Celestial Plant Healing Retreat

Blue Mountain, Jamaica

Wellness Rebirth LLC
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Mar 1 - 7, 2023
Group size: 1 - 25
Celestial Plant Healing Retreat
Blue Mountain, Jamaica

Wellness Rebirth LLC
  • Email address verified
13 reviews

Mar 1 - 7, 2023
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

The intention for this healing experience is designed to connect the guests with the culture of healing holistically with cannabis and other plant medicines. Cannabis is our featured medicine. It is our intention to expand the vibration around this medicine to realign with its roots and powerful healing potential. Reclaiming the power of cannabis for holistic and sacramental use we will journey with cannabis while offering the opportunity to infuse other plant medicines into the experience.

A sacred/ceremonial space created for the participants to partake and interact with the plant medicine for deep healing purposes. This experience will be guided as a sacred and meditative ritual with expert sacred healers and medicine wombmen.

This is an immersive journey that takes us into the root of our being, to awaken, heal and restore our existence in all realms. The interaction with plant medicine is welcomed at different levels, be guided by your own INNER-calling. We will create space by offering various forms of plant medicine and several different ways to interact. 

The main plant medicines we will be journeying with are cannabis, cacao and psilocybin mushroom. Additional Medicine for private sessions include bufo, kambo and xhanga (see add-on for more details).


Each guest will have the option of choosing to journey deeper with one of these medicines. LISTEN, and you will know intuitively what you need. 

 This is An exclusive retreat experience By Wellness Rebirth Retreats & Taitopics. 


The 2023 Rastafari Way Wellness Retreat will be hosted at private location nestled in the Blue Mountains, 5,000 feet above sea level. This private villa boasts beautiful boutique guest rooms, tastefully incorporating Caribbean décor and reflecting that relaxed island vibe. The beautiful gardens, cool fresh breeze and mountain vistas are among the most memorable occasions for visitors to the villa. The villa is only 25 miles from Kingston City. 


To expand the vibration and embody true plant healing we will interact with plant medicine with the highest of vibration. All meals will be raw/live foods, sourced locally from organic farms. Our resident Raw/Live Food Chef has been practicing in the art of live/raw food preparation and Livity for over 7 years. He will guide us through all our consumptions as we take in plant medicine in all the various sources and forms.



Cannabis is one of the earliest plants to be cultivated. Used for sacramental & medicinal purposes, this plant has been rooted on earth since the beginning of time. 

Later used hemp to make oil, clothes, shoes, ropes, and an early form of paper. Cannabis was introduced as well to the shamans (the kapnobatai—"those who walk on smoke/clouds") burned cannabis flowers to induce trance during gatherings and ceremonies. 

Each cannabis plant is different from another, varying in strain, profile, flavor and effects. It can be consumed in many forms such as orally, topically, combusted or even steamed! 

Cannabis when used in certain concentrated amounts can treat autism, slow and stop cancer cells from spreading, reduce anxiety, heal bone injures, treat glaucoma, control epileptic seizures, prevent arthritis pain, help with pain, depression and more! 

Cacao/Magic Mushroom Ceremony Magic Mushrooms, as they are commonly referred to, are mushrooms that contain Psilocybin and Psylocin. Psilocybin is a psychoactive compound that acts on the serotonin brain receptors causing altered states of consciousness, visions, increased creativity and deep subconscious healing. The mushroom spirit has been in existence since the beginning of time, containing within them an endless amount of information and potential to connect us with the depths of our being. These ancient teachers are non-toxic to the human body, and are a source for us to connect with our divinity.

Our experience will begin with a cacao ceremony, which will aid us in opening our hearts and getting clarity on our intentions. In plant medicine ceremonies, setting intentions is vital in establishing a connection with the medicine. After the cacao ceremony we will serve a mushroom tea containing 3 grams of dried Psilocybin mushrooms. We have taken time to ensure the setting and experience will be both safe and tranquil, so you can relax and receive everything the medicine has to offer you. 

Xhanga Ceremony 

Xhanga is a transcendental, all natural substance made from herbs and vines that contain DMT (also known as the “spirit molecule”). When smoked, the effects are truly remarkable, taking you into the inner worlds where the truth of our being resides. Xhanga is a great tool for deep subconscious healing, access to the heart space and communicating with the ancestors. The effects last 20-45 minutes and the benefits are endless. 

What’s included

  • 6 night Accommodations
    Offering single and double occupancy. If you don't have a room-mate we will pair you with someone compatible.
  • Airport Transfers
    We will coordinate safe and reliable transportation to and from the airport. We ask that you arrive in Montego Bay (MBJ) on 3/1/23 by 2:00 pm. Please inform us of your itinerary.
  • Daily Meals
    Daily high vibrational plant-based meals. 3 Meals Organic & Ital-plant-based (Vegan) Three meals are included daily for retreat guests. Food is always fresh and sourced from the finest local farm.
  • Daily Wellness Practices
    Daily breathwork, meditation, restorative yoga, sound healing, ecstatic dance.
  • Steam Chalice Workshops
    Daily Steam Chalice Workshop and ceremony
  • Steam Chalice Kit
    The Steam Chalice Kit includes: 1 Steam Chalice of Choice / Jar Of Activated Charcoal / 2 Servings of herb including Cannabis & a Torch.
  • Excursion
    Restorstive waterfall experience to cleanse and rejuvenate.

What’s not included

  • Airfare
    expense. Please Book your flight to come into Montego Bay Jamaica. Send me an email to receive low rates for airfare.
  • Cocktails/Alcohol
    These expenses are not covered.
  • Incidentals
    Tips for staff , souvenir items, separate meal from whats is offered daily, spa treatment. Purchases made on the tours or excursions are your own responsibility. We highly encourage you to Tip workers
  • Spa Treatments
    Spa treatments are available, however, this not included in your package.
  • Insurance Travel
    This is not mandatory but I recommend getting travel insurance for your trip.
  • Covid-19 Testing
    Cost for covid-19 testing is the sole resposibility of the guest.

Available Packages

Shared Room - Deluxe Queen

Deluxe Cabins: Mason

*The room has 2 queen size bed, perfect for two individuals wanting to share space. 

Deposit: $500
Single Room - Deluxe Queen

Deluxe Cabins: 

*The rooms each have 1 queen size bed

Deposit: $500
Single Occupancy - King Suite

King Suites

*The suites each have 1 King size bed.

Deposit: $500
Couple's Special - King Suite

This rate is curated specifically for couples looking to deepen their connection as they expand and evolve together.

Deposit: $1,000

Available options

Private Bufo Medicine Session

Bufo has the ability to connect us to the distilled essence of existence, bringing us closer to our true self. 

Private Kambo Medicine Session

 Kambo is a powerful cleanse that allows access to subconscious and energetic blockages.

Private Xhanga Medicine Session

Changa is a transcendental, all natural substance made from herbs and vines that contain DMT (also known as the “spirit molecule”). 

Sound Therapy Healing

Chakra Balancing Sound therapy with the Tibetan singing bowls.

Private Restorative Yoga Session

A gentle guided restorative session to deepen your connection to Self and integration with the medicines.

Private Steam Chalice Session - 30 Min.
Private Steam Chalice Session - 60 Min.
Angel Card Reading


Elevated Yoga
Morning Sadhana

6:00 AM Daily

Except for day 3 (we will have our practice in the evening to facilitate a full day of integration).

Morning sadhana with Maharri includes breathwork, meditation, sacramental blaze (ganja offering with the steam chalice), elevated yoga (variation of hatha, vinyasa and Yin yoga)

Medicine Mother / yoga Instructor: 

Maharri is the founder of Wellness Rebirth, and the facilitator of Wellness Rebirth Retreats. She is also the co-Founder of JahWork NJ, a non profit environmental conservation organization. She is a yoga instructor, wellness lifestyle strategist and environmentslist who is highly invested in advocating a wellness lifestyle through ancient holistic practices. After being diagnosed with lupus, Maharri went on a journey to heal herself holistically. Almost like a ritual, proper nutrition, the practice of yoga and Rastafari became her saving grace. After seeing her own transformation, Maharri became inspired to teach yoga and coach others on their wellness journey.

These lifestyle practices have completely created a breakthrough for Maharri, not just in her health and well-being, but also, her spiritual journey. Growing up in rural Jamaica she infuses her Rastafari practices in the way she teaches, coaches and connects with her students and clients. 

Along the journey Maharri also developed a passion for holding sacred space by curating and hosting yoga-wellness retreats. She takes great joy in creating safe spaces for her guests to deep dive into Self Healing practices. She is extremely passionate about creating spaces for Divine Self healing to support others on their own journey. Her retreats give people an opportunity to self-study, attune to self-governance and practice self-care aligned  with the highest frequency of love. 

Retreating with Maharri is an ideal way to align, restore, recalibrate and activate every cell within your being. Maharri lives by the motto, “the service is the worship” and so with this guidance from the heart she creates services that allow the client to have their own personal experiences on their own sacred journey. 

Message from Maharri: 

“Life gives us everything that’s possible. Align Self with the highest good, align Self with Love and be who you came here to be.”  


Your Organizer

Wellness Rebirth LLC
13 reviews
Wellness Rebirth Retreats focuses primarily on holding sacred space by offering immersive holistic wellness retreats that are attuned with natural laws (the way of nature), energetic healing, and celestial frequencies. We retreat with Jah (the Most High) to break through the construct that constrains our spiritual being.


Let me tell you something that’ll replenish your spirit. Booking this experience with @wellnessrebirthretreats is the best thing you can do if you need to detox your mind body and mental state of being. I learned so much about myself and am reconnected with my inner child. I’m now in joy. I am a light worker. A light that cast no shadow. I am formless and I shape into any form. I am a provider and protector. I celebrate the good that others in my life are receiving. I genuinely enjoy the good that is showing up in everyone’s life. I love you my soul family. I will be forever grateful for the space you held for me. I’m more than grateful for how you serve Mother Earth & its beings beyond words.
By Anthony G for Celestial Plant Healing Retreat 2024 on Apr 22, 2024
All praises to the Maharri Mystic, Charles "Rootz", Iamma Lotus and Nirvana, the team leading Wellness Rebirth Retreats. I just completed my second journey with this elevated group of beings. My first sojourn with them in Jamaica was so extraordinarily transformative that I traveled with them once again, this time to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. This plant medicine retreat was lead with the purest love and intention, and executed with the highest level of wisdom and professionalism. I, and feel strongly that I can speak for the other participants, felt safe at all times. The Wellness Rebirth team created a container in which each of us was seen, heard and held. I trust in their ability to serve plant medicine and listen to the promptings of Spirit entering and exiting ceremony. Each day was thoughtfully planned but room was left to flow as the universe would have it. This is another experience that elevates my spiritual growth and development. I highly recommend that anyone who is ready to expand, engage with this team.
By LaWanda T for Celestial Plant Healing Retreat 2024 on Apr 22, 2024
I recently had the privilege of attending a wellness retreat hosted by Wellness Rebirth Retreats at the enchanting Arco Isis in Guatemala, and it was nothing short of transformative. From the moment I arrived, I was enveloped in a serene and beautifully curated environment that Mahari, Iamma, Nirvana and Rootz had crafted with utmost intention and purpose. The retreat offered a diverse range of activities that catered to every aspect of wellness. The yoga sessions provided a perfect balance of challenge and relaxation, while the temazcal (a traditional sweat lodge ceremony) was a profound experience that allowed deep self-reflection and purification. Ecstatic dancing was another highlight, filling the air with energy and joy that was contagious. This team was exceptional in creating a sacred space that encouraged everyone to delve deeply within themselves. They supported us in confronting and moving past our fears, gently nudging us out of our comfort zones while ensuring we felt nourished and safe. The heart opening session was particularly impactful, facilitating a release of old patterns and conditioning that had been holding us back from embracing our true selves. By the end of the retreat, I felt like I had shed layers of myself that were no longer needed, emerging reinvigorated and liberated. The overwhelming feelings of love, joy, and a newfound freedom were testament to the powerful transformation that occurred. I left Guatemala feeling rejuvenated and truly rebirthed, with a profound sense of connection to myself and those around me. I cannot recommend Wellness Rebirth Retreats enough for anyone looking to explore their inner landscape in a supportive, loving environment. It was an unforgettable experience that has left a lasting impact on my life.
By Nandi E for Celestial Plant Healing Retreat 2024 on Apr 19, 2024
I have nothing but the highest praises to sing of the Celestial Plant Healing Retreat and the Wellness Rebirth Team! This retreat was such a powerfully transformational and deeply healing experience. The facilitators are highly skilled, knowledgeable, intuitive, and above all deeply loving. The reverence for the work they do is balanced beautifully with their open-hearted service, and is easily seen reflected in all of their actions from the pre & post retreat integration, to the flow of the week and daily activities, literally everything was thought of and accommodated for. The synergy between the facilitators was beautiful to watch, and I was felt so fully held and supported in the most capable hands which really allowed me to go deeply into my own healing work with the plant medicines. The location at Lake Atitlan is absolutely stunning, the food was amazingly fresh and nourishing, and the fellowship was so fulfilling. I am so full of joy and contentment after this experience, I highly recommend any retreats with Wellness Rebirth!
By Nicole S for Celestial Plant Healing Retreat 2024 on Apr 18, 2024
You want a fully immersive, transformational experience? You want facilitators and healers that are fully competent and present? Do you want an experience that you’ll never forget? Wellness Rebirth Retreats is what you’re looking for. With a variety of retreat themes, you will certainly find what you need to propel you to your next level. ✨
By Qī O for Celestial Plant Healing Retreat 2024 on Apr 15, 2024
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