Elemental Embodiment

70 reviews
Feb 4 - 25, 2023
Group size: 1 - 6
Elemental Embodiment
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70 reviews

Feb 4 - 25, 2023
Group size: 1 - 6

About this trip

Elemental Embodiment with Krista 

Our bodies connect us to the world around us, i.e. - the elements. 

Through this multi-part exploration with Krista, we will explore how intimate connection with nature starts with invoking the elements that reside in our bodies. 

Krista will guide us through a variety of perspectives, making your connection to your body + the elements one of curiosity, joy, and longevity! 

We can experience our bones as earthy and solid; 

our blood and emotions as flowing and watery; 

our motivations, inspirations and digestive fortitude as firey and vibrant; 

and our breath and mind as breezy or still, like the wind.

We can mimic the qualities of the elements in our movements: 

 >> Earth is heavy, crumbly, dense and solid. 

 >> Water is fluid, smooth, wavy and cleansing. 

 >> Fire is sharp, fast, jagged and eruptive. 

 >> Air is light, wispy, expansive and is what we breathe!

We can contemplate which parts of our bodies resonate with each element, and put our focus and intention there to explore the messages both our bodies and nature have to teach us.

Our feet and legs ground us facilitating strength and stability.

Our pelvis helps us express ourselves and is a nexus of movement possibility!

Our abdomen houses our digestive organs, our inner heat and our conviction.

Our arms, neck and spine help us feel lifted, embrace the constant change of life, and BREATHE in the world around us.

Practicing  being present in our bodies with curiosity, we can discover how a  movement practice truly becomes a ritual of embodying the elements -  Becoming One with Nature.

We are nature - flowing between fertile and fallow, cycling through movements of stillness and expression.

Understanding ourselves in relation to the elements can open the way for the wisdom Nature offers us.

What’s included

  • Four 1.5 hour sessions
    Live experiences led by Krista
  • Online discussion board
  • Recordings of all calls

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Deposit: $125

Your Organizer

70 reviews
We believe the greatest adventure of all is in living our one wild life—the life that is entirely our own and has been waiting for us since we were born. Wild Within was founded to help you step into that life. We support those on this journey through retreats, gatherings, courses and workshops. We draw upon the healing and transformative power of community, the wilderness, the journey and a wide range of ancient traditions and modern teachings to aid those who hear the call of the Wild Within.


The leaders of Wild Within are so generous and devoted to their work for this community. Having experienced multiple retreats and community calls over the years, I can see how their skillsets continue to bloom and inspire others. This year, Oregon Awaken reached even greater depths of the soul. I was much more attuned to the voices of nature, the community and myself. Thank you, Wild Within!
By Susanne G for Oregon: Awaken on Jun 26, 2023
As always, an amazing time with Wild Within. It is nice to be able to rely on the team for consistency in providing just what my heart needs. Community. Nature. Depth. Peace. Tranquility. Learning. Growing. I always leave feeling nurtured, seen and heart over-flowing with gratitude for the people and the experience.
By Anne N for Oregon: Awaken on Jun 10, 2023
So grateful to have this community in my life. Big thank you to the facilitators and Wild Within community, you are all AMAZING. The memories and knowledge I walk away with are truly priceless.
By Diana K for Oregon: Awaken on Jun 03, 2023
Truly a wonderful and unique experience! Definitely a trip I will always remember. Amazing facilitators, a beautiful location, wonderful food, and accommodations. This is my second retreat with the group, and I highly recommend. Thankful for the community!
By Ramya K for Oregon: Awaken on May 24, 2023
Kelly Ann does a great job leading a book discussion and honoring every participant.
By Thomas W for March Wild Within Book Club with Kelly Ann on Mar 13, 2023
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