Blossom 1: GOLD

2020 Spring Blossom 1: GOLD (MW 3 - 4:30pm EST) Starting 03/30/2020

Mar 30 - Jun 3, 2020
Group size: 1 - 20
Blossom 1: GOLD
2020 Spring Blossom 1: GOLD (MW 3 - 4:30pm EST) Starting 03/30/2020

Deposit: $0
Mar 30 - Jun 3, 2020
Group size: 1 - 20

About this trip


- $432 per person for 10 weeks/20 classes

- Flexible payment plans available


- Zoom class video recordings in ASL

- Learning Management System (LMS) ASL, English and Sanskrit content

- Deafhood Yoga Certificate of Completion

- Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours (30 CEH) when applicable

- RID Continued Education Units (3.0 CEU's) when applicable


- Monday 03/30/2020 - Wednesday 06/03/2020.

- 90 Minute Classes

- Mondays & Wednesdays at 3 - 4:30pm EST 

(3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST, 9am HST) 


Blossom One: 5 Petals of Life® introduces a significant foundation to begin your yoga practice at any level, skill or experience. The 5 Petals of Life® is based on Hatha Yoga through the Sivananda lineage and life experiences as Kindred Spirits. Hatha Yoga is considered the “Mother of Yoga”. You learn, apply and practice these essential life skills to center, ground and balance your whole being. This fundamental foundation supports us to return to our birthright of happiness, inner peace, and love. From this heart-centered core, you are able to open your mind, body, and soul to listen, communicate and align more with the universal possibilities.

Deafhood Yoga® designed and trademarked this unique 5 Petals of Life® yoga curriculum to offer complete and wholistic yoga approach. 

5 Petals of Life® teaches us the 5 main petals:

Breathing | Pranayama | प्राणायाम

Relaxation | Vriasana | व्रिअसन

Postures | Asana | आसन

Lifestyles | Jivanavidhana | जीवनविधान

Meditation | Dhyana | ध्यान

- Immersion in a program that is designed on a foundation to build upon, develop from and grow your internal natural skills.

- There is a maximum of twenty (20) spots in each class. MINIMUM of 5 students to activate this class.

- Series are offered: Online. Live. Anywhere. Any device.

- Each online yoga class is recorded live and emailed to you afterward. Enjoy yoga with your Deafhood Yoga Teacher, directly in fluent American Sign Language (ASL).  

Classes 1 - 5:

- Focuses on the introduction of Pranayama

- Breathing Techniques taught

- Relaxation Techniques shared

- Integration of Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

Classes 6 - 10:

- Asanas poses introduced and explored

- Using techniques of Pranayama and Relaxation together into a deeper Asana practice.

- Breathing Techniques practiced

- Relaxation Techniques progressed

Classes 11 - 15:

- Lifestyle; A cleaner way of nourishment will make it easier to do asanas.

- Positive Discourses about Deafhood

- Introduction to Ayurveda and Tips

- Pranayama, Relaxation, and Asanas elevate our choices of lifestyle to nurture our inner light.

Classes 16 - 20:

- Meditation; the art of concentration

- Focuses on the ultimate goal of yoga incorporating all 5 petals of Life.

- With the practice of Pranayama, Relaxation, Asanas, and Lifestyle, you are better prepared to mediate.

- Yoga is a personal journey which includes repetition and practice. This is an opportunity to invest and enhance your well 

 being with love and support.

- Yoga is 1% theory and 99% practice. 


*Online classes are conducted through the ZOOM video platform. After registration, you will receive a ZOOM link for every online class.

Kindred spirits* seeking the inspiring practice of Deaf-centered yoga.

This involves personal hands-on yoga practice to apply as your self-care to integrate your personal and professional aspects of life. 

For any requests about; reasonable accommodation, refund, and cancellation policy. Email:

*Kindred Spirits: Applies to Allies, CDI's, CODA's, Deaf people, and Interpreters.

Subject to change to fit the class' and instructor's pace and/or needs in current COVID-19 climate.

Available Packages

2020 Spring (b) Blossom 1: GOLD
Available until Apr 11, 2020Sold Out

For the 1 week free trial - you will see $0 for deposit. That indicates that you will start paying biweekly payments of $72 x 6 after the first week. Or pay in full $432.   

We believe in giving financial flexibility to everyone. Any questions, let us know

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Deposit: $0
Deposit: $0

2020 Spring (b) Blossom 1: GOLD

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