Daughters of Hecate's Witches and Phantoms of Scotland

Edinburgh, UK

Oct 1 - 9, 2022
Group size: 26 - 34
Daughters of Hecate's Witches and Phantoms of Scotland
Edinburgh, UK

Oct 1 - 9, 2022
Group size: 26 - 34

About this trip

Divinely selected places have secrets and mysteries within them that cannot be explained. They are found around the world in the most obscure corners. Hand-picked extraordinary places have been curated so that you can divulge into their wonder. 

With awe, we will then explore them … together.

Mysterious Adventures Tours is proud to offer you a journey to Scotland, with all its mysteries and phenomena. This voyage, accompanied by two strong mediums from the Daughters of Hecate, will explore a circular path of the Historic Witchcraft Trials sites and the haunted and mystical impressions that have been forever-embedded from its tragedies. 

This chilling tour will guide you into a time period that is known as Scotland’s “Burning Times”. This period, ranging from 1563 to 1763, threw Scotland into a supernatural paranoia frenzy. The passing of the Witchcraft Act of 1563 made witchcraft a capital offense. Historical devastating Witch Trials resulted, spinning governing towns into a disarray of human tragedy.

As a result, it is estimated that 4,000 to 6,000 people were prosecuted for witchcraft, resulting in 1,500 executions. Approximately 75% of those accused were women.

Tour with us to be introduced to the Scottish cities through a circle of magic and haunts. Our target cities contributed the most significant chronicles to the Witchcraft tragedies, including Edinburgh, Aberdeen, The Highland’s Loch Ness, and Stirling.

For more details and a review of all the highlights,  CLICK HERE 

To see the trail of stops, see OUR INTERACTIVE MAP.

Our Ambassador: The Daughters of Hecate

As the Daughters to the Greek Goddess of Hecate, together Michelle Reuss and Kathrine Sorilos are guided by Hecate’s loyalty to magic, seeking and summoning of phantoms, necromancy, the paths and crossroads of witchcraft, and spiritual unification for the purpose of divination to provide a voice to those who need the truth to be heard. 

Michelle Reuss and Kathrine Sorilos have unified to establish the “Daughters of Hecate” for the purpose of globally spreading the word of their mission within the spiritual realm.

About Michelle Reuss

Living in Iowa USA, Michelle is a Psychic Medium, Trance Medium, Psychometry, Para-Counselor, Ordained Minister, Demonologist/Exorcist, and Riverside Iowa Paranormal's founder. Michelle has spent multiple years in the Paranormal Field. She has continued her studies and is credited with multiple degrees including a Doctor of Metaphysics Degree, a Doctor of Divinity Degree, and a degree in Spiritual Warfare and Paranormal Ministry. While studying at the Universal Life Church Seminary, Michelle studied: Counseling and Para Counseling, Atheism and Agnostics, and Religion-Ancient African practices to the modern take on religion. Michelle has also studied the effects of satanic abuse deriving from cult activity.

About Kathrine Sorilos

Originally from Sydney, Australia, with strong Greek ancestry, Kathrine now lives in Fife, Scotland. Ordained Minister at Universal Life Church Ministries, Kathrine is a highly gifted Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator. She dedicates much time as a researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the paranormal industry. Kathrine is the founder of Oracle Whispers, where she offers psychic readings, and teaches Psychic/Spiritual Development and Reiki classes. Her skills integrate strong talent with Past Life Regression, Psychometry, Spiritualism, Parapsychology, Demonology, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

Our Accomodations

Airth Castle near Edinburgh

Norwood Hall House in Aberdeen

Historic Hotel near Loch Ness region

Golden Lion Hotel in Stirling 

Inclusions and Exclusions


>   Airport Transfers from Edinburgh Airport in Scotland

>   Accommodations for 8-Nights in 3/4-Star hotels near Edinburgh, Aberdeen, The Highlands, and Stirling Scotland  

>   Eight Breakfasts;  One Welcome Lunch;

>    A Private Celebratory Farewell Dinner In Stirling.

>    Luxury Coach with Expert Drivers

>    Special Guests: Two known Mediums, Daughters of Hecate. (Michelle Reuse and Kathrine Sorilo), metaphysically leading us through the entire tour 

>    Local Witch Trials History Tours in Edinburgh and Aberdeen

>    Experiences includes:  11 Castles, 3 Kirkyards (Cemeteries), Multiple sites where witches were judged and executed, Multiple Witch's Covents, 3 Witch-Trial related museums, 3 Significant Ruins,  6 Spectacular Cities/Towns to Explore 

 >    Fees into all venues and activities listed on the final itinerary

 >    Expert Mysterious Adventures Tour Guide

 >    Use of Paranormal Investigation tools (You may bring your own gear and protection tools)

 >    Snacks and water/soft drinks on the bus

 >    Information on each location’s information, history, and supernatural stories. 

 >    Our Mysterious Adventures whimsical bag of gifts 

 >    Our signature “Secret” tour addition surprise

 >    24-Hour Emergency Customer Service while in Scotland

 >    Hotel Porterage of one suitcase per person (when offered)

 >    All taxes and charges associated with hotel accommodations

 >    Souvenir eBook upon returning home


 >    Round Trip Airfare to Edinburgh Airport in Scotland  (We will assist you to capture the best route and rates.)

 >    Evening Meals (except our Farewell Dinner) or alcoholic beverages

 >    Entry Fee’s into venues not on the final itinerary

 >    Tips or Gratuities


Terms, Policies & Recommendations

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~  Limitations:  Tours are expected to include walking (city and rural) among steep rough pathways, hills, steps, and historic mansions & castles with no/limited handicap access accommodations. To enjoy this tour safely, you should be in good health and able to walk reasonable distances, often over unpaved and uneven surfaces. Please be sure to bring apparel/footwear to accommodate these circumstances. 

~  Limitations:  Tours will occur during scheduled day/evening hours. Some areas are not well lit. Although flashlights will be available, you may wish to bring your own equipment. 

~  Limitations:  Please note that our tours may not be suitable for travelers under 18 years and may be included at the discretion of the parent/guardian and must be accompanied by their parent/guardian. There are, at times, difficult paths that may be problematic with persons with physical limitations. 

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Available Packages

Double Occupancy
7 left

Includes the entire itinerary! This is a shared room, but everything else you can do as a single. Great rate for friends or spouses or for folks not wanting to be alone in a haunted hotel!

Deposit: $100
Single Occupancy
only 2 left

Includes the entire itinerary.  This is a single occupancy (private room) rate when you do not wish to have a roomie with you.

Deposit: $100


October 1, 2022

Daughters of Hecate (Michelle and Kathrine) and a Mysterious Adventures Tours guide will meet you at the Edinburgh Airport in the early morning. From here we will indulge in our welcoming lunch where we can meet and greet at the most haunted pub in Edinburg, The Benshee Labyrinth! Jet lag will go away with a tour of the Witches Coven found in the Edinburgh Vaults, followed by an experience at Greyfriars Kirkyard where a poltergeist still lurks. Follow us on the Witches Tour in Edinburgh where you will visit, the Mercast Cross, Heart of the Midlothian, Witches’ Well, and Princes Street Gardens! Lastly, you will experience a night in a Scottish Castle, as we are tucked in at the Airth Castle Hotel!   

PLEASE NOTE: Itineraries are subject to slight change depending on availability or weather & travel conditions.

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Mysterious Adventures Tours LLC
Divinely selected places have a mystery within them that cannot be explained. They are found around the world in the most obscure corners. We hope, with Mysterious Adventures, we can introduce them to you. Mysterious adventures Tours is a woman-owned tour company. Our mission is to give you the opportunity to experience the mysterious, sacred, spiritual, chilling, breath-taking, haunted, and stunning places around the world. Come with us and make memories of a lifetime!