Autoimmune Warrior Path to Recovery & Vitality® Retreat

Guanacaste Province, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Autoimmune Warrior
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6 reviews
Duration: 8 days
Group size: 6 - 7
Autoimmune Warrior Path to Recovery & Vitality® Retreat
Guanacaste Province, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Autoimmune Warrior
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6 reviews

Duration: 8 days
Group size: 6 - 7

About this trip

FEBRUARY 25th to MARCH 3rd, 2024




If you are ready to join us, please click here to get started! 

Can join us at this time? More dates will be added in the fall and winter. We also host private retreats with flexible dates for individuals and small groups.

Contact us and share your retreat and date preferences.

The Retreat

We are here for you  

When autoimmune disorders and other chronic illnesses are taking over your life it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Conventional medicine often fails to take into account the importance of healing the root causes of your condition. As a result, you might find yourself depending on medications and invasive therapies that lead to more complications.  This retreat is designed to provide root cause-focused, immune system-regulating therapies, and tools to build a healthy lifestyle that will carry you on the path to recovery.   

We understand your challenges and hope to provide a sanctuary where you can feel empowered and heal. You will love the beautiful location in the heart of one of the five regions in the world identified as a healing Blue Zone.   People with autoimmune illnesses come to Costa Rica and sometimes stay for extended periods of time because they feel so good! Karly, our onsite self-healing guide, and retreat organizer is one of them. 

Karly has spent 5 years visiting Costa Rica and building local connections to organize a special synergy of holistic treatments and health-supportive lifestyle practices on-site. Included are massage, energy work, yoga, a custom-designed menu, educational materials, and discussions that help you resolve environmental and lifestyle triggers. 

Our visiting Naturopathic Doctor uses his unique Neuro-Biochemistry Balancing Technique® (NBBT) to treat people who come from all over the world who have autoimmune and other complex chronic illnesses.  His technique is designed to help the body heal itself by reprogramming your neurological pathways and biochemistry. Clients experience a regulated and calmed immune system which reduces or eliminates symptoms and can often result in remission. It is an incredible compliment to your current treatment regimen.    

Karly Siedlecki helped start Autoimmune Warrior to share the answers she found for achieving remission from Autoimmune Graves Disease and recovery from a number of other chronic conditions including, Mold Toxicity, Lymes Disease, Severe Food Allergies, Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity, Mercury Toxicity, complications from brain surgery to remove a pituitary adenoma-like Chronic Fatigue and Hormone Imbalances, and complications from a copper IUD like Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  

She has experienced it all and deeply understands what you are going through. She is excited to share her knowledge and therapies onsite that provide lasting relief and will be there every step of the way to help you reach the health-supportive lifestyle goals that will prepare you for your new path.

Who would benefit?

- Struggle with chronic illnesses, especially Autoimmune Diseases (Lupus, Chrons, Ulcerative Colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's, Graves, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes),

- Ready to take action.

- Newly diagnosed and unsure of what to do next. 

- Losing vitality on the conventional path. 

- Experiencing a plateau on the holistic path. 

- Sensitive to chemicals and/or many foods.  We have taken all of the necessary precautions to avoid chemical exposure and will accommodate your food sensitivities. 

- Support their loved one through their journey to recovery. 

Benefits to go home with:

- Community - meet others who "get you" and build strength together. 

- Resolved food sensitivities and saying goodbye to crazy diets!!!  We are not meant to live on the AIP diet or any other highly restrictive diets, but it is a great start to feeling better while the underlying problem is resolved.  

- Identify and resolve root causes preventing you from making progress - is there something in your environment, food, thought process, emotional body, or lifestyle that is triggering an unwanted immune response?

- Know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and still manage your busy life - there are many tips and tricks, but getting in the habit of being creative and finding a way can work in almost any situation. 

- A more regulated immune system - your immune system is draining your energy by going after false antigens, including your own body. When it is calmed, strengthened, and re-directed to actual invaders your body can build strength again and recover. 

The Food

Our highly flexible, sensitivity-savvy kitchen offers carefully sourced, organically grown, gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free meals.  The meals are highly alkaline, Pesco-Vegan.  It is suggested to adopt this diet before attending a retreat. 

Self-Healing Guidance

If you want to feel your best when you arrive and get the most benefit from the treatments, Karly offers self-healing guidance sessions that can help you prepare.  Having a supportive health team on your side, toxins in your lifestyle and environment minimized, and stress-relieving coping tools are powerful ways to get started now. Karly also helps those already on this path dig deeper to find autoimmune triggers that may have been missed and guide them through addressing them. Information about guidance sessions can be found here. 

A package of 4 sessions can be added to your cart for $333 which includes a 15% discount for retreaters.  

If you are unsure about joining a retreat but would like to participate in a 5-Week Self-healing Program at home, I would love to work with you. Sign-up here

The Venue

Just a 2-minute walk to the ocean, a 5-bedroom luxury home located in popular and secure Hacienda Pinilla with three miles of unspoiled Guanacaste Province and the Nicoya Peninsula coastline, pristine beaches, and untouched natural landscapes. It is perfectly sized and situated for this intimate and healing gathering.  We have gone the extra mile to ensure the venue is safe from harsh chemicals in and around the property. 

- Full access to the Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club amenities including a gym, and medical center 5 minutes away. Beach cruisers are provided.

- Many outdoor chill areas to enjoy the sounds of nature and even see monkeys. 

- 5 mins drive from beautiful Play Langosta and Playa Avellanas (known as "Little Hawaii to the surf community).

- 1 hr 40 mins drive from Liberia Airport.

 - 25 mins drive from a popular tourist beach town, Tamarindo, which offers many shops, restaurants, and activities.  Tamarindo also has a growing ex-pat community and offers quality bilingual emergency clinics. 


This retreat purposely does not include many excursions offsite because of the intense focus on healing therapies. You will get the most from these therapies when you are taking the time to relax and be still.  The body will be going through changes and detoxification, so it is also safer to save off-site activities for after 3 days of treatments when you know how you are reacting. There is plenty to do within biking distance and we provide bikes to get to the nearby beaches, the beach club, pool, gym, and bike trails.  

Please do not expect an easy fix. We will be doing hard work at times and there may be some discomfort through the healing process, especially if you are just starting the holistic path. Those just starting may be required to complete 5 weeks of self-healing guidance to prepare. 

Expect to experience significant improvements that will be supported by sticking to the diet and protocols throughout the retreat and upon returning home. If you have been on the holistic path for a year or two or more, this may be the missing part of your journey, but there are no guarantees.  Karly was an extremely complicated case and found relief and remission after 7 years and a lot of funds spent trying different doctors, therapies, supplements, etc.  She is very excited to share what felt like a miracle with others. 

Do you know?

- Your treatments may be covered by insurance under acupuncture. 

- If you are unable to attend the retreat, you can get the same benefits from your own home with self-healing guidance. Visit for more info.

- Concerned about emergency medical care? We have arranged an emergency medical plan with the best local transport companies, clinics, and hospitals. 


This is a typical retreat cancelation policy. There are no refunds for cancelations unless someone takes your spot. We will do everything possible to avoid issues and will try to find someone to take your place, but it's important to purchase travel insurance for protection.  Due to the small size, any cancelation losses would come from the organizer's pocket.

Organizer reserves the right to cancel if Total Fees are not received by the following amount of time prior to the departure date of the Retreat: 6 weeks. If such a cancelation is undertaken, you are not entitled to receive your Deposit back or any other fees paid to that date.

Organizer may also cancel the Retreat for any reason, unrelated to an individual Guest, in the Organizer's sole and exclusive discretion. If Organizer cancels for any commercial reason, all Guests are entitled to receive back any and all monies paid to the Organizer. However, Organizer shall not be responsible for any additional fees paid by Guest to any third parties, such as travel companies, airfare, etc.

If Guests wish to cancel, written notice of such cancellation must be sent to Organizer via email. We will then work together on a solution to replace your spot if it is possible. 

What’s included

  • Personal Roadmap
    Over 90 minutes we'll build your personal Roadmap to Recovery and Vitality® that will help you prepare and get the most from the program. 
  • 7 nights accommodation
    In our wonderful retreat home. Both private and shared rooms are available.
  • 3 healthy GF meals/day
    We do everything possible to support sensitivities and other special diets.
  • 3 Treatments
    3 Neuro-Biochemistry Balancing therapies in the privacy of your own room. You may have up to 9 or 10 additional treatments for $60 each.
  • Yoga and meditation
    We will always start the day with a mindful beach activity or yoga and meditation class.
  • Mindfully created space
    Much time and effort has been put towards reducing toxins, chemical exposure, and EMF for maximum healing potential.
  • Learning Experiences
    Fun and informative discussions and activities like cooking classes, mindfulness tools for your path, and environmental toxin awareness.
  • Immune boosting goodies
    Daily doses of carefully sourced, teas, supplements, and superfoods.
  • 1 Off-site Activity
    Depending on availability and the group - each retreat will be different!
  • Bike Cruiser Rental
    For local activities and getting around the resort. Option to request a mountain bike upgrade at checkout for $90.
  • 2 IonCleanse Treatments
    The most reputable ion-foot bath unit on the market designed to enhance your body’s natural ability to detoxify. It has shown to be successful at safely detoxifying mold and metals.
  • Extra NBBT Treatments
    Budget for 3 to 8 additional treatments. What you need will depend on the complexity and severity of your health issues. The cost is $60 per session. Sessions are 2 x day (mornings and evenings).
  • Add'l On-site Services
    Massage, energy work, lymph drainage, and other services by appointment.
  • Airfare
    Due to the rise in travel interruptions, it is best to fly to Costa Rica the day before and arrive to the retreat house between 2 pm and 3 pm on the first day. Depart by 10 am on the last day.
  • Airport Transportation
    The cost will range between $20 and $60 if you fly into Liberia and will depend on our ability to group you together. We will provide booking assistance.
  • Travel Insurance
    We require those attending the retreat to obtain travel insurance.
  • Exiting Covid Tests
    Testing will be done at the retreat house 48 hours before departure for those that need it. The USA no longer requires tests.
  • Activities not included
    Additional activities like snorkeling, ziplining, etc are scheduled separately from AIW, LLC. Participation is at your own risk.
  • Local Transportation
    Cost of transportation to additional activities not included in the program are covered by the participant and at their own risk.

Available Packages

Double Twin (2 beds)

Standard Room 

A cozy double twin room perfect for traveling with a friend or sharing a room with another retreater for our most economical rate! Your beautiful bathroom with an outdoor shower is just next door. 

Deposit: $1,000
Double Queen Apartment Suite (2-3 beds)

A luxurious double queen apartment suite with a beautiful bathroom and kitchenette. Share with another retreater or book with a friend (or two if a 3rd person wants to brave the bunk for a $350 discount - use code  "BUNK350")! 

Deposit: $1,000
Poolside Master Suite for 1


A wonderful master room with a walk-in closet and a large ensuite bathroom featuring a beautiful outdoor/indoor shower and an outdoor bathtub!  

Deposit: $1,000
Poolside Master Suite for 2


A wonderful master room with a walk-in closet and a large ensuite bathroom featuring a beautiful outdoor/indoor shower and an outdoor bathtub! 

Deposit: $2,000
Poolside King Room for 1

Standard Room 

A fresh poolside king room with a clean and modern ensuite bathroom

Deposit: $1,000
Poolside King Room for 2
Deposit: $2,000
Private Retreat - Pricing Varies

Want to come on your own, with your entire family, or with a group of friends? 

We can create a custom retreat just for you and choose the accommodations, services, and amenities that suit your group. 

Pricing will vary depending on group size, needs, and accommodation choices. 

Contact us and share your retreat and date preferences.


Available options


Typical Day
at the Retreat Villa

You will have the opportunity to have 2 NBBT treatments a day and access to massage and other therapeutic services between healthy meals, discussions, activities, resting in a hammock or by our pool, and exploring the Hacienda Pinilla resort pools, clubs, beaches, and more on the bike rentals provided. 

6:00 a.m. Sunrise Therapy 

7:00 a.m. Mindfulness Activity -Yoga, Meditation, Other 

8:15 a.m. Smoothies, Juices, and Breakfast

9:00 a.m. Empowering Educational Discussion

9:15 a.m. NBBT Treatments 

11:30 p.m. Lunch 

12:15 p.m. Free time

3:00 p.m. NBBT Treatments 

4:45 p.m. Dinner

5:30 p.m. Sunset Therapy 

A lot of rest is required to support the therapies provided, so we have only a few pre-planned group activities offsite. The activities will be different for every group. For example, a trip to Tamarindo, a bee farm tour, a chocolate farm tour, La Senda farm-to-table dinner, or a labyrinth visit.  We always offer an amazing sound bath experience in the villa! 

If you would like to explore off-site activities on your own or with other retreaters during your free time we will help you with options and booking. We ask that you hold off until the 5th day for these activities. 

Your Organizer

Autoimmune Warrior
6 reviews
Self-healing guidance and retreats for warrior-spirited individuals who want to get their life back and feel what it is like to thrive in a healing environment.


The retreat was really wonderful. I was able to overcome the main symptom of my autoimmune illness and spend a very relaxing, healing week with lovely people. Dr. Kim is a passionate and capable healer. Karly has a wealth of knowledge to share and Maggie added a bit of fun.
By Lise L for Autoimmune Path to Recovery Retreat at the Beach on Feb 20, 2023
This was truly the best vacation I could ever give myself…nourishing my mind, body and soul throughout! I learned a ton and enjoyed every minute. This retreat has further inspired me on my pursuit down the health and wellness path. Karly’s experience and passion brings relevance and comprehensiveness to this program and Dr. Kim’s wealth of knowledge and passion for healing make this experience unlike any I have ever experienced. Magdalena and Suzie rounded out the experience for all guests with their contributions and support. The location is luxurious and relaxing as well as therapeutic. I can’t say enough about this retreat and my experience…highly recommended!!
By Christina M for Autoimmune Path to Recovery Retreat at the Beach on Feb 18, 2023
I used to struggle with lifelong allergies, as well as feeling present and stress management. But after coming to the retreat and experiencing the treatments, lifestyle and people I feel educated and empowered to take better care of my health and happiness. I carved out the time and invested in my health for the first time and it’s paid off tenfold. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is burnout or experiencing health problems because Costa Rica is a place to find real long-term solutions!
By Jean M for Autoimmune Path to Recovery Retreat at the Beach on Oct 01, 2022
Thank you, Jean. You are a warrior and worked so hard! So proud of your progress and dedication!
By Autoimmune Warrior on Oct 01, 2022
We had a great experience. The accommodations were very nice, our daily routine was detailed and easy to follow. If you are considering this Retreat for your health, do it. You will not regret it.
By Pam S for Autoimmune Path to Recovery Retreat at the Beach on Sep 04, 2022
Thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoyed having you and Ronny with us!
By Autoimmune Warrior on Oct 01, 2022
My experience with Autoimmune Warrior wellness retreat was nothing short of amazing. Every meal is hand chosen and approved by Karly who has spent many years designing and planning a highly anti-inflammatory, nutritious, low allergen meal plan. As a Naturopathic physician, I know a thing or two about such meals :) and often wish I could send patients a curated meal delivery service as balanced as Karly helps facilitate on this trip! Staff are attentive to your needs but provide ample time and space for you to heal in a secluded space, submersed in nature. Karly and I even had an impromptu dance party one morning and it had been a while since I felt so free! I left Costa Rica feeling better than I had in months and I am so grateful to Karly, Dr. Kim, Suzy -our amazing chef, and all the staff at Autoimmune Warrior!
By Amy T for Autoimmune Path to Recovery Retreat at the Beach on Jun 08, 2022
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I used to struggle with lifelong allergies, as well as feeling present and stress management. But after coming to the retreat and experiencing the treatments, lifestyle and people I feel educated and empowered to take better care of my health and happiness. I carved out the time and invested in my health for the first time and it’s paid off tenfold. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is burnout or experiencing health problems because Costa Rica is a place to find real long-term solutions!
By Jean M on 01 Oct, 2022
I met Karly about a year ago in Costa Rica while traveling. Throughout the past year, we have kept in touch and she has been helping me in many aspects of my health by providing me with information, support and natural alternatives and much more to help heal my gut and prevent autoimmunity. Although I haven't attended a retreat, Karly has made a huge impact on my life and I don't think my health would be where it is now without her. I truly believe I met Karly for a reason and imagine her retreats will blow people away!
By Chelsea B on 25 Jun, 2019
I attended a personal retreat with Karly for 2 months at her property in Costa Rica. It was a great experience. I liked her high energy, creative way of getting to the root of issues, and knowledge about nutrition. She also has a lot of local knowledge of the San Jose area for healthy places to eat and buy food. By being her "shadow" and participating, I learned how to grocery shop, eat healthy at restaurants, cook, and keep up good daily habits. She also had good referrals for doctors and other therapists that were helpful. I saw Dr. Kim consistently for treatment. I am a complex case and for the first time in over 25 years, I was given a diagnosis and some hope. Dr. Kim and Karly were a good team. I left looking and feeling much more healthy, 20 lbs lighter, had a lot more energy and a desire to keep exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
By Michael W on 20 Jun, 2019
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