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A trip to the Galápagos is most likely something you dream of and plan for months or years ahead of the trip itself. That was not the case for us. An invitation to a wedding in Quayaquil got us on the Galápagos-track and in contact with Come to Galápagos (CTG) in late June, for a trip in August. Even with only a few weeks for arranging the trip, CTG provided us with a Galápagos-experience that in short can be summarized by us already determined to go back to the islands and definitely with CTG. Our impression of CTG can be expressed in words like: knowledge an awareness of the Galápagos and its well-being, adaptive, care-taking, good-hearted and inspiring. The CTG-team provided us with all gears, advices, permits and transportation needed to make our trip to the Galápagos almost completely smooth and care-free. Potential adverse events were swiftly taken care of by CTG. To us, CTG´s attention and adaptation to our needs were crucial in making our experience of Galápagos truly great. Two examples of this: 1. We traveled with our 74 year-old father/father in law, diagnosed with early stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. We were really concerned that he would not be able to join us in snorkeling and climbing lava rock trails. The fact is he was participating in all activities thanks to unvaluable support from tour guides, snorkeling training from Rick (CTG) and a safe helping hand from Santi. CTG and their affiliated tour guides made it possible for him to fully experience the adventure of a lifetime at age 74. 2. Due to miscommunication we had to spend an extra two hours at Baltra airport, missing out lunch before our flight to mainland Ecuador. Christina at CTG quickly ordered lunch packages to be delivered to us at the airport from a local restaurant. The 5 seat Piper plane was halted for a few minutes after we had buckled up for departure to allow express lunch delivery to the plane cabin! After 3 days at San Cristobal and 2 days at Isabela, we spent 4 days in Quayaquil. Here CTG affiliate guide Victor was our local "lifeline" and together with driver Manuel, arranged a much appreciated Guayaquil city tour and whale watching tour to Salinas. Just like Rick and Christina at CTG, Victor has a remarkable ability to help out and to adapt activities to make your experience the very best. In summary, we highly recommend CTG as your travel coordinator for visiting Galápagos - we surely will the next time we go there. Apart from making your trip to Galápagos care-free and magical, you will find a new set of great friends in Rick, Christina, Zanti and Victor. In choosing between CTG and a cruise tour of the Galápagos islands, CTG will assure your spent money will go to local businesses instead of to a big cruising company.
By Henrik G for Galapagos Trip for Gotti Family on Sep 03, 2023
Thank you so much. You folks were memorable and so much fun. It was truly a pleasure for all of us to see Ecuador & the Galapagos in your eyes. Seriously. Your dad is 74? He was such a trouper.
By Come To Galápagos on Sep 03, 2023