Journeys at the Threshold - Creative Writing & Sacred Art Retreat

Flores del Camino

Flores del Camino Retreat Centre
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41 reviews
Jun 5 - 12, 2022
Group size: 1 - 12
Journeys at the Threshold - Creative Writing & Sacred Art Retreat
Flores del Camino

Flores del Camino Retreat Centre
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41 reviews

Jun 5 - 12, 2022
Group size: 1 - 12

About this trip

We will use two powerful and natural meditation practices:  free flowing words  and  directed sacred art to inspire the  creative imagination and tap more deeply into where we are, and who we are, on this powerful and ancient pilgrimage road.

Beebe  Bahrami is an award winning writer, anthropologist and life long pilgrim. Beebe's writing practices are designed to skilfully guide and support you in a spontaneous discovery of personal story and exploration of place, while relating to the nourishing energies of the Camino landscape. These writing journeys will be a mix of spontaneous soul writing (let's-find-out-what's-inside-you free association writing); writing in and about place (set in places of power such as petroglyphs dating from 2,500 BC); and your personal story (finding your unique stories buried deep within).

Bertrand and Basia will prepare you for, and take you on field trips to special places, including ancient petroglyphs, a Mozarabic monastery, and more, all aligned with classes in sacred geometry. Classes are not only informative but invite you into a meditative contemplative process aimed to deepen your experience of these places and to stir the soul and the creative imagination. We also offer to teach you how to make and paint your geometrical patterns with self made earthen pigments from the Camino and other natural pigments. 

Beebe, Basia and Bertrand will also provide presentations on the Camino - on themes of :

  *   the labyrinth as a pilgrimage in its own right, the liminal journey both on the Camino and defined by key rites of passage in our lives,

  *    the  game  of  the Goose and  its  symbolism,

  *   geometry  and  nature  in  the  Camino  architecture,

  *   stories  of  fantastic and  magical  creatures  on  the  Camino,

  *   and  pilgrims' stories  past  and  present  about  the  transformative  power  of  the  Camino  and  its  magic.

This will be your own, unique  journey with personal  time  to  explore  as  well  as  group  time  together. We will start each day with "morning pages" :  hand-written  flow  of  consciousness.  This  aims to ground and set our inner compass for the day's journeys and each evening you will be invited to share your writing and the stories they reveal, on a voluntary basis. 

About your tutors

A Colorado native who annually divides her time between the USA, southwestern France, and northern Spain, Beebe Bahrami (PhD) is an award winning writer, book author and  anthropologist. She embraces all true spiritual traditions as sacred as a lifelong pilgrim, explorer, and devotee of the Earth’s immense beauty. Beebe’s mission is to find and write the deep stories of people and place, especially those on the trails of the Camino de Santiago in Spain, France, and Portugal. She experiences walking and writing as perfect partners toward uncovering and discovering compelling stories, both without and within.  Beebe's writing appears in numerous magazines and collections and she has written several nonfiction books, including the new Camino guidebook, Moon Camino de Santiago, as well as The Spiritual Traveler Spain—A Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes, Historic Walking Guides Madrid, and two travelogues, Café Oc—A Nomad’s Tales of Magic, Mystery, and Finding Home in the Dordogne of Southwestern France, and Café Neandertal—Excavating the Past in One of Europe’s Most Ancient Places. Find out more about Beebe on her website.

Basia  Goodwin (MA) studied  at  the  Prince's  Foundation  School  of  Traditional  Arts.  Bertrand  Gamrowski  (PhD)  has  an  educational  background  in  mathematics.  We  specialise  in  the  use  of  geometry  in  traditional  art  and  philosophy,  especially  the  art  and  architecture  of  the  Camino  and  Northwestern  Spain. Flores  del  Camino  is  our  home  and  it  is  a  work  of  love. Throughout  the  year  we  receive  pilgrims  on  their  way  to  Santiago,  run  retreats and  when  time  permits  make  our  art.  It  is  our  great  honour to live,  work  and  serve  on  this  beautiful  road. Find out more about your hosts and the retreat centre at

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    All accommodation consists of individual or double ensuite bedrooms.
  • Food
    Nourishing and healthy meals prepared onsite and served with love in either the dining area or in the courtyard under the pergola. Wine is offered at dinner.
  • Dietary requirements
    We cater for the following dietary requirements: vegetarian, gluten-free, carb-free, dairy-free.
  • Workshops
    All equipment & material provided.
  • Outings
    Site entries & transport fares for cultural activities.

What’s not included

  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Airport Transfers

Available Packages

Single Room


Deposit: €400

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Journeys at the Threshold

Preliminary  timetable   

5th June. Arrival between 3pm and 7pm- evening meal and welcome.

6th June. Introduction to the retreat and direction on "morning pages" and writing exercises. Presentation on the camino, the liminal, the threshold, and the labyrinth. Optional afternoon walk on the Camino  and then writing exercise upon returning from walking. After dinner sharing our writing.  Intention fire.

7th June. Morning pages. Presentation / geometry on the petroglyphs, presentation /geometry of San Miguel. Afternoon optional walk  around Castrillo. Preparation for visits continued.

8th June. Morning pages. Visit to the petroglyphs and San Miguel de Escalada, with time and space to write on site. Afternoon presentation/Stories on the Game of the Goose and other "fantastic creatures" on the Camino. Writing continued. Storytelling in the evening, from writing or spontaneous tales that arise.

9th June. Morning pages. Writing exercise "at the threshold." Afternoon geometry and or self directed writing. Storytelling in the evening.

10th June.  Morning pages. Writing exercise "at the threshold". Afternoon walk and writing on the trail (if weather allows) and or painting geometry designs with natural pigments Storytelling in the evening.

11th June. Morning pages. Morning writing "at the threshold". Afternoon walk and writing on the trail(if weather allows) and or painting geometry designs with natural pigments.  Evening fire ceremony. Final retelling  of  our stories, the story we want to carry home and continue.

12th June. Closing circle after breakfast and departure.

Your Organizer

Flores del Camino Retreat Centre
41 reviews
A charming retreat centre situated along the Camino de Santiago in the medieval village of Castrillo de los Polvazares, considered one the most beautiful villages in Spain. Throughout the year we collaborate with retreat facilitators, craftsmen & writers weaving together complementary & inspiring offerings.


It was a wonderful retreat. The location and hosts were excellent, food and wine fantastic, and the retreat leaders had clearly done their planning. I would definitely recommend both the retreat and Flores del Camino. I’ve enjoyed identifying “sacred architecture” in the past two weeks as my husband and I continued to travel in Spain and France. Thank you!!
By Gayle O for The Fourfold Inner Path ~ A Quadratos Retreat on Oct 19, 2023
This retreat was exceptional in its intentionality, calm, spaciousness, integratedness, and warmth. The retreat leaders were well-prepared, thoughtful, and created a beautiful integrated experience of learning and exploration. Flores was a beautiful, peaceful and comfortable space.
By Sarah H for The Fourfold Inner Path ~ A Quadratos Retreat on Oct 16, 2023
Absolutely fabulous in every way
By Kate M for Mandalas from East & West 2023 on Aug 02, 2023
This trip was a soul enriching experience...Warm and caring hosts, a gorgeous home stay and studio, excellent food. A well planned itinerary of contemplation, sharing, Art , Painting,Geometry, Stone carving and visits to sacred places and architectural beauties. The Retreat is something I will always treasure and I hope to visit again!
By NISHA R for Profound Patterns on May 29, 2023
Basia and Bertrand are so gracious and brimming with hospitality. Their care and thoughtfulness shine through via the setting and decor, and all the special small touches. And the food!!! Wow! We ate so well all week long. Fresh food prepared simply and served with love. Highly recommend Flores del Camino!
By Barbara O for Easter Retreat 2023 on Apr 12, 2023
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Flores was the ideal location for our deep coaching training. The beauty of the location, delicious and healthy foods and the spiritual presence of the hosts made it a magical experience for us all. They were completely attentive to every need.
By Christi B on 22 Jun, 2022