Design Your Life Retreat | Wellness for Entrepreneurs + Creatives

      Atlanta, GA, USA

      61 reviews
      May 9 - 12, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 12
      Design Your Life Retreat | Wellness for Entrepreneurs + Creatives
      Atlanta, GA, USA

      61 reviews

      May 9 - 12, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 12

      About this trip

      Indulge in a rejuvenating Retreat in partnership with Erica and Jamilah, Founders of Good Moms Bad Choices and Good Good Media Enterprise. As leading forces and trailblazers in the Podcast and media space Erica and Jamilah are ready to share the short cuts to activating creativity, telling powerful stories, and help you unlock your inner creatress with a weekend that is equal parts wellness and creative bootcamp. This braintrust and wellness escape offers a sanctuary for like-minded creative women to gather, foster an atmosphere of creativity, shared ideas, and mutual support. Immerse yourself in invigorating yoga sessions, wellness workshops, and collaborative brainstorming sessions. Celebrating the strength and resilience that often emerge from life's unconventional paths. 

       • Finish the project 

      • Create a strategy 

      • Create space for self care 

      • Learn work / life Balance 

      • Make work pleasure 

      • Learn how to make your passion your purpose. 

      Leave Mother’s Day morning feeling deeply relaxed and ready to seize the rest of your Mother’s Day however you‘d like. 

      Keynote Speaker announced soon!

      What’s included

      • Gourmet Meals
        Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily
      • Yoga Sessions
        Morning yoga with a private instructor
      • Manifest Dinner
        Manifest the your dreams together with a candlelit dinner with your creative tribe and manifest the business and life you deserve.
      • Microdose to Millions
        Creative brainstorming sessions utilizing holistic practices to inspire creativity, productivity and collaboration.
      • Founder Q & A
        A special guest speaker and Founder interviewed live by Jamilah + Erica with group participation.
      • Sound Bowl Healing Sesh
        Enjoy an outdoor meditation + sound bowl healing session on the properties lush landscape
      • Free Your Mind Friday
        Get Free on Friday night at a workshop designed to disconnect you from the outside world, relax and make space for creative juices to flow.
      • VIP Bag
        Luxury VIP bags and offerings ($500 value)
      • Professional Headshots
        Professional headshots to utilize on your website, social media, LinkedIn etc..

      What’s not included

      • Transportation
        Flight and transportation to and from location not included
      • Relaxing Massages
        Relaxing Massages not included but can be arranged
      • Tantric Embodiment Sesh
        One on one Session with Jamilah, a Certified Tantric Practitioner designed to plant the seeds of self mastery.
      • 1 on 1 Brainstorm
        One on one creative/marketing brainstorm session with Erica, Founder of Good Moms Bad Choices, The Good Vibe Retreat and Good Good Media+ Beauty Marketing Executive at Global brand, Beautyblender.
      • Human Design Reading
        A private session with a Human Design Expert aimed at using ancient and modern modalities to unlock more efficient ways to create, communicate, and build the life and business of your dreams
      • Off campus creatives
        Mansion overnight accommodations not includes for off campus creatives

      Available Packages

      Creative Solo King Suite
      Available until May 8, 2024Sold Out

      Enjoy a solo King bed with a bathroom in sprawling mansion in the heart of Atlanta. Explore the beautiful private property complete with a beautiful deck, views and an indoor jacuzzi.

      +VIP Bag ($500value)

      Deposit: $300
      Creative Solo Queen Suite
      Available until May 8, 2024Sold Out

      Enjoy a Solo Suite with a Queen sized bed complete with a bathroom in a beautiful mansion in the heart of Atlanta. Explore the beautiful private luxury property and enjoy the sounds of nature on the huge deck and an indoor jacuzzi.

      +VIP Bag ($500 value)

      Deposit: $300
      Creative Bestie Luxury King Suite
      Available until May 8, 2024only 1 left

      -A shared King Size Bed with private bathroom in sprawling mansion in the heart of Atlanta. This beautiful spacious suite is complete with a fire place, private bathroom, and TV.

      -Enjoy the sounds of nature on the properties huge deck or take a dip in the indoor jacuzzi.

      -VIP Bag ($500 value)

      Deposit: $300
      Creative Bestie Bedroom
      Available until May 8, 2024only 2 left

      A room with two separate full beds and a shared bathroom in a beautiful mansion in the heart of Atlanta complete with a deck beautiful views and an indoor jacuzzi.

      -VIP Bag ($500 value)

      Deposit: $300
      Creative Bestie Single Room
      Available until May 8, 2024only 2 left

      A shared room with two single beds in a sprawling mansion in the heart of Atlanta. Complete with a beautiful deck and indoor jacuzzi.

      Enjoy the sounds of nature on the properties huge deck or take a dip in the indoor jacuzzi.

      -VIP Bag ($500 value)

      Deposit: $300
      Off Campus Day Pass
      Available until April 30, 20245 left

      The Day Pass Creative grants you access to all workshops, activities + gourmet meals and property amenities .

      Enjoy the sounds of nature on the properties huge deck or take a dip in the indoor jacuzzi.

      -VIP bag ($500 value)

      Deposit: $300

      Available options


      Stress Free Friday
      Wind down into the weekend

      -Arrive at your luxurious home for the weekend. 

      -Settle in and ease into this welcoming and soul filling weekend with like minded women. 

      -Enjoy a welcome cocktail, music, a delicious dinner and indulge in the vibes. 

      -Explore the property and enjoy the sounds of nature outside on our private deck or take a  a dip in the indoor jacuzzi. 

      Your Organizer

      The Good Vibe Retreat
      61 reviews
      Join The Good Vibe Retreat, hosted by Erica and Milah from the Good Moms Bad Choices podcast! It's the ultimate girls' trip combining relaxation, personal growth, and endless fun. Unwind, connect, and create lifelong memories with like-minded women. Rejuvenating activities, self-care practices, empowering workshops, and lots of laughter await you. Visit our profile for details on upcoming retreats. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!


      This trip exceeded my expectations. As a woman in general in society we can feel overwhelmed with our duties and expectations of us to appear a certain way in the world. In this retreat Erica and Milah literally allow us to show up as we are and spoil us with amazing food, amazing tours, workshops, and just allowing us to be. This trip is worth every dollar spent and you find women who may not have walked the same exact path as you, or maybe they have. But for once you see each other in ways, that if you were out in the states you wouldn’t normally speak to out of ego. Here you get to take off your mask, you get spoiled, and you get to be and nurture your authentic self. Book this trip and make a bunch of new sisters from all over the country!
      By Gabriella D for February 1 - 6 | The Good Vibe Retreat 2024 on Mar 09, 2024
      What an incredible life changing experience. This trip was transformational.
      By Ashley C for February 8 - 13| The Good Vibe Retreat 2024 on Feb 23, 2024
      It’s been a week since I left the Good Vibes retreat week 2. I’ve been trying to gather my words for this review, I don’t want to leave anything out. I’m going to try, you can read all these great reviews but honestly you have to really experience this for yourself. I told myself I was going to the next retreat and once they released the dates, I instantly grabbed a spot. This was my first solo trip that I was definitely in need of. I was able to relax, start my healing journey and make new connections. Sonora- the resort is breathtaking and relaxing. Completely safe, to the point that I felt comfortable swimming in the pool, late at night by myself in the nude😉. The food was amazing and filling. Goodness down to the vegetarian meals were delicious and filling. The staff were so sweet and accommodating, I hate eggs and for breakfast they made tasty alternatives just for me. Love Radha she’s sweet and we bonded over our names🥰. Activities and excursions- They have so much planned for you trust me. On day 2 we couldn’t stop saying, “wow we did so much and it’s only day 2”. For add-ons I did a massage (honestly get more than one if you can), natal chart reading by Sylvia, she is a sweet no bs type of woman (love that). She gave me an accurate reading that really resonated with me. Also loved having her with us during the cacao ceremony and the kundalini meditation. My favourite part of the trip was the cacao excursion, we learned so much about the Bri Bri. We got to speak to a shaman and had delicious food in a cool leaf bowl. Shrooms meditation was a whole different experience. Definitely taking all those tips when experiencing with shrooms in the future. I had the honour of being part of Erica’s first reiki session. It was a beautiful experience, I am still in awe. It was a personal experience so I don’t want to get too into it. I will say that Erica was able to describe a specific pain that I hadn’t told anyone, mentioned or experienced during the trip. Still in shock, she described the pain to the T and gave me helpful tips🫶🏾 Connections- this is a place to heal and connect. I met so many amazing women and created new friendships. When they say liked minded women, they mean it. At times I felt imposter syndrome kicking in but in those moments someone would randomly say, “We’re all beautiful or we deserve this” a little reminder that I did belong on this trip. Literally miss the women from my week so much. Amazing group of women ❤️🥰 Milah and Erica chilled with us! I enjoyed breaking bread with them everyday. Swimming in the pool while eating watermelon with them while passing a blunt around. Dancing with them, crying with them, laughing with them, their presence was very warm and welcoming. Honestly, out of this trip, you get so much mentally and physically. The gift box had so much products!! The room was decorated nicely with more perks. I am definitely implementing a lot of what I learned with Erica and Milah in my everyday life. You will release and feel free🫶🏾✨ Thank you Erica & Milah for creating this wonderful experience. Thank you Nellie and Maya for assisting and making sure the trip went smoothly. I really enjoyed and appreciated meeting you all amazing, successful, and beautiful women. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Shoutout to Tribe 10 see you in Bali😉🥰
      By Radica D for February 8 - 13| The Good Vibe Retreat 2024 on Feb 22, 2024
      This retreat was deeply personal to me! To be surrounded by Mila, Erica, Maya and Nellie so lovingly set the tone for an amazing experience. As a woman of color getting to a place of vulnerability with 19 other women you don't know can be intimidating and down right scary. None of that was in me when i embarked on the airplane ride to Cost Rica and nothing but love was felt while i was there. I have formed sisterships with women i cant wait to see again, and I have rediscovered the love I have for myself in ways I didn't even know I needed. My room was just right, the staff was amazing friendly and genuinely interested in making sure all of our needs were met! the food was amazing and just right, my wife told me I lost weight in just 7 days by the time I had gotten home. I will forever hold this experience close to my heart because it was my first. Erica and Mila are beautiful Goddesses; with heart that you feel being in their presence. I cant wait to do it again!
      By Alerser N for February 1 - 6 | The Good Vibe Retreat 2024 on Feb 22, 2024
      This retreat was everything I needed and more! It was such an enlightening and beautiful experience. I had been wanting to go on this retreat for years and I’m so happy I did it! Thank you so much Milah and Erica for creating a safe space and letting us be the Goddess that we are! I met some beautiful women. Tribe 10 will forever be in my heart. Love y’all! I know a future retreat will happen for me! So ladies if you’re looking for a sign this is it! Book the trip! You won’t regret it!
      By LaVonda W for February 8 - 13| The Good Vibe Retreat 2024 on Feb 22, 2024
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      If you are wondering if you should take the leap to experience this trip, DO IT! It is such a life changing experience. A friend asked me what was my favorite part of the trip but I struggled with my answer because there wasn’t just one favorite part. I responded with, “the whole trip was my favorite part” but since then, I have thought more about it and I know my answer now. My favorite part was learning to put myself first, “filling my cup back up”, and meeting so many other beautiful souls wanting to do the same for themselves. I learned to let go and live in the moment and do what I WANT and not what I think someone else wants. Since being home, I have worked at doing the things I enjoy and not allow or at least be more aware of when I am nearing the state of being worn out. I started doing yoga again and meditating, taking time when I need it before reaching empty. As a mom of 3 young children, it can be challenging and almost impossible at times to avoid being burnt out. you give so much of yourself to everyone else and have nothing left for you. This trip, Jamilah and Erica and their team has given me the gift and tools to recharge and feel empowered to be the woman wife and mom that I am, and that I can do what makes me happy and not feel bad about it. Don’t allow yourself or anyone else to limit what you want in this world. I wish I could gift this trip to all of the women that I love in my life. Everyone deserves this type of experience. I highly recommend it and look forward to attending another good vibes retreat in the future!
      By Tiffany J on 24 Mar, 2024
      It’s been 365 days since I participated in the Good Vibe Retreat. Every day was a new adventure - walking around topless, swimming in the pool, yoga, spending time with the BriBri tribe, honey ritual at the waterfall, massages, natal chart reading. Every night was a chance to deepen our sisterhood - dancing around the altar, bonfire release ritual and family dinners where we manifested greatness and renamed ourselves. I am Radically Reborn Rikki. The only expectation I had was to have a luxurious rich bitch relaxation experience. What I got was so. much. more. During a sister circle, I channeled the ancestors of the women. I had never experienced anything like that in my life. I was receiving messages about their eating habits (chill out on the coffee and don’t eat tofu!) and reminded them to always dance (unbeknownst to me there was a dance teacher amongst us). It also turns out that Emily, who was in her room during the circle was sick because she ate tofu at breakfast. The retreat was a mirror and forced me to look at my current life for what it was. It forced me to deal with my grief. My youngest Brother Troy passed away in 2017 due to cardiac failure. On the 3rd day of the retreat I had a massage scheduled. The masseuses name was Troy. A beautiful Black man with an Afro and southern accent. On the 4th day of the retreat, I had a massage with Anthony. Troy’s middle name was Anthony. At the time, my Mother Robin and I were estranged. There was a Mother and Daughter duo on the retreat. The daughter’s name was Rhavin. Also, on the 4th day of the trip, I had my natal chart reading with Silvia. During that reading, I had an overwhelming feeling that I should move back to Playa Negra when my lease ended 2 months later. Silvia confirmed. I sold and donated all of my belongings, told my luxury building in Brooklyn I would not renew my lease and moved back to Playa Negra with my 2 puppies Carmelo and Jett on April 26th, 2023. I had never been to Costa Rica. I had never even thought about coming to Costa Rica until the Good Vibe Retreat. I can go on and on about the magic and miracles that occurred during this retreat. Book the ticket. Just do it Sis. You won’t regret it and when you land in Playa Negra, holla at me. STILL I RISE! I love y’all.
      By Rikki V on 09 Feb, 2024
      Book. This. Retreat. I can’t say enough about the Good Vibes Retreat. Everything is done with intention! I have never felt so well taken care of, safe, and poured into. I finally just got to BE. Thank you ladies so so much!
      By Kahntinetta P on 18 Jul, 2023
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