Kaspers - Classic Inca Trail Shared Group - April 10 to 13, 2022

      Ollantaytambo, Peru

      Apus Peru
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      34 reviews
      Apr 10 - 13, 2022
      Group size: 1 - 999
      Kaspers - Classic Inca Trail Shared Group - April 10 to 13, 2022
      Ollantaytambo, Peru

      Apus Peru
      • Email address verified
      34 reviews

      Apr 10 - 13, 2022
      Group size: 1 - 999

      About this trip

      The Inca Trail is one of the world’s greatest hikes, combining stunning landscapes with fascinating Inca ruins. You’ll feel like the Incan royalty who came before you as you walk through Inti Punku – the Sun Gate – and into the unparalleled ancient city of Machu Picchu.

      You will be endlessly rewarded as you pass snow-capped mountains and alpine tundra before descending into lush cloud forest and sub-tropical Andean jungle, passing one incredible archaeological site after another along the way. 

      Trekkers Wanted! Join Isabel in this amazing Classic Inca trail trek in 4 Days and 

      We invite you to meet Isabel and hear about her in her own words:

      "Hi, I am Isabel and am raised in the Netherlands but currently living in Canada. I love to explore the world and discover new places. On the weekends you can usually find me in the mountains, either skiing, hiking or biking. I am looking forwards to do these treks in Peru and am hoping others will join me because I think a shared experience makes it more beautiful!”

      Important Details About Your Booking

      Dear fellow trekker,

      This is your payment link for your upcoming Classic Inca Trail 4 Days trek. The price quoted here is based on the group size. 

      Please make sure you read and understand our Booking Conditions before paying your deposit. Please also download and fill out this Passenger Details Form and this Medical Declaration & Insurance Waiver Form. You will be prompted to upload these documents when paying your deposit. 

      Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in Peru!

      Lorena and the Apus Peru team

      What’s included

      • Huayna Picchu

      Available Packages

      Trekkers Wanted - price for a group of 2

      Final rates are based on the number of paying participants that enroll for this trip. 

      We are currently accepting deposits to secure space on the trek. Please be advised once the deposit deadline is reached, we will, at that time, determine how many paying participants have enrolled and adjust the final cost of the trip. This information will determine the final balance per person.

      If you have any questions please ask prior to signing up. 

      Prices are per person

      Group of 2 people: $1869 USD

      Group of 4 - 6 people: $1135 USD

      Group of 7 -8 people: $1090 USD

      Group of 9 - 12 people: $1035 USD 

      Extra Price for Huayna Picchu - $65 USD per person

      Final balance is due 7 days prior to your trek departure.

      Deposit: $748

      Who’s Going

      Your Organizer

      Apus Peru
      34 reviews
      Our mission is to getting you off the beaten track and into the mountains, experiencing the best the Andes has to offer and catching a glimpse of the REAL Peru.


      We had an absolutely amazing trip with Adrian and our crew! We felt the first day was a little slow, but that was great in hindsight because the other days were pretty busy. Loved all of the Inca sites we visited with Adrian, and it was really cool that we were mostly alone at these places!! Even at the end we got to hang out in Machu Picchu at the Inca Trail viewing platform alone. Such a great experience with the cook and porters too. Our favorite thing was the ceremony we had with Adrian on Dead Woman Pass. So cool.
      By Wendy S for SHELKER - Luxury 5d Inca Trail - 28Apr 2024 - Private on May 08, 2024
      My son and I would like to thank your entire Apus Peru team for providing us with the most wonderful experience. In particular we would like to thank Adriel and Marco who provided us with wonderful stories, camaraderie, and vast amounts of knowledge about the Incan culture. Also our cook Leo provided us with meals that would be worthy of any five star restaurant here in the states. We have recommended your company to several of our friends who are thinking of doing the Incan Trail trek. For Shane and I this was a once in a life experience and your organization made sure that it met our expectations.
      By Brian H for Hesprich - 5d Inca Trail - 18 April 2024 - Shared on May 03, 2024
      We had a wonderful day with Adrian and our driver Valero! We really enjoyed all of the sites we visited and learned a lot from Adrian!! He did such an excellent job and we loved that he was a local. Great experience!!
      By Wendy S for Shelker - Classic Sacred Valley tour A - 27 April 2024 - Private on May 03, 2024
      Amazing, amazing, amazing. Kudos to Apus and our team. I am used to the spectacular and awe-inspiring mountains of Colorado's most rugged places, but nothing prepared me for the Andes. Not just bigger, but painted with a bold pallette of greens, blues, reds ... beautiful in so many ways. The excavated ruins of Choquequirao were far more extensive than I anticipated, so the two half-days spent on site were tremendous - and hardly anyone there (saw maybe 20-30 people during those two days. I was amazed by the Andean peoples' habitation throughout the mountains - days' walks from any road - as well as their friendliness. Our guide's breadth of knowledge was incredible, as was his friendliness, his amazing network of camp hosts, guides, and mule men along the trail (everyone seemed to know him), and his logistical resourcefulness (landslides cut off a large part of the mountains where we were, and he (and APUS staff) communicated by sat phones and put together an entire new itinerary for our 2d to last day that was different than planned but still beautiful, informative and fun). I was with my brother and his family, and I plan to bring my wife back in 18 months. We will surely use APUS. I would also add a plug for good physical perparation. APUS provides almost everything, but they ain't kidding when they say you should be in good shape. I am age 65, I live at 9300 feet, and am an avid hiker and backpacker. I trained very hard so I could enjoy every minute and not have any of it be a grind rather than just fun. I needed every bit of the getting in shape.
      By Andrew B for A.BRAMANTE - 7d Choquequirao to Machu Picchu - 10 April on Apr 19, 2024
      I’m glad we decided to go with Apus Peru for the 4-day Classic Inca Trail Trek. From begin to end, everyone was attentive to making sure we had a seamless experience. I hade both Lorena and Sheree helping me with my booking. There were a lot of delays and changes on my end but they never ceased to check in and accommodate. The team of porters, chefs, and guide were so friendly and made the trek quite enjoyable! William was our guide and full of great energy and stories of the history of the Incas, the Spanish colonization, the fauna and flora unique to the Andes, and the culture of Peruvians today. He gave great advice of other places to visit in Peru. If you book a Trek, I highly recommend William! I don’t remember all the names of the porters and the sous chef, but our head chef, Mauricio, and head porter, Valentin, made sure we had a 5-star experience at each rest stop. Each time we were greeted with refreshments, a floral centerpiece, and 3-course meals that were delicious, nutritious, and presented in a way you’d think you were at a hotel and not camping. And who can forget the applause and cheering they gave each time we arrived! I loved each time we passed each other on the trail because they kept us upbeat and motivated! Hands down to the team for carrying all that equipment and keeping a positive environment for us! The tents were comfortable and kept us protected from the rain we got for two of the nights. I highly recommend Apus Peru! We saw some larger groups which would probably have been an experience on its own, but I loved our smaller group because we didn’t feel rushed at all. We were able to go on our own pace and enjoy every bit of the experience! I also love that Apus Peru uses our fees to support the Peruvian locals and the tradition of weaving. They also employ the husbands of the weavers as porters. I felt great knowing that we were all benefiting from this amazing experience!
      By Patrick Joseph H for Halili - Classic Inca Trail - 12 March 2024 on Mar 17, 2024
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