FEBRUARY 2-7 | The Good Vibe Retreat 2023

      Limón Province, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

      50 reviews
      Feb 2 - 7, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 26
      FEBRUARY 2-7 | The Good Vibe Retreat 2023
      Limón Province, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

      50 reviews

      Feb 2 - 7, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 26

      About this trip

      Take a spiritual journey deep into the Caribbean jungles of Costa Rica and deep into your soul. Retreat from the noise and expectations in the daily hustle and bustle of life and enjoy seven days and six nights releasing, recharging, and renewing your highest self with like minded women.


      What's  included?

      Everything mentioned in the itinerary.
      2 lunches and 1 dinner are excluded so that guests can explore the town.

      Do I need to be vaccinated to travel to Costa Rica?

      - No

      Do I have to participate in autopay or can I schedule what works for me?

      We use auto-billing for our retreats, but if you'd like to opt out, email us at Retreats@goodmomsbadchoices.com and we will edit your payment plan accordingly.

      Do you need a covid test to leave the country?


      Is Costa Rica safe?

      - Yes, but like any place you go, be smart and responsible.

      I'm coming alone, what's the sleeping arrangement?

      - The arrangement is double occupancy. The rooms at Sonora are spacious and the beds are comfortable. You will share a room. For those traveling alone, you will have two separate beds unless you selected the "Bestie Suite" package.  Your roommate will be assigned  at arrival based on the questionnaire you filled out . Every room is a freestanding bungalow, each with a private patio and bathroom.

      How should I pack?

      -Keep it cute but pack light. You will be surprised how little clothing you wear in the jungle.

      Should I arrive a day early?

      - Yes, we highly recommend arriving a day early to decompress, and to have plenty of time to make it to the shuttle pick up location at 8am.  Also, we want to avoid any travel complications like flight cancellations or delays.  The ride to Puerto Viejo is a journey (like anything good worth waiting for) and we only have one shuttle leaving from San Jose to Puerto Viejo so its imperative everyone be there on time. We will provide the host hotel information with the group rate once you are booked.

      Is there a recommended hotel to stay at in San Jose, the night before the shuttle leaves?

      - Yes, we have a group rate available at a nearby the airport. The hotel will also be the pick up location for the shuttle. 

      What airport do I fly into?

      - Juan Santamaría International Airport  in San Juan, Costa Rica - SJO

      Do I have to participate in all the activities?

      -Nope! Everything is optional. We encourage everyone to do whatever feels right.

      What's included in the guided psilocybin (plant medicine experience) ?

      psilocybin plant medicine included + guided meditation and guided experience  with retreat leaders Erica + Milah 

      Didn't answer your questions?

      E-mail us at Retreats@goodmomsbadchoices.com 

      We will update the FAQ as they come in, and e-mail you with updates. 

      What’s included

      • Transportation
        Transportation to and from San Jose + transportation to all local activities listed on the itinerary.
      • Boutique Hotel
        Six days and five nights at a boutique jungle retreat hotel tucked in the jungles of Costa Rica, walking distance from the black sand beaches of Playa Negra.
      • Gourmet Meals
        Wholesome gourmet meals prepared with local ingredients daily, and paired with wine and cocktails. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included daily with the exception of two lunches.
      • Morning Yoga
        Morning yoga sessions to begin the day.
      • The Connect Workshop
        Led by Erica and Jamilah designed to open up the group and talk authentically about where we are right at this moment, and how we can support one another.
      • The Good Vibe Experience
        A group candle light experience paired with live music, massage, and energy work.
      • Self Devotion Experience
        Get back in tune with your divine sacred sensual energy with a candlelit self worship dance experience hosted by Aborisha, Alondra Taveras.
      • Explore
        A beach day at Punta Uva Beach. Free time to do as you please. A ladies night out + a beautiful off-site dinner and a night of dancing beachside under the moon and stars.
      • Waterfall Excursion
        Journey deep into the jungles of Costa Rica, and learn how to make cacoa from indigenous locals. Experience a Goddess bath at a beautiful waterfall hosted by local Astrologer and channeler, Silvia.
      • A Manifestation Dinner
        A special dinner and evening dedicated to harnessing energy as a tribe and manifesting with offerings, music and good vibes..
      • VIP Bag
        An curated $300+ VIP bag for every guest filled with special gifts designed especially for the retreat.
      • Flight
        Round trip flights to and from SJO airport will not be included in the package
      • Optional Hotel Stay
        Arrive one day early for a day of rest and silence before journeying to Puerto Viejo, Limon.
      • Select Meals
        All meals are included with the exception of two lunches to give ladies the opportunity to venture out into town at their own leisure to try local foods and explore.
      • 1 on 1 Sessions
        Private one on one sessions scheduled during leisure time are not included.
      • Massages
        Deep tissue and relaxation massages will be offered upon request but not included in the total price.
      • Explore More
        Additional adventures outside of the itinerary aren't included. However, any activities can be arranged for you.

      Available Packages

      Bestie Standard (Shared Queen size bed)

      A cozy shared room with a shared queen bed + private patio. Perfect for besties traveling together or women on a budget. 

      + $300 value VIP bag per person

      * Pricing is per person

      Deposit: $500
      Bestie Deluxe ( shared king)

      A large spacious bungalow nestled in the heart of the  jungle 15 minutes from Black sand beaches with a shared king bed and a private patio. Perfect for besties traveling together or women traveling on a budget.

      + $300 value VIP bag per person 

      * Pricing is per person

      Deposit: $500
      Deluxe Suite (Shared + 2 separate beds)

      A large shared luxury bungalow nestled in the heart of the jungle complete with two separate comfy full sized beds + a spacious private patio, air conditioning and epic views. Just walking distance from the Caribbean Ocean and Black Sand Beaches of Playa Negra in beautiful Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. 

       +300 value VIP bag per person

      * Pricing is per person

      Deposit: $500
      Luxury Villa - solo

      An extra large solo villa with a private patio, and kitchen. 

      +60 minute massage

      + Welcome gift  

      + $300 VIP bag 

      * Pricing is per person

      Deposit: $500
      Solo Deluxe

      Available options


      Day 1
      A R R I V A L

      - Meet the Tribe at the shuttle pick up location in San Jose for an 9am departure. 

      - Journey deep into the jungle to the Caribbean coast of Puerto Viejo. 

      - Arrive at Sonora Jungle Retreat + enjoy late lunch and libations. 

      - Free time / rest

      - Candlelit sound bath relaxation experience

      - Gourmet Dinner at Sonora 

      Your Organizer

      The Good Vibe Retreat
      50 reviews
      Join The Good Vibe Retreat, hosted by Erica and Milah from the Good Moms Bad Choices podcast! It's the ultimate girls' trip combining relaxation, personal growth, and endless fun. Unwind, connect, and create lifelong memories with like-minded women. Rejuvenating activities, self-care practices, empowering workshops, and lots of laughter await you. Visit our profile for details on upcoming retreats. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!


      Sign me up, again, Please!! Breathtakingly beautiful, cozy, delicious, BESPOKE - such an amazing getaway! Truly, Incredible. Outstanding. Unimaginable. These words speak to the splendor of the trip. However, the true essence is unfathomable - this experience for me was an awakening that I desperately needed and I truly believe every person deserves. The Good Vibes Retreat gave me the opportunity to hold space with/for myself - this idea of self love is completely foreign to me, so I gained and learned so much from my experience. I met beautiful people, I have memories I hope will last my lifetime, but mostly, I fell in love with myself all over again. Since I’ve returned home, 3 weeks ago, on multiple occasions I’ve found myself simply enamored with life. I’m more hopeful these days and I’m getting comfortable with not knowing much of anything at all but pursuing my purpose in life with faith that I am worthy and capable of living joyfully. Thank you Nellie, thank you Mya, Thank you Erica, Thank you Milah, &thank you to the La Joya Hotel staff for giving this Mama a wonderful retreat💝
      By Courtney B for July 5-10 | Good Vibe Retreat Mexico on Jul 31, 2023
      I didn’t know it then but a year later I can say, Costa Rica 2022 started my healing journey. I was stuck mentally and physically and I didn’t know how to burst my balloon. There’s healing power in Erica and Milah as well as in these jungles. Sometimes a hug is all you need. 💚
      By Ashley C for The Good Vibe Retreat on Jul 29, 2023
      Indescribable to put in words but I’ll try. This trip bought so much joy. It allowed me to feel one with myself; physically, mentally and spiritually. This was the 2nd Good Vibes retreat I’ve been on and it allowed me to see my growth from the trauma I’ve released during my 1st retreat. I’m not done healing but this space shown me there’s light at the end of the tunnel and I’m walking in peace. No matter where I’m at in life, remember the tools I’ve been given here to center myself because things are only for a time and not forever. This tribe is one that was needed. We as woman have a hard time trusting woman not knowing we may all have gone through the same or similar experience just in different seasons. Be kind to others and yourself.
      By Ashley C for July 12 - 17 | Good Vibe Retreat Mexico on Jul 29, 2023
      Thank you so much for creating this platform where women can heal, cry, laugh, and meet like minded women. I’m so grateful I got go to this retreat it was what I needed in my life. I now know women that I can connect with. I can’t wait to go to the next retreat in Costa Rica in February 2024. Thank you Erica and Milah I love you both so happy I discover Good Mom Bad Choices podcasts. Oh I love the discord community it’s a great to stay connected with the girls! Until next time Costa Rica 🇨🇷 2024!
      By Quanisha W for July 12 - 17 | Good Vibe Retreat Mexico on Jul 27, 2023
      If you’re thinking about going just do it. I feel that I truly learned the art of not giving a fuck on this retreat. On top of that they pampered me, embraced me, and showed me so much love. They also made sure I was safe on multiple occasions. These women and this experience will always have a place in my heart! I’m only 24 and this was my first time leaving the country alone SO WORTH IT!
      By Stacie E for July 5-10 | Good Vibe Retreat Mexico on Jul 27, 2023
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      Book. This. Retreat. I can’t say enough about the Good Vibes Retreat. Everything is done with intention! I have never felt so well taken care of, safe, and poured into. I finally just got to BE. Thank you ladies so so much!
      By Kahntinetta P on 18 Jul, 2023
      I went on the first retreat and it changed my life! I became the unapologetic kick azz women I always wanted to be but was to insecure! Thanks so much ladies for giving me a gift that keeps giving! So glad I invested in myself!
      By Mileah P on 12 May, 2023
      This retreat was beyond amazing! From arrival to very last day the details and the intentionality made this experience on another level. I went on the retreat after having a baby and breastfeeding for 16 months, so I needed a break and wanted to indulge in self-care. If you can book all the extras because everything is worth it, the massages, the yoni steams, the psilocybin, and a Natal reading with Silvia! Everything tied in so perfectly and was exactly what I needed. Erica and Milah have curated an experience that is like none other. You will not be disappointed!
      By Ilissa M on 02 Sep, 2022