Balancing the 5 Elements - Foot Analysis and Yoga -APD 20hrs-

Online Recorded course

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Apr 15 - May 20, 2024
Group size: 1 - 25
Balancing the 5 Elements - Foot Analysis and Yoga -APD 20hrs-
Online Recorded course

1 review

Apr 15 - May 20, 2024
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

. Pre-recorded video classes that you can do at a time that is convenient for you. 

. PDF as support material, maps and teachings 

. 1 book "Element on the Journey" 

. 1:1 zoom class with the lead instructor Christelle Chopard to support your integration 

20 hrs - Holistic foot analysis and yoga sequences to balance the 5 elements 

The 5 elements of nature are known in Sanskrit as the pancha bhutas,  or panchamahabhutas. They form the basic building blocks of the  universe, every person, animal, plant and thing is composed of various  combinations of the pancha bhutas.

APD Program accredited by International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). 

DHARMI-Yoga®  focuses on the purification and alignment of the five elements. This 20  hour continuing education course for yoga therapists focuses on  providing a clear guidance and assessment to recognize the source of  stress, to release it and to access a space of wellbeing through yoga  practice. The seminar includes teachings, examples of the different  levels of stress (physical, emotional, etc.) and how to guide students  through a compassionate, healing practice. You will receive clear tools  (based on the five elements) for alignment to balance the five bodies  and to access a space of peace, wellbeing and connection. You have the  opportunity to present three case studies for evaluation. Includes: -  foot analysis to observe clearly the strength, the weakness and the  complementarity of the 5 elements - yoga sequence to release stress and  to heal ptsd based on the analysis of the 5 elements - teachings  methodology - anatomy of the 5 elements - pranayamas, asanas -  philosophy of yoga - pancha koshas (5 elements)

Each element has its own characteristics and properties:

  1. Prithvi or Bhumi (Earth) — represents solidity, stability and grounding.
  2. Apas or Jal (Water) — represents fluidity, adaptability and change.
  3. Tejas or Agni (Fire) — represents energy, passion and transformation.
  4. Vayu (Air) — represents movement, expansion and communication.
  5. Akasha (Space or Ether) — represents emptiness, consciousness, and intuition.

Earth, Water and Fire are tangible things that can be touched or  seen; they exist as matter. Space and Air are intangible yet they exist  everywhere around us, even though we cannot see it. Earth, Water and  Fire are therefore easier for us to understand than Space and Air  because they have more concrete forms. However, all five elements are  equally important and interrelated.

How can we see the reflection of the 5 elements in our health below our feet? 

We notice specific signs on our feet (inflamations, weaknesses, calosities, ...) that shows if the 5 elements are balanced or imbalanced in some specific parts of your body. 

Each week we focus on specific areas and elements: 

1. Introduction to the foot analysis and the Earth Element with a yoga sequence

2. Water Element, foot analysis and yoga sequence

3. Fire Element

4. Air Element

5. Ether Element and integration of all 

Each class a yoga sequence to balance your health in a holistic way, integrating the 5 elements for wellbeing 

Whether you are a yoga teacher or a yoga student, the classes are adapted for everyone. 

If you are a yoga teacher and need some continuing education hours, you have the option to do: 

20hrs APD for yoga teachers accredited by IAYT 


10hrs YACEP for yoga teachers accredited with Yoga Alliance (this option is less hours, and at another value) 

- what are the meaning of some callosities, weaknesses, tenderness and other particular signs below the feet, on a physical and holistic way

- discover ways to assist your yoga students health and balance with more clarity along their yogic journey

- anatomy of the feet and relationship with the body 

- yoga sequences for balance and to heal ptsd that are still affecting the 5 elements balance of the students. 

~ Namaste 

Instructor: Christelle Chopard

Christelle is a holistic reflexologist and therapist since 1991. 

She is a yoga therapist since 2006 accredited by IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) and E-RYT500 with Yoga Alliance 

Her expertise is in the Alchemy of the 5 Elements. She has taught more that 6000 yoga classes so far. Also, she has taught yoga teacher trainings, immersion, continuing education trainings and retreats in different cultures worldwide.  

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Christelle Chopard, Amarun, is the founder of the DHARMI® Method, Vortex of Energy Meditation, Yoga-Water, and DHARMI-Yoga. Her teachings and guidance are based on the five elements. Offering Journeys of Healing, Self-Discovery, and Connectedness. She integrates ancestral wisdom and healing modalities with innovative coaching and scientific research, offering practical tools for wellbeing, and for the Manifestation of your visions and purpose. She is holistic therapist, published author, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, shaman, spiritual..


I had a great time, learned so many precious lessons, with a nice, patient, lovely yoga teacher, Christelle Chopard ! I warmly recommend this travel.
By Isabelle W for Yoga teacher training -based on the 5 elements on Jan 13, 2022