Journey to the Heart Retreat

Manglaralto, Ecuador

Ayllu Medicina
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21 reviews
Jun 15 - 22, 2024
Group size: 9 - 12
Journey to the Heart Retreat
Manglaralto, Ecuador

Ayllu Medicina
  • Email address verified
21 reviews

Jun 15 - 22, 2024
Group size: 9 - 12

About this trip

- Take a journey to the center of your heart during this transformational plant medicine retreat. Reconnect to your own rhythm by taking a pause and retreating into your inner world with the help of the master plant teachers, ancient purifying practices, and the medicine of music. 

- Remember your connection to the whole by connecting to your heart's center and your body's profound technology. Connect to your inner nature within and the outer nature around you, starting on the beautiful coast of Ecuador at this retreat. 

- Reconnect to your heart's center with the sacred plant medicines of Ayawasca and San Pedro, with our experienced guides leading the ceremonies. You will also be assisted with cleansing your mind, heart, body, and spirit in different ways, such as through sweat lodges, tobacco medicines, daily yoga, breathwork, and nutritious food.  

- Learn about the healing power of music, its role in ceremonies, and how to connect with your own voice. 

Ayllu Medicina's Journey to the Heart Retreat in June 2024 will provide the space, support, tools, and wisdom to help you dive into your inner world and find alignment in your heart's center. 

This plant medicine retreat has a focus on heart technology meditations, with the sacred plant medicines of San Pedro and Ayawasca. Music is also an important part of the retreat, and an important medicine for Ayllu Medicina, and you can listen to some of our medicine guides' songs, Pájaros de Luz,  to get a taste of this.

During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the sacred instruments we use, why music is medicine, and why our elders say that to sing is to pray twice. This retreat is designed to help you find more presence, awareness, peace, clarity, and connection. You will learn to tune into your own rhythm and listen to the beat of your heart. 


Purifying your body, mind, and spirit can help you align with your heart, which is why we include different types of ceremonies as part of our plant medicine retreats in Ecuador. These ceremonies are led by our experienced guides, honoring the ancient traditions from which they come. 

Plant Medicine Ceremonies 

We will gather together in two Ayawasca ceremonies and a San Pedro ceremony. 

Ayawasca is often compared to a wise Grandmother, and like an onion, she can help you find your center and let go of what no longer serves you. She can help you shine a light on areas of darkness, finding your way to the infinite love in your heart. 

Grandfather San Pedro is the healing masculine energy, helping you find alignment and open your heart once more, ready to take flight. We will meet with Grandfather San Pedro once after our meeting with Grandma Ayawasca. The plant spirit can also help you integrate your retreat experience and let go of anything that remains which is blocking you from residing in your heart's space. 

We will provide preparation support, and we hold circles during our plant medicine retreats to discuss any questions you may have in advance. After our plant medicine ceremonies, we also have sharing circles, so you can share any pearls from your ceremony experience. Some participants have sat in ceremonies previously, whereas, for others, it is their first time meeting with the plant medicines. 

You can learn more about these medicines on our Ayllu Medicina blog

Sweat Lodges 

There will also be sweat lodges (temazcales). Enter the womb of Mother Earth to integrate, purify, and experience rebirth. 

Our volcanic grandmother stones are heated in the fire and are placed in the womb, the sweat lodge. Different incenses are placed on the stones before the door closes, and the heat begins to rise as water is poured over the stones. We share prayers and songs to guide each round. 

Heart Technology Meditations & Workshops

Learn specific techniques and follow guided meditations to center in your heart. Some of the workshops and meditations include: 

  • Heart technology 
  • Basic understanding of our electromagnetic fields - torus or toroid.
  • Trinity Heart Meditation and Activation
  • An ancient way to reconnect our heart with our sacred Universal Mother’s heart, represented by Mother Earth - and our Universal Father’s heart, represented by Father Sun.
  • Expeditions into the heart:
  • Moving our consciousness from the brain into our heart.
  • Guided imagery is a spiritual technique to live and create from the heart.
  • Exploring our sacred space of the heart, the space that holds our soul's history and spiritual guides, through Imagery exercises and meditations.
  • Exploring the sacred, tiny saint space of the heart (singularity, oneness)

Song Circles and Music

Learn medicine music songs and connect to the sacred instruments around our fire during song circles, workshops, and ceremonies. We will be sharing different ways to connect to music and also how we use it to guide our ceremonies. You will also have the opportunity to share sacred songs from your own country if you feel called. 

Connecting to your voice is a powerful way to express gratitude and connect with your inner altar. Learn how to integrate music into your life and use it to connect with your center.

The Ayllu Medicina Team

Your plant medicine experience and healing process will be led by Aime and Hwaneetah.  Their purpose is to share medicine, prayers, music, and intention for healing with whoever is called to share in this journey. These two healers are well-known in the region for their music, resonant prayers, and heart-opening medicine. 

Aime and Hwaneetah speak fluent English, Spanish, and French and have been working with medicine for over 20 years, along with other healing modalities.  Aime is a medicine man of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, a medicine family based in the Ecuadorian Andes. Hwaneetah runs women's sweat lodges and works with different healing modalities. 

You can watch Hwaneetah's talk on ancient womb technology on youtube: . She is also a canupa carrier, sun-dancer, and runs sweat lodges. 

The Ayllu Medicina team will be supporting you throughout your retreat; you can learn more about our medicine guides and facilitators on our website under 'team.' We also have a great kitchen .'team who will be providing nutritious food and drinks throughout the week. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We will also be providing orientation support, and there are options for integration sessions post-retreat. You can also choose from other add-ons, such as a 1:1 moon session with Hwaneetah or a shamanic cleansing with Aime. 

The Location

Ayllu Medicina is based on the coast of Ecuador, in Manglaralto, situated near the world-famous surf capital of Montañita and the peaceful haven of Ayampe. 

Immerse yourself in nature in our retreat space, which is perfect for renewal. It is magical during ceremonies to hear the sounds of all the nature around, from the birds singing to the waves crashing. 

You can easily access the beach, which is a ten-minute walk from the accommodation. The accommodation has everything you need to be comfortable, feel at peace, and retreat inwards during your stay, including a swimming pool with ocean views, one of the best spots to enjoy Ecuador's sunsets! 

Rooms include air conditioning, large comfortable double beds, and hot water.  

Do you plan to stay for longer? We are happy to offer recommendations for where to stay and where to visit pre or post-retreat. 

What’s included

  • Opening Fire Ceremony
    Call to the four winds & directions to set our main intention for retreat, reconnecting with the Sacred Fire of our hearts. Release old patterns & unwanted energies with a Tobacco cleanse.
  • 13-Moon Wisdom Circle
    Learn about ancient womb technology, the feminine principle, and other ancient teachings in our wisdom circle. Learn how women are cyclical in nature and how to connect with the power of the womb.
  • Heart Technology Work
    Guided meditations and workshops
  • Ayawasca Ceremonies
    Sit with the medicine of Ayawasca, also known as Grandma Ayawasca for her feminine energy. Dive deeper into your inner world during these night ceremonies.
  • San Pedro Ceremony
    Meet with the Grandfather medicine of South America, San Pedro. Connect to your heart's center, let go, and raise your flight with this healing masculine energy in the womb of Mother Earth.
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
    Connect to the purifying medicine of the sweat lodge (temazcal). Through incenses, steam, songs, & prayers, we release stress, tension, and detoxify the mind, body and soul.
  • Song Circles
    Connect to the medicine of music and learn some plant medicine songs when we gather to sing. No previous experience required!
  • Music Workshops
    The focus of this retreat is on the medicine of music and you will learn how this can guide your plant medicine experience and integration.
  • Daily Yoga & Breathwork
    Start your day with daily yoga and breathwork by certified yoga teachers. All levels welcome.
  • Ice Baths
    Purify with guided Ice Baths, including breath work and warm-ups.
  • 3 Daily Nutritious Meals
    Our local chefs provide plant-based, healthy meals aligned with the plant medicine dietas. Enjoy healthy nourishing plant based cuisine, which will support you during the detox week.
  • Healthy Snacks & Drinks
    Our kitchen will be ready to provide you with local tropical fresh fruits, smoothies, juices, and other homemade snacks throughout the day. Try different drinks native to Ecuador, like Guayusa.
  • Accommodation
    Enjoy Ecuador coastal living with our comfortable accommodation, which allows you to fully retreat inwards. Enjoy ocean views, a pool, & relaxation. Rooms include AC, hot water & private bathrooms.
  • Sharing Circles
    Integrate your ceremony experiences in our sharing circles.
  • Closing Fire Ceremony
    Close the retreat and directions with your retreat group, so you can begin the next part of your journey!
  • Pre-arrival Preparation
    Speak to one of our Ayllu Medicina team members on a video orientation call to discuss preparation advice, your intentions for this retreat and any questions you may have.

What’s not included

  • Flights
    It is recommended to fly into Guayaquil airport or Manta airport unless you are already based in Ecuador.
  • Airport pick-up
    We can arrange transportation for you via taxi. Rates are between $60-$100 depending on location.

Available Packages

Private Room Trip Price
Available until June 8, 20249 left
Deposit: $400
Shared Room Package
Available until June 8, 2024
Deposit: $400

Available options


Day 1
Arrival, Opening, & Sweat Lodge

- Arrive at our retreat space and settle into your accommodation. 

- Enjoy a welcome lunch and meet the rest of the group. 

- Set your intentions and open the retreat week with our opening fire ceremony. 

- Opening sweat lodge to purify (temazcal)

- Dinner

The schedule is subject to change. Before the retreat, you will receive a retreat-specific agenda. We can guarantee there will be time to integrate, rest, and find some quiet time between activities. 

Your Organizer

Ayllu Medicina
21 reviews
- In our Ayllu Medicina community, we believe that a new way of life is possible -living in peace, love, dignity, and joy. - We believe in reconnecting the elements, fire, wind, Earth, and water to understand your own inner nature. - We believe everything is medicine, from food and water to music and meditation. Life is a ceremony to be enjoyed with intention. - We believe that the journey of healing begins by taking a pause and looking inside. Our plant medicine retreats on the coast of Ecuador are here to help you do this.


AYAmazing!! Hwuaneetah, Aime, Emma, Mika, Vanessa and the rest of the Ayllu Family make this retreat an absolutley life changing experience. The peaceful atmosphere makes for easy learning, growing, and processing. The teachings, the sharing, the comforts, and most importantly the ceremonies are beyond words. I felt safe and well looked after at every part of my weeklong retreat. The Allyu Family looked after everything we could have wanted, and taught us so much. Before the trip do not hesitate to ask your questions, they are professionals, guides, and in the end friends who are family. Aho, Gracias, Thank you, Merci, Dzien Koje! Natasha - Harpy Eagle - Friend & Family of Ayllu, Grandmother Ayahuasca, Grandpa San Pedro, Grandfather Fire, Mother Earth. AHO!!
By Natasha K for Women's Power Plant Medicine & Yoga Retreat on May 01, 2024
Ayllu Medicina is the most wonderful, magical and down-to-earth medicine family I could ever ask for. This was my second retreat with them and I know I will be returning for the rest of my life. The whole team is incredibly wise, kind and loving, each with such beautiful lessons to share. If you're looking for the perfect place to learn from powerful plant medicines and come into greater contact with your own truth, this is it. At this point, it's hard for me to imagine sitting in ceremony with anyone else. I am filled with gratitude for Aime, Hwaneetah, Mika and Emma and hope you get the opportunity to meet this soul family. The fruits of a retreat like this are truly endless!
By Skye G for Women's Power Plant Medicine & Yoga Retreat on May 01, 2024
The team at Ayllu Medicina takes care of your whole person: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Few geographical locales and the people who host them offer the depth one has access to from the experiences at Ayllu Medicina. You are compassionately attended to, prepared for the next steps. Ah-Ho!
By Erin M for Women's Power Plant Medicine & Yoga Retreat on Apr 30, 2024
Hello! I just wanted to say thank you to my Ayllu Medicina family! This is my second year attending the plant medicine retreat. It was such a beautiful journey. I felt like the plant medicine was able to go a little bit deeper this year. I felt like there was so much healing and love around granmpa fire. and like this awareness of the divine universal life force that is already inside of us is really heightened and we connect even stronger to our true whole worthy authentic selves that we came on this planet to be. I will come here again and again for sure. The Ayllu family provides such a safe and beautiful container to hold space and give as much love as possible. Thank you fam! 🤍🤍
By Stephanie I for Medicine of the Heart Retreat on Dec 05, 2023
What a life changing experience! So much love and care all around! Ayllu Medicina is the place to go for a total reset, the magic in each ceremony can only be attributed to everyone's devotion to plant medecine. They are so well prepared to make anyone feel safe in an enjoyable environment. The food is amazing and nutritious, the music will transport anyone on a voyage which will be impossible to forget! The yoga and meditation practices are fun, yet very effective. I have no words to express my gratitude towards Ayllu Medicina and highly recommend to anyone who needs a reset or just looking for clarity. Gracias milles! 🫶🏼
By Amelie G for Meditation & Plant Medicine Retreat on Dec 04, 2023
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Ayllu Medicina is an incredible place with an incomparable family that makes these life-changing retreats possible. If you have considered plant medicines and are trying to discover the place to do so, I cannot recommend their retreats highly enough. I've had the privilege to know Hwaneetah and Aimé since 2019 undergoing my first retreat with them and hoped I would have the opportunity to see them in future. The amazing group that has joined their efforts since then (Jillian, Mika, Vanessa, Emma, and the lovely family that helps care for the retreat space and meals) have helped create magical, comprehensive, and powerful retreat weeks that cannot be fully described in words but will certainly be felt if you have the good fortune to attend one. Wonderful facilities, food, yoga, sharing circles, and meditations are just the tip of the iceberg of the beautiful week you will experience. The ceremonies will speak for themselves in their power and beauty. I recommend Ayllu to all family and friends who ask about my experiences. Aho!
By Jaimie H on 26 Jul, 2023
The team, the community, the LOVE that exists at the core of Ayllu Medicina - is second to absolutely none. The week with Aime, Hwaneetah, Mika, Jillian, Emma, Drew & more was one of the most profound, life-changing, and LIFE GIVING weeks of my life. In fact, it was the most profound week of my life. You have never felt so held, so cared for, & so welcomed like you have with this familia. The attention to detail, the programming, and the reverence for nature - our nature - will leave an impact on you for the rest of your life. Do yourself a favor and give yourself permission to be re-birthed. To be transformed from the inside out.
By Kyle D on 24 Apr, 2023
Eme and Juanita are an amazing team of shamans! I’ve had ceremonies before but never like the one I had thanks to them. They are incredibly in sink with powerful male and female energies. They are very knowledgeable and great musicians as well. They make you feel welcome from beginning to end and help you have a better understanding of your experience. Their words are always meaningful and wise. I look forward to meeting them again.
By Marcos A on 04 Dec, 2020