Galapagos Intensive 5 days, land base (3 Islands) Cameron

Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

7 reviews
Feb 20 - 24, 2023
Group size: 1 - 2
Galapagos Intensive 5 days, land base (3 Islands) Cameron
Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

7 reviews

Feb 20 - 24, 2023
Group size: 1 - 2

About this trip

 Galapagos Intensive 5 days, land base (3Islands)

5 days, First Class Hotel       $2437

Galapagos Flight Information

The next information can be changed:

20 February   Quito - Baltra   Departure 07:25 am      arrival 09:55 am

24 February   Baltra - Quito   Departure12:50 pm       arrival 17:15 pm

Nights Hotel pre-booking

20 February Sol y Mar ocean view room (Santa Cruz Island)

21 February, Albermarle Hotel Ocean view room (Isabela Island)

22 and 23 February Sol y Mar ocean view room (Santa Cruz Island) 


Your Budget

$2437 x 2 passengers = $4874 total payment for 2 passengers including Galapagos Flights

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    First Class Hotel
  • Meals
    Breakfast and lunch
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Guide
    Authorized by the Galápagos National Park
  • Transfer in Galapagos
    According the itinerary
  • Galapagos flights
  • $100 Fee National Park
  • $20 migration Card
  • $10 Isabela dock fee
    $2 aqua taxi
  • $10 Lobito Bus
  • Tips

Who’s Going

Your Organizer

7 reviews
Galapagos Natural Life S.A. is a tourist company. We have our expert team in Galapagos and Quito, we offer many options for Galapagos Island, highlands, jungle, and cost. We have years of experience


Ricardo was extremely helpful when we were planning our trip. He was readily available to communicate with us over text and phone calls. He answered all of our questions and allowed us to customize our tour based on the specific itinerary we wanted. He even helped us with understanding the local airline for our flights (which was not even a part of the tour). He provided all of the details we asked for so we felt comfortable paying for the tour in advance. He gave clear instructions of what we would expect from our tour. Upon arriving in the Galapagos, we were greeted by our travel coordinator who accompanied us on the bus, ferry and taxi, all the way to our hotel. She was friendly and welcoming. She made herself available to us any time we had questions. Her office was located right by the main port, so we could stop by and see her each day. Every evening she would message us with our itinerary details for the following day. We were happy to have her assistance and recommendations. Everything from our tour worked out perfectly--from the moment we arrived, to the moment we left. There were no unexpected changes or interruptions throughout our trip. We were very pleased by the professionalism and accommodating nature of everyone we encountered. All of the tours that were arranged for us were thoroughly enjoyed. We feel confident that we got the best experience for the price we paid. We would use this agency again if we travel back to the Galapagos Islands.
By Sinan F for GALAPAGOS ISLAND HOPPING (excluded flights) 19-25 DEC on 02 Jan, 2023
Great trips and wonderful guidance We enjoyed it very much
By Itamar B for ESPAÑOLA + 360 SAN CRISTOBAL on 13 Oct, 2022
Galapagos Natural Life was very helpful in arranging a last minute booking for this trip. They took their time and looked up several different options for me. from the booking till the time of the trip they have kept contact with whatsapp to give me updates and instructions. I am very satisfied with the personal attention I have recieved from Galapagos natural Life. My trip with Calipso was an experience of once in a life time. The location and dives are special and like nothing else. I cannot think of a better dive experience. the personel was very friendly and professional. They have made me feel at home.
By Munir Baris K for Calipso Yacht 01-08 sep on 12 Sep, 2022
To Whom It May Concern, My wife and I recently completed a cruise on the Monserrat and I wanted to provide some critical feedback to the company. Overall the cruise was really good, but we did have one guide who I strongly feel is not appropriate to be hired for these types of trips and that dampened the trip quite a bit. His name was Samuel and he was onboard from May 22-26. He is generally cheerful and knowledgeable, but is morbidly obese (probably weighs 400-500lbs) and physically unable to complete the activities of the trip. For many of the land or snorkeling excursions he simply never left the boat and if he did, he never was able to keep up with the (slow moving) group. This caused the group of 17-19 passengers to be led by only 1 guide which was not ideal for us or the other guide. In fact, one time Samuel tried walking on a relatively flat loop trail behind the group and at the end of our hike we could not find him and the other guide had to go search for him. Luckily he was okay, just short of breath and unable to walk long distances at a time, but we were all concerned if he had gotten injured how we would be able to rescue him given his body habitus. Additionally he was unable/unwilling to sleep in the tour guide room in the yatch, so he slept in the common area on the couch and snored loudly. Not just at night, but also at times throughout the day. This made a significant portion of the yatch's common area inaccessible to the of the passengers for much of the time he was with us. Please pass this information along to the tour operator as I don't want other guests to have similar experiences as we did Sincerely, Michael Tudeen
By Michael T for MONSERRAT YACHT MAY 19-26 on 29 May, 2022
So much more than I ever expected! Staff on La Pinta were helpful and friendly. Although I know they serve almost 50 guests, week after week, they recognized me with a quick smile and friendly comments - like they were happy I was their guest. The galley and waitstaff were tremendous. Always gracious and accommodating. The cabins on La Pinta are large and comfortably appointed, with a floor to ceiling window. Most of the guides were amazing - very knowledgable and enthusiastic about each of the excursions - at least two and and sometimes four excursions per day! Small groups of 12 or fewer guests per excursion helped to make it feel like a personal experience.
By Julie K for LA PINTA YACHT LUXURY CLASS APRIL 15 - 21 on 06 May, 2022
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