Ecstatic DJ Training May 4-10 2020 | Spain

      Tordera, Spain

      16 reviews
      May 4 - 10, 2020
      Group size: 20 - 45
      Ecstatic DJ Training May 4-10 2020 | Spain
      Tordera, Spain

      16 reviews

      May 4 - 10, 2020
      Group size: 20 - 45

      About this trip

      SO YOU WANT TO BE A DJ?.....

      Join our team of 10 International Ecstatic Dance DJs in the heart of Montnegre National Park, on the outskirts of Barcelona, for our 2nd Ecstatic DJ Training!

      After our amazing success in Portugal last May we are coming together again to deliver another powerful event, this time in Spain!

      *** Until January 05 use our EARLYTRAINING discount code to get the early bird rate ***

      May 04th - May 10th at the gorgeous Can Benet Vives Campus

      We offer a  7-day Ecstatic DJ Training with accommodation and food included in the price. 

      This training is for you if you are:

      • A music fanatic who longs for the opportunity to DJ, creating your own unique style of the Ecstatic Dance journey

      • A conscious dance or movement teacher who wants to enhance your classes by creating expertly crafted soundscapes with seamless transitions

      • A person who dreams of creating an Ecstatic Dance community and who wants to learn to DJ order to make that dream a reality

      • A seasoned Ecstatic Dancer who wants to see what its feels like to be on the other side of the DJ decks?

      During the seven days, you will:

      • Learn from a team of veteran Ecstatic Dance DJs and producers 

      • Hone your skill in a supportive environment among mentors and peers

      • Be taught step-by-step leading to proficient with Traktor Pro 3 DJ Software

      • Be taught technical DJ skills and techniques to transition from track to track in a simple and supportive way.

      • Learn to promote yourself effectively and network with various to get great gigs and full classes

      • Connect with new friends at a gorgeous resort in the centre of a nature reserve

      • Eat delicious wholesome meals prepared for you with love and care.

      • DANCE!

      Registration to our Ecstatic DJ Training includes:


      Choice between camping, shared or private accommodation.


      3 delicious, low gluten, healthy vegetarian or non vegetarian meals per day.


      Each day we will build upon a solid foundation beginning with the absolute basics with our Traktor software and hardware. 


      Each day we spend time on the practical, logistical and ethical aspects of being a DJ.


      This manual will accompany your journey with us for the 7 days and become your companion for years to come. Complete with both the technical teaching and the theories, this manual is a place to record all the information learned.


      Our main teacher Bernice believes fundamentally in teaching through the body and allowing the mind to integrate experiences into learning, also known as bottom up learning. This way of teaching is what sets the Ecstatic DJ Training apart. 


      You will have the opportunity to sign up for a one-on-one with your chosen DJ from the Support Team. This will give you that chance for personalized attention.


      There will be slots for you to give performing LIVE a try! This will be on a sign up basis and not a requirement.


      Our goal is to not only build DJ’s but community! The environment at the Training is one of collaboration. We encourage dialogue and want to hear what you want to know.


      We have updated our model to allow our students to practice at the time which best suits their needs. Support Team Members and volunteers will be intermittently available to support you. Helping each other is also encouraged!  

      PLAY DAY!

      A day for you to personalize your learning by choosing from a number of expertly led classes.


      Re-balance the nervous system, remove physical blockages and get in flow with several unique classes throughout the week.


      Kick Ass Dances played by kick ass Support Team members for Dancing and also as teaching tools.


      A special time to say goodbye to each other as we venture out changed from our time together.

      POOL + SAUNA

      Relax and renew with heat and water.

      We want you to leave this training feeling like you have all the tools, knowledge and support you need to get started as a DJ, so we’ve made sure not to leave anything out. After the training, you’ll have the confidence to play out at a variety of gigs, venues and events.

      If you would like to level up your training after this Ecstatic DJ Training, we are offering Ecstatic DJ Camp the week after! Check out more information here


      **You will need to be responsible for bringing your own Controller (we recommend Traktor S2Mk3), your own Traktor Pro 3 software, DJ headphones and your own laptop.**

      **All deposits are non refundable

      Before January  25, 2020 100% refund (excluding deposit)

      Before February 25, 2020 50% refund (excluding deposit)

      Before March 25,  2020 25% refund (excluding deposit)

      After    March 25,  2020  no refunds 

      We will automatically set you up a three payment plan unless you pay in full. If you would like to make other payment arrangements please contact us and we can make you a personalized plan..**

      What’s included

      • 7-days of DJ Training
        Step by step guidance on DJ skills building specifically geared towards Ecstatic and Conscious DJing
      • Professional Manual
        Over 180 pages of information laid out in an easy to follow day-by-day format
      • a 1-on-1 private lesson
        You choose which of our Team members you would like to have your lesson with.
      • 6-nights accommodation
        Your choice of basic accommodation
      • 3 wholesome meals a day
        A low gluten menu has been requested. You will have choice between vegetarian or non-vegetarian options. All food made on site with LOVE
      • Pool/ Sauna/ Fire Pit
        There will be time to enjoy the pool each day. Saunas will be scheduled a couple times during the Training and we will have a campfire one evening (weather permitting)
      • Ecstatic Dances
      • Traktor S2Mk3 Controller
        The latest version of the S2 controller which the Training Manual based upon. It COMES WITH PRO 3. We STRONGLY RECOMMENDED you bring this controller. You may bring other controllers if you choose.
      • Traktor Pro 3 Software
        You MUST have Traktor Pro 3 DJ software installed in their laptop by the start of the Training. PLEASE NOTE most Native Instruments controllers come WITH Pro 3. BUY YOUR CONTROLLER FIRST (save$)
      • Laptop Computer
        You will bring your own computer loaded with the songs you wish to work with. More on this later!
      • DJ HeadPhones
        There are many on the market, have a look on the web to shop and compare. NOTE please bring over the ear headphones, earbuds of any kind will not work.
      • Laptop Stand
        Not necessary but VERY handy
      • Transport to the venue
        We have arranged transportation to and from Can Benet. You will have the option to purchase when you register for either the training or the camp as an "add on"

      Available Packages

      Tent/Camper spot with shared bathrooms

      You will have a site to put up YOUR OWN tent or park your RV. Shared bathrooms are a short walk from your campsite. We have subsidized this option to make the Training accessible to more people.

      Deposit: €350
      Shared Room with Shared Bathrooms

      The bulk of the accommodation at the Training is shared dormitory style.  Bunk beds in rooms ranging from  8 to 10 people. Refer to pictures for visual reference. We will make every effort to fill all bottom bunks first and arrange students according to sleep preferences.  Please be sure to fill out the questioner at check out.  Bathrooms are shared with private shower and toilet stalls and a bank of sinks and mirrors. 

      Deposit: €400
      Private Room with a Shared Bathroom

      We have limited quantities of these rooms. Please note the beds are SINGLES.  The bathroom is shared but with only 1 or two others.

      Deposit: €450
      Private Room with a Private Bathroom

      These rooms are set away from the main house. They come in a variety of bed configurations. They each have their own bathroom inside the room and a terrace.  Please refer to the pictures for examples.  Please be sure to fill out the questioner at check out and let us know what configuration/bed type you prefer. We will do our best to accommodate you.

      Deposit: €495

      Available options


      Day 1

      Why do you want to be a DJ? We do vision work and prepare ourselves to dive into the work.

      Your Organizer

      Dance The Medicine
      16 reviews
      Our Dream Team at Dance the Medicine includes established Conscious and Ecstatic Dance event organizer, movement facilitators and DJ's, We are diverse, coming from a wide array of backgrounds and modalities with varying visions about how to deliver our dance medicine to the world. What we share is a love of dance, music and community. We are collaborative, empathetic, action-minded and believe that dance has the ability to change the world! Come learn, play and DANCE with us!


      Wonderful feeling of community has been created! A lot of support from student to student. New connections and inspiration. Accommodation was great even with double rooms. Food was great. What could be a bit different in the organisation: More practical tasks and exercising together, breaks during long classes it's okif not everyone gets to play. Would be nice to have some free time and free day for an excursion together.
      By Lola T for Ecstatic DJ Camp 2023 • SPAIN on Nov 06, 2023
      it was a Wonderfull journey and a great experience with beautiful community. Organization was perfect and food/accomadation was best ever for a retreat I've done spécial thanks and bravo for trainers and organizer(and cookers)
      By Philippe G for Ecstatic DJ Camp 2023 • SPAIN on Oct 31, 2023
      Absolute beginner going into the course and am now confidant that I can DJ an ecstatic dance. Great well-paced course with excellent instructors and mentors.
      By Jordan S for Ecstatic DJ School 2023 • ONLINE on Jun 21, 2023
      Great experience, would definitely recommend. Learned a lot, had a chance to share my experiences with other facilitators and had great support from the teaching staff. The manual is definitely a keeper and I'm sure I will return to it time and time again.
      By Jasenka A for Dance Facilitator Training 2023 • ONLINE on Jun 16, 2023
      Amazing training that provides extremely valuable insights into the role of dance facilitator. All in a beautiful environment with amazing people from all over the world. This was an unforgettable week!
      By Michelle M for Dance Facilitator Training 2023 • ONLINE on Jun 09, 2023
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