Healing Silent Meditation & Yoga Nature Retreat

Hope Springs Institute

Sara Syed
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33 reviews
Jan 13 - 16, 2022
Group size: 12 - 30
Healing Silent Meditation & Yoga Nature Retreat
Hope Springs Institute

Sara Syed
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33 reviews

Jan 13 - 16, 2022
Group size: 12 - 30

About this trip


Join Sara Syed for a wonderful, long weekend of silence, introspection, reflection and healing. This meditation retreat will be hosted ashram-style, with silence (no phones!), extended periods of yoga and meditation practices, healthy vegetarian (and some Ayurvedic) meals and connection to nature. 

All meals are healthy, vegetarian and made with a lot of love. We can accommodate any common dietary restrictions, including soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and more.

Create a sacred space within yourself to set intentions for the new year, to clear out the baggage of the past, and to have all needs met for a long weekend so that your energy can be restored.


Discover your innate being of bliss and peace.

Long days of silence, yoga and meditation help to clear the mind of built-up stress and fatigue.


Be guided through hatha yoga classes in the morning and gentle and restorative yoga classes in the evenings. Yoga classes are specialized to promote meditation and relaxation.

Learn how to meditate. Deepen your existing mediation practice. Build a solid foundation in meditation to create a clean slate in the mind for 2022. 

You will leave this retreat feeling renewed, cleansed and inspired.



This retreat is open to anyone seeking a reset, peace, a pause, alone time, and guidance to live a more healthy and happy life. 

This retreat is suitable for both the experienced and novice meditation and yoga practitioner. Students brand new to these practices will develop a strong foundation that they can take home.


Thursday, January 13 - Sunday, January 16, 2022

Arrive to Center between 2-5 pm on Thursday, January 13, 2022


Hope Springs Institute

4988 Mineral Springs Rd, Peebles, OH 45660

About Hope Springs Institute:

Hope Springs Institute is a sacred space created with the intention for fostering healing, sharing and community. It was built more than 25 years ago, located less than 20 miles away from the internally renowned sacred ancient native Indian site called the Serpent Mound. There is a strong energetic holding of these ancient energies at the Hope Springs Institute. Healing and magic are literally embedded in this area due to the Serpent Mound. 

The Hope Springs Institute is located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Hope Springs Institute is secluded, far away from common noise and light pollutants, to promote inner peace.

Hope Springs Institute is a non-profit retreat center in Appalachian Ohio, cultivating peace through empowered leadership, innovative learning, and personal healing. Our vision is a more peaceful, equitable, and inclusive world. The mission of Hope Springs Institute is to hold sacred space & transformative programming for growth, leadership, & healing while honoring mind, body, spirit, & earth.

Hope Springs Institute is handicap accessible.

Learn more about Hope Springs Institute here: 





~2-5pm - Arrive to center; get settled in; turn in devices & electronics 

~5:30pm - Orientation  

~6pm - Dinner 

~7:30pm - Opening Fire Ceremony  

~8pm - Meditation


~5am - Meditation 

~6:30am - Yoga 

~8am - Breakfast 

~Free Time 

~11am - Meditation 

~12pm - Lunch 

~1pm - Silent Nature Hike 

~2pm - Free Time  

~3pm - Meditation 

~4pm - Free time  

~5pm - Dinner 

~7pm - Yin Yoga 

~8pm - Meditation


~5am - Meditation 

~6:30am - Yoga 

~8am - Breakfast 

~10am - Reflection & Introspection: Journal Prompts  

~11am - Meditation 

~12pm - Lunch 

~1pm - Free time  

~3pm - Chakra Meditation Painting Experience  

~5pm - Dinner 

~7pm - Yin Yoga 

~8pm - Meditation


~6am - Meditation 

~7:30am - Yoga 

~9am - Breakfast 

~10am - Closing Ceremony  

~11am - Clear Rooms/Pack Cars 

~12pm - Lunch  ~Departure Between 1-3 pm  

~Option to Visit Sacred Serpent Mound (Located 15 minutes away via car) 

**The entire schedule is optional. You are empowered to make your own decisions on this retreat.**



~Daily guided yoga and meditation classes

~All healthy, vegetarian meals to promote digestion, healing and meditation. 1-2 Ayurvedic meals per day.  

~Unlimited tea & honey 

~Accommodations (comfy beds, warm showers, beautiful, quiet, tranquil spaces underneath the visible stars -- weather permitting) 

~Painting supplies for chakra meditation painting experience  

~All yoga and mediation props 

~Hot tub for use during free time  

~Access to a lovely book shelf/mini library  

~Peace and quiet 

~Space to heal 

~Serene, peaceful, quiet and pristine nature   

~Support & guidance from center and from retreat host (Sara) 


~Toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, etc.) 

~Clothes for yoga, meditation, winter hiking, sleep, leisure 

~Winter/waterproof hiking boots  

~Journal & writing utensils 


~Additional snacks  

~Yoga mat & mediation props (There are some at the center, but you can bring your own if you prefer) 


**The center does have most items such as yoga mats and meditation cushions; however, please bring your own if you prefer**


~Electronic devices that are not essential 

~Work, homework, etc. 

~Your worries


~$650 - Price Per Person; Shared Room, Shared Bathroom

(you can book with a friend or family member; most rooms sleep 2-4 people; unless otherwise stated, you might be paired with a new friend also).

~$1,200 - Private Room

~$1,777 - Private Room, Private Bath for One Couple (Price per couple)

**Please indicate your sleeping preferences in email to thestudiocleveland@gmail.com with 'Silent Meditation Retreat' in the subject line.

**Sleeping accommodations+ preferences are first come, first serve.


~Airport transfers available for $80 (roundtrip)

~Our nearest airport is Muskegon County Airport (MKG) in Ohio.


Hope Springs Institute is abiding by all Responsible RestartOhio Guidelines and consulting our local Health Department so that we can continue holding space as safely as possible during this time.

We work with individual facilitators to support your retreat and program goals while also maintaining state and federal expectations. Currently in the state of Ohio, there are no mask mandates. 

However, due to the newest wave of cases related to the Delta variant, Hope Springs will hold masking as a requirement in groups or indoors. 

"Guests are advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from other groups of people while moving around the property and in common areas. Additionally: Guests are required to wear masks in the lobby. Outdoors, if distancing is not possible, masks are required."

Additionally, rapid at-home tests are available on-site for those that may develop symptoms. 

Center will be sanitized with a food-safe chemical cleaner.

Read more here:


You temperature will be taken upon arrival and social distancing will be encouraged. 



Sara is the owner of The Studio Cleveland, a holistic wellness center in downtown Cleveland. She is an experienced Vipassana meditator with 5 years of intensive meditation practice. She has attended 10-day silent meditation retreats almost every year since 2017 to deepen her own, personal meditation practice. She is an experienced and registered yoga instructor (700-ERYT), hosts her own Internationally Accredited Yoga and Meditation Teacher Trainings (200 Hour Registered Yoga School) through the Yoga Alliance and semi-annual retreats to peaceful and inspiring locations throughout America and the world. Sara has been practicing yoga since the tender age of 17 and attended yoga teacher trainings in Costa Rica (2014) and in India (2016), prior to diving deep into her meditation training.

Her graduate training to obtain her Master's in Science in Curriculum & Instruction provided her with experience to effectively and efficiently teach large groups of students in meaningful and engaging ways.

Learn more about the host here:


What’s included

  • Daily Meditation Classes
    Find silence and solitude within. Discover your innate being of peace within. Long days of meditation helps to clear the mind of built-up stress and fatigue. Leave this retreat feeling renewed.
  • Daily Yoga Classes
    Be guided through gentle and restorative yoga classes in the mornings and evenings. The classes are specialized to promote your meditation efforts.
  • Opening Fire Ceremony
    Burn away the old and outdated with an intentional, cleansing fire ceremony. We will start the retreat with this ceremony to be clear on our intentions throughout the retreat. Burn away the excess.
  • Chakras Meditate & Paint
    Be guided through a healing and revealing chakra meditation. After the meditation you will be provided with the tools to create an artistic expression of your chakras and energy.
  • Nature hiking
    Hope Springs Institute is located at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. Hikes here are heavenly if you enjoy beautiful hikes in the snowy season.
  • All vegetarian meals
    All healthy, vegetarian meals to promote digestion, healing and meditation. All meals are cooked with love by a professional chef.
  • Unlimited tea & honey
    Tea, honey and hot water available all day, every day. Water provided as well.
  • Accommodations
    Comfy beds, warm showers. Beautiful, tranquil land underneath the stars. Bedrooms come full stocked with bedding, towels, alarm clocks, and all other common needs.
  • Hot tub
    Enjoy the hot tub during break periods (or anytime!)

What’s not included

  • Hiking boots
    Due to the natural environment and the season, we strongly recommend you bring waterproof hiking boots. We recommend the Columbia brand.
  • Journal & pens
    Please bring writing utensils and a journal
  • Toiletries
    Please bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste, and all other required toiletries (including feminine products)

Available Packages

$650 - Price Per Person; Shared Room

Shared Room and Bathroom. 

Deposit: $300
$1,200 - Private Room -No Roommates

$1,200 - Private Room, Private Bath for a Single Person.

Deposit: $500
$1,777 - Couple's - Price per Couple

$1,777 - Private Couple's Room - Price Per Couple; One Private Room for a Couple; Private Bathroom.

Deposit: $500



2-5pm - Arrive to center

-Get settled in

-Turn in devices & electronics 

-Explore the retreat center 

5:30pm - Orientation 

-Greetings & introduction to the retreat and meditation course 


6pm - Healthy, vegetarian dinner 

-Silence begins

7:30pm - Opening Fire Ceremony 

8:00pm - Meditation 

Your Organizer

Sara Syed
33 reviews
Sara has been studying and practicing yoga since 2008, and completed dedicated her life to the spiritual path around 2012. Sara is a 500+ E-RYT instructor and Yoga School - an RYS200 & RYS300 accredited school through Yoga Alliance. Sara also holds her M.S in Education, B.S. in Psychology, and attends 10-day silent meditation retreats annually to continue her personal development. Sara has had over 500 students attend her trainings and retreats since 2019. She believes in honoring ancient wisdom to improve our modern living.


Embarking on a Yoga Teacher Training journey is a profound choice, transcending mere physical poses and ancient philosophies. It's an odyssey of self-discovery, vulnerability, and profound transformation. At The Studio Cleveland, under Sara's guidance, this journey becomes a sacred passage, marked by humility, kindness, and boundless wisdom. Sara's nurturing presence fosters an environment where growth flourishes, and barriers dissolve. With an open heart and mind, she curates an enriching curriculum, inviting esteemed guest speakers to illuminate the multifaceted dimensions of yoga. Each encounter becomes a stepping stone, guiding practitioners toward deeper understanding and personal evolution. Choosing Sara's YTT isn't just about learning; it's about manifesting a profound shift in your life's trajectory. Through this immersive experience, you'll forge connections with extraordinary individuals and unearth profound insights into your own existence. So, if you're contemplating this transformative journey, trust in the power of manifestation and let Sara's wisdom illuminate your path forward.
By Michelle B for Cleveland, OH: 200-Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training on Apr 12, 2024
This was such an amazing experience! This course really took me into a deeper understanding of yoga, its philosophies, and other branches that connect to it. We had guest teachers that took us through very informative sessions, and Sara was of course very knowledgeable and cared a lot about the students. She made everyone feel welcome and made yoga accessible. I met some wonderful people in the process and got to participate in some amazing discussions. I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about obtaining their yoga certification. This was an unforgettable experience that gave me the confidence to teach classes without losing my own personality. Thank you, Sara and your team!
By Vanessa M for Cleveland, OH: 200-Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training on Apr 09, 2024
This was a great experience! Sara was excellent, constantly teaching nuances of meditation without using esoteric language. The hatha yoga sessions were great, but might be a bit fast paced for someone unfamiliar with the basic postures. The facilities were located in a beautiful setting, the staff was excellent, and the food was absolutely wonderful. Being silent for a few days was an interesting experience!
By Edward H for Southern Ohio: Fall Healing Silent Meditation & Yoga Nature Retreat on Nov 15, 2023
Sara hosted a fantastic retreat! It exceeded my expectations in every way and was exactly what I needed to hit the "reset button." The lodging was spacious and extremely comfortable. The food was incredible. The Yoga & Meditation sessions were super insightful and accessible to even the newest meditators. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an experience like this. Thanks again Sara!
By Joshua S for Southern Ohio: Fall Healing Silent Meditation & Yoga Nature Retreat on Oct 18, 2023
Amazing trip, and very well lead. Sara did a great job of leading us in meditations and yoga. The location itself was beautiful and just what was needed for a very introspective weekend. The food was AMAZING!!!! Chef Blake killed it, the whole retreat was great, but the food was probably my favorite part. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a nice detox from the digital world and looking for a nice reset.
By Dalton R for Southern Ohio: Fall Healing Silent Meditation & Yoga Nature Retreat on Oct 18, 2023
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