Expressions, Upstate NY

Woodbourne, NY 12788, USA

Vocal Transformation
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14 reviews
Aug 21 - 28, 2024
Group size: 20 - 25
Expressions, Upstate NY
Woodbourne, NY 12788, USA

Vocal Transformation
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14 reviews

Aug 21 - 28, 2024
Group size: 20 - 25

About this trip


'Expressions' in the Catskill Mountains

AKERA Retreat Center

Woodbourne, NY


This retreat focuses on how we choose to express ourselves in all the ways we use our voice. Designed to challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones by employing various techniques to access new ways of authentic self-expression. ‘Expressions’ explores other esoteric teachings while utilizing creativity itself as a pathway to healing.

Part performance “boot camp”-part deep dive into further understanding the spiritual component of the voice and how to unlock its full potential.  

This retreat is for anyone who wants to understand what is blocking their unique creative flow and feel confident in expressing themselves authentically. This is an opportunity to dive in and experience the JOY of vocal freedom. 

Join Vocal Transformation coaches, Maryn Azoff and her partner, Patrick Surdam at AKERA Retreat Center in New York. During our time together we will focus on building confidence and breaking through limitations, both physical and emotional, that prevent us from our fullest expression.

This retreat is best for those who experience trepidation of being seen in front of others or have stage fright.  

  • How do you feel when asked to share, speak, or sing in front of others? 
  • Do you clam up, or freak out at the idea of allowing yourself to be seen as you truly are? 

Imagine how it would feel to break through nervousness and to be relaxed at all times when you are using your voice. We create a welcoming, fun, and judgment free atmosphere where you are invited to be fully who you are and supported through the process.  

Get ready to shake off old versions of yourself and step into a liberated, creative, and expressive new you.  We will learn the science and magic behind using our voices to heal our body, manifest our reality, and liberate our spirit. Join us at Akera Retreat Center situated on 123-acres of pristine Catskills nature, including serene forests, rolling meadows, babbling waters, horizon views with both sunrises and sunsets, and diverse wildlife. 

Learn to trust your instincts and natural creative drive.  Channel your voice in a way you never could have imagined. Over the week we will exercise the voice and find the blocks in your body that may be inhibiting your voice.  Weaving in and understanding your vocal anatomy and the muscles used to properly support the voice, and discover a new range, resonance, and depth.

Each participant receives a ‘masterclass’ with Maryn, where they perform in front of the group, with a song, a poem or something you want to share in front of others.  Maryn will instruct you in ways to open up and support your voice based upon her observations. You will get a chance to see and feel the progress after just one week of intensive work.

What people can expect from an Expressions retreat:

  • A wider vocal range
  • More power and control over their voice
  • More dynamic control
  • A deeper emotional connection for more effective singing and communicating 
  • A deeper connection to one’s soul and purpose, for a more authentic voice and expression
  • A greater and more consistent connection to one’s creativity
  • Healing of past trauma for a healthier and happier life
  • More confidence and magnetism
  • A whole new group of humans that will consider life long friends 

Whether you use your voice professionally, are an experienced singer or just embarking on vocal exploration, this retreat will open you up to the power of your personal vibration, teaching you how to unlock its potential. You will never look at your voice the same way again. Just as with the Foundations retreat, no previous singing experience is required and if you are already a singer/performer this retreat will help you to open up more fully to your potential as a creative person. You will never look at your voice the same way again.

What’s included

  • Meals
    Delicious and organic farm to table meals
  • Lodging
    Beautiful accommodations for 7 nights
  • Daily in-depth workshops
    Vocal exercises and more
  • Sacred Council
    Sacred sharing circles
  • Use of the retreat space
    Suana, cold plunge and beautiful grounds
  • Music gatherings
    Evening song sessions
  • Cacao ceremony
    Heart opening song circle with cacao
  • Sing
    Participate with a group of open-hearted, non-judgmental humans

What’s not included

  • Transportation
    Transportation not included
  • Plant ceremonies
    2 circles $350 each

Available Packages

Single bed, triple or quadruple room

Single Bed

Triple or quadruple room

Shared Bathroom

 deposit is non-refundable 

Deposit: $1,500
Single Bed, double room
5 left

Single Bed 

Double room 

Shared Bathroom

deposit is non-refundable

Deposit: $1,500
Single bed, private room
Sold Out

Single Bed (if a couple want to share this queen bed the cost per person is $3500)

Private Room

Shared Bathroom

 deposit is non-refundable 

Deposit: $1,500
only 3 left

Meals included

Deposit is non-refundable

Deposit: $1,000

Your Organizer

Vocal Transformation
14 reviews
Vocal Transformation is a modern approach to an ancient method to fully claim the range and resonance of your voice while opening up your connection to the creative that flows through you. It blends the spiritual and the scientific to produce profound results in opening up the full capacity of the human voice. Vocal transformation is a process of deprogramming, that opens the channel for spirit to once again drive the creative process and for the practitioner to reclaim their fullest expression and most powerful voice.


My second retreat with Vocal Transformation and my first time to Costa Rica! The experience at Holos is so grounding, from the beautiful glamping accommodations, the conscious food prepared for us daily, the conscientious architectural designs, and nature herself. So much gratitude to the whole team at Holos. And such a big thank you to the Vocal Transformation Team-Family! My body and soul is all the better for having joined in this retreat!
By Destinee C for Expressions, Holos, Costa Rica on Feb 25, 2024
Costa Rica, Holos Retreat Center, focusing on a holistic lifestyle, bestows extraordinary quality and beauty. Sitting among cinnamon trees, listening to the conversation of birds amidst bamboo designs, your nervous system gently regains its flexibility.. The beckoning from Vocal Transformation by Maryn Hope Azoff and the entire beloved team orchestrates a journey surpassing all earthly bounds, transcending mere invitation. As you allow yourself to heal under the protection of angels in heaven, dancing as your soul shines with the diamonds you sip from the sky, you are liberating and adding love to your voice, embracing it with its uniqueness and infuse the purest joy of existence into your smile. the most magical and memorable retreat ever.. I am blessed with this experience and I appreciate everything with deep gratitude.. and will be grateful everyday..
By didem t for Expressions, Holos, Costa Rica on Feb 21, 2024
This was a soul rescue mission! And it was everything I needed from the delicious food to the conscious and brilliant accommodations to a transformative retreat experience. Thank you !
By Ora(Living Rhythm) G for Expressions, Holos, Costa Rica on Feb 19, 2024
I had a truly transformative experience in the most supportive, loving container. Maryn, Patrick, and the whole team were wonderful facilitators. I had so much fun, and felt extraordinarily supported to evolve and connect more deeply with myself and my voice, especially through my difficult, resisting moments. I am grateful to myself to committing to going, and I want others to experience this growth too. The physical environment and accommodations were beautiful, and the food was very nourishing. I want to attend another vocal retreat with Maryn/this team, that's for sure!
By Destinee C for Root to Heart, Topanga, California on Dec 04, 2023
Five stars? More like 6, 7... 10! I can't rate this weeklong workshop high enough. It was one of the most powerful, transformative, and healing experiences of my life. From start to finish, Maryn and her team did an outstanding job--with everything. The workshop was well-organized, informative, challenging, and fun, and it was held in a safe, supportive container that allowed me to overcome fears I knew I had--me, sing in public?--as well as push past blocks I didn't realize were holding me back. On top of all that, the location was absolutely beautiful, and the food was amazing. I highly recommend it!
By John S for Root to Heart, Topanga, California on Dec 01, 2023
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