Daily Dive Tours - charter

      Galapagos islands

      Academy Bay Diving
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      84 reviews
      Duration: 1 day
      Group size: 1 - 999
      Daily Dive Tours - charter
      Galapagos islands

      Academy Bay Diving
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      84 reviews

      Duration: 1 day
      Group size: 1 - 999

      About this trip

      APRIL 5 - Kicker Rock - 1 diver

      APRIL 6 - Espanola - 1 diver & 1 snorkel

      APRIL 8 - Seymour & Mosquera - 1 diver

      Set weekly diving itinerary 

      Monday – Floreana

      Tuesday – Santa Fe

      Wednesday – North Seymour canal & Mosquera South

      Thursday – Gordon Rocks

      Friday – Beagle & Daphne

      Saturday – North Seymour Point &Mosquera North

      Sunday – Gordon Rocks

      Please come to our office to try your equipment on the afternoon before your first dive between 5-6pm.  

      Please be at the Academy Bay Dive center at 6.55am for a 7am departure each day.

      Return time approx 3pm

      Included each day 

      - guide

      - equipment with computer

      - 2 dives

      - snacks & lunch

      - towels

      - water

      - photos and videos of the dive - you need to bring a USB or SD card in the afternoon to take the pictures.

      Available Packages

      Trip Price
      Deposit: $846

      Your Organizer

      Academy Bay Diving
      84 reviews
      Academy Bay Diving is a family owned and run business dedicated to providing our customers with an amazing and safe dive experience in the Wonderful Galapagos Marine Reserve.


      This is a Tiburon Explorer liveaboard review (NOT Academy Bay Diving): Considering the huge price of this live aboard, we were really disappointed with the experience. The boat was only two years old so we thought we were paying a high price for high quality. Not so. The boat was very tired. The top deck had been patched many times with glue but still had holes in it. When it rained, water poured into the main salon, onto the floor, sofa, dining table and around all the ceiling lights. It also poured into one of the cabins, onto the bed. The crew did their best, with towels everywhere, but it was a mess. Tiburon is a boat that was made cheaply with the wrong materials and it’s now not fit for purpose. Safety was not taken seriously by the dive leaders. The briefings were poor, using slides with the wrong information on them. No currents or temperatures were checked at sites prior to briefings. We were told temperature would be 22/23 degrees when it was 27-29 degrees in the water all week. Currents in the water were often completely different to what had been briefed. Communication from dive leaders during the dives was poor. Certain divers were running out of air and sharing on octopus regularly, deliberately. It was hard to catch up with the leaders in order to tell them ‘low on air’ because of the currents. No checks were made on divers depths vs nitrox percentage. One diver wasn’t nitrox certified but was allowed to dive on nitrox all week without any understanding of the implications. Despite saying divers needed 50 dives, they accepted one diver with only 25 dives. Then buddied her up with us, meaning our dives were short as she used so much air. If Explorer is accepting inexperienced divers they should insist that they have a private guide, like other boats do. No focus on non-decompression limits. Some divers went into deco dives. One diver told the dive leader (Alex) that she was almost at her no-deco limit and he told her to go up, by herself, in strong currents. Despite my friend and I paying a huge amount and booking early, the 3 single divers who booked at the last minute with enormous discounts were the ones also given single cabins, with no single supplement paid. We should have been offered these cabins first as we had paid significantly more. The diving was good, the rest of the crew worked hard and the food was good. But there are much less expensive options and I would not recommend Tiburon Explorer.
      By Mary S for Dive - custom package on Feb 27, 2024
      Nice diving spots with a lot to see, good to moderate visibility. Very professional staff, good service. If I return to Santa Cruz I will approach them again for diving.
      By Aurimas M for Daily Dive Tours on Feb 25, 2024
      Everyone at Academy Bay did a great job and we really enjoyed our day trips to Bartolome and North Seymour Islands as well as our two days diving!! It was so good to get back underwater after four years and Santa Fe & Floreana were both easy dive sites with lots to see! The dive masters were great at pointing things out and lunches were filling and good. We hope to return again one of these days and until then, all the best! Becky and Don Brunk; Bellingham, WA
      By Rebecca B for Land & Snorkel Tours 2024 on Feb 18, 2024
      Great diving at Floreana. Good emphasis on safety by the crew. Lunch was good and plentiful.
      By Dave S for Daily Dive Tours on Feb 17, 2024
      We have very good scuba-diving in Galapagos,everything to organize well.
      By SUT KUAN L for Complete Galapagos on Feb 08, 2024
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      acabamos de regresar de Galápagos conde realizamos seis increíbles días de buceos... por lejos los mejores en 20 años. Tanto por los hermosos lugares y fauna de la isla y alrededores, por sus equipos de primera calidad y sobre todo por sus guías y todo el personal del centro. Es increíble como aman su isla y como transmiten todo lo que saben de su fauna e historia. gracias Alex, Jimmy y Santiago
      By sergio d on 02 Apr, 2023