Amazing! I am very grateful to have been a part of Grace In Greece! Arlene is fabulous! Her ability to bring together women from all areas of the globe to strengthen them in intuition, mindfulness and gratitude shows the depth of her grace and abilities. She is truly one of a kind! Grace in Greece was well thought out with just the right amount of learning and play! Amorgos was the perfect spot for this retreat... beautiful and peaceful. Thank you Arlene for sharing your gift! I am honored to have been a part of this experience with you and the lovely women on the retreat! Thank you!
By Susan Nenninger for Grace in Greece resched due to Covid. Fully booked. on Jul 02, 2022
Hi Susan! What an absolute honour to have you join us on this retreat! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed so much! Can’t wait to do it again in 2024!
By Arlene Moshe on Jul 02, 2022
Thank you, Arlene! I can't tell you how thankful I am that I remained committed to this retreat from 2019. It far exceeded any expectation I might have had originally! You took care of all the details of this experience and created not only an amazing retreat but nurtured the connection we had with each other which was life-changing. The content and delivery of information coupled with our free time and excursions created a lasting mark on my heart that keeps me yearning to return to Greece. I'm looking forward to the next experience together. You are AMAZING!!
By Sandy Lucidi for Grace in Greece resched due to Covid. Fully booked. on Jun 29, 2022
O my goodness - these words! I’m truly grateful for them and thank you so much for being with us! The next retreat to return to that magical place is in the works! Stay tuned!
By Arlene Moshe on Jun 29, 2022
This was such a fantastic retreat on many levels. The subjects covered, the beautiful people, and the magic of the setting were lovely. Thank you for this unforgetable experience ! Looking forward to 2024 ❤️
By Denise Dumont for Grace in Greece resched due to Covid. Fully booked. on Jun 24, 2022
Hi Denise! It was such an honour to have you with us- so excited you'll be joining us again. Thank you for your great feedback!
By Arlene Moshe on Jun 28, 2022