Huaorani Expedition - 7 nights

Yasuní, Ecuador

YUTURI Conservation Group
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5 reviews
Duration: 8 days
Group size: 1 - 16
Huaorani Expedition - 7 nights
Yasuní, Ecuador

YUTURI Conservation Group
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5 reviews

Duration: 8 days
Group size: 1 - 16

About this trip


Occupying an area of 30.000 km2 with a population of about 2,800 individuals, surrounded by the Yasuni National Park, the largest protected park of Ecuador, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1979, inhabit the "Huaorani" or the "People", called " The Aucas" by civilization, and also inhabit the "Tagaeris" - "Taromenanes" or "red leg".

The latter are one of the few indigenous cultures or tribes not contacted yet by civilizations that are currently in Ecuador and are part of our intangible cultural heritage, with protection, care and respect of all the neighboring societies.

The Huaorani currently inhabit in what are today provinces of Napo, Pastaza and Orellana. Although the first Huaoranis were nomadic, now have been forced to set their limits within the Yasuni National Park and its protected zone.

Location .-

Among the Napo River to the north and the south Curaray, along rivers Yasuni, Shiripuno, Cononaco and minor tributaries in an area of 678,220 hectares, the Huaorani territory. The Huaorani or Waorani are native Amerindian people* who lives northwest of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Defended their territory of the settlement and other indigenous cultures, they were pursued by oil companies in the last century.

Called "Auca" by miscegenation (white people) speak "wao Terero" which is a unique language. There are communities like Taromenanes and Tagaeri and living in voluntary isolation, refusing all contact with humanity, always moving continuously in areas untouched. They live exclusively of what nature provides them, feeding on hunting and fishing, cultivating cassava and banana, are expert hunters, draw up their spears and blowguns, also a neurotoxin called "curare" to use his darts.

Today, they struggle to survive, to oil exploitation, especially by pollution and loss of their territories, and this entails the invasion of settlers.

The Bameno community in riverbank Cononaco, the Huaorani are fully convinced that well-managed tourism will help to solve, in part, the current problems, living in their jungle "ome" as they call it, free of all attack on their culture and territory.

What’s included

  • land and canoe transport
    land transportation from Coca to Shiripuno river and them canoe to baameno comunity
  • meals
    3 daily meals - local meals -
  • menu
    Our menu is based on cold country food; but we also have vegetarian and vegan options.
  • suppliers
    rubber boots (size 43 max), pure drinking water
  • excursions
    daily and night excursions during your trip
  • accommodation
    tends, each night different campaments
  • bilingual guides
    naturalistic guide english spanish
  • huaorani guides
    Huaorani warriors, cultural coexistence

What’s not included

  • suppliers
    personal jungle equipment such as rain coat, lantern and hiking shoes (size up to 43)
  • transportation
    Air or bus ticket from / to El Coca city
  • recomended packing list
    Original passport, lightweight pants, shorts, sweater, long and short-sleeved T-shirts, raincoat, sun block, mosquito repellent, plastic bags, comfortable shoes.
  • Cancellation - Penalties
    40 % of the total amount is mandatory to confirm your reservation (NO REFUNDABLE) - The 60 % must be paied 15 days before to begging the travel
  • Huaorani comunites fees
    aprox 100 usd extras in total. will pay directly by yourself in each CLAN.

Available Packages


The rate is in base of 2 passengers in double occupancy

The rate is per person, and is valid for people over 12 y.o

For single travelers ask at our specialist -

Deposit: $800

Available options



ask rates by kids under 12 y.o

other options are available under request


day 01

Arrival to Coca by airplane or bus, and transfer by road to the river, navigating Shiripuno to reach our first camp on Gemeneweno Clan. In the evening take a night walk to observe insects, rodents, mammals.

Your Organizer

YUTURI Conservation Group
5 reviews
We are a produly Ecuadorian company formed by a group of young professionals especialized in Tourism, Biology, Forests, Ecotourism and Environment preservation who have joined efforts seeking for excellence when providing high-quality Tour services, with respect and keeping common objectives; thus contributing to Agenda 21 vision "Act locally, thinking globally".


Trip of a lifetime. I was very worried if I was just wasting money heading to the Amazon, but as it’s a bucket list destination for me and I was already in Ecuador I took the chance. I can’t thank Amazon Dolphin Lodge enough for how wonderful they made my trip! First of all, I’m a solo traveller and it happened that I was the only guest booked for the 4day/3night experience. They could have cancelled me. But they didn’t. I had the resort to myself. The resort is beautifully remote, 4 hrs down the Napo River then another hour up a small river. The lagoon it’s situated on is stunning. The amount of wildlife is deafening. Hats off to the chef who cooked incredible three course vegan meals for me. Huge thanks to the guide Diego who never tired and was so excited to show off his ‘office’ to me. And to all the other staff who made me feel at home. We had an evening excursion every night. Morning excursions and mid day treks. I think I had about 2-3hrs of down time in the entire 4 days. The giant otters were the highlight though it is hard to choose. We saw at least 120 species that we were able to identify. I highly recommend Amazon Dolphin Lodge for anyone who wants a real Amazon wildlife experience!
By Masha L for Dolphin Adventre (friday to monday) on Mar 21, 2024
We had a great experience staying at Yarina. The lodge was beautiful, and the deck was great for animal watching (we saw lots of birds and monkeys!). The rooms were awesome, the hammocks on the decks were definitely a plus. Lots of activities that kept us busy, the food was really delicious and they were able to accomodate dietary restrictions, and met lots of great people there. Would definitely recommend staying there.
By Natalie N for Yarina Eco Lodge ( 3 nights) on Feb 23, 2024
We have a grate time with are Guide Wilson, he was knowledgeable. The lodge was clean, and food was good. for the small budget is was a good option .... but if you want to see more variety of animal and more upscale room i suggest to go at Sacha Lodge.
By Nicolas J for Yarina Eco Lodge ( 3 nights) on Feb 09, 2024
Great experience. After the pickup at the airport we navigated down the river for approx. 45 min to reach the Lodge, which is situated in a clearing surrounded by the primary forest. The tours and activities are very well organized and our guide was amazing (thank you Livio!). The kitchen staff was great too, the chef really did his best to come up with vegan recipes for my wife and the guys at the bar made really good cocktails. Probably the best way to experience the rainforest for the first time. It was not cheap, but definitely worth it.
By Luca C for Yarina Eco Lodge ( 3 nights) on Jan 02, 2024
It was excellent. The lodge with its cabins is very nice, comfortable and clean. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The food was simply amazing - we had not expected a three course menu for lunch and dinner with this high quality. Also our excursions were perfect, we saw many animals and got explanations on them and important plants thanks to our guide Eduardo. We had the best time. Thank you!
By Lisa M for Yarina Eco Lodge ( 3 nights) on Oct 04, 2022