Hop On The Corrie Catch Up Coach

      Sydney NS via Confederation Bridge to Charlottetown

      Coronation Travel
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      5 reviews
      Oct 18 - 19, 2022
      Group size: 35 - 54
      Hop On The Corrie Catch Up Coach
      Sydney NS via Confederation Bridge to Charlottetown

      Coronation Travel
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      5 reviews

      Oct 18 - 19, 2022
      Group size: 35 - 54

      About this trip

      COME AND MEET MIKEY NORTH AND MILLIE GIBSON ( aka Gary Windass and Kelly Neelan) 

      It's time to catch up with some Coronation Street Stars ! 

      It's been a long couple of years and we are all hungry for some up close and personal contact with some of our favourite Corrie personalities. 

      With this being the initial leap of faith back into the travel and tour world after the pandemic hit, Coronation Travel has teamed up with Stroll Promotions to try and bring as many Maritime folks as possible to a limited number of shows. We have combined what we both do best to hopefully give you a fun and value packed experience. With all the recent airline cancellations and delays and baggage nightmares, not to mention fuel costs, Stroll Promotions couldn't get the stars to as many different cities and towns as they would have liked, so we have tried to make this a fun and cost effective way for many of you to not miss out.  This is the initial Corrie VIP charter coach group and we'd love to have you aboard ! For those of you who have been on one or several of our Coronation Travel tours to the UK, you can be assured our high standards will be maintained on this VIP tour.   

      We will transport you in a luxury 56 passenger , washroom equipped  coach from Sydney , Cape Breton to Charlottetown , PEI via the Confederation Bridge , with convenient stops en route to pick up folks in Antigonish, New Glasgow, Truro and Amherst before arriving at our downtown Charlottetown hotel - The Quality Inn and Suites .

      We plan an early 7:45 AM departure from Sydney on October 18th, and will be making brief stops to pick up passengers in the areas surrounding Antigonish, New Glasgow, Truro and Amherst. In order to arrive in Charlottetown when we need to, although we may be going right by your house en route, the number of stops have to be limited to the above. Once you have booked , you will receive the details regarding the time and place for pick up and drop off. The price is the same for the tour whether you get on in Sydney or Amherst , so when you book, just choose the most convenient town for you.  

      We plan to arrive in downtown Charlottetown approximately 3:30 PM, to give you time to get checked in and freshened up, and grab a bite for supper in one of the great local eateries in downtown Charlottetown. From the central hotel location you can walk to just about everything downtown in under 15 minutes.    

      You'll get back on board the coach at 6:45PM for the short 5 minute drive to the Performance Hall in advance of the 7:30 PM show, and the coach will be waiting to bring you safely back to the hotel right after the show at appoximately 10PM. No having to find your way in unfamiliar streets or pay crazy cab fares. It will all be looked after for you.

      Speaking of having everything looked after for you...not only is your transportation to and from Charlottetown looked after along with your overnight hotel and a plated hot breakfast in the morning , but each person booked on the tour will be receiving VIP tickets to the show !!! These VIP tickets are usually sold out in minutes , but yours is guaranteed with your booking. 

      Your VIP ticket ensures seating in the premium first 6 rows of the theatre , and a meet and greet after the show with the stars along with a photo opportunity, so don't forget your camera !! 

      We have predominantly two bedded rooms, with a few double beds and a few rooms that can accommodate a rollaway bed for a third person.

      A full hot breakfast will be served at 7 AM in the hotel diningroom the morning of October 19th, 2022  before boarding the coach at 8:10 AM for departure at 8:30AM,  and returning you safely to the place you were picked up. Drop off times and places will be advised .   


      Grab your Corrie Fan Friends

      What a great opportunity to grab a group of your Coronation Street fan friends and all jump on the same coach for a little mini vacation full of laughs and bonding ! You just need to get yourself to the pick up point, and let our experts deal with the traffic and the weather, the crazy fuel prices and all the added surcharges and skyrocketing costs, and getting you to and from the show, and back home safely. 

      For those who have travelled with us before in the UK, we can't provide you with our charming Neville MacKay to entertain you, but you WILL get to see him, as he will be the MC for the show. 

      We will do our best to make your journey enjoyable and one that will bring back great memories,  and who knows just what little surprises we might have up our sleeve for you !  


      Twin/Double                                                 $329.00* per person with 2  people sharing a room 

      Triple Room                                                   $313.00 ** per person for each of 3 people sharing a room 

      Single Room                                                  $399.00 ***per single occupied room  

      All above rates are subject to applicable 15% HST but include current fuel surcharges and hotel levy  

      ** Triple rooms include the cost of a rollaway bed and full breakfast for the 3rd person - please reserve early if you want a triple room    


      All bookings require a $200 per person DEPOSIT which is non refundable. 

      Balance of payment is due on or before October 1, 2022 by credit card through this WeTravel booking platform. We Travel deserves the right to charge a merchant processing fee which can change from time to time. If you wish to avoid the credit card use fee, you may send us your payment directly by e transfer to kmonteith@coronationtravel.com 

      We require a minimum of 35 passengers for this trip. Should minimum numbers not be reached all funds will be refunded. 

      The Fine Print



      Despite meticulous months of planning and confirming every detail on every one of our tours, there are things that sometimes occur over which we have no control. Traffic, weather and last minute emergencies and current conditions with our suppliers and venues sometimes make it necessary to alter or substitute the services as outlined in our brochure. Every attempt is always made to inconvenience our guests as little as possible by substituting equal quality services should the need arise to the best of our ability. Any such necessary alterations or substitutions does not constitute grounds for cancellation or refund of any or a portion of tour costs.

      Please read and understand the following IMPORTANT TERMS & CONDITIONS

      Our tours require a minimum of 35 tour participants to operate.

      Your Deposit Is Non Refundable, but in the event we had to cancel the tour before the final payment date , all deposits will be refunded. Please purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance to protect yourself should you have to cancel for any medical reason. Please note Trip Cancellation Insurance does not cover you for any pre-existing medical conditions. There are a few travel insurance companies that will cover you for change of mind, but premiums are generally considerably higher. We do not sell travel insurance. Travel agencies and on line insurance companies such as RBC, Blue Cross, AIG and John Ingle offer competitively priced policies. Please read your policy inclusions and limitations and carry your provided wallet card with you at all times.


      Contractual Arrangements
      All services described herein are organized by Coronation Travel, in collaboration with very respected and established travel partners such as hotels, coach companies and attractions.


      Notice is hereby given that all arrangements made on behalf of customers are made by the organizers on the sole condition that the organizers shall not be held responsible for or have any liability whatsoever for any injury, death, accident, delay, loss, harm or irregularity which may be occasioned through acts of the organizers or any company and/or persons engaged in carrying out arrangements and services described herein or otherwise in connection herewith. The information contained in this brochure is correct to the best of the organizer’s knowledge, but the organizer accepts no liability for any inaccuracies therein, the organizers reserve the right to alter any itinerary or service at any time without penalty to the organizers. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any additional expenses incurred by the passenger due to delay, omissions, rerouting, changes in the schedule of the coach company or other events resulting from improper documents carried by the passenger, or by any act of government or any authority, strike, civil disturbances, political unrest or Acts of God. Any additional expenses or cancellation shall be borne by the customer. The organizers reserve the right to withdraw or refuse any service to any customer at the discretion of the organizers. The provisions contained herein and in the stated Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Prince Edward Island and the laws of Canada applicable therein. Payment of deposit is taken as acknowledgment to the above terms.

      Fuel Surcharges

      In times of uncertain and or volatile fuel costs, the coach company used by the organizer may be required to impose a fuel surcharge over and above the contracted rate provided. Should a fuel surcharge be levied on the contracted coach trip between the date of publishing the passenger price on August 12th, 2022 and the final payment date to the coach company of October 4th, 2022 , resulting in a significant increase in overall cost to the organizer ( an amount of more than 5% ) the organizer shall have the express right to recoup the fuel surcharge amount by dividing the total amount of the said fuel surcharge by the number of passengers. Each passenger would be required to pay their fuel surcharge portion before the departure date. Any fuel surcharge amount if necessary, would be limited to a maximum amount per person of $20.00.



      IMPORTANT Covid 19 Policies& Protection

      Coronation Travel organizers and tour partners take protecting your health seriously . We at all times will be following the Provincial Health mandates and restrictions in the Province of PEI and Nova Scotia regarding public gatherings, masks, proof of vaccination status , social distancing and sanitizing, as well as any restrictions regarding inter provincial travel and isolation. 

      At the time of publication of this tour , August 12th 2022, there are currently no regulations regarding mandatory masks or proof of vaccination status . We will not require either in order to participate in this tour. If however those restrictions change before departure , all required regulations will be adhered to, and you will be advised before departure. 

      You may feel more comfortable wearing a mask on the coach and at the show, and if that is your choice, we highly advise you to do that. We also request that if anyone is feeling ill in the days leading up to the tour departure, that you not get on the coach for the health and protection of not only yourself, but  your fellow travelers. We also ask that anyone who has been in close contact with someone who has Covid 19 in the 14 days before the tour, monitor themselves closely and take a rapid test 3 or 4 times in the days leading up to the tour departure to ensure you are negative for Covid 19. 

      Our coach partners pride themselves on the cleanliness and sanitization of their coaches, and all surfaces are sanitized on a regular basis and before and after every tour group.

      Please also consider that coaches have windows and vents that open with fresh clean air continuously circulating throughout the coach. So the air is much cleaner than the recirculated air in the cabin of an aircraft. 

      To help minimize touching of surfaces , we ask that you get on the coach and choose a seat, and remain in that seat for the duration of the tour. Please also pack a small bottle of hand sanitizer to bring with you to use throughout the tour, and a mask in case you require one at a business who still requests that customers wear one. 

      Like every other business, we have no control over or idea of what restrictions could be imposed tomorrow or next week or next month. Like everyone, we pray that inter provincial travel and public gatherings will not be prohibited. If however those things once again come into effect, we will have no choice but to cancel the tour. Cancellation due to emergency Covid regulations is completely out of our hands. We will do everything in our power to refund you in full, but please understand that a tour is made up of many components, and Coronation Travel is the agent tying all the components together. The funds that you pay to us as tour agent are sent to all the different tour partners right away. Once the tour has taken place and all the operators have received their fees, we are paid a commission from the operators of between 10 and 15% for our work. We don't keep the funds you pay to us , so we have to go back to the other tour partners to refund the money back to us, so we can get it back to you. In these times, if you are worried,  it makes sense to look at taking out a Covid trip cancellation policy . As the premiums are based on the total trip cost and number of days you are travelling, the cost to cover this trip should be minimal. You can purchase trip cancellation policies that protect you from covid cancellations online, from many banks , and any travel agency. The peace of mind may  be worth it ! 

      We are all sick of having to stay home and not getting to enjoy the things we would like to do. We certainly are not trying to make you concerned that this tour might be cancelled due to Covid 19 rearing its ugly head again, but want to make sure we give you as much information as possible for you to make the right decision for you. People are travelling again , and enjoying themselves and living ! We certainly want you to be able to go away and enjoy a fun getaway,  and it seems to be the feeling of a lot of people that the imposed restrictions we had to endure in the past two years won't be repeated, as people and businesses have learned to be much more savvy in protecting ourselves.          

      What’s included

      • Round Trip Luxury Coach
        From either Sydney, Antigonish, New Glasgow, Truro or Amherst to Charlottetown PEI
      • Twin or Double Room
        Quality Inn and Suites Downtown Charlottetown
      • VIP tkt to Corrie Stars
        Premium seating in first 6 rows of the theatre- Meet and Greet the Stars after the show with photo opportunity
      • Full hot breakfast
        Full plated hot breakfast in the hotel dining room October 19th at 7 AM
      • Return luxury coach
        Return to your departure point October 19th
      • Fuel surcharges +Levies
        All fuel charges and imposed tax levies as of August 12, 2022
      • HST
        HST is payable on this package but is included in the total price shown per person
      • Personal Items
        Any souvenirs, bar or mini bar charges or phone calls from the hotel
      • Snacks & Meals on Coach
        Please bring along some snacks/and a lunch for the coach
      • Meals and Snacks
        With the exception of full hot breakfast at the hotel the morning of October 19th. There are many great restaurants in downtown Charlottetown within a short walking distance from the hotel

      Available Packages

      Twin/Double Rm Incl ALL TAXES & FEES

      One  or two beds in room ( eg  twin = 2 beds, double = 1 bed)  

      Price is $329 plus 15% HST and includes fuel surcharges and hotel tax levy as of August 12th, 2022

      Deposit: C$200
      Single Rm Incl ALL TAXES & FEES

      Room with one bed 

      Includes single supplement

      Price is $399 plus 15% HST and includes fuel surcharges and hotel tax levy as of August 12th, 2022

      Deposit: C$200
      Triple Rm Incl ALL TAXES & FEES

      Room with two beds plus a rollaway bed.

      Limited so please reserve early

      Price is $315 plus 15%HST and includes fuel surcharges and hotel tax levy as of August 12th, 2022

      Includes extra meal cost and rollaway bed charge


      Your Organizer

      Coronation Travel
      5 reviews
      Coronation Travel came into being in 2007. https://www.coronationtravel.com Owner/operator Kim Monteith has been in the travel industry for 35 years & earned her CTM ( Certified Travel Manager) designation in 1999. The CTM designation is the highest level of education within the travel industry. Kim managed several travel agencies in both Nova Scotia and PEI and excelled at Group Travel. A die hard Corrie fan herself with a passion for group travel and top customer service made the choice easy to organize Corrie groups. Member of ACTA


      I had a fantastic time! Made new friends, and reconnected with some old friends! The food was good, accommodations were great, and our host, Neville was awesome! Enjoyed every day. Thanks Kim for putting this trip together!
      By Beverly O for RETURN to the ROVER'S RETURN ! on Sep 17, 2023
      It was definately the trip of a lifetime! I enjoyed the many interesting and fun places we visited. The accommodations were wonderful with great food and fantastic staff. Coronation travel took amazing care that even the smallest of details were taken care of. I felt very safe and comfortable the entire trip. They even checked in with us after our flights home to make sure we were all home safe and sound. It was really like traveling with family. I would love to do it all again! Definately recommend traveling with coronation travel! Thank you for a fabulous trip.
      By Kathy W for RETURN to the ROVER'S RETURN ! on Sep 16, 2023
      Had a great time from beginning to end! Comfortable and excellent location for the hotel. The day trips were all very good, and met so many wonderful people……And the tour of Coronation Street was amazing! I would definitely go on this trip again!
      By Kelly S for RETURN to the ROVER'S RETURN ! on Sep 16, 2023
      This trip was well organized with great attention to the details before and during the trip. Each day provided a new and interesting experience with a great balance between organized time and personal time where we explored on our own. The tour guides were knowledgeable and interesting and certainly provided insight into the areas that we visited such as, the Red Rec, Canal, Chester and the Lake District. The visit to the ITV studio was the highlight of the trip with an opportunity to not only tour the sets but also meet many of the actors on Coronation Street. The actors that we met were very welcoming and certainly added to the Coronation Street experience. Finally, both the tour organizer and the tour host were amazing. They were detailed in the organization of the tour, ensured that everyone was included and when a few challenges arose they were quick to provide solutions. A wonderful Trip!
      By Verna R for RETURN to the ROVER'S RETURN ! on Sep 13, 2023
      We have a wonderful time! Kim and Neville were absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the memories!
      By Annette C for RETURN to the ROVER'S RETURN ! on Sep 09, 2023

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