December 10 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta

      Jenaro Herrera, Peru

      Casa Del Maestro
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      50 reviews
      Dec 10 - 18, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 14
      December 10 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta
      Jenaro Herrera, Peru

      Casa Del Maestro
      • Email address verified
      50 reviews

      Dec 10 - 18, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 14

      About this trip

      Immerse yourself in traditional Amazonian ayahuasca ceremonies and plant dietas in a safe, tranquil environment guided by highly-experienced Maestros and professional medicine team.

      See more about our work at Casa Del Maestro Plant Medicine Center.

      About the Plant Dieta:

      This program includes an optional plant dieta with a series of medicinal trees as directed by Maestro Don Alberto. Dietas often take participants much deeper than medicine ceremonies alone. The process includes a series of behavioral restrictions that one is required to follow before, during, and after the dieta. Only elect this option if you are committed to the whole process!

      The dieta lasts for eight days, consisting of four dieta infusions prepared onsite. The food for the dieta follows traditional guidelines: plain, bland food free of any salt, spices or sauces. You can expect mild river fish, plain chicken, yucca, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs and white rice.

      Dieta participants are also meant to refrain from physical contact with others and use of hygiene products like soap or toothpaste is not permitted. Dieters are required to remain free of sexual activity during the dieta and for 30 days afterwards, as well as 30 days without the use of any drugs or alcohol, including other plant medicines.

      For more information on dietas, view our website or contact us with any questions.

      What’s included

      • Accommodations
        Simple, private room in shared lodging with shared bathrooms
      • Meals
        All meals are included throughout the duration of your stay. Meals are prepared in accordance to safe ayahuasca dietary restrictions. Dietary preferences available (vegan, vegetarian, etc.)
      • Local Transportation
        Round trip transportation between Iquitos and Casa Del Maestro in Jenaro Herrera
      • Translation
        English-Spanish translation
      • Program Facilitation
        Professional facilitation and assistance during ceremonies and throughout your stay
      • Medicine Preparation
        Help prepare plant medicines (when available)
      • Retreat Activites
        Group discussions, questions with the Maestro, trip to local swimming area, walks on the property. Activities vary by program

      What’s not included

      • Flights
        International flights to Lima, Peru and domestic flights from Lima to Iquitos, Peru
      • Hotels in Iquitos
        Hotel stay while in Iquitos before or after the retreat

      Available Packages

      9 Day 5 Ceremony Retreat
      Deposit: $1,000
      9 Day 5 Ceremony Retreat w/Plant Dieta

      Only elect this option if you are committed to the plant dieta! For more information on dietas, view our website or contact us with any questions.

      Deposit: $1,000

      Your Organizer

      Casa Del Maestro
      50 reviews
      Casa Del Maestro is a family-run plant medicine center located outside of Genaro Herrera, Peru. It is owned and operated by Maestro Don Alberto Torres Davila and three generations of his extended family. Situated outside the village on private land, Casa Del Maestro represents a return to the origin of Don Alberto's lineage and the roots of his plant medicine tradition.


      I cannot recommend this experience—the people, the place, the practice—enough. From beginning to end to today, the facilitators (Matt, Anya, and Eric) have been so knowledgable and supportive. The family is so warm and welcoming to their beautiful and well kept property, creating the perfect vibe for relaxing and reflection throughout the week. The food is delicious and fresh. The tradition and humility of the practice shines through in every moment and interaction. As a first timer, I entered this process with a lot of fear and anxiety and received the compassion and guidance I needed to show up with confidence and trust every day. 10/10 recommend.
      By Christina M for February 11 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta on Feb 28, 2024
      I had a wonderful experience at Casa del Maestro! I felt safe and cared for all week. It is situated deep in the Amazon basin, on a farm, surrounded by family and adorable grandchildren! I experienced deep emotional healing in a relationship that was previously challenging and painful. I learned to stay grounded and present in ceremony. So I was able to fully relax and trust the medicine. And I loved the educational jungle and boat trip to connect to the Amazon trees that were in the Ayahuasca and the Dieta. I so appreciate Matt, Anya and Eric! They are kind, committed and compassionate. Their integration sessions allowed me to connect deeply with the other participants as well as with my own journey. I highly recommend Casa del Maestro. It feels like home. I will definitely be back!
      By Karen M for January 14 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta on Feb 05, 2024
      One of the greatest trip adventures of my lifetime. The entire staff was superb. Knowledgeable and passionate, and made every moment of the experience of sheer delight. Thank you very much, Matthew, Anya,Eric, And, of course, the Maestro himself.
      By ALGIIN F for January 14 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta on Jan 31, 2024
      I cannot describe how grateful i am to have visited Casa Del Maestro. The medicine, the facilities, the food, the staff , maestro's. Everything from beginning untill the end was well organized. These people put their heart and soul into their work. as every taxi driver in Iquitos says: Don Alberto is the best. I've been to an other retreat before and had an phenomenal experience, but Casa is home for me. They really and truly took it to another level. This is the real deal. It is impossible that you will be dissappinted coming to this retreat.
      By Q V for December 10 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta on Dec 28, 2023
      Was my Second time coming to do ceremonies with Don Alberto and Matt. It Was a very powerful and emotional experience. Matt was once again a strong guiding force to allow me to complete my healing process. The people at Casa were all amazing. I can’t imagine doing ayahuasca at any other place. Love!
      By Andrei G for October 8 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta on Oct 18, 2023
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      Just unbelievable what I have just lived at Casa del Maestro. Only words of gratitude and appreciation towards the amazing people behind this unique experience. Love you all ❤️
      By Mauri B on 16 Oct, 2023
      This was my first time doing Ayahuasca although I had been wanting to do it for quite some time. I wanted an authentic experience that was true to the traditions of ayahuasca in south America and not something that was more westernized. I had been looking at ayahuasca retreats for some time until I was recommended to check out Casa Del Maestro. I went to the website and I instantly knew that this was the right place for me. I can definitely say that I was not disappointed. Don Alberto, his son Eliseo are powerful shaman that come from a long lineage of shaman and provide you with an authentic experience in a protected space. Along with facilitators Matt, Anna and Don Alberto's extended family they make sure the beautiful, magical, and sometimes very difficult work that needs to done, does. I'm very gratefully to them for everything I received and experienced there. I will never forget my time there and after 7 months now since my trip. I still get overwhelmed when thinking about my journey there. I will definitely be back again to continue my work with this sacred plant medicine with everyone at Casa Del Maestro. If you are considering or are being called to do Ayahuasca, I wouldn't hesitate trusting Casa Del Maestro to guide you down that path. If I were to give anyone some advice once they decided to take the plunge into the infinite unknown. I would say to completely surrender and release all control and let Ayahuasca and the team at Casa Del Maestro do their work.
      By Anthony F on 28 Dec, 2022
      Casa del Maestro is the only place I would want to have this experience. Casa del Maestro is an incredibly safe space so much so I brought my loved ones for their first experience. The staff are outstanding, caring, and loving. Great experience, great people, great medicine.
      By Christian M on 30 Jun, 2022