Healing Through the Elements: a Yoga Wellness Retreat

Puesta del Sol 23300 Todos Santos, BCS Mexico

Kelly Moyaert
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5 reviews
Nov 16 - 21, 2024
Group size: 5 - 11
Healing Through the Elements: a Yoga Wellness Retreat
Puesta del Sol 23300 Todos Santos, BCS Mexico

Kelly Moyaert
  • Email address verified
5 reviews

Nov 16 - 21, 2024
Group size: 5 - 11

About this trip

Imagine rising amongst the pink sky at  Tribu Todos Santos in beautiful Baja Sur California, in Mexico, to begin your day with the intention of offering a sense of healing, balance, restoration, rejuvenation, wellness, vitality and ease. You will be surrounded by the elements of nature: the palm trees and beach sand, the ocean water a short walk away, the vitality and warmth of the sun, along with the cool off-shore breezes and spacious skies above. Nourishing organic meals will be cooked lovingly for you and offered with joy and the invitation for mindfulness, connection, laughter, kindness and community while you eat. The rest of the day is yours as you wish to create it: an adventure/excursion nearby, or relaxation by the pool or maybe a massage at the spa awaits you.  In the evenings, instead of having to drive anywhere, simply stay connected to the present moment, grounded into your ease and release, and take a short walk back to your teepee, (following your nourishing restorative session—-a “Dr. Kelly special.”) Wonderfully relaxed, invite yourself into a deep sleep under the star-filled night for healing in all realms of mind body and spirit (and the potential to recover from any chronic symptoms of grief or debilitating stress/imbalances/tension/pain/adrenal fatigue/burnout/etc.,.)  Post-slumber, awaken to a new day and begin again... offering your self space and awareness for revivifying your own balance and elements of wellness... while in this very special place, with an amazing group of people, on this one of a kind restorative retreat. 

Join us for this Healing Retreat...

Join us for this six day/five night Yoga Retreat in beautiful MEXICO! Restore, Release, Rejuvenate! This event will take place at  Tribu Todos Santos ( a Yoga Retreat/Boutique Hotel destination,) 

and is geared toward any and all yoga enthusiasts (experienced and beginner practitioners are all welcome!) We will gather daily for a morning yoga practice, integrated with: meditation, community, themed discussion/journaling on balancing dualities of Stillness & Flow, Effort & Ease, Yin & Yang, Grief & Gratitude... and healing through the various elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether. We will invite balance of each element to support our overall wellness, chakra alignment, and synergistic health of mind body spirit and soul. Additionally, there will be evening restoration/relaxation sessions offered, as well as opportunities to add-on (optional) daytime excursions to explore the surrounding area (such as surfing lessons, SUP, kayaking, hiking, shopping in the nearby artists’ town of Todos Santos, etc.,) Other activities to consider include walking the beach, mountain biking, Temezcal, spa services on-site, and of course pool/lounging relaxation time.  The option to participate in Temezcal (an authentic sweat lodge session) will be at a specific time and day, and for an additional fee.  Temezcal is a wonderful ritual that invites a detox and a letting go on the physical level, but also affects us deeply on the emotional and spiritual level, as well. Additionally, a Full Moon Circle/Ceremony will be offered on a specific night of your retreat, to foster grounding, nourishment, connection to the earth and sky/ethers, inviting opportunity for a letting go and an offering of creating of space (within) for transformation... The moon near its peak time of fullness is the perfect time to reflect and offer a letting go/release of what might feel stuck/is no longer serving us/or is even creating an obstacle to our potential growth, joy and contentment in this life... and in particular for us, we will be practicing around a Taurus Full Moon (nourishing earth sign) while in Scorpio Sun season (a powerful time for sitting with our darker heavier feelings and offering them mindful awareness & love.) The season of Autumn is known as "Grief season" and we will be honoring the darkness as well as the light... the reflection of the light from the Full Moon reminds us that even in the darkest of times, there are cycles in nature to revere and connect to, and this will facilitate our mindfulness, compassion & healing... to acknowledge that if stuck, the stuckness is temporary and part of a cycle... and showing up with courage to feel all parts of yourself are welcome. The way we heal is to "feel."  This will be a safe space for sharing and feeling supported in a circle with others holding space for you.  As the retreat days progress we will learn the possibilities of holding dualities, of both, Grief and Gratitude... Lunar and Solar... Yin and Yang... Effort and Ease... Stillness and Flow... Holding on and letting go...  

More info...

Spots for this retreat experience are extremely limited.

If needed or desired, (individually tailored) payment plans are available!  Please make a note to me when booking your spot (and answering retreat questionnaire) that you are interested in setting up a payment plan; please note that your $500 deposit is still due upon sign-up.  I will then be in touch to set up your unique payment plan for the remaining balance of the retreat.  (If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to inquire...  please message me!)    

Again, in order to reserve your spot, you must commit to paying the non-refundable deposit, or pay in full at time of registering.  

The cancellation policy has been designed to be as compassionate as possible, and to help ensure safety and wellness for all participants of the retreat. 

Cancellation policy is as follows: 

-$500 Deposit non-refundable 

-Cancel prior to July 15th, 2024 and receive refund (minus non-refundable deposit and $200 admin fee.)  

-Cancel prior to Sept 15th, 2024 and receive 50% refund and 50% credit towards future retreat (minus non-refundable deposit and $200 admin fee.)

-Cancel prior to October 15th, 2024 and receive 50% refund only (minus non-refundable deposit and $200 admin fee.) 

-Cancel within 30 days of start of retreat and forfeit any refund.*  

*You may attempt to find another person to take your spot, in the event of an emergency or last minute needing to cancel.  However, please note, that it is not Dr. Kelly Moyaert's responsibility to find a replacement for you.  Therefore, to safeguard your investment it is REQUIRED that you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from any unexpected circumstances that arise (including any circumstances surrounding COVID19.)   More specifically it is strongly recommended that your policy include a “cancel for any reason” option.  Please note, that this type of TRAVEL INSURANCE is usually required to be bought within 2 - 3 weeks of your INITIAL payment of retreat (such as the $500 deposit or a flight purchase, whichever payment comes first. So please plan accordingly and budget for this.)  Dr. Kelly Moyaert will not be held liable for lost/stolen luggage, missed or canceled flights, unforeseen stormy or foul weather, or any illness or injury that may occur while traveling (to/from/in Mexico), or any trip interruption, or need to cancel due to a positive COVID19 test.   

Cancellation by Dr. Kelly Moyaert:

In the rare event of a cancellation by Dr. Kelly Moyaert due to a personal/family/medical emergency or due to low registrations, the participant will be given the option to transfer all payments to a future retreat or to receive a full refund.  Dr. Kelly Moyaert cannot compensate participants for airfare, hotel and any travel costs incurred. 

In the rare event of a cancellation by Dr. Kelly Moyaert due to dangerous weather, political unrest, acts of God and other force majeure events, any refund provided will depend upon Dr. Kelly Moyaert receiving a refund from the venue.  Dr. Kelly Moyaert cannot compensate participants for airfare, hotel and travel costs incurred. 

To cover these risks, and safeguard your own investment, again, it is required that all participants purchase travel insurance for their own protection, and specifically is highly recommended that your policy include a “cancel for any reason” option (as a precautionary measure to prevent any individual loss in the rare chance of cancellation.) 

**If any payment is not received by the participant prior to or on the due date for that payment, Dr. Kelly Moyaert has the right to cancel the participant‘s registration for that retreat. In this case no refund will be provided. 

Dr. Kelly Moyaert reserves the right to refuse or cancel any participant’s registration for any reason.  In this case, a full refund will be provided. 

If you have any questions or comments about this please contact drkellymoyaert@gmail.com.

and/or visit:



"I have to say, that the Yoga retreat was a little miracle for me.  It was eye-opening how out of touch I have been with my core and center.  Lots going on in the brain, not so much checking in with the heart / minds-eye these past years.  Thank you so much for the opportunity and for creating such a safe space for discovery.  I'm pumped; but I'm also giving myself time for it all to work its way into the chaos and complication of life!  Slowly but surely.

Last week I had the experience of not taking my sleeping meds three nights in a row and sinking into a peaceful sleep, and that is unheard of for me in recent times.  So I'm motivated to keep working on more holistic ways to address my anxiety/stress.  I read your professional bio and I think you are a really good fit for me, especially with the areas you are now making a focus of your practice.

I'm overjoyed! Very grateful for this new connection, on a professional and personal level.

p.s. -- Several people were very envious of my retreat experience and I bet you will get some joiners based on word of mouth of this group.  I hope it's something that I will be able to attend as well, so keep me in the loop!" 

-Julia P.

I came to Kelly three months ago not knowing exactly what to expect. I felt like I was at a

critical moment in my healing process – I was ready to move on from my childhood woundings,

but I felt stuck, and I felt that my stuckness was in part tied to having been in trauma for so

much of my life that my body didn’t know how to relax into a restful state. I found Kelly’s bio in

a systematic search of naturopathic physicians in Seattle, and I just felt safe reading her words;

the way that she described bodies and wellness invited me to see myself as whole and her as

partner, which was such a different (and healing) experience than I’ve encountered in my

lifetime of regular interactions with healthcare professionals. And meeting her – and then

working with her – has brought that safe and healing experience full circle, into my body.

Kelly’s capacity to hold space for my whole self, to be with my body and invite it into deeper

healing, and to support its restoration to balance with her intuitive bodywork and her

compassionate presence, and her consistent affirmation that my body is whole and has

everything it needs to be healed…it’s changed my life. I not only feel better than I have in

years, I am moving out of the trauma and survival mindset that has permeated my life for as

long as I can remember, and acting in ways that are brave and grounded and peaceful and true.

I cannot recommend Kelly highly enough.

-Amy R.

Dr. Kelly Moyaert’s approach is very personal and life-changing. Now I sleep through the night, no longer have afternoon crashes and have much improved energy. Her thoughtful care includes leading me through a therapeutic way of eating that is healing me from the inside out. Above all, she makes me feel as if she’s always by my side, encouraging me that I can do this and it will get better.

-Judy A.

What’s included

  • 5 nights lodging
    5 nights, at beautiful tranquil boutique hotel/retreat destination, Tribu Todos Santos, in Mexico. Choose single or double occupancy in comfortable air-conditioned eco-luxury teepees.
  • Farm to table meals
    Nourishing and nutritious farm to table organic meals (starting from Saturday dinner through Thursday breakfast.) Gluten free, vegan, dairy free, etc., available upon request prior to arrival.
  • Daily morning yoga
    Morning (themed) yoga practice integrating meditation, mudra and pranayama (breath practice) with some space for discussion and journaling on balancing dualities through the elements.
  • Evening practice
    Evening relaxation practice including: Restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra/meditative relaxation body scan, Mindful Myofascial Release, Sunset Meditation, etc., Each practice will aim to nourish.
  • Full Moon Circle/Ritual
    On one of the nights, we will connect to nourishment/gratitude/serenity as we honor the Full moon Earth sign of Taurus, and the potential to offer release & a letting go...

What’s not included

  • Flights to/from SJD/Cabo
    Flights to and from SJD/Cabo San Lucas airport.
  • Travel insurance
    Travel insurance (you are required to purchase to join this trip.)
  • Add-ons/extras
    Choose to add-on excursions/adventures such as surf lessons, SUP, hiking, art gallery tours in near-by Todos Santos, spa treatments (such as massage or facial) at Tribu’s on-site spa, etc.,
  • Alcoholic beverages
    Tribu Todos Santos does not offer alcoholic beverages. It is strongly suggested that while on the retreat center's grounds, that you choose to abstain from alcohol.

Available Packages

Double occupancy Eco-Deluxe Teepee
Available until September 18, 2024Pre-registration

Share with another. Two comfortable Double (or Twin) beds for a rejuvenating stay. (We will match you with a roommate if you are not traveling with a friend/family member.) Eco-Deluxe Luxury Adobe teepees all include a sleek and modern interior, en suite bathroom with marbled shower, air-conditioning, in-room safe and closet.   

$2690 per person, shared room (two separate beds)

Trubu Todos Santos‘ grounds include a spa, indoor yoga shala, outdoor yoga deck, infinity pool, deck chairs, hammocks, fire pit, access to beach, ocean views and local gardens.

Deposit: $500
Single occupancy Eco-Deluxe Teepee
Available until September 18, 2024only 1 left

Enjoy the comfort of your own private space. King sized bed with air-conditioning. Eco-Deluxe Luxury Adobe Teepee includes a sleek and modern interior, en suite bathroom with marbled shower, closet area and in-room safe.  Amenities for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay.

$2960 for single person room.

Tribu Todos Santos‘ grounds include a spa, indoor yoga shala, outdoor yoga deck, infinity pool, deck chairs, hammocks, fire pit, access to beach, ocean views and local gardens.

Deposit: $500
Double occupancy Villa Suite, ocean view
Available until September 18, 2024Pre-registration

Share with another. The EARTH villa suite is located on the second floor of the main building at Tribu Todos Santos. Ocean view, air-conditioning with two queen beds and en suite bathroom (bathroom includes shower.) Tiled floor, in-room safe, and private terrace with spectacular ocean view. 

$3950 per person.  This is a shared room

Tribu's grounds include a spa, indoor yoga shala, outdoor yoga deck, infinity pool, deck chairs, hammocks, fire pit, access to beach, ocean views and local gardens.


Available options

Shuttle Service To/From Cabo/SJD airport


Day 2
Healing Through the Elements Yoga Wellness Retreat

Day 2  of  Healing Through the Elements: 

Balancing Effort & Ease, Stillness & Flow, Yin & Yang, Grief with Gratitude... 

Sample itinerary:  (please note, daily schedule may shift slightly and will be confirmed upon arrival in Mexico.) 

7am - 9am   We will gather daily for a morning (themed) yoga practice, meditation, community and some discussion/journaling on the various elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, and how to invite balance of each to support our overall wellness, chakra alignment, and synergistic health of mind body spirit and soul. We’ll create a safe space to include community/circle discussion as well as space for self-study and journaling.  Each day will include a gentle nourishing asana flow, pranayama (breath practice,) meditation & mudra all integrated with an individual themed/elemental intention for each morning session. 

9am-10am  Breakfast

10am-12:30 pm  Free time: option to explore surrounding area such as walk on the beach, use of mountain bikes on beach, relax by the pool or in a hammock, spend time reading and/or journaling, napping; book a spa treatment (massage or facial,) taxi into nearby town of Todos Santos for shopping, art galleries, etc., or book an excursion. 

12:30-1:30   Lunch 

1:30-6pm   Free time 

*5pm-6pm  Optional late afternoon workshop may be offered on specific days (potential topics include:  meditation,  mantras & mudras,  "acknowledging big emotions", etc.,)

6pm-7pm   Dinner 

7:30-9pm   Evening Relaxation/Restorative practice (such as Restorative Yoga, or Yoga Nidra or Mindful Myofascial Release, etc.,) 

Your Organizer

Kelly Moyaert
5 reviews
Kelly has been a practicing Naturopathic Doctor for 14 years, a Licensed Massage Practitioner for 22 years and teaching yoga and wellness workshops for the last 9 years. Her depth of knowledge of the body/anatomy, fascia lines, mind body spirit medicine, as well as her hands-on techniques & authentic intention for offering restoration, rejuvenation & joyful ease are what make her unique. She enjoys teaching mindfulness, vinyasa slow flow & restorative yoga to facilitate stress-relief and offer a deeper level of healing from within.


This was my first retreat experience of any sort and all I can say is I am hooked! Dr. Kelly is one hundred percent amazing!! The space she facilitates and holds for healing and community is out of this world. Each day had multiple opportunities for peaceful solitude as well as opportunities to build community and speak truthfully from the heart. The space held as a group was extremely welcoming and there was never any pressure to participate in activities that did not resonate with your truth. There was a loose schedule which allowed for both structure and laxity in enjoying the retreat which I totally loved! The food was both delicious and nourishing for the heart and soul. It was enjoyable to be in an area away from the hustle and bustle of my daily life with people who shared the same values and mindset I do. If you are on the fence about booking a retreat with Dr. Kelly I can assure you - DO IT! You will not be disappointed!
By Jeena C for Nourish Your Heart & Soul Yoga Wellness Retreat on Apr 30, 2024
This was my second retreat with Kelly in Todos Santos and it was such an amazing time of restoration! The practices and integration with the elements seemed to "sink in" much more this year (even though the teachings were different it had the same theme). Just as last year there was plenty of time for self reflection and relaxation along with the wonderful excursion to swim with sea lions and have a beach picnic. The bonds formed between the attendees is special and the time we cultivate together is unmatched. This will be a retreat for me that I will look forward to on a yearly basis.
By Mimi T for the Elements of Wellness: Yoga & Meditation Restorative Retreat on Apr 29, 2023
Beautiful retreat with our fantastic Yoga Teacher, Kelly! Truly restorative and relaxing experience with healthy, yummy meals and fun activities. To celebrate the Spring Equinox with this yoga teacher and group was transformational. Thanks so much Kelly!
By Rosalie M for the Elements of Wellness: Yoga & Meditation Restorative Retreat on Apr 26, 2023
This was the most incredible retreat! Kelly was such a great guide and facilitator for the entire journey. The accomodations were so comfortable, the staff made us feel at home and the food was so fresh and delicious, we were fed like royalty. Everything went seamlessly from start to finish, all of the details were handled so that I didn't need to worry about anything, I was able to relax and reset. I would highly recommend a retreat led by Kelly as her deep knowledge and desire to teach is so clearly expressed in so many ways we were held in this magical space of yoga and fellowship. I am excited to attend her next event!
By Mimi T for the Elements of Wellness: Yoga & Meditation Restorative Retreat on Oct 12, 2021
This was a trip of a lifetime and came just at the right time in my life. I was looking for an escape from everyday life and this retreat was what I needed. Each day started and ended with a yoga practice with a thought provoking theme. Kelly's choice of music to accompany each practice was meaningful and playful. Some classes were challenging and modifications made them accessible to everyone. The small group size made it possible to get to know everyone and share thoughts and feelings we felt like family. The group activities away from the retreat were well planned and fun and gave us more opportunity to become friends with people who we didn't know. We went surfing, paddle boarding and did a silent sundown meditation on the beach. The resort was beautiful and the food was tasty and fresh. I would definitely book another retreat with Kelly.
By Kaye A for the Elements of Wellness: Yoga & Meditation Restorative Retreat on Oct 10, 2021