2023 Galápagos Marathon (Danielle)

San Cristobal, Ecuador

Come To Galápagos
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Duration: 10 days
Group size: 1 - 2
2023 Galápagos Marathon (Danielle)
San Cristobal, Ecuador

Come To Galápagos
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1 review

Duration: 10 days
Group size: 1 - 2

About this trip



This will be the twelfth year of the Come to Galapagos Marathon. We will hold the event in the same manner we have the last five years as a private event for international runners, each of whom sponsors a local runner by paying for their entrance fee (included in the tour price) and optionally sending them running gear before or bringing it to them. The event is open to international runners that also participate in the Come to Galapagos Marathon Tour Packages, Aug. 4 through Aug. 13 and Sept. 30 through Oct. 8, 2023

Types of Races


Half Marathon


Each marathon runner has a personal caddy. This is someone on a small scooter or truck who drives ahead two kilometers and waits for you to provide you with water, Gatorade or whatever you need. He can take articles of clothing, etc. He will stop where the race changes course, be sure you make the change then drive ahead two kilometers again. Runners love this set up and I like it because I can keep track of where every runner is and how each runner is doing. Also, it gives us some flexibility. For example a family member will want to run a 10k, but they would like to run with their father or daughter who are running the marathon, they can either do it the first or last ten kilometers of the race. Sometimes significant others just ride in the car the whole way. Taking pictures etc.

The people overseeing the event will be the Come to Galapagos family: hotel owners, farm workers, restaurant staff, fishermen, Galapagos Park guides, all the people that will be benefiting from the runner’s arrival. 

Meals on San Cristobal will feature locally caught fish (you may be catching it), locally grown produce and fruits, cheeses and yogurt.

Registration fees for the marathon are included in the package.

When booking your flights

Multiple destination:

-Arriving Guayaquil GYE on Aug. 4 or Sept. 30 (Home airport > GYE)

-Arriving San Cristobal, Galapagos Aug. 5 or Oct. 1 Guayaquil-San Cristobal (GYE-SCY)

-Aug. 12 or Oct. 8 Baltra-Guayaquil (GPS-GYE)

-Aug. 13 or Oct. 9 Guayaquil-returning international flight (GYE > Home airport)

Note, of course “add ons” will have different flights and please run your flights by us to be sure you have this correct before the expiration of your free cancellation period. 

Deposit: Initial deposit is one half of the tour cost. Final payment is due no later than 75 days prior to your tour date. June 1 or July 17, 2023. We can begin making reservations upon receipt of deposits. The travel industry has been changing over the past few years with the introduction of Airbnb et al so that now many operators are requiring deposits, hotel owners, small boat and plane operators, etc. 

Travel Insurance: We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance (it appears likely the country of Ecuador may be requiring this soon). Connecting flights arrive late, people get sick before they travel, all kinds of things. The best insurance to not need travel insurance is to purchase it, reverse Murphy’s law. We have to honor our cancellation policy as it reflects industry standards here for hotels, guides etc.  We highly recommend Travel Insurance Center. You may request a quote directly through this link.

Laundry: Pack light, laundry can be done.

Please check our Terms and Conditions

What’s included

  • Race Registration
    Marathon and half marathon race registration for runner and local runner
  • National Park Guide
    Bilingual Galapagos National Park guide while in the Galapagos
  • Galápagos Tours
    Everything included in itinerary
  • Airport/Hotel Transfers
    All airpot and hotel transfers
  • Ground Transportation
    All ground transportation in the Galápagos and Ecuador
  • Meals & snacks
    All breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and non-alcoholic beverages, some snacks in the Galapagos.
  • Park & Airpot Taxes
    All park and airport taxes. Galápagos entry fee: $100 for extranjeras / $6 for nationals / $50 for kids, $20 Galápagos entry card, $10 Isabela airport fee, $10 RT bus fee and $2 RT canal ferry
  • Wyndham Hotel Guayaquil
    Two nights at Wyndham Hotel Guayaquil (Double occupancy)
  • Seaside Hotel
    Four night stay at Seaside Hotel Miconia in San Cristóbal Island (Double occupancy)
  • Drake Inn
    Three night stay at Drake Inn on Isabela Island
  • Inter-Island Flights
    Inter islands flights from San Cristobal > Isabela
  • Snorkeling Gear
    Snorkeling equipment for duration of Galapagos leg of tour

What’s not included

  • International Flights
    Flights to Ecuador, the Galapagos, and back home
  • Extra charges
    Overweight charges on inter-island airline (25lbs limit)
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    Any alcoholic beverages on the trip
  • Tips for Guides
    Recommended tip for Galápagos guides: $20-$40 per day, per person. Recommended tip for Ecuador guides: $10-$20 per day for the whole family.
  • Tips for Staff
    Recommended tips for staff members are $15 per day which they will divide equally amongst themselves.
  • Tips for Restaurants
    Recommended tip for restaurants is 10%-15%
  • Tips for Airport Porters
    If a porter carries your bag for you, you have to pay them $1 per bag. Adding a tip is up to you.
  • Tips for Taxis
    You are not expected to tip taxis but it is recommended to round up to the nearest dollar to avoid unnecessary pocket change and it will definitely make your driver happy.
  • Tips for Alcohol/Bars
    You are not expected to tip bartenders but if you feel like you've gotten great service, they would highly appreciate it.

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $2,000

Available options


Day 1 (Aug 4/Sept 29)
Arriving to Ecuador

Arrive from US on flights scheduled by travelers. Wyndham Hotel shuttle receives guests. We like the Wyndham in Guayaquil because it is close to the airport, reliable with its shuttle services and has English speaking help.

Your Organizer

Come To Galápagos
1 review
At Come To Galápagos, we provide our guests with personalized, in-depth, one-of-a-kind experiences in the Galápagos, in the most eco-conscious manner that incorporates and benefits as many members of the Galápagos community as possible. An important goal of our mission is also educating our guests with regards to the natural environment in the Galápagos and the challenges we face protecting the archipelago. Through our efforts, we support eco-friendly initiatives through sustainable partnerships while building community relationships.


A trip to the Galápagos is most likely something you dream of and plan for months or years ahead of the trip itself. That was not the case for us. An invitation to a wedding in Quayaquil got us on the Galápagos-track and in contact with Come to Galápagos (CTG) in late June, for a trip in August. Even with only a few weeks for arranging the trip, CTG provided us with a Galápagos-experience that in short can be summarized by us already determined to go back to the islands and definitely with CTG. Our impression of CTG can be expressed in words like: knowledge an awareness of the Galápagos and its well-being, adaptive, care-taking, good-hearted and inspiring. The CTG-team provided us with all gears, advices, permits and transportation needed to make our trip to the Galápagos almost completely smooth and care-free. Potential adverse events were swiftly taken care of by CTG. To us, CTG´s attention and adaptation to our needs were crucial in making our experience of Galápagos truly great. Two examples of this: 1. We traveled with our 74 year-old father/father in law, diagnosed with early stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. We were really concerned that he would not be able to join us in snorkeling and climbing lava rock trails. The fact is he was participating in all activities thanks to unvaluable support from tour guides, snorkeling training from Rick (CTG) and a safe helping hand from Santi. CTG and their affiliated tour guides made it possible for him to fully experience the adventure of a lifetime at age 74. 2. Due to miscommunication we had to spend an extra two hours at Baltra airport, missing out lunch before our flight to mainland Ecuador. Christina at CTG quickly ordered lunch packages to be delivered to us at the airport from a local restaurant. The 5 seat Piper plane was halted for a few minutes after we had buckled up for departure to allow express lunch delivery to the plane cabin! After 3 days at San Cristobal and 2 days at Isabela, we spent 4 days in Quayaquil. Here CTG affiliate guide Victor was our local "lifeline" and together with driver Manuel, arranged a much appreciated Guayaquil city tour and whale watching tour to Salinas. Just like Rick and Christina at CTG, Victor has a remarkable ability to help out and to adapt activities to make your experience the very best. In summary, we highly recommend CTG as your travel coordinator for visiting Galápagos - we surely will the next time we go there. Apart from making your trip to Galápagos care-free and magical, you will find a new set of great friends in Rick, Christina, Zanti and Victor. In choosing between CTG and a cruise tour of the Galápagos islands, CTG will assure your spent money will go to local businesses instead of to a big cruising company.
By Henrik G for Galapagos Trip for Gotti Family on Sep 03, 2023
Thank you so much. You folks were memorable and so much fun. It was truly a pleasure for all of us to see Ecuador & the Galapagos in your eyes. Seriously. Your dad is 74? He was such a trouper.
By Come To Galápagos on Sep 03, 2023