Grace in Greece II -for Women: Awakening Wisdom, Grace and Self Love

Amorgos, Greece

Arlene Moshe
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5 reviews
Sep 8 - 15, 2024
Group size: 10 - 15
Grace in Greece II -for Women: Awakening Wisdom, Grace and Self Love
Amorgos, Greece

Arlene Moshe
  • Facebook verified
5 reviews

Sep 8 - 15, 2024
Group size: 10 - 15

About this trip

Know Thyself: Development of your Psychic Intuition and Body Wisdom

Awakening the Aphrodite and Agapi Within

Hellenistic Astrology, Healing through Movement

This retreat will call to you if you want to:

~ experiences new mind, body and wellness practices on a magical, lesser known, Greek island


Note:  The price listed in this trip is the deposit fee only to hold your spot.  Once you've communicated to Arlene, the organizer, about which room choice you'd like, (including roommates), this fee will be added to your trip at a later date to reflect current conversion of Euros to USD)-~ Arlene will hold a room for you.  

Two fees will be added- your room fee and excursion fee.  Some excursions/activities may be optional and you may pay for them at a much later date.  i.e.  You may pay for Yoga - I just need to let the hotel know the consensus on which days (perhaps all), you want to do yoga and they will charge you when you are there. 

USE PROMO CODE GRACEINGREECE2 FOR $100 SAVINGS if you put your deposit down by DECEMBER 15 2022

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOTE:  My first deposit to the hotel is due shortly after this date!  I have held more rooms than we need to give you options.  However, I need to DROP  the rooms not taken by the end of December 2022 to reflect the deposit that they will tell me is due January 2023.  

To clarify, I will be dropping rooms not spoken for after December 2022.  If you contact me in 2023 I can try to get a room for you based on the hotel's availability but it is not guaranteed. 

I know it seems far away but these are the policies of the hotel and the parameters under which this listing is being designed!

Grace In Greece returns to the incredible island of Amorgos!  This Meditation in the Mediterranean an more, retreat, checks the boxes if you are: feeling the call to take some much needed time out, to luxuriate by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, connect with like-minded women and commit to nurturing yourself via your intuition and innate body wisdom.  But if you've attended this retreat before, I know you know there is so much more. 

Join Arlene Moshe, renowned intuitive, psychic, teacher, and author,  for a magical week-long immersion in to all things regarding  self-love, tapping into your profound intuition, body wisdom and grace.

 With a nourishing blend of mindful practices – exploring various meditation techniques, exercises and NEW modalities  as well as eye opening group discussions, intuitive exercises and practices,  – this retreat will leave you with a deep sense of self-worth, renewed self-belief and contentment, a clear approach to radical well being and living from a state of grace.

The home of the goddess,  a small course in Aphrodite- the history and we can incorporate aspects of what she represents is an all new addition that is not to be missed.  Workshops on practising Hellenistic Astrology and more will be offered as well!

Greece offers the perfect backdrop to explore our inner world and connect in with awareness with self-love activities, heart-centred discussions, movement, soulful practices and meditation. A beautiful balance of inner work and space to rest, you will have the opportunity to spend time on your own, relaxing by the pool or enjoying the day spa and to connect deeply with the other sisters on retreat with you.

Arlene does plan all the planning for you when it comes to seeing the island and experience all of Amorgos's beautiful ancient secrets.  

NOTE:  As the trip is in 2024, add on rates for the excursion part of the itinerary will be added in once 2024 rates are released from t

Amorgos of the Blue is the fairest of the Geek islands!  Truly, one of the most beautiful Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, you'll discover its secret beaches and untouched timelessness.  It is one of the most intriguing of all the Greek Islands, turning up surprises wherever you look. Located near Naxos and Ios, on the southern side of the Cyclades, this island amazes visitors with the natural beauty, the traditional architecture and the fabulous beaches.  The most famous sight of Amorgos island is the impressive Monastery of Hozoviotissa, constructed on the slopes of a rock with breathtaking view to the sea. A walk in Chora and the other villages of Amorgos Greece will be unforgettable, while hikers will also have the possibility to hike many interesting paths.  

According to mythology, Amorgos was the island where Ulysses, returning to Ithaki, was attracted like a magnet by Goddess Kirki, and stayed for many years. Every year since, the same magnetic attraction beguiles wellness and yoga enthusiasts, which flock to the island, attracted by its strong revitalizing energy and the abundance of therapeutic herbs, which makes Amorgos the perfect place for a spiritual and physical uplift.

For more about the history of this island click here.

Discover, nourish and absorb the incredible wisdom and knowledge that your intuition and body are ready to provide you through this incredible Grace In Greece, 7 day retreat on the beautiful island of Amorgos. 

About Aegialis Hotel and Spa

Defined “the jewel of Amorgos” by its guests, Aegialis Hotel and Spa has well deserved the title thanks to its breathtaking views over the crystal clear bay and the amenity of its location. Standing proudly on the top of a rocky hill, immersed in a green oasis of unspoiled nature, it responds to the guests’ need for rest, peace and tranquility. The warm welcome from the owners and personnel, the high standard of service and the comfort of the facilities all contribute to offering a unique experience of the local authentic life on a Greek island.

Aegialis hotel & spa is the only 5 star hotel in Amorgos Island as a cozy retreat built in the traditional Cycladic architectural style and encircled by two of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island. The Hotel houses a small world of blue and white buildings set into the hillside, so that all the traditionally-furnished and fully-equipped rooms and suites benefit from the stunning views over the bay and the surrounding islands. ALL rooms offer amazing views of the Aegean sea and the Aegiali beach. The unique Amorgian hospitality in combination with the Cycladic beauty promises you memories you will always treasure.

Scroll further down to find out about accommodation options.  

To see a gorgeous overview of the Hotel and the lush beauty it is surrounded by, click HERE!

For views and details about the SPA, click HERE!

The Retreat & Pre-planned Itinerary!

Each day will begin with an optional morning yoga class (based on demand and availability) and/or a gourmet breakfast buffet followed by group classes devoted to intuition and body wisdom exercises, meditations, techniques, discussions and journalling of outcomes and next action steps for you to continually embody grace.  There will be music, guided movement exercises and one on one channelled guidance from Arlene as well as profound group messages and modes of healing and action steps to further pursue in your goal of remembering all that is important to YOU.

Throughout the week, we’ll build progressively on intuitive and body wisdom as well as anatomical, alignment and energetic themes.  Lunch will be provided and we will continue with the retreat after lunch for a short while.

You will also have mini workshops presented by some participants that will ignite your curiosity and are sure to be incredible add-ons to your week. 

Every day  there will be ample free time so that you can relax in one of the peaceful places around the hotel or you may wish to explore the island.  The hotel offers many terraces and quiet places for relaxation as the beautiful pool and spa. 

During the evening, you can book any extra activities that the hotel offers, dine at the hotel's restaurant or book a shuttle with the hotel for a few Euros each way to visit the closest village for dinner options.  The closest village is a short 15 minute walk.

Click here to check out the Beaches of Amorgos!


This retreat will allow you to unplug from your stresses and responsibilities, from electronics and newsfeeds, and remember what is really important to you. You will get the time you need for introspection so that you can reset and come home to yourself. You’ll go deeper into your intuitive practices and create new approaches for yourself once you leave the island. You will be awe-inspired by experiencing one of the most beautiful places on earth. You’ll also be part of an open and inclusive community of fellow spiritual seekers.

Your Retreat Also Includes

Arlene is looking to organize as she did for the original trip, some incredible excursions.

+++ NOTE +++ - the fee for the excursions has not been incorporated in to the current fees you see in this trip listing.  The hotel has not released the slight increase to rates they will put forth in 2024.   I will let you know via this platform when this fee is available and when payment is due.  Thank you.

Here is what is in the works.

Guided Hike Tour We will discover the natural beauty of Amorgos by foot.  The Guided Tour will allow you to learn more about the cultural and historical aspects of each place you will see, introduced by an experienced, local tour guide.   We will walk from the town of Aegiali to Chora for one of the most breathtaking hikes the island has to offer.  It's an excellent way to discover and learn about the lifestyle of the inhabitants, their traditions and the typical ambiance of the Kafenion (traditional cafe).  This hiking route is located in the most beautiful part of the island and offers fascinating views combining sea, mountain and local vegetation.  Along the way, you can see the whitewashed chapels, sometimes built on ancient sites, the remains of a tower of the Hellenistic period and an overview of a small canion, Araklos.  This trail also offers the opportunity to reap a nice sample of the famous aromatic and medicinal plants of the island.

Click HERE for video hi lights of the tour!

Boat Tender Adventure

We will start our journey at the dock of Agios Pavlos where the tender-boats await.  From here, we take the boats to a small beach, wind permitting,  away from the island, a hidden little gem where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine and continue with some retreat exercises.  The boats will be available at anytime during this activity for those who want to explore the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea and dive in for a snorkelling experience or simply just enjoy some time on the boat somewhere in the middle of the sea.  Lunch will be provided including gourmet pizzas, some fruits, salad and a little sweetness as well!  Dietary requirements will be taken into consideration so please inform us before of what these are.

Click HERE for video hilights of this tour!

READ Retreat Polices (Pay, Cancellation)

Please read carefully,  This is a hotel on a remote island.  Thus, polices and usual practices you might find common in North America or other parts of Europe don't necessarily apply.   Again, this trip is so worth it but trip insurance is always recommended for you to purchase of your own accord.

1.  All deposits are required by December 15, 2022 to reserve your spot.  This deposit is final and NON-refundable.   

By booking with this site, if you are a US citizen, you have the option of paying directing from your chequing account which has no transaction fee attached.

If you are booking with your credit card, please note the 2.9% transaction fee which Arlene, the organizer does not control. 

2.  All payments made as per the payment plan are non-refundable going forward for any reason.  The nature of the hotel on this island does not permit refunds once payments are made.  They also only work with the organizer for payments and will not accept you calling to book directly.  

3.  Should you wish to have someone replace your spot because you need to cancel>. You are solely responsible to continue to pay for the trip in We Travel,  provide Arlene, the organizer, with the person's name and contact whom is replacing you and Arlene will advise from there and see if the names. may be changed in the We Travel platform.  However, you must make your own arrangements to be re-imbursed by the person replacing you and you must honour the payments owed for the trip directly.  Should payments be pate by you, the original purchaser, this booking (for your replacement) will be forfeited and offered up to someone on the wait list.

4.  Given the above, it is  strongly recommended to obtain travel insurance.  Past participants said they were able to access this easily with a phone call to the insurance company of their choice.  Also, given the current atmosphere of airports everywhere, it would be prudent to consider this expense.

5.  The fees on this trip listing  ($1100 USD) does NOT include the cost that will be added once the itinerary with activities is set for your trip.  For past attendees, this fee was already included in your registration price as Arlene had access to the rates.  Again, as soon as 2024 rates for excursions are released, there will be an add on fee for your trip in this listing.  To give a rough estimate of what our trips cost in 2019 when booking, it was approximately 190 US per person for 3 incredible excursions.  Some trips may be optional and some are included with this package.

As far as your room fee and payments, continue to scroll below to see the room types and pricing.  Contact your organizer, Arlene

6. You are solely responsible for booking all flights, accomodations, transportation and ferry tickets to get you to the Island of Amorgos in a timely fashion.  Arlene likes to send as much information as possible to provide the links and logistics but your bookings are your responsibility.  The organizer, Arlene, is responsible for your hotel bookings and transfers to and from the port on the island to arrive and depart the resort.

7.  If you have any questions about the room BEYOND 

***travel insurance recommended- for Covid- this hotel does not refund - only reschedules and then organizer chooses a date where majority can still attend!***

About Arlene

For over 20 years, Arlene has become a renowned intuitive reader, channel, counsellor, speaker and author. As a certified and well-experienced group facilitator she has led several sold out workshops and retreats, fine tuning each person's intuitive development and giving them more confidence and easer access to their intuition and body wisdom. 


Arlene is highly committed to helping each individual deepen and expand their own intuitive abilities.  Everyone has them, and it's time to awaken and trust how each one of us receives messages, guidance, insights and suggested actions steps to help you become empowered, inspired, and motivated to move forward in your life.

She teaches you how to be in the body you own right now while growing and expanding.  Her most popular workshop, Body Intuition and Wisdom helps people hear the body's messages and guidance for optimal health and radical well being with a huge dash of self-love that percolates and grows.

Her motivation is  for each of you to be all of who you are without apology and feel confident in taking the ACTION steps necessary to progress in several areas of your life.  Knowing she can help you get back on a path that feels good and results in greater happiness has become her passion.  Her clear and compassionate approach brings a sense of peace for her clients that want to live life to its highest potential.

She is the proud co-founder of MasterMomentMakers created to provide easy online courses and workshops in developing your intuitive abilities and mastering more and more moments in your life.

For more about Arlene, visit: and


More Travel and Arrival Information

  • A valid passport is required and must be valid at least six months after the date of travel. It’s highly recommended to obtain travel insurance.
  • Approximately four weeks prior to departure for the retreat you must supply your flight information and ferry itinerary.

There are at 2 main options to explore for travel:

1.  Fly to Athens and stay one night or more , catching the ferry the next day.  Ferries are 5-7 hours in length so it may be too much to arrive at the airport and immediately board a ferry.  There are several sites that provide ferry schedules.  

2.  Fly to Santorini and take a much shorter ferry ride (approximately 90 minutes to arrive at the Katapola port on Amorgos)

Visit these Ferry Schedules to search different options for ferry travel to the island.

3.  Our arrival times will be relayed to the hotel staff whom will then arrange to pick you up from the port on Amorgos and bring you to the hotel.

The event will start on the evening of the September 8th and finish on the evening of the 15th, allowing you to make travel plans for the following day.

Weather and Climate

The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Amorgos in September is 19.9°C (67.82°F). September is a dry month with an average of 6mm (0.2in) rain. It rains on average a total of 1 days. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 24.7°C (76.46°F).  The weather is still beautiful in September but avoids the high tourist season.  This makes such a difference to the overall experience of Amorgos!

So what to wear in September? For visitors traveling to Amorgos we recommend wearing layers. So maybe a skirt, t-shirt, shorts for during the day and jeans and a warm jacket for some days and evenings. You will get a suggested packing list closer to the event!  


Some things to know:

For those of you that originally attended, you know that in the triple occupancy room options, 1 Double bed and 1 Single Bunk is provided. 

  HOWEVER, this single is not as thick or as long as a full size twin that you'd expect.    

Please read SUPER carefully and decide which room and occupancy you alone or you and a roommate (s) would like to choose.  Then, read the How to Book a Room section below and we can move forward with your booking! 

Pricing below is being provided in Euros and will be converted to USD on your package registration in 2023 to reflect more current conversion rates.  

NB!!! The number of rooms below is to provide as many options as possible.  This tour will be capped at 15 participants once room choices are made, the rest of the rooms will be released!

All rooms are ocean view:

All rooms include:

  • Flat screen 32″ + TV
  • Free WiFi Internet
  • Direct telephone line
  • Air-conditioning
  • Private Balcony
  • Fridge
  • Coffee & Tea facilities
  • Kettle
  • Hair Dryer
  • Safe Box
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Laundry & Ironing Services
  • Bathrobes & pool towels
  • Slippers
  • Welcome Drink
  • Free access to the Spa (Sauna – Hammam – Jacuzzi – Indoor Swimming Pool – Fitness Centre)

Here is what is on hold and available specifically for the dates of Sept 8 -15 2024:

6̶ ̶S̶u̶p̶e̶r̶i̶o̶r̶ ̶A̶m̶o̶r̶g̶i̶a̶n̶ ̶S̶u̶i̶t̶e̶s̶ ̶.  2 Single Occupancy Superior Amorgians already booked!

4 Superior Amorgian Suites:

1 Double Bed only

 for single or double occupancy.

Single occupancy RATE (1 person). 1850 Euros (approx. $1958 USD as per rates June 2022)

Double occupancy RATE (2 people sharing 1 bed) 1120 Euros per person. (Approx. $1186 USD per June 2022)

6 more Superior Amorgian Suites

  1 double bed and 1 single bunk: 

(Note:  the bunk or single bed was reported back as not being as comfortable or as long as the double bed.  Booking this room would mean 2 people share the double and 1 this bunk bed.  I've included the triple occupancy rate here as it is more affordable but want to be open that the feedback for these bunks was not ideal!)

Single occupancy RATE (1 person). 1850 Euros (approx. $1958 USD as per rates June 2022)

Double occupancy RATE (2 people sharing 1 bed) 1120 Euros per person. (Approx. $1186 USD per June 2022)

Triple occupancy RATE:  $995 Euros per person (approx. $1046 USD as of june 2022)

5 Superior Cycladic Suites 

Single occupancy RATE (1 person). 1850 Euros (approx. $1958 USD as per rates June 2022)

Double occupancy RATE (2 people sharing 1 bed) 1120 Euros per person. (Approx. $1186 USD per June 2022)

From the hotel: "Superior Cycladic has 2 single beds, touching each other, meaning no gap between them. And this bed can be transformed to a double one with a subtract that we put"

3 Junior Suites 

1 double or king and 2 bunk beds (again, bunks can be seen in link- not full size but you may desire this room for more space or are fine with the smaller bed size!). This would be decided amongst yourselves and is not the responsibility of the organizer.

From the hotel:  "Junior suite has  2 single beds, touching each other, meaning no gap between them (this bed can be transformed to a double one with a subtract that we put) + 2 single folded bunk beds"

Double Occupancy RATE: 1790 Euros per person

Triple Occupancy RATE:  1360 Euros per person

Quad Occupancy RATE:  1080 Euros per person

How to Book Your Room!

Step 1:

Pay your deposit on this We Travel Platform by October 8, 2022!

Step 2:

Have all parties involved contact the organizer, Arlene Moshe, with a group email where appropriate indicating your room choice.

Step 3:

Your organizer will add the correlating fee to your room in USD using current conversion rates to Euros by September 8, 2023.   Trip fees will also be added at this time.

Step 4:

50% of your payment will be due by November 8, 2023.  


 Failure to meet this deadline will forfeit your booking and the room will be released without refund. 

Step 5:

The balance of your trip will be due by: February 10, 2024.

What’s included

  • 7 nights accomodation
    Superior room with Private Balcony and SEA VIEW!!
  • Breakfast Buffet
    With organic ingredients from our own garden, and fresh orange juice
  • Lunch
    Including vegetarian, vegan dishes, gluten free options. Note- the main restaurant prepares meals using organic herbs and vegetables from their own garden
  • Transfers to/from port
    when you arrive at either Port
  • 30 minute massage
    Includes a 30-minute Swedish Massage at Beautiful Lalon Idor Spa
  • Discounted Spa Treatment
    10% discount on Spa Body Treatments
  • Use of Spa Facilities
    free use of sauna, hammam or Turkish bath, jacuzzi, indoor heated seawater swimming pool, fitness center
  • Unlimited Wifi
    Access to unlimited internet on the property
  • Lush Transformation!
    a total week of pampering and luxury for connection and transformative experiences!
  • Airport Transportation
    Airport transportation to & from the Athens International Airport to Port
  • Ferry Ride to Amorgos
    Ferry boat ride from Athens port to Amorgos Island (we will help you organize this transfer)
  • Airfare to Greece
    Roundtrip Airfare to Athens, Santorini or Mykonos. Amorgos Island is accessible by ferry from these 3 places.
  • B'fast &Lunch or Dinner
    As per your itineray, some days, lunch will be provided and some days dinner. For your 3rd meal, you may want to enjoy the hotel's options or go into town for dinner in the evening!
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    These will be added to your room as well as any beverages ordered a la carte at the lunch or dinner meals.
  • Shuttles to/from Village
    Should you wish to arrange a shuttle to take you to the port or another village that is not included in the itinerary, this will be added on an individual basis to your room charges.

Available options

Your Organizer

Arlene Moshe
5 reviews
Psychic Intuitive, Channel and Teacher, Author: Arlene is an experienced intuitive counsellor and clairvoyant channeler that has shown hundreds of people like you that with the right training, practice, alignment and guidance, anyone can learn to access their intuitive or inner wisdom and perform detailed and accurate readings or channellings. She is passionate about showing people how regularly connecting with one's intuition can lead to a state of living in blissful grace.


Amazing! I am very grateful to have been a part of Grace In Greece! Arlene is fabulous! Her ability to bring together women from all areas of the globe to strengthen them in intuition, mindfulness and gratitude shows the depth of her grace and abilities. She is truly one of a kind! Grace in Greece was well thought out with just the right amount of learning and play! Amorgos was the perfect spot for this retreat... beautiful and peaceful. Thank you Arlene for sharing your gift! I am honored to have been a part of this experience with you and the lovely women on the retreat! Thank you!
By Susan N for Grace in Greece resched due to Covid. Fully booked. on 02 Jul, 2022
Hi Susan! What an absolute honour to have you join us on this retreat! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed so much! Can’t wait to do it again in 2024!
By Arlene Moshe on 02 Jul, 2022
Thank you, Arlene! I can't tell you how thankful I am that I remained committed to this retreat from 2019. It far exceeded any expectation I might have had originally! You took care of all the details of this experience and created not only an amazing retreat but nurtured the connection we had with each other which was life-changing. The content and delivery of information coupled with our free time and excursions created a lasting mark on my heart that keeps me yearning to return to Greece. I'm looking forward to the next experience together. You are AMAZING!!
By Sandy L for Grace in Greece resched due to Covid. Fully booked. on 29 Jun, 2022
O my goodness - these words! I’m truly grateful for them and thank you so much for being with us! The next retreat to return to that magical place is in the works! Stay tuned!
By Arlene Moshe on 29 Jun, 2022
This was such a fantastic retreat on many levels. The subjects covered, the beautiful people, and the magic of the setting were lovely. Thank you for this unforgetable experience ! Looking forward to 2024 ❤️
By Denise D for Grace in Greece resched due to Covid. Fully booked. on 24 Jun, 2022
Hi Denise! It was such an honour to have you with us- so excited you'll be joining us again. Thank you for your great feedback!
By Arlene Moshe on 28 Jun, 2022
This trip was the best one I have ever been on . The accommodations were spectacular, the food was the best I have ever tasted. The was a beautiful balance between free time and group work. I met some of the most amazing women and connected with them on a level that I know we will be in touch with each other for a very long time afterwards.
By Bonnie A for Grace in Greece resched due to Covid. Fully booked. on 22 Jun, 2022
Hi Bonnie, I'm so thrilled you had such a spectacular experience. Thank you for this wonderful feedback and joining us for Grace in Greece!
By Arlene Moshe on 28 Jun, 2022
I can’t find words to describe how perfect this event was. A thoughtful choice of accommodation, food, agenda. My top rated trip ever. Thank you Arlene. True to its title… “Grace in Greece”.
By Joanne P for Grace in Greece resched due to Covid. Fully booked. on 19 Jun, 2022
Thank you Joanne- what an honour to hear this and to have you with us!
By Arlene Moshe on 20 Jun, 2022