Celestial Plant Healing Retreat

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Wellness Rebirth
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4 reviews
Aug 17 - 22, 2022
Group size: 1 - 25
Celestial Plant Healing Retreat
Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Wellness Rebirth
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4 reviews

Aug 17 - 22, 2022
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

 An exclusive retreat experience By Wellness Rebirth Retreats & Taitopics  - The intention for this  healing experience is designed to connect the guests with the culture of healing holistically with cannabis and other plant medicine. 

A sacred/ceremonial space created for the participants to partake and interact with the plant medicine for deep healing purposes. This experience will be guided as a sacred and meditative ritual with expert sacred healers and light workers.

This is an immersive jouney that takes you into the root of your being, to awaken, heal and restare our esistence in all realms. The interaction with plant medicine is welcomed at different levels, be guided by your own inner calling. We will create space by offering various forms of plant medicine and several different ways to interact. 

The main plant medicine we will be journeying with is cannabis, cacao and rape.

Additional Medidine include Psilocybin Mushroom. Each guest will have the option of choosing to jounery deeper with one of this medicine. LISTEN, and you will know intuitively what you need. 

What’s included

  • 5 night Accommodations
    Offering single and double occupancy. If you don't have a room-mate we will pair you with someone compatible.
  • Airport Transfers
    We will coordinate safe and reliable transportation to and from the airport. We ask that you arrive in Montego Bay (MBJ) on 8/17/22, by 2:00 pm. Please inform us of your itinerary.
  • Daily Meals
    Daily high vibrational plant-based meals. 3 Meals DailyOrganic & Ital-plant-based (Vegan) Three meals are included daily for retreat guests. Food is always fresh and sourced from the finest local farm
  • Daily Wellness Practices
    Daily breathwork, meditation, restorative yoga, sound healing, ecstatic dance.
  • Steam Chalice Workshops
    Daily Steam Chalice Workshop and ceremony
  • Excursion
    Restorstive waterfall experience to cleanse and rejuvenate.
  • Airfare
    expense. Please Book your flight to come into Montego Bay Jamaica. Send me an email to receive low rates for airfare.
  • Cocktails/Alcohol
    These expenses are not covered.
  • Incidentals
    Tips for staff , souvenir items, separate meal from whats is offered daily, spa treatment. Purchases made on the tours or excursions are your own responsibility. We highly encourage you to Tip workers
  • Spa Treatments
    Spa treatments are available, however, this not included in your package.
  • Insurance Travel
    This is not mandatory but I recommend getting travel insurance for your trip.
  • Covid-19 Testing
    Cost for covid-19 testing is the sole resposibility of the guest.

Available Packages

Single Occupancy - King Suite
Available until August 7, 2022only 3 left

King Suites: Berry, Laila, Maya

*The suites each have 1 King size bed, kitchenette and large balcony. The Laila and Berry are in

the Main Moroccan Villa, with Berry Suite upstairs and Laila Suite downstairs. The Maya is

waterfront and a freestanding room.

Deposit: $700
Single Room - Deluxe Queen Cabin
Available until August 7, 2022only 3 left

Deluxe Cabins: Amina, Yana

*The cabins each have 1 queen size bed, screened porch, kitchenette and hammock. The Amina

& Yana also feature a twin size outdoor daybed, which is privatized with curtains perfect for


Deposit: $700
Single Room - Queen villa
Available until July 31, 2022only 2 left

Queen Villa Rooms: Habibi, Saida  

* The villa rooms each have 1 queen size bed, these are more standard hotel room style

accommodations. The Habibi and Saida have AC options. 

Deposit: $700
Shared Room - Deluxe Queen Cabin
Available until July 31, 2022only 3 left

Deluxe Cabins: Mason

*The cabin has 1 queen size bed, and a second bedroom with a large desk & twin size bed perfect for two singles who want separate beds.

Deposit: $700


Elevated Yoga
Morning Sadhana

6:00 AM

Morning sadhana with Maharri includes breathwork, meditation and hatha yoga.

Maharri is the founder of Wellness Rebirth, and the facilitator of Wellness Rebirth Retreats. She is also the co-Founder of JahWork NJ, a non profit environmental conservation organization. She is a yoga instructor, wellness lifestyle strategist and environmentslist who is highly invested in advocating a wellness lifestyle through ancient holistic practices. After being diagnosed with lupus, Maharri went on a journey to heal herself holistically. Almost like a ritual, proper nutrition, the practice of yoga and Rastafari became her saving grace. After seeing her own transformation, Maharri became inspired to teach yoga and coach others on their wellness journey.

These lifestyle practices have completely created a breakthrough for Maharri, not just in her health and well-being, but also, her spiritual journey. Growing up in rural Jamaica she infuses her Rastafari practices in the way she teaches, coaches and connects with her students and clients. 

Along the journey Maharri also developed a passion for holding sacred space by curating and hosting yoga-wellness retreats. She takes great joy in creating safe spaces for her guests to deep dive into Self Healing practices. She is extremely passionate about creating spaces for Divine Self healing to support others on their own journey. Her retreats give people an opportunity to self-study, attune to self-governance and practice self-care aligned  with the highest frequency of love. 

Retreating with Maharri is an ideal way to align, restore, recalibrate and activate every cell within your being. Maharri lives by the motto, “the service is the worship” and so with this guidance from the heart she creates services that allow the client to have their own personal experiences on their own sacred journey. 

Message from Maharri: 

“Life gives us everything that’s possible. Align Self with the highest good, align Self with Love and be who you came here to be.”  


Your Organizer

Wellness Rebirth
4 reviews
Wellness Lifestyle Strategist, yoga instructor, and wellness advocate committed to helping people create lifestyle changes in the areas of health and wellness. I work passionately with my clients to create what I like to call a rebirth; working on the mind, body, and spirit. I am passionate about holistic nutrition, sustaining good health, and working with clients to completely revitalize good eating habits.


This was definitely a life changing experience. After a week of yoga, clean eating, spring water, warm weather, breathtaking vistas, and warm, beautiful people, I came back home feeling ten years younger. I highly recommend this retreat and can’t wait to come back again.
By Elizabeth M for Rastafari Way Wellness Retreat - 2022 on 31 Mar, 2022
This Rastafari Wellness Rebirth experience came into our lives in Divine timing. We thought we knew what we would get out of this trip, and what actually transpired was so much more. In fact, it was above and beyond even our highest hopes of what we'd come to experience. Waking up and rising with the sun in meditation and guided yoga allowed up to tap into our bodies and our minds in ways we've only neglected in our everyday lives. We began each day present, and with intention to absorb what the Universe had in store for us. When I say we were tapped in, I mean every ounce of our being was open to human connection, connection to the earth and connection to our higher Self. That feeling is a heart posture, which is integral to this experience. If you arrive open & stay open, the seeds you sow will produce an abundance of love, joy and healing that you may not otherwise experience. This is not a social media wellness experience. It goes beyond any performative validation and superficial spiritual woo woo that trends up on the algorithm. This is wellness leveled UP. The Chefs were the heartbeat of our time in Jamaica. From the very beginning of this journey, they nourished our bodies and fed our souls. From amazing Ital food, to bellies full of laughter, we were truly fulfilled at least 3 times a day. Roar I and Jahdane quickly became part of the family that became our Soul Tribe. The bond we created with them is a gift and we are forever in gratitude for their presence and participation. Our driver was the most skilled guide, keeping us safe on the winding back roads of Jamaica through all types of weather. We're so grateful to him for his patience and his professionalism. The daily activities we experienced not only left us feeling grateful and connected to each other, but also to the people who were hosting us at each place. From the sustainable farm to the waterfalls, the sacred warrior energy at Mooretown, the hikes through the jungle and the peaceful energy of Monkey Island, we learned the history & culture of Jamaica and her beautiful abundance. We left with a renewed sense of self and a renowned respect for Mother Earth and all of her medicinal healing offerings. Most notable for us was being immersed in Rastafari culture. We found ourselves listening and observing more than we were speaking. We were happy to soak in the love, positivity and wisdom from those who live a lifestyle of compassion, love and empathy for all living beings. This experience has inspired us to elevate to a better version of ourselves, immerse ourself in the knowledge and understanding of a culture beyond our own little bubble, and establish meaningful relationships with the true self of others. To say that this was a profound experience is an understatement, but there isn't an adequate word to use, otherwise. We can truly say this was the trip of a lifetime and we will keep this fire blazing as we venture out into the world. Our souls were touched in ways we could never have imagined, and we are eternally grateful for this truly unique and Divine gift that was given to us. Maharri holds the space open when you're ready to receive what was meant for you. We will never forget this beautiful journey and the family we joined along the way. With all of our love and gratitude, Ashli & Joe
By Ashli H for Rastafari Way Wellness Retreat - 2022 on 24 Mar, 2022
This was an outstanding yoga retreat. From the location, the itinerary, the food, the yoga, the people and activities that were carefully curated, every detail was thoughtfully considered making for a truly refreshing and uplifting experience. Meharri organized a spectacular week of not just fantastic yoga but she led us through self reflection, healing and a total Jamaican experience. She provided live sound healing, and brought in the finest leaders for hikes along coast, biking to organic farms, historical visit to a Maroon community in the mountains, and even an herbal medicine workshop. This was truly an amazing incorporation of the finest yoga with a cultural immersion. She thought of everything including fresh organic meals supplementing the wonderful resort food with our own private chef. She made sure we had fruit infused water with morning yoga and provided details on all the logistics required for travel. I can say without hesitation that all retreat participants returned home with renewed energy and feeling completely refreshed. I highly recommend Wellness Rebirth and will be the first to sign up for future Wellness Rebirth retreats!
By Judy K for RastafarI Way Wellness Retreat 2021 on 02 Jun, 2021
Thank you so much Judy for your trust and for taking this journey with me. It was an honor to have your presence and energy on the retreat. Seeing your smile and the light in your eyes every morning we met for yoga was a joy. Watching you resiliently take on one of the most challenging hikes I've ever been on motivated me to finish that hike and to finish strong. Watching you jump into the water at YS Falls, encouraged me to face my fear of height. I am completely moved and humbled, thank you for journeying with me and for being an absolute inspiration and light. Oneness and Love Maharri
By Wellness Rebirth on 07 Jun, 2021
I had a great time on this trip! The delicious organic food combined with the daily yoga routines definitely had a positive impact on my health. The itinerary included many Jamaican gems which we visited and I found enjoyable. Things were always organized and the hotel was a perfect location and choice. My room was spacious and I loved the design. I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone who loves yoga, healthy living and Jamaican culture.
By denise m for RastafarI Way Wellness Retreat 2021 on 28 May, 2021
Denise :) witnessing your transformation and being greeted by your smile was a gift no words can truly explain. As I m writing this my eyes are tearing up because I saw you beaming brighter and brighter everyday on the retreat. You embraced the experience with such an open heart, it was so beautiful to see and share. Witnessing also the transformation you experienced from doing the detox was so beautiful. I am still seeing you glow. It was absolutely a joy and a great honor witness all. Thank you for taking the journey with me. Sending you Divine Love and continued healing.
By Wellness Rebirth on 07 Jun, 2021