Autoimmune Path to Recovery Retreat

Guanacaste Province, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Autoimmune Warrior
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Duration: 9 days
Group size: 6 - 7
Autoimmune Path to Recovery Retreat
Guanacaste Province, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Autoimmune Warrior
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Duration: 9 days
Group size: 6 - 7

About this trip


The Covid situation has made continuing these retreats difficult, but we are preserving and happy that our team at Autoimmune Warrior can finally be your host!

Please join us:

August 5th - 13th SOLD OUT!

November 10th - 18th 

Future dates are being added soon!

Contact us and share your retreat preferences 


Does your battle with your health seem never-ending?  

When autoimmune disorders and other chronic illnesses are taking over your life it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Conventional medicine often fails to take into account the importance of healing the root causes of your condition. As a result, you might find yourself depending on medications and invasive therapies that lead to more complications.  This retreat is designed to provide root cause-focused, immune system regulating therapies, and tools to build a healthy lifestyle that will carry you on the path to recovery.   


We understand your challenges and hope to provide a sanctuary where you can feel empowered and heal. You will love the beautiful location in the heart of one of the five regions in the world identified as a healing Blue Zone.   People with autoimmune illnesses come to Costa Rica and sometimes stay for extended periods of time because they feel so good! Karly, our onsite wellness coach, and retreat organizer is one of them. 


Dr. Kim, ND, OMD, PhD, treats people with autoimmune illnesses who come to Costa Rica from all over the world using his unique recovery formula.  His formula is a combination of NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques), Acupuncture, and Craniosacral therapy and is designed to regulate and calm your immune system. It will be an incredible compliment to your current treatment regimen.    


Karly Siedlecki started Autoimmune Warrior after spending years learning what it takes to recover through her experience with Autoimmune Graves Disease.  She deeply understands what you are going through and is excited to share her knowledge and therapies onsite that provide lasting relief. She will be there every step of the way to help you reach your health-supportive lifestyle goals.

Who would benefit?

- Those who have an Autoimmune Disease (e.g. Lupus, Chrons, Ulcerative Colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's, Graves, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes), struggle to feel good on a daily basis, and open to alternative ways to recover.

- Those who are newly diagnosed and unsure of what to do next. 

- Those who are losing vitality on the conventional path. 

- Those who are experiencing a plateau on the holistic path. 

- Those sensitive to chemicals and/or many foods.  We have taken all of the necessary precautions to avoid chemical exposure and will accommodate your food sensitivities. 

- Those who want to support their loved one through their journey to recovery. 

Benefits to go home with:

- Community - meet others who "get you" and build strength together. 

- Resolved food sensitivities and saying goodbye to crazy diets!!!  We are not meant to live on the AIP diet or any other highly restrictive diets, but it is a great start to feeling better while the underlying problem is resolved.  

- Identify and resolve root causes preventing you from making progress - is there something in your environment, food, thought process, emotional body, or lifestyle that is triggering an unwanted immune response?

- Know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and still manage your busy life - there are many tips and tricks, but getting in the habit of being creative and finding a way can work in almost any situation. 

- A more regulated immune system - your immune system is draining your energy by going after false antigens, including your own body. When it is calmed, strengthened, and re-directed to actual invaders your body can build strength again and recover. 

The Food

Our highly flexible, sensitivity savvy kitchen offers carefully sourced, organically grown, gluten-free meals. Just tell us your dietary preferences!  After years of studying nutrition,  treating allergies, and seeing how the body reacts to foods for over 20+ of doing this work, Dr. Kim prefers that his patients eat a high alkaline, Pesco-Vegan diet.  He has found that the healing process is faster when his patients opt for this diet.  

More about The Team

Dr. Kim - A Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Doctor of Naturopathy, and Ph.D in Nutritional consulting, trained in the United States with 26 years of clinical experience. Taking teachings from multiple areas of study and healing modalities, he has developed a simple, yet powerful healing formula that addresses the root causes of illness. Patients come to Dr. Kim from all over the world seeking relief from complex cases and many chronic illnesses including autoimmune diseases, cancers, autism, and many more. Please be sure to check out this infographic that explains how his therapies work together to provide an incredible healing experience. 

Karly Siedlecki - A certified holistic wellness coach living in Costa Rica.  Karly works with U.S. clients privately in Costa Rica and remotely. She collaborates with doctors like Dr. Kim and other amazing holistic practitioners for the best comprehensive care.  Her main role during this retreat is to help support lifestyle, environmental toxicity exposure, and diet improvements that are critical for the success of Dr. Kim's treatments. Visit Karly's website to learn more about her.

Marian Paniagua - Our wonderful, local Costa Rican yoga and meditation teacher. She treasures Mother Nature, joy, and beauty. You will feel this love and wisdom through every practice and during the time you spend together. The energy-balancing benefits from yoga and meditation are an important part of the healing process. Marian is also a reiki practitioner, local artisan, and offers sacred space for cacao ceremonies.

Dania Fallas - Our amazing, local Costa Rican chef graduated from Universidad Politécnica Internacional and has held Executive Chef and Pastry Chef positions in restaurants throughout her homeland. She has extensive knowledge of complex nutritional concepts, sourcing the best local organic produce, and loves to design menus around what is in season and accommodating to her client's dietary needs - blending traditional and modern techniques and flavors.

Coaching - get started now!

If you want to feel your best when you arrive and get the most benefits from Dr. Kim's treatments, Karly offers coaching which can help you prepare.  Having a supportive health team on your side, toxins in your lifestyle and environment minimized, and stress-relieving coping tools are powerful ways to get started now. Karly also helps those already on this path dig deeper to find autoimmune triggers that may have been missed and guide them through addressing them. Coaching details and pricing can be found here. You will find discounted rates for retreaters. 

The Venue

A 5-bedroom luxury traditional Costa Rican home located in popular and secure Hacienda Pinilla with three-miles of unspoiled Guanacaste Province and the Nicoya Peninsula coastline, pristine beaches, and untouched natural landscapes. It is perfectly sized and situated for this intimate and healing gathering.  We have gone the extra mile to ensure the venue is safe from harsh chemicals in and around the property. 

- Amazing par 72, 18 hole golf course steps away. 

- Minutes away from local activities to enjoy like horseback riding, surfing, fishing, biking, and hiking.  

- Bike and golf cart rentals available. 

- Full access to the Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club amenities including a gym,and medical center 5 minutes away.

- Many outdoor chill areas and hammocks to enjoy the sounds of nature and even see monkeys. 

- 5 mins drive from beautiful Play Langosta and Playa Avellanas (known as "Little Hawaii to the surf community).

 - 1 hr 20 mins drive from Liberia Airport and 2 reputable hospitals with bilingual staff.

 - 25 mins drive from a popular tourist beach town, Tamarindo, which offers many shops, restaurants, and activities.  Tamarindo also has a growing ex-pat community and offers quality bilingual emergency clinics. 

Do you know?

 - Costa Rica is actually the most peaceful, beautiful, green, and affordable at this time (the low season). Locals call it the "Green Season" and prefer it to the high season which is very dry and brown.

- Flights are more affordable during this time. 

- If you are unable to attend the retreat, you can get the same benefits from your own home. Visit for more info:

- Concerned about emergency medical care? We have arranged an emergency medical plan with the best local transport companies, clinics, and hospitals. 


This is a typical retreat cancelation policy. We will do everything possible to avoid issues and will try to replace your spot, but it's important to purchase travel insurance for protection.  Due to the small size, any cancelation losses would come from the organizer's pocket.

Organizer reserves the right to cancel if Total Fees are not received by the following amount of time prior to the departure date of the Retreat: 6 weeks. If such a cancelation is undertaken, you are not entitled to receive your Deposit back or any other fees paid to that date.

Organizer may also cancel the Retreat for any reason, unrelated to an individual Guest, in the Organizer's sole and exclusive discretion. If Organizer cancels for any commercial reason, all Guests are entitled to receive back any and all monies paid to the Organizer. However, Organizer shall not be responsible for any additional fees paid by Guest to any third parties, such as travel companies, airfare, etc.

If Guests wish to cancel, written notice of such cancellation must be sent to Organizer via email. As noted above, in the event of Guest cancellation, no fees will be returned.

What’s included

  • 8 nights accommodation
    In our wonderful retreat home. Both private and shared rooms are available.
  • 3 healthy GF meals/day
    We do everything possible to support sensitivities and other special diets.
  • 3 visits with Dr. Kim
    Receive Acupuncture, NAET, and Craniosacral Therapy. Visits are onsite and you will start with a consult before the retreat.
  • Assessment and Coaching
    90min pre-retreat wellness assessment to understand treatment and coaching needs. 1 pre-retreat coaching session is also included.
  • Yoga and meditation
    Daily yoga and meditation classes.
  • Mindfully created space
    Much time and effort put towards reducing toxins and chemical exposure.
  • Learning Experiences
    Fun and informative mini-workshops (like cooking classes and environmental toxin awareness) and activities.
  • Immune boosting goodies
    Daily doses of carefully sourced, teas, supplements, and superfoods.
  • Full-day trip
    Explore Rio Negro hot springs, mud bath and nearby waterfalls (accommodates all levels of physical capabilities).
  • Transportation
    For local activities.
  • 3 IonCleanse Treatments
    This is best brand of ion foot bath created by AMD that helps with detoxification of mold and metals.
  • Extra Visits w/ Dr. Kim
    It is advised to add more if you feel that the treatments are beneficial. You can see him every day that you are here morning and night.
  • Other On-site Services
    Massage, reiki, manual lymph drainage, and other services by appointment.
  • Airfare
    We will provide booking assistance. We request that you arrive to the retreat home by 3pm the first day of the retreat and depart the home by 10am the last day.
  • Airport Transportation
    We will provide booking assistance and try to organize a private shuttle for the group. The cost will range between $20 and $60.
  • Health/Travel Insurance
    We require those attending the retreat to obtain travel insurance. Costa Rica requires travel health insurance.
  • Exiting Covid Tests
    We will help you organize Covid testing before departure or help you book a test at the Liberia airport prior to your flight.

Available Packages

Double Queen Room(double occupancy only)

Beautiful double queen room perfect for traveling with a friend or sharing a room with another retreater for our most economical rate! You have a clean and modern bathroom next door.  

Please be sure to connect your bank account to avoid extra credit card fees! 

Deposit: $750
Poolside Queen Room for 1 person

A fresh poolside queen room with a clean and modern ensuite bathroom.  

Please be sure to connect your bank account to avoid extra credit card fees! 

Deposit: $750
Poolside Queen Room for 2 people

A fresh poolside queen room with a clean and modern ensuite bathroom.

Please be sure to connect your bank account to avoid extra credit card fees!

Deposit: $1500
Poolside Master/King Room for 1 person

A wonderful master king room with a clean and modern ensuite bathroom featuring a beautiful outdoor and indoor shower and outdoor bathtub!

Please be sure to connect your bank account to avoid extra credit card fees!

Deposit: $750
Poolside Master/King Room for 2 people

A wonderful master king room with a clean and modern ensuite bathroom featuring a beautiful outdoor and indoor shower and outdoor bathtub!

Please be sure to connect your bank account to avoid extra credit card fees!

Deposit: $1500
King Room for 2 people

A wonderful, quiet king room for two with a clean and modern ensuite bathroom. 

Deposit: $1500
King Room for 1 person

A wonderful, quiet king room for two with a clean and modern ensuite bathroom. 


Available options

4 Pre/Post Retreat Coaching Sessions
Single 45 min Coaching Session
Extra Session(s) with Dr. Kim

Your Organizer

Autoimmune Warrior
Holistic, root-cause based wellness coaching and retreat programs where experiential learning, self-love, and self-care fuel strength and recovery.


I met Karly about a year ago in Costa Rica while traveling. Throughout the past year, we have kept in touch and she has been helping me in many aspects of my health by providing me with information, support and natural alternatives and much more to help heal my gut and prevent autoimmunity. Although I haven't attended a retreat, Karly has made a huge impact on my life and I don't think my health would be where it is now without her. I truly believe I met Karly for a reason and imagine her retreats will blow people away!
By Chelsea B on 25 Jun, 2019
I attended a personal retreat with Karly for 2 months at her property in Costa Rica. It was a great experience. I liked her high energy, creative way of getting to the root of issues, and knowledge about nutrition. She also has a lot of local knowledge of the San Jose area for healthy places to eat and buy food. By being her "shadow" and participating, I learned how to grocery shop, eat healthy at restaurants, cook, and keep up good daily habits. She also had good referrals for doctors and other therapists that were helpful. I saw Dr. Kim consistently for treatment. I am a complex case and for the first time in over 25 years, I was given a diagnosis and some hope. Dr. Kim and Karly were a good team. I left looking and feeling much more healthy, 20 lbs lighter, had a lot more energy and a desire to keep exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
By Michael W on 20 Jun, 2019
My time in Costa Rica with Karly Siedlecki was a very positive and inspiring experience. Karly's knowledge of diet and food choices was so informative. Karly has traveled the world, taken cooking classes, attended wellness retreats in many different countries to become more educated about healthy living. I live a much healthier and happier life after working with her. She is very spiritual and has overcome many of her own autoimmune health issues with a holistic /natural approach without prescription drugs. Her research is outstanding and shines thru with her unique approach. I would highly recommend Karly's wellness coaching and personal retreats in Costa Rica as she has changed my life. I am much more aware of the choices I make regarding my diet and exposure to harmful chemicals in our food and everyday living. Most of all spiritual wellbeing.
By Kathy L on 18 Jun, 2019