.   Hotel room will have 2 x Double Beds. 

      Deposit: €50

      Available options


      Day 1-December 26/2022
      Travel and Arrival Day

      Arrival in Ottawa.  Met by bus and coordinator. Check into hotel and free night on your own. 

      Your Organizer

      Victory Travel & Events
      113 reviews
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      The overall trip was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience to be immersed in another culture while sharing the trip with +100 new friends who love the Red Wings. The first leg of our journey to Finland was indeed first class. Great hotel and location within the city. The group dinner with the Ottawa fans was a cool idea. Nice video message from Yzerman, but was hoping to meet some Finish NHL alumni from Helsinki. Our guides Olli and Meri were both excellent, and even checked up on us a few times after we moved on to Sweden. Whatever was thrown at them they figured out a solution to make sure our trip wasn't impacted. The biggest was finding another cruise ship to Stockholm when our original ship was not available due to an outbreak. Another time we had to walk to our location and Olli said it wasn't going to rain. As the rain started to come down, he ran into a store and bought 20 umbrellas so we would all be more comfortable. What a guy! I cannot thank Olli, Meri, and crew enough!! Sweden was equally as amazing from the culture standpoint. Breakfast at the hotel was amazing, and the hotel and location were close to a lot of fun places in Sweden. The surprise riverboat tour with some Red Wings alumni was an awesome treat. I wish the lighting on the boat was a bit better for the photos we all took with the players. Unfortunately a lot of the details from the tour company did not meet expectations. I don't know if it was a lack of confidence or inexperience, but the team did not project that they knew what they were doing. Small things like not being sure when telling us the plan, to messaging us about going to the Toronto game when we were going to the Ottawa game that night. Almost from the moment we docked we had issues. The buses didn't have enough room for everyone's luggage, so we had to leave our bags on the side of the road with the promise they would be picked up and delivered to the hotel. As we drove away no one was waiting with our bags as promised. Very unsettling feeling in a foreign country. Red Wings practice was awesome, but would have been even better if we heard live from Lidstrom and Yzerman who we saw talking in the corner. Very happy to see Zetterberg, Kronwall, and Samuelsson though. Check-in at the hotel was a mess. There should have been a table set-up with everyone's keys and organized alphabetically. Instead, random keys were being handed out in the lobby by the concierge shouting last names over the buzz of the crowd. It was very chaotic and the hotel didn't seem to know how to handle a large group of people. Another day we were excited to go to the Vasa museum, and were promised despite them not being open at 8:45am (they opened at 11am) that someone would meet us at the museum and let us in for a special tour. After 25 minutes no one was coming, so we were forced to go to the ABBA museum even though many of us had not paid for that one. This also differed from the print schedule which was our first sign something was wrong. The group photo was very disorganized, happened in like 2 seconds, and we never got offered the picture like we did in Finland so I imagine the picture didn't turn out very well. We started off our Swedish food tour with a Chinese restaurant which I found curious when we all wanted to try Swedish food. The Global Fan Fest was fun, but again we were dropped off a bit far from the entrance. Then when we got to the tent door we were told we couldn't come in. Thank goodness Danielle Bruce and Liz from the Red Wings were inside and knew we needed wristbands to get in. It would have been nice to have an extra hour at this location to experience more of the activities, meet alumni, see the Stanley Cup, shop for merch, and skate at the outdoor rink. For the hockey games, those who went to Finland first seemed to get upper bowl tickets for both games. Meanwhile those who did only Sweden got lower bowl tickets. It would have been more fair to split the games so one group got lower bowl for each game while sitting upper bowl for the other game. It was also noticeable that some people had very bad seats at the top row, while our tour guides sat as low as they could (not good optics given how the trip was going). We never met or saw James Hanlon which given all the issues we were having each day would have been helpful to know someone cared and was in charge. The Ice Bar was a lot of fun, but again we initially didn't have enough group drink tickets and no one was checking to make sure everyone that went had paid for the excursion. The final group dinner was a great, but for a group our size the place selected had a challenge taking care of us timely and we were sitting all over the place on multiple levels. Some of our friends barely got dessert before the buses were leaving so they didn't get to fully enjoy the experience. Finally the check-in on the flights home was very disorganized. Since everyone was on the same group reservation, every few of us could use the app to check-in ahead of time. The airport didn't have staff to assist until after 4:30am when we arrived at 3:30am. To Emelie's credit she stayed with us, but nothing she could really do because the kiosks were not working either so we were at the mercy of the airport. If I'm ever fortunate enough to take a trip like this again, I would hope the travel company learns from these issues and put a better effort into the next trip.
      By Matt Z for Official Red Wings-NHL Global Series(TM) Fan Tour (Premium Plus) on Dec 05, 2023
      We had a fantastic experience! Our Coordinators in Finland were absolutely the best!!!! So knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, accommodating and so much more. They truly made the Finland part of the trip flawless and memorable! Loved so much of Sweden. The Coordinators in Stockholm had much to be desired. Much of the time it was a wing it situation or even a complete mess up. We were left without transportation the very first day. It finally did arrive almost an hour later. After a long day of travel not the best introduction to Stockholm. The Downtown Camper was nice but very much in the heart of the city. We prefer more open and nature. All in all a great trip. After all it is what you put into it that you get out of it. We made the best of the situations when they were less then ok. Thanks for a wonderful experience
      By Laurel C for Official Wild-NHL Global Series(TM) Fan Tour (Premium Plus) on Dec 05, 2023
      It was the best vacation trip we have ever taken. Everything was absolutely top-notch! We STRONGLY recommend Victory Travel and would certainly consider going on more tours with Victory. Please provide me with 2024 possibilities. A EXTRA SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO OUR HOSTS IN STOCKHOLM- MAYA, CAROLINE, PETER and ALEX- it seemed they couldn’t do enough for us in helping with all the details and agendas- MAYA ESPECIALLY! Alex even tried to help me with my IPhone when I couldn’t hook up to the WIFI in the hotel. All such wonderful, kind and considerate people! We adore them all! Maya even followed up with us when we got home to Minneapolis on “what’s app” to make sure we got home safely and thank us again- WOW!!!!!! I look forward to hearing back from you on future trips- THANK YOU SO MUCH!- David & Barbara Foag
      By David F for Official Wild-NHL Global Series(TM) Fan Tour (Premium) on Dec 03, 2023
      We had fantastic time on the trip. The accommodations were fine and very well located. The breakfasts in the morning was something to look forward to start the day. The tours were fun. I wish the weather was better in Finland because it took some of the fun from the tours in the wet cold weather. The Sweden food tour was especially very good. Of course the Wild reception and meeting the players was great as were the games. Our family will thoroughly enjoyed it all
      By Thomas E for Official Wild-NHL Global Series(TM) Fan Tour (Premium Plus) on Dec 02, 2023
      I had a great time. The Finnish coordinators in particular were fantastic and the trip as a whole was a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even when there was an issue with my accommodation at both cities, the coordinator and travel agency got it figured out in a timely manner. Thank you for making this trip an easy one to enjoy!
      By Kaitlyn L for Official Wild-NHL Global Series(TM) Fan Tour (Premium Plus) on Dec 02, 2023
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      Wow, just…WOW! We traveled with Victory for the NHL global series in Sweden and Finland last fall. I cannot say enough about how organized and entertaining this was due to James and the gang at Victory. We typically like to travel on our own and avoid the “herding mentality” of tour groups. However, It was so well planned that we got to enjoy the group-events and have plenty of free time to explore on our own. I 100% recommend using Victory!
      By Jill S on 12 Aug, 2023