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The Great Unfolding of Self!!
The Great Unfolding of Self!!
Mystica, Costa Rica
02 Mar, 2024
The Great Unfolding of Self
The Great Unfolding of Self
Mystica, Costa Rica
09 Mar, 2024


Mystica is a magical place. I am so beyond fortunate to have been connected with Lori , Francesco and all the beautiful healers there. I can't wait to go back to soak it all in again and take NEW people to experience it all!
By Deborah H for Finding Freedom from Within on Jul 28, 2023
My daughter and I went on this retreat with Deborah Hanlon expecting to soak up the magical beauty of Costa Rica and to relax and unplug... we got that and so such more! The most unexpected aspects of the trip were 1). the connections we made with the other women 🥰 and 2). the insights we discovered about ourselves with Deborah's intuitive guidance. It was truly life-changing and I never would have "believed" that before I signed up. The owners/hosts of Mystica bring such genuine loving energy to their guests... and the location has its own healing properties! I continue to visualize myself there when I meditate ❤.
By Deborah C for Finding Freedom from Within on Jul 04, 2023
ohh It's so good to hear from you , Deb! Thank you for this review!
By Deborah on Jul 04, 2023
This magical healing retreat was the ultimate cure for my burnout. It was a fun, non-pretentious, intimate, memory-building, energy-transforming experience expertly guided by the brilliant, intuitive, hilarious and lovable Deborah Hanlon and that doesn’t require you to have ever meditated, tried yoga, or experienced any healing modality before. The setting is a gorgeous hillside nature sanctuary called Mystica Costa Rica, run by two insanely beautiful humans and healers themselves - Lori and Francesco ❤️ Deborah is truly a gifted communicator and leader, intuitively adapting the itinerary based on what the group needed and spending 1:1 on time with each guest at exactly the time that each person needed an energy or mindset breakthrough. Deborah, Francesco, Lori, Mystica’s other healers, and the grounds themselves helped me transform my vision for myself and my career. A longtime tech executive, I sketched out the business plan for a new company on a bus ride to the life-changing equine therapy session at the Tula Vida horse ranch, and then I kicked it into gear when I got home and got my company off the ground because of the guidance I received at the retreat. I am going to Mystica for Deborah’s next retreat there and expect this to be a regular excursion.
By Jay F for FInding Freedom on Jul 03, 2023


I traveled to Mystica with Deborah in January 2023. The whole trip was life changing! Mystica was so so beautiful and the staff was incredibly supportive. It is the perfect place to work on yourself, you feel so at ease. Every element of the grounds feel specifically engineered to support you through the experience, even the food felt like a reflection of the trip (I still think about the banana cake on a weekly basis ha!). It really is a place where you can let your guard down and get into the moment and truly hear the wisdom Deborah, Lorie, and Francesco have to share. I loved the workshops in the yoga sanctuary and could have fully moved into the dipping pool. I have never felt so much myself as I did on that trip. The profound peace, self-assurance, and reclamation of my story that I found at Mystica , with Deborah's help, is easy to carry with me; I can tap into it whenever I need. You absolutely HAVE to go :).
By Chelsea H on 05 Jul, 2023
I have recently traveled to Costa Rica with Deborah. It was the experience of a lifetime! Deborah is the most kindest, loving person that I have ever met. She makes everyone feel so special and truly loved. She has taught me so much about myself, and I have had so much inner growth. This retreat with Deborah was truly life changing. I would highly recommend any retreat that Deborah is hosting! I guarantee you will not regret it!!
By Grace M on 25 Mar, 2023