Empowering Transcendence: Costa Rica Soul Renewal Retreat

Limón Province, Cahuita, Costa Rica

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 10
Empowering Transcendence: Costa Rica Soul Renewal Retreat
Limón Province, Cahuita, Costa Rica

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 10

About this trip

Experience Empowering Transcendence in the Costa Rican Jungle Paradise!

Join Jamie Bates for 6 Nights/ 7 days of Transformation and Empowerment

Are you ready to embark on a journey of personal growth and empowerment while surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of a lush jungle paradise? Welcome to the Empowering Transcendence Retreat in Costa Rica! 

This is your exclusive invitation to explore the depths of self-discovery, find your inner strength, and connect with your personal power.

What Awaits You:

  • 🌿 A Jungle Paradise Awaits: Nestled in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle, our retreat center offers a serene oasis for your transformative journey.
  • 🧘 Daily Yoga Sessions: Each morning, with the exception of the last, starts with an invigorating and grounding early morning yoga practice. Set your intentions for the day, find your inner balance, and embrace the present moment.
  • 🌅 Meditations for Inner Peace: Dive into powerful meditation sessions designed to clear your mind, release old patterns, and guide you to your heart's desires.
  • Energy Work and Mindset Mastery: Learn to understand why old emotional patterns hold you back and how to break free from them. Discover the secrets of cultivating the mindset that attracts your desires.
  • 🍃 Nature Connection: Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Costa Rica with three full days of exciting excursions. Explore the lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and stunning landscapes.

Why You Should Join Us:

🌟 Transformation Awaits: This experience is crafted to help you unleash your inner potential, transform your life, and empower yourself for lasting change.

🌅 Jungle Paradise: The stunning natural backdrop of Costa Rica fosters deep self-reflection and personal growth, allowing you to reconnect with your authentic self.

💆 Expert Guidance: Jamie Bates is a powerful facilitator ready to assist you in moving through your energetic blocks and limitations, ensuring you receive top-tier guidance.

🤝 Community of Like-Minded Souls: Connect with a supportive group of individuals on a similar path to self-discovery. Share experiences, insights, and build lasting connections.

🔒 Limited Availability: To ensure a personalized and intimate experience, we restrict the number of participants. Don't miss out—reserve your spot today!

Invest in Yourself:

Your journey to empowerment and self-discovery begins with this choice. Invest in your personal growth and witness the transformation. The Empowering Transcendence Retreat is more than just a getaway; it's an extraordinary experience that will guide you to your personal best.

Don't let this opportunity slip away. Your heart's desires are closer than you think, and your personal power is within reach.

Reserve your spot now and step into the transformative world of the Empowering Transcendence Retreat!

Join us and awaken the magic within. Your Costa Rican adventure awaits!

Will We Get Lots of Rain?

The venue is situated on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Many people don't realize that while the pacific side is in its rainy season (which would be true for August to November) the Caribbean side is actually very beautiful and gets far less rain than the rest of the country. Many property owners on the pacific side will actually close down for those months and come to the Caribbean side to vacation. This is a PERFECT time to visit this area of Costa Rica. 

What’s included

  • Personal Attunement
    Each participant will receive a personal healing attunement from Jamie the first night of the retreat.
  • Early Morning Yoga
    Let the morning yoga practice be the cornerstone of your day, guiding you toward a path of empowerment and self-discovery in the enchanting embrace of Costa Rica Natural Beauty.
  • Daily Meditations
    Powerful daily meditative journeys and explorations of your consciousness, tapping into the frequency and vibration you desire for your life.
  • Daily Empowerment
    Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth in a safe and nurturing space to explore your emotional patterns, unlock your personal power and cultivate a new mindset.
  • Empowerment Goodie Bag
    You will receive an empowerment goodie bag packed full of amazing surprises! This $500. goodie bag will be a retreat exclusive with amazing gifts to assist you in cultivating your deepest desires!
  • Three Paid Excursions
    Offering a blend of adventure, cultural immersion, and spiritual awakening, all set against the backdrop of Costa Rica's natural beauty. It's a journey that promises to leave a lasting impression.
  • Daily Exploration
    This trip includes daily exploration of the local lands. Each day you will be given time for self exploration or group excursions.
  • All Meals Included
    All meals will be provided by a private chef that uses locally sourced fruits and veggies. All meals will be fresh with some meat options. Special dietary requests are honored.
  • Travel From Airport
    Travel from the Limon airport to the retreat center will be covered. All travel plans will be arranged in advance.
  • Travel from the retreat
    Travel from the retreat to the airport will not be covered but can be arranged beforehand.
  • Flights
    Flights are not included in the retreat price. You must buy a flight into San Jose (SJO) and an additional flight to Limon (LIO) Approx $100. More information on flights in the welcome email.
  • Trip Insurance
    Trip insurance is available for purchase at additional costs. Insurance is not mandatory but is recommended since the trip in non-refundable.
  • Trips Outside of Planned
    Transportation outside of scheduled times from the airport. Additional excursions and activities you would like to do while here.
  • Spa Treatments
    Any additional treatments or body work are not included outside of daily coursework.
  • Any medical Treatments
    If you get sick or require medical care of any nature while on this trip it will not be covered.
  • Any costs above
    Anything not mentioned in the above will not be covered. There will be free times to explore and go shopping, beach, ect. All costs incurred on free time will be your responsibility.

Available Packages

Double Room Occupancy
Available until 8 days before departure

 Experience the perfect balance of togetherness and tranquility during your transformative stay  with our Double Occupancy option. Share your journey of self-discovery and personal growth with a friend, partner, or fellow retreat participant in the lush, serene surroundings of the Costa Rican jungle. You do not need to have a partner. There will be a facebook group to connect you with other single retreat participants to met before hand.

Your spacious double room is thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of connection with nature and features modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience. Unwind together after a day of energy healing, bodywork, adventure, and nature exploration in your shared sanctuary.

The Double Occupancy room includes:

  • Two single beds with plush bedding for a restful night's sleep
  • Private ensuite bathroom
  • Air conditioning and a celling fan
  • Mini fridge
  • Desk 
  • Wifi
  • Patio with chairs and a hammock
  • Every other day housekeeping
  • All meals will be provided with snacks

Book your Double Occupancy room today and create lasting memories with a loved one or new friend as you embark on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and personal growth in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle. Your shared sanctuary awaits. 

Deposit: $1,597
Single Occupancy (Can upgrade +1)
Available until 8 days before departure

Experience the ultimate in comfort and privacy during your transformative stay with our Single Room Occupancy option. This option can also be chosen for two guests if you would like to share a bed, as a couple or to bring a child or for a friend. If you would like to take this spot for two guests you can upgrade this at the bottom for an additional $1497.00. 

Nestled within the tranquil surroundings of the Costa Rican jungle, your private oasis awaits, offering the perfect space to reflect and recharge.

Your spacious single room is tastefully decorated, reflecting the natural beauty of the environment and features modern amenities to ensure your complete relaxation. Enjoy the serenity of your personal retreat as you unwind after a day of energy healing, bodywork, adventure, and nature exploration.

The Single Room Occupancy includes:

  • A comfortable, king-size bed with plush bedding for a restful night's sleep
  • Private ensuite bathroom
  • Air conditioning and a celling fan
  • Mini fridge
  • Desk 
  • Wifi
  • Patio with chairs and a hammock
  • Every other day housekeeping
  • All meals will be provided with snacks

Book your Single Room Occupancy today and immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and personal growth in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle. Your private sanctuary awaits. 

Deposit: $1,197

Available options


Welcome Day One
Healing Attunement with New Energy Integrations

As you arrive and settle into the retreat, the opening ceremony will commence with a powerful energy invocation designed to open your body to the vast healing possibilities. 

This intentional gathering will set the stage for the transformative journey ahead, as you embark on your first energy work session. The profound opening ceremony will not only prime your body for the energy transformation but also create a space for new energy flows to enter and rejuvenate your spirit. Embrace this unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and pave the way for a life-changing experience throughout the retreat. 

Your Organizer

Jamie Bates is a highly experienced energy healer and consciousness facilitator with a passion for empowering individuals to transform their lives. With nearly two decades of expertise, Jamie has dedicated her life to guiding clients on their journey towards inner healing and self-awareness. Specializing in a variety of consciousness techniques, Jamie masterfully combines her deep understanding of energy healing with practical tools that support growth and change. Her compassionate approach ensures that each client feels supported.