Healing Waters Journey

      Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest

      Pachamama Alliance
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      Oct 6 - 18, 2023
      Group size: 12 - 14
      Healing Waters Journey
      Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest

      Pachamama Alliance
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      Oct 6 - 18, 2023
      Group size: 12 - 14

      About this trip

       In his book, Deer and Thunder, Arkan Lushwala asks the question; “Which waters were damaged first, those of women or those of the Earth? This question awoke something within me and was a question I carried into the Amazon in June of 2022. 

      This journey is an incredible invitation to sit with our sisters from the South and hear their visions and wisdom for the weaving together of a new design for humanity. A design that allows us to once again integrate the natural world. Visions and wisdom that lead us down the path of healing our own waters and the waters of the planet.

      Our visit will focus on the Pachamama Alliance groundbreaking Ikiama Nukuri program (Achuar for “Guardians of the Forest” a project of the Pachamama Alliance formerly known as Jungle Mamas). This program has not only greatly improved community health and birthing practices but has also become a platform for women of an entire culture to find their voice. We'll hear directly from women whose lives have benefited from Ikiama Nukuri, and talk with their local health promoters to understand the challenges faced in expanding this program in a highly patriarchal culture.

      We’ll have the rare opportunity to participate in these women’s daily lives, learning about their unique culture through hands-on village activities, from visiting their sacred gardens to making pottery and creating beautiful baskets. We will sit in circle with them and learn more about the wisdom being shared with them through the Spirit world. This journey will immerse you in the spiritual dimension of life, and offer new perspectives through exploring the sacred traditions and cosmological vision of the Achuar and Sapara people, whose lives are shaped by their dreams and their intimate connection with the natural world.

      Your Trip Leader

      Laurie Benson, is an award winning author of Leading From the Feminine, speaker, and somatic awareness coach. She has traveled extensively, spending time in 14 countries to date and is still exploring. It was on a trip to Costa Rica in 2012 that she first learned of the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, and this sharing transformed her life. She has had the honor and privilege of spending time within many Indigenous communities, learning from their wisdom and deep connection to all of life. Laurie supports the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers with their event planning and creation, and feels honored to bring their teachings to many around the world. 

      She is deeply passionate about the opportunity in front of us all right now. Her work is guided by a deep desire to break down the existing paradigms that keep us feeling disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

      On your journey, Laurie will create a power container for learning and sharing from a state of embodied awareness. Together we will deepen our understanding of how we view the world and how the world views us, and leave with an awakened sense of our greater role in this current moment.

      Your Indigenous Guide

      Narcisa Mashienta,  is a prominent Shuar leader and passionate activist committed to improving maternal and infant health within the Shuar and Achuar territories of the Amazon. Working alongside local and national indigenous leaders, she plays a crucial role in implementing the Ikiama Nukuri program, which focuses on enhancing healthcare in these communities.

      Through her tireless efforts, Narcisa collaborates with various stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of the Ikiama Nukuri program. Her dedication and leadership inspire others, promoting the well-being of mothers and infants in these remote and underserved regions. By leveraging her deep understanding of the community's needs and cultural sensitivities, she actively works towards bridging the healthcare gaps and providing essential support to vulnerable populations.

      Narcisa's advocacy extends beyond her immediate surroundings, as she raises awareness about the unique challenges faced by indigenous communities in the Amazon. Her unwavering commitment to amplifying their voices and fighting for their rights has earned her recognition and respect.


      "A very powerful and enlightening experience and to share this with such a wonderful group of women is something very special, so well organized and well thought out" - Julia Mullen, Women's Journey to the Amazon Rainforest, January 2023.

      " Every experience was thoughtfully planned. I always felt I could immerse myself fully into each activity and experience, and know that we were as safe as possible and well taken care of. These experiences have made a powerful, positive impact on my life and have awaken my spirit and senses. Going through these experiences with our amazing group of women, has created a life-long bond in friendship, growth, and purpose."- Kim Rockwood, Women's Journey to the Amazon Rainforest, January 2023.

      "I love your trips. You provide experiences of incredible depth and personal interaction with our hosts and their communities. I feel as though I have had an intimate view into and connection with another person’s world and culture."  - Frances F, Women's Journey to the Amazon Rainforest, October 2021

      "Every experience was packed with new sensations: the best of gracious cultures in the city and rain forest, physical environments like none I had previously experienced both in the Andes and the rain forest, a real time education about the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, and intensely feeling the fragility of the earth. I feel privileged to have met and spent time with individuals who are changing the world." - Jan P, Women's Journey to the Amazon Rainforest, October 2021

      What’s included

      • All meals
        Starting with dinner on the first day of your journey and ending with breakfast on the last day of your journey.
      • Transportation
        In-country transportation including charted buses and planes.
      • Lodging
        Small boutique hotels, and communal lodging while in the rainforest.
      • Equipment
        You will be provided a pair of rubber boots, bedding, mosquito netting and other equipment in the rainforest.
      • Guides
        Experienced Indigenous and Ecuadorian guides for translation
      • International Flights
        International flights to and from Quito
      • Taxi
        Taxi ride to and from Quito airport
      • Extra Lodging
        Early arrival or late departure lodging
      • Personal Spending
        Gratuity for your local indigenous and Ecuadorian guides and bus driver, shamanic experiences, souvenirs and other personal purchases.
      • Personal Emergencies
        Additional arrangements required due to any emergency or other situation

      Available Packages

      Trip Price
      Deposit: $750


      Day 1
      Women's Journey to the Amazon Rainforest

       Group meets at Hacienda Sierra Alisos at 5 pm for a welcome and orientation, followed by a group dinner. Accommodations will be provided at Hacienda Sierra Alisos.  

      Your Organizer

      Pachamama Alliance
      Pachamama Alliance, empowered by our partnership with Indigenous people, is dedicated to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.