Finding Freedom from Within

Costa Rica

8 reviews
Jan 21 - 28, 2023
Group size: 10 - 20
Finding Freedom from Within
Costa Rica

8 reviews

Jan 21 - 28, 2023
Group size: 10 - 20

About this trip

You are MORE FREE and READY than YOU even know!! 

 It is TIME to get “Unstuck” and open up to your Authentic Self ?  

Join me on a relaxing yet rejuvenating retreat in gorgeous Costa Rica! This retreat includes an intimate and FUN experience with me (Deborah!) and with fellow seekers  (The ”Lamplighters“) that includes a lot of 'down time' , yoga, meditation and relaxation, balanced with day trips and adventures to push us past our comfort zones.  

The theme is to FIND FREEDOM WITHIN.  We have all felt so 'stuck' in a weird space since Covid first came on the planet, and many of you are NOW expressing, 'what is next for me? I feel stuck'. What do I really WANT?  And a huge part of that answer is FREEDOM.  INNER Freedom - The power to BE you AS YOU WANT TO BE.  It’s time for you to SHOW UP for yourself AUTHENTICALLY. 

  I know that once we experience the FREEDOM WITHIN,  the rest of our plans for out lives, ‘are details’.  The clarity of ‘what’s next’, comes when the inner freedom is found! 

This is the week where you can pull back and forge ahead! Expand past your norms! OPEN UP, share fun time with me and others who can become instant friends! 

Bring a friend or your significant other Or come alone !!  


Are you READY? 

Let's get this started! 



What’s included

  • Transportation
    Roundtrip group transportation between Liberia International Airport (LIR) and Mystica Lodge on Retreat Arrival/Departure Dates
  • Accommodations
    7 nights accomodation at Mystica Lodge with full access to dipping pool/waterfall, labyrinth and main lodge WiFi
  • Meals
    3 Meals per day Included, starting with arrival dinner on 1/21 and ending with departure breakfast on 1/28
  • Yoga
    Two yoga classes with Lori Myles-Carullo
  • Don Olivo Chocolate Tour
    Explore a unique family farm on a guided tour through the origin and production of some of Costa Rica's staple fruits, chocolates, and coffees.
  • Ecotermales Hot Springs
    Day trip to the healing and soothing hot springs at the base of the Arenal Volcano.
  • Sunset Catamaran Tour
    Enjoy a tour of Lake Arenal from the waters! This sunset cruise will celebrate our journey together and allow for a little sunshine and dancing!
  • Sound Healing
    An evening of vibrational healing with Helena Buell
  • Manifestation Workshop
    Led by Francesco Carullo
  • Equine Therapy
    Equine Therapy Experience at Tula Vida
  • Sunrise/Set Meditation
    Four experiences led by Deborah Hanlon
  • Mindful Re-Conditioning
    With Deborah Hanlon
  • Finding Freedom
    With Deborah Hanlon
  • Airfare
    Each member must arrange travel to/from: LIR (Liberia, CR) on retreat arrival departure dates.
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    Wine & beer available for purchase in lodge
  • Additional Treatments
    On site massage, Reiki Healing, Infared Sauna
  • COVID Travel - Tourism
    The funds will be transferable to the leading of another retreat at Mystica within one year of the committed retreat dates ONLY if the CR Gov. closes borders to tourism
    We highly recommend travel insurance is purchased in case of any personal need to cancel.
  • Deposits
    *All deposits are non- refundable and non -transferable*
  • Tips
    For kitchen staff & driver - recommended tip amount is $100 total.

Available Packages

Main Lodge (Double)

Each room is named after a local animal, is beautifully  decorated  combining warm atmosphere with comfort and cleanliness.  Because of the  constant breeze and fresh typical climate of the area,  air conditioning  is not necessary – however we have supplied each room  with a ceiling  fan for added air circulation. The rooms also have  screened windows for  greater comfort.  We have brand new  mattresses to assure you a good  night sleep, as well as Egyptian cotton  sheets for maximum comfort.  Private Bathroom.

Deposit: $1,000
Jungle Cabin-Corazon (Double)

Corazon is a beautiful, private jungle cabin tucked away in the forest overlooking the river. This spacious and fully screened cabin hosts a king bed (option of two single beds), a covered terrace, and a private bathroom with a special semi-outdoor waterfall shower. Two of CORAZON’s walls are completely made of glass, giving you an amazing view of the river, playful monkeys, and local birds such as tucans, parrots, and many more. The unique sensation in this cabin is one of both privacy and openness.

Deposit: $1,000
Jungle Cabin-Hamsa (Double)

Hamsa is a beautiful, private jungle cabin tucked away in the forest overlooking the river. This cabin hosts a king bed or can have two single beds. It includes a covered terrace, and a private bathroom with a special semi-outdoor waterfall shower. Two of HAMSA’s walls are completely made of glass, giving you an amazing view of the river, playful monkeys, and local birds such as tucans, parrots, and many more. The unique sensation in this cabin is one of both privacy and openness.

Deposit: $1,000
Pericos Private Villa (Double)

*Please note this room only has one bed*

A few steps away from the lodge we have a private fully-furnished villa. Perfect for a romantic getaway, this spacious dwelling has everything you need. This charming villa comes equipped with a full kitchen (stove, sink, fridge, coffee-maker, and all cookware), a tiled bathroom with a large shower, an outdoor shower, a fireplace, and a private terrace with a hammock and dinner table.

Deposit: $1,000
Ramadasa House w/ Deborah (Double)

At the highest point of the property, lies a brand new 2-bedroom/2-bathroom home, also with a spectacular view of the Arenal Lake and Volcano. 

This home is ideal for families or couples. A beautiful open-concept kitchen combines with a spacious living room with a cozy fireplace. Two large terraces encircle the home, complete with hammocks for relaxation as well as a hot tub and outdoor shower.

This accommodation is  available for 4 people. ( 2 people  per room. The HOUSE is SHARED)  This is BEST for groups who know each other!  This cannot be booked as a 'single room for a single person.'

Deposit: $1,000


Day 1 Travel and Meet!
Travel Day

Book your flights to arrive between 11 am and 3 pm so we can ride together to the resort to kick off our week together! 

 Once we arrive at Mystica, we will all check into our rooms, get settled,  and meet for dinner,  a brief 'meet and greet' workshop and spend the evening relaxing in our new environments. 

Your Organizer

8 reviews
🌟 I believe in the Human Spirit. I believe YOU are way more powerful than you realize AND the key to unlocking your potential is inside you waiting to be unleashed.🌟 🌟 My passion is to lead YOU through the amazing journey of your conscious awareness, (Being) self reflection (Knowing) and empowerment into ACTION (Doing).🌟 🌟 I’ve witnessed the unbelievable transformations YOU can create in you life when you make a commitment to yourself! 🌟 🌟 You are more POWERFUL than you even know!!🌟


Mystica is a magical place. I am so beyond fortunate to have been connected with Lori , Francesco and all the beautiful healers there. I can't wait to go back to soak it all in again and take NEW people to experience it all!
By Deborah H for Finding Freedom from Within on Jul 28, 2023
My daughter and I went on this retreat with Deborah Hanlon expecting to soak up the magical beauty of Costa Rica and to relax and unplug... we got that and so such more! The most unexpected aspects of the trip were 1). the connections we made with the other women 🥰 and 2). the insights we discovered about ourselves with Deborah's intuitive guidance. It was truly life-changing and I never would have "believed" that before I signed up. The owners/hosts of Mystica bring such genuine loving energy to their guests... and the location has its own healing properties! I continue to visualize myself there when I meditate ❤.
By Deborah C for Finding Freedom from Within on Jul 04, 2023
ohh It's so good to hear from you , Deb! Thank you for this review!
By Deborah on Jul 04, 2023
This magical healing retreat was the ultimate cure for my burnout. It was a fun, non-pretentious, intimate, memory-building, energy-transforming experience expertly guided by the brilliant, intuitive, hilarious and lovable Deborah Hanlon and that doesn’t require you to have ever meditated, tried yoga, or experienced any healing modality before. The setting is a gorgeous hillside nature sanctuary called Mystica Costa Rica, run by two insanely beautiful humans and healers themselves - Lori and Francesco ❤️ Deborah is truly a gifted communicator and leader, intuitively adapting the itinerary based on what the group needed and spending 1:1 on time with each guest at exactly the time that each person needed an energy or mindset breakthrough. Deborah, Francesco, Lori, Mystica’s other healers, and the grounds themselves helped me transform my vision for myself and my career. A longtime tech executive, I sketched out the business plan for a new company on a bus ride to the life-changing equine therapy session at the Tula Vida horse ranch, and then I kicked it into gear when I got home and got my company off the ground because of the guidance I received at the retreat. I am going to Mystica for Deborah’s next retreat there and expect this to be a regular excursion.
By Jay F for FInding Freedom on Jul 03, 2023
This trip was truly an amazing experience. 10 strangers sharing such personal information, created an unique bond and judge free environment. Deb was such a wonderful guide and it seems like she always had the right thing to said. Everything was so clear, it empowered me to see life in a different perspective.
By Nohemi M for FInding Freedom on Mar 28, 2023
I loved every minute of this trip with you and am so glad you are still reaping the benefits from it!
By Deborah on Jul 03, 2023
This time at Mystica with Deborah Hanlon was a life-changing experience in terms of spiritual growth. It was also a very fun time with great workshops and fun excursions. Mystica is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been—plenty of gorgeous images for this amateur photographer. I’m 1000% glad I took this trip!
By Jill L for FInding Freedom on Mar 22, 2023
I am so happy to have been able to finally meet you 'in person'!! I look forward to meeting up again soon!
By Deborah on Jul 03, 2023
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I traveled to Mystica with Deborah in January 2023. The whole trip was life changing! Mystica was so so beautiful and the staff was incredibly supportive. It is the perfect place to work on yourself, you feel so at ease. Every element of the grounds feel specifically engineered to support you through the experience, even the food felt like a reflection of the trip (I still think about the banana cake on a weekly basis ha!). It really is a place where you can let your guard down and get into the moment and truly hear the wisdom Deborah, Lorie, and Francesco have to share. I loved the workshops in the yoga sanctuary and could have fully moved into the dipping pool. I have never felt so much myself as I did on that trip. The profound peace, self-assurance, and reclamation of my story that I found at Mystica , with Deborah's help, is easy to carry with me; I can tap into it whenever I need. You absolutely HAVE to go :).
By Chelsea H on 05 Jul, 2023
I have recently traveled to Costa Rica with Deborah. It was the experience of a lifetime! Deborah is the most kindest, loving person that I have ever met. She makes everyone feel so special and truly loved. She has taught me so much about myself, and I have had so much inner growth. This retreat with Deborah was truly life changing. I would highly recommend any retreat that Deborah is hosting! I guarantee you will not regret it!!
By Grace M on 25 Mar, 2023